Top 10 Best Commercial Waffle Makers 2017

Whether you are an owner of a restaurant with a breakfast buffet or a person with family that appreciates golden brown waffles, you need to be able to make waffles fast to satisfy hearty appetites. A commercial waffle maker is the ideal equipment to meet your needs.

Before you shop for a commercial waffle maker, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. A quality commercial waffle maker uses the right amount of heat and cooking time to create the perfect waffle. It should also be easy to clean.

There is no need for you to be confused by the features of the tons of waffle makers that are available. We have done the research for you. This review provides valuable information about features of the top 10 best commercial waffle makers.


1. Waring Commercial WW250B Heavy Duty Double Side-by-Side Belgian Waffle Maker, 208-volt

If you enjoy crispy Belgian waffles, the Waring Commercial WW250B Heavy Duty Double Side-by-Side Belgian Waffle Maker will create consistently crisp waffles every time. It is constructed with sturdy materials that have the ability to make two delicious and thick waffles at one time. Due to its non-stick surface, the waffles are released cleanly after they have been cooked. The features of this commercial waffle maker include:

  • A rotary feature for easy browning and baking
  • Triple-coated non-stick plates
  • Temperature control heating plates
  • LED indicators that signal when the waffle maker is on and when the waffles are ready
  • Removable waffle grids that are dishwasher safe


2. Chef’s Choice 850 Taste-Texture Select WafflePro Belgian Waffle Maker

This professional waffle maker creates 4 golden brown waffles that are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Within two minutes, you and your guests will be able to enjoy fresh waffles with this commercial grade waffle maker. A great feature of the Chef’s Choice 850 is you can make the outside of your waffles crispy and the inside soft by changing the settings. A one-year limited warranty is provided with this model. Chef’s Choice 850 features include:

  • Adjustable temperature control panel
  • Measures 11 x 12 x 4 inches
  • Fast recovery time
  • Automatic countdown timer
  • Belgian waffle recipes included
  • Cord storage area


3. Waring Commercial WW200 Heavy-Duty Double Vertical Belgian Waffle Maker

The Waring Commercial Heavy-Duty Double Vertical Belgian Waffle Maker is constructed for durability. This user-friendly commercial waffle maker allows for quick and easy clean-ups because the triple-coated grids are removable and dishwasher safe. The Waring Commercial Waffle Maker enables you to make thick or thin waffles. Features of this waffle maker include:

  • Heating elements with precise temperature controls
  • Power and ready-to-bake LED light indicators
  • A space-saving design feature
  • Cooks 2 waffles at a time


4. Uniworld Stainless Steel Commercial Waffle Maker w/ 4-Single Plate Cast Aluminum Cooking Surface

Uniworld Commercial Waffle Maker has a stainless steel cast body as well as aluminum plates. This waffle maker makes 4 square waffles that measure 4 x 4.25 inches. Uniworld commercial waffle maker also features:

  • Temperature range up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1600W / 110V/60Hz
  • Adjustable control knob
  • Easy to clean waffle grid


5. Chef’s Supreme – Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker

Chef’s Supreme Belgian waffle maker is a good choice if you need to quickly make waffles for brunch buffets, dining halls or your guests in your home. It is constructed using heavy-duty stainless steel. This commercial grade waffle maker is built to last for years of commercial cooking. Its nonstick plates can be easily removed for prompt clean up. Chef’s Supreme waffle maker features:

  • Even heat distribution
  • Timer and electronic controls
  • Makes 4 small waffles at a time


6. Hanchen Instrument® 10pcs Commercial Waffle Maker Electric Waffle Machine No-stick Belgian Waffle Baker 110V/220V (Rectangle)

Hanchen Commercial Waffle Maker can make 3 to 8 rectangular waffles because it comes with interchangeable waffle grids. It is constructed with sturdy materials that can endure years of commercial or home waffle-making. Features of the Hanchen Instrument Commercial Waffle-Maker include:

  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • Energy-saving features
  • Cooks waffles evenly
  • Removable plates that clean easily


7. Generic Commercial Use Nonstick Waffle Maker with Dual Plates for Lolly Waffle and Heart Shaped Waffle

This Generic waffle maker can be used in a commercial or home setting. Since it creates l lolly and heart-shaped waffles, children will enjoy eating these waffles all the more. This waffle maker features:

  • 110v 60Hz
  • Non-stick and easy-to-clean cooking surface
  • Adjustable timer and thermostat
  • Comes with batter dispenser,a tong and a spatula


8. Equipex (GED20-KIT) – 40 Waffle/Hr Liege Waffle Baker w/ Mix

The Equipex is a high-end commercial waffle maker that presses up to 40 waffles per hour. This commercial waffle maker is capable of feeding large hungry crowds quickly. This product is a great option for restaurants, breakfast bars and hotels. Equipex is constructed with durable cast iron plates that heats evenly. Equipex features include:

  • 2 cases of waffle mix
  • Independently controlled heating zones
  • Temperature control features and heating lights
  • Wrap around drip tray
  • Stainless steel exterior


9. Changlong Instrument® Commercial Electric Lolly Waffle Maker Machine Baker Iron 110V/220V

Changlong Instrument Commercial Waffle Maker can make lolly waffles on a stick easily. It bakes 4 waffles at a time with even heat distribution. With the Changlong Instrument waffle maker, it takes 3 to 5 minutes to bake golden brown waffles. Features of this waffle maker include:

  • Small openings to insert a stick to make lolly waffles
  • Durable non-stick grids
  • Aluminum plates


10. Boshi Electronic Instrument® NP-600 110V/220V Commercial Double Heads Waffle Maker Waffle Toaster Waffeleisen Baking Equipment

This waffle maker is constructed with stainless steel outside borders and stainless steel plates. It is suitable for commercial baking in restaurants and shops. Evenly cooked waffles can be made in as little as 5 minutes. Boshi Electronic Instruments Commercial Waffle Maker includes:

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Non-stick surface
  • CE Certification


Commercial Waffle Maker Guidelines
Now that you have read about the top 10 commercial waffle makers, it is a good idea for you to understand the characteristics of the best commercial waffle makers. Here are few things to look for as you are researching suitable commercial waffle makers to meet your needs.

  • Commercial waffle makers should consistently cook great waffles. If the heat on the waffle maker is not consistent, then your waffles will turn out undercooked in some places.
  • You should be able to adjust the heat to different settings.
  • The handles and the exterior of your commercial waffle maker should be cool when you touch them even if the waffle maker is in use.
  • Commercial waffle makers with non-stick coating are the best choice for you if you do not want to have to scrape your waffles off the grid in order to eat them.
  • Commercial waffle makers should have an indicator that alerts you when the waffles are done.
  • The grids of the commercial waffle maker should be removable. This makes it super easy for you to clean the waffle maker properly without risking water damage or electrical shock.

A final thing you should be aware of is a your waffles will only be as good as the waffle mix that creates them. As you are checking out the features of the best commercial waffle makers, you should buy top-rated waffle mixes to experience the best results.

Now that you have the details of the 10 best commercial waffle makers and guidelines to help you make a selection, it is time for you to purchase the perfect commercial waffle maker for you.