Top 10 Best Remote Control Cars For 2017

When it comes to children’s toys, remote control cars have been some of the most popular toys on the market for decades. With the action, versatility, and variety available in today’s remote control cars, it’s no wonder these cars are still among the hottest toy items available. Here’s a look at some of today’s most popular remote control cars.


1. The Syma X9 Flying Quad-copter and Remote Control Car

This remote control car and Quad-copter has received top customer ratings. This amazingly innovative remote control vehicle is the first ever flying car that’s been introduced by Syma. In land mode, the car has two speed modes. In fly mode, the car transforms to function as a quad-copter with two different speed modes and a 360 degree flip capability. It comes in an awesome bright lime green color with cool black flames along the sides. The design is sleek and aerodynamic. There’s an LED display and LED lighting on the car. It comes with a bonus battery for even more hours of fun. This unique, lightweight vehicle satisfies kids’ need for speed both on land and in the air.

2. The RASTAR Lamborghini Aventador 6V Ride On Kids Battery Powered Wheels Car

This exciting ride on toy car can be controlled either by a child using the steering wheel and pedal, or by a parent using the remote control. This toy is ideal for younger children from ages two to four weighing 55 pounds or less. It has a functioning horn, seat belt, and headlights. Kids are delighted to hear the noise of the simulated revving engine and other realistic car sounds made by this mini Lamborghini. It even has an MP3 connection so kids can jam to their favorite tunes as they cruise around in this hot ride. This convertible comes in an eye-catching bright yellow.

3. Max Traxxx Tracer Racers Remote Control High Speed Race Car

This super cool small race car comes in a variety of colors, with amazing undercarriage lights that run while racing and even leave “track burning” streaks trailing behind the car. These cars have an incredible top speed of 500 miles per hour! The Max TRaxxx Tracer Racer recharges easily by being plugged into a battery-powered control. This car is a perfect complement for the popular Tracer Racer Race Track set.

4. Midea Tech Radio Remote Control 1/14 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse

The 1/14 Scale Radio Control Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse is a licensed RC Model Car that both kids and collectors love. It has easy to use forward, reverse, left, right, and stop functions. Lightning fast speed allows the controller to quickly turn or spin the car during races. The interior comes with rich detail. The white and electric blue exterior with working head and tail lights. This quality remote control car is made with durable materials that can endure plenty of exciting races.

5. Best Choice Products Ride on Car Kids Remote Control Electric Power Wheels

This stylish black convertible is another ride on remote control car with some impressive features. Adults can get in on the fun by remotely controlling the car as their child races around. It comes with a 12V motor and has 2mph and 4mph speed options. The car can also drive in forward or reverse mode. It comes with built in speakers, an MP3 Auxiliary jack and cable, and even FM radio. There’s an adjustable seat belt, working headlights, built-in musical tunes, and a working horn. With all the bells and whistles on this ride-on remote control, kids will be eager to take it out for a spin.

6. ARRIS® Multicolor Coke Can Mini RC Radio Remote Control Micro Racing Car

On the small end of the size spectrum, these hobby vehicles are a fun and exciting micro racing toy. At only 1.2″ x 0.9″ x 2.7″ in size, these mighty mini cars are small enough to zip across the floor at death-defying speeds. Colors are randomly selected, so each purchase will offer a surprise. LED headlights and taillights come on during driving times. The remote control offers four different direction options. Kids love collecting these fun-filled and action packed racing machines. Each micro car comes located inside of a colorful metallic can that’s ideal for easy storage.

7. Velocity Toys WFC Pagani Zonda R Remote Control RC Sports Car

This high gloss, metallic green and silver or bright red and silver 1:16 sports car is a lean, mean racing machine. At 11″ long, 2.5″ high, and 5″ wide, it’s the perfect size for racing on all sorts of hard surfaces. Featuring four directional remote control, bright LED headlights, and adjustable front wheel alignment, this battery-powered remote control car is both fun and functional.

8. MJX 1:14 Licensed VISION BMW i8 2.4 GHz 4 Channel TRI Band Full Function Radio Remote Control RC Car

This remote controlled race car’s remote allows kids to enjoy a chance to see what it’s like to be behind the wheel. They can use the remote control steering wheel on the side of the remote to drive the car straight, turn right or left, or drive the car in reverse. It has an exclusive aerodynamic design and comes installed with a rear wheel differential system to prevent skids for a smoother ride. There’s also a direction adjustment rod located on the bottom of the car that can be adjusted to achieve maximum positioning efficiency. There’s even a three way racing feature that allows up to three of these remote control vehicles to race each other!

Licensed Lamborghini Veneno RC Car Big 1:14 Scale Extremely Detail Motion Sensing Remote Control

This highly detailed 1:16 scale sleek silver racer has plenty of cool features. It has full function radio controls with a Turbo function for added speed and power. With working headlights and taillights, front wheel suspension, and a control distance of up to 100 feet, this car is a remote control race car enthusiast’s dream.

10. XQ Dodge Charger Electric Remote Control Car – 1/18 Scale Model – Orange by XQ

This fully functional radio remote controlled car is a 1/18 scale detailed orange Charger replica. It cruises smoothly around corners and can drive in all directions. The customized rims and high gloss exterior make this sporty model car a showpiece. This is an officially licensed scale model vehicle that would be an ideal gift for a collector or anyone who enjoys realistic looking, high functioning remote controlled vehicles.


Remote control cars continue to evolve and race to new levels of fun. With all the many choices of remote control cars on the current toy market, there’s something for just about everyone. Whether it’s ride-on remote control cars for young children, realistic model cars for serious collectors, or the various styles and sizes of remote control cars for kids who love to race, today’s remote control car market is filled with exciting options.