Top 10 Best Star Projector – New 2017 Edition

best star projectors

If you desire to have a really stunning laser star light indoor presentation, you will have to ensure that you will be able to locate the most outstanding star projector in the marketplace. There are a lot of portable and stationary selections to pick from that range from styles that are perfect for toddlers and infants to projectors with progressive highlights and graphics that will bring joy to a mature audience. Possessing knowledge regarding the best projectors accessible assists with making the process of buying easier. Editor’s Choice Buy!



CalmKnight Star Projector Night Light and Lullaby Machine with Auto-Cry Detection!

This star projector night light is the first of its kind to have auto-cry detection which turns on to sooth your child back to sleep so you don’t have to get out of bed!

The CalmKnight star projector is not only a top of the line star projector but also a lullaby/white noise machine and the amazing feature is that it automatically turns on when your child starts to cry.

Another unique feature of this star projector is that it includes both a battery and power option so that you can plug it in or if you are on the go you can use the battery feature. Getting your child to sleep while traveling is ALWAYS a challenge and bringing this portable star projector/white noise machine with you makes those nights much calmer!


  • Star projector with 3 interchangeable plates
  • Sound machine to create white noise, nature or heartbeat sounds
  • Audio in jack so you can play music or other noises through this projector
  • Easy to control buttons for volume, sound selection, auto-cry feature and light on/off
  • Automatically turns off on a timer to save power (and then back on if your kid starts to cry)
  • Plug in or portable battery option


1. Lightahead® LED Galaxy Starlight Projector

This remarkable lighting produces a mystical light effect that looks like the night sky and provides a relaxing, soothing atmosphere. It is equipped with a variation of different light patterns. The LED color lights transforming to RBG provides the galaxy light effect. This projector is lightweight and compact. It is beautiful with a simple design and easy to operate. It also comes with an adapter. The project is perfect for family events or small gatherings. It can also be utilized as a nightlight for a child’s bedroom.


2. Sega Toys Homestar Original Planetarium Star Projector

This star projector sends off an astonishing sixty thousand stars utilizing a shooting star function. It comes equipped with a timer, adjustable focus and angle. It also includes a poster of the southern and northern geographical areas and two realistic discs of the northern geographical area without the assemblage of stars and with the assemblage of stars. With the push of a single button you can bring sixty thousand stars to your area. You can imagine that you are lying in bed or sitting on the couch watching the stars. This amazing dream becomes a reality with the Homestar Star Projector. A two-year warranty is included with this product.


3. Galaxy Night Light Star Projector

This is a product that is constructed of plastic with three foot USB cable. It is equipped with a warm white, blue, green and red LED color display. The night light star projector has seven modes of operation that include blue, red, green and flashing mode. It displays an amazing display of moon and stars on the ceiling of the bedroom. It has an optional setting for rotation or no rotation. It operates via electricity (DC 5V) or four AAA batteries.


4. The Relaxing Star Projector

This is a unique solution for lighting that offers the sounds of nature and projects starlight onto your ceiling and wall. Hundreds of replicated stars are projected while rotating positions and alternating between three green lights. The soothing projector has six acoustic modes highlighting high-end recordings of sounds that are natural including crickets, birds of the forest, a babbling brook, waterfalls, ocean waves and rain.

This projector makes a great gift to a kid for his room. It can be utilized as a nature sound machine and a nightlight. The volume has three settings and the unit comes with a headphone jack and a speaker adapter. It is constructed of black and silver plastic that is high impact. It does call for three AA batteries that do not come with the product.



5. Glyby Laser Star Projector

This star projector creates an enchanted, twinkling effect in your bushes and trees with red and green laser lights without the annoyance of a string of lights that often burn out. This star projector covers an area of more than six hundred square feet with more than one thousand pinpoints of lights that can encase the entire room for an event or party. There are different options for mounting that are included for versatility. The adapter cord is almost six feet in length and the laser cord is almost four feet in length. The unit is waterproof and comes with a twenty-five feet power cord that provides great range and flexibility.

There is never a need to employ costly contractors to put up and take down lights with lengthy extension cords. The days of purchasing costly ladders and then putting your life at risk climbing them is over. This projector is perfect for Christmas, but they are not just used for Christmas. This projector can be used to decorate your home’s exterior, the lawn, the pool, the garden and also be utilized as a stage light or a tree light.




6. Tepoinn Outdoor Star Projector

This projector has a multicolor laser light with red, blue and green. This projector offers a solution for your dilemma of utilizing a ladder to put up the lights for Christmas. The laser provides a wonderful display of thousands of colorful lights, all moving at different speeds. The unit is equipped with an adapter that is sixteen feet long. This will permit you to plug the unit anywhere you desire. The projector is waterproof and the lasers are not harmful to the eyes or the human body. It comes with a remote control for convenient and easy operation. The unit is environmentally friendly and energy effective. One unit can replace anywhere from four to six normal landscape lights.


7. Laser Twilight Star Projector

This star projector is another product that is highly recommended among consumers who own it due not only the gorgeous view it provides, but also because of the high quality construction and durability it offers.

A well built and high quality star projector, the Laser Twilight Star Projector has three different modes which are clouds, stars, and a combination of both stars and clouds. No surprise here, but this projector works best in rooms that are dark. Don’t worry if you leave it on, as it will switch off automatically after 4 hours.

The laser show consists of a variety of star patterns that move in multi-directional movements.  There’s also a stunning nebula scene which is a bit of a show stopper. You will never tire of this star projector. It gives you the option to control the brightness of the light if you want a brighter and more intense laser light show or turn it down if you want to use it at night to relax. This model is ideal for relaxing and meditating, and would even be a great tool to help put the kids to bed.


8. FanGoods Romantic Star Projector

This star projector is created with an LED lamp projector and constructed of plastic. It comes equipped with USB cable and is powered with 4.5V DC power adaptor that is not include or three AAA batteries. Makes a great decoration for your rooms and halls by creating a wonderful scene. It is easy to use, just connect the cable and press the button. The brightness of the light varies depending on the darkness and size of the room. This unit projects hearts and colorful stars on the walls and ceiling.



9. Astro Eye Planetarium Star Projector

This remarkable home planetarium is the perfect approach to study the sky at night in the comfort of your own home. This projector provides you with real stars and provides you with the time and the month that you are looking at. The Astro Eye can project on all exteriors. It does not matter is you are utilizing the unit to produce a romantic mood or learn about the stars, this unit is the right pick for you.

The projector has a shooting star feature, five speed settings and northern and southern geographical area perspectives. It also provides two slide compact discs that give you the option of viewing different constellations or viewing just the stars. The projector can be an exciting means to teach a science class about the stars and space. It can also project an enchanting, starry night at an event or a party. It makes a soothing and unique night light for the children’s rooms. The unit is battery powered and it can be placed in any room in the home or in the garden.


10. Chicco Goodnight Stars Projector

Goodnight Stars Projector makes bedtime a magical time. The enchantment begins with soothing music that assists the baby in getting to sleep. The sounds of nature and tunes of Rossini, Bach and New Age music follow one another for a perfect collection to provide a significant initial introduction to music. The projector makes a colorful lamp to provide the child with mellow lights while he goes off into a dream world. The cuddly character can also be removed from the star and become a playtime companion. This unit operates on 1.5V adapter that is not included or three AA batteries.

This new projector creates a magical atmosphere at bedtime. The selection of classical music and the projection of the stars reassure babies and helps them fall asleep. The music of Bach and Rossini, the New Age tracks and the sounds of nature play one after another in an ideal selection as to offer a first approach to music. It can also be used as a colorful lamp.