Top Ten Best Rat Poisons To Rid Your Home Of Rodents in 2017

Rats breed very quickly and prove to be problematic, especially in the household and surrounding areas. They leave disgusting faeces around a home and can even bite you in your sleep! They cause damage to your property and multiply at an alarming rate. What can you do if you are faced with such a rat problem? What products are best to use to rid you of these pesky rodents? Rat poison! We have listed the best rat poison that you can use in your home to rid yourself of these unwanted pests.


Farnam Just One Bite II Bar, 16 oz

This product contains Bromadiolone, which is a potent enough poison to kill them after just one feeding. Also, it claims to kills roof rats, Norway rats, and house mice; all rodents which typically plague households or outdoor areas. The bars can be split into 2 oz sections for the bait stations or to be mounted on walls. These convenient bars also feature special nibble edges that rats and mice love to chew. The price range is 6-11 dollars, which is affordable for the effectiveness and convenience.

Tomcat all weather bait chunx, 4lb

This strong and bulk size rodent poison contains bromadiolone and diphacinone, two powerful rodent poisons to ensure the effectiveness of the product. This product also boasts that it is made with human grade food ingredients to increase the tastiness to draw the rats and mice to eat them. These chunx are a great option for wet or dry areas, since they are considered all-weather. They are available in 4lb and 9lb sizes. The price tag is worth how much you get, 20 dollars.

D-Con Ready Mix Baits for Mice

A trusted and popular name in rat poisons is D-Con. This product contains brodifacoum, which helps to kill rats or mice that are resistant to anti-coagulants found in other products. The rodents usually die within 3-6 days. The price tag is a little higher, around 40 dollars, but the product is reliable and effective. Unfortunately, the sales of D-con in the United States was discontinued in 2015. However, the product is available in limited supply, but it has been found to be the most effective available.

JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait, Peanut Butter Flavor, For Mice and Rats

This rodent poison contains diphacinone, which is best suited for smaller rodents and kills a few days after feeding. The product comes in a tamper-evident resealable pail, so that it can be stored safely for future use. This pail contains 72 2 oz rodenticide blocks, which are peanut butter flavored to ensure rats and mice are tempted. This product is ideal for garages or basements and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. The price tag hovers at about 30 dollars. One important caution: this item is not available for international shipping.

RatX Non-Toxic Mice and Rat Control

This product is all-natural and perfect for the consumer who worries about pets or children. It is safe and non-toxic. Instead of using anti-coagulants, the active ingredients are gluten meal and sodium chloride, which causes dehydration in rodents.
For the consumer, who is concerned with all natural and organic, this product suits their needs and only costs about 20 dollars. It comes in a resealable bag for future use.


Tomcat Rat Killer, 1-Pack (Kid and Dog Resistant Disposable Rat Bait Station)

Another Tomcat poison but this time, it comes in the form of a bait station. Bait stations are ideal for the consumers who have children or pets as a concern. It is also weather-resistant, so it is effective outdoors. This bait station comes pre-loaded so there is no need to touch the bait at all! The bait is refillable and contains bromethalin, which is effective for killing all sizes of rodents. The convenience and effectiveness is worth the price tag, which is 9-10 dollars.


MOTOMCO Jaguar Mouse and Rat Bait Chunx/Pail

This poison claims to be effective in especially tough infestations. These blocks are ribbed for enticing rodents to nibble. Each block contains diphacinone and brodifacoum, so the product is guaranteed effective against different sizes and varieties of rodents. The large size, 9 lbs, makes it a great choice for large scale infestations of the house or yard. The pail is resealable, making it suitable for future use. Also, the price tag of around 60 dollars is worth it to clean out tough infestations.


Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait

These pellets contain Warfarin, which is effective against rodents. Also, it has a readily available antidote of vitamin K1, in case of accidental ingestion by children or pets. These ready to place 2 oz bait packs are convenient to use. Depending on your pest, you place the recommended amount of bait and watch your problem disappear over two weeks. It comes in 60 ready to place 2 oz bait packs and the price tag is around 60 dollars. Well-worth the convenience of the high price.


Black Flag Rat Bait Station

This poison comes with 1 station and 16 refills to help control minor pest problems. It contains the strong ingredient, bromethalin, which is effective against rodents. These child-resistance tamper stations are safe to use in the home or in the garage. They only come with one station, it is refillable, but for the price tag of 4 dollars, it is an affordable option.


Racumin Blue Rice Bait Rat Killer Food – Rat Killer Poison

This convenient rat poison is rice mixed with rat poison to ensure effectiveness of the product. One major caution is not to leave it near public water supply, because it is easily absorbed by water due to the rice. This poison needs to be placed in a bowl away from children and pets, preferably in a sealed off area. If accidentally ingested, vomiting needs to be induced. It is considered effective, especially in countries where certain rodenticides are outlawed. One box only costs 13 dollars, which is not bad for the price or size.