Top Ten Lego Pajamas For Children in 2017

Over the past 5 years, Lego have been expanding their range of products at an astonishing rate, and has reached the childrens’ and Adults’ nightwear market.

Here’s a selection of the Best Lego Pajamas for boys for 2016

Lego Star Wars Boys Poly Flannel Pajamas

Cosy and fun Lego Star Wars polyester flannel young boys pajamas, ready to go on exciting adventures through the galaxy and beyond!. This Star Wars pajamas set features a Stormtrooper on the front of a polyester top and matching flannel pajama pants. Perfect for children who love Lego and Star Wars.

Lego Ninjago Boys Long Sleeve Poly Pajamas

This two piece, long sleeve Ninjago pajamas set is the perfect gift for any fan of LEGO Ninjago. The top and pants are matching and made from 100% polyester fabric from comfort and durability. It’s warm, cosy as well as looking cool, with all the LEGO ninjas on the front, Kai the red ninja, Jay the blue ninja, Cole the black ninja, Zane the white ninja and Lloyd the green ninja. These pyjamas are fully flame resistant as well as machine washable.

Check Out These Cool Lego Batman Boys Pajamas With Both Batman & Robin

These awesome Lego Batman pajamas are from the Lego Super Heroes range. They are made from 100% polyester for ultimate warmth and comfort. It has Lego Batman bat detail on sleeves and Lego Super Heroes logo and Batman & Robin print with Gotham City in the background. Elasticated waist makes the pajama bottoms fit nice and comfortably. These pyjamas are fully flame resistant as well as machine washable.

Lego Movie Boys 4 pc Cotton Pajamas Set

Help the Master Builders save the universe with these awesome LEGO Movie “Master Builder” Boys 4 pc pajamas set! This Lego Movie cotton PJ set features your favorite Lego Movie character: Emmet the master builder. Set includes 4 pieces long sleeve top, short sleeve top, and 2 pairs of matching pajama bottoms! This cotton pajama set is the perfect sleepwear choice for anyone who loves LEGOS or the hit new movie, LEGO Movie!

Blue Lego Master Builders – Movie Boys Long Sleeve Poly Pajamas

The Lego Movie poly pajamas sets has been a big seller in the US, and it’s no wonder really. Little wannabe master builders just love wearing these PJ’s as they are comfortable and look really cool!. These pajamas sets are perfect for relaxing around the home or to sleep go to bed in. They come in long sleeve pajama top and matching pajama pants with characters from the movie such as Benny, Emmet, Good Cop/Bad Cop, Vitruvius and more! This is a great present for a young boy and a perfect choice for any Lego fan!

And it’s not just Boys who can enjoy LEGO pajamas! Here’s the Best Lego Pajamas for girls for 2016

Lego Movie Big Girls’ Unikitty Pajama Set

Lego isn’t just a boys thing. It’s a girls thing too! This fun and cosy Lego movie unikitty pajama set comes with a short sleeve top and separate bottoms. Made from 100% polyester, the fabric is nice and light weight for spring / summer usage, but also keeps you nice and snug in the winter. On the reverse side of the top there’s a really cool angry uni-kitty design.

Lego Movie Little Girls’ Uni-Kitty Mock Layer Nightgown

Made from 100% Polyester, the Uni-Kitty nightgown for older girls, is warm and comfy with a very cool design of Lego Uni-Kitty. Ideal more for winter/spring nightwear, the nightgown are full polyester so they pill after washing. It comes in long sleeves with round neck design.

Lego Big Girls’ Lego Movie Wyldstyle Nightgown

Let your kids tale a walk on the “Wyld” side with this Lego Movie nightgown, featuring Wyldstyle, a popular character from the Lego movie. The striking design on the front of the nightgown features Wyldstyle and has long sleeves and henley style neck with two button opening. Rest assured that this nightgown is made from fabric that is flame resistant and machine washable.