10 Best Inflatable Movie Screen Reviews For 2021

You’ve taken care of your garden and your landscaping. Your grill is ready. Your outdoor living space is still missing something though. An inflatable movie screen is just the thing to bring your family and friends together. Get one big enough, and you can transform the neighborhood. If this appeals to you, let’s take a look at some of the best inflatable movie screen options. Plus, we’ll answer a few questions you might have. Let’s take a look.

Best Inflatable Movie Screen Reviews

EasyGo Products 14′ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

Our first movie screen is a 14-foot movie screen that includes the inflation fan, tie downs plus rope, and its storage bag. Set up is simple and it only takes about two minutes to inflate the screen entirely. It measures 96 inches wide by 58 inches tall.

The screen is fully detachable and is a bright white tone. It detaches completely so that you can wash it, so maintenance isn’t an issue. The EasyGo screen includes O-style rings that attach to rope and the tie-downs. It can withstand a small amount of wind, but make sure that you set it up towards the side wind for the best stability.

It doesn’t support rear projection so you’ll have to make sure that you have an unobstructed space to project the movie from the front. The motor is quiet enough not to interrupt the film, however, and the screen can be attached before inflation to make everything easy to set up.

-detachable screen
-bright white tone

-no rear projection support

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Nozzco 16ft Inflatable Movie Screen with Printable Party Theme Movie Ticket Templates

Nozzco gives you a slightly larger screen, and it includes a screen size of thirteen feet. It comes with the blower, stakes, rope, and carrying bag to keep everything together. It also includes templates for movie tickets for your movie themed get-together, which is an original touch.

The motor itself is lightweight and quiet. Set up takes just a few minutes, and the screen is pretty durable as long as you consider wind direction. The screen itself is velcro secured, so you can remove it to clean it, making maintenance easy.

It’s not set up for rear projection, and using indoors can be tricky because of the size. However, the hum of the blower is still quiet enough to be used indoors if you have space.

-quiet blower
-includes movie ticket templates

-best suited for outdoor spaces because of the size

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Gemmy 39127-32 Deluxe Airblown Movie Screen

The Gemmy screen is a 12-foot high screen that gives you about 12 feet diagonally of a screen. If you plan to use your screen to create a theater experience indoors, this one might be more convenient. It comes with everything you need including the blower, stakes, and a storage bag.

It self-inflates in just a few seconds, and the fan is very quiet. You’ll still need to set up the audio pretty close to you, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s not as sturdy as some outdoor screens, and you’re going to have to watch the wind to make sure it doesn’t blow over. If you’ve got a sheltered spot outdoors or you plan to use it indoors, it might not be an issue.

-a small screen is better for small audiences or indoors
-quiet fan

-not very sturdy against the wind

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LifeSmart Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

The LifeSmart is a large outdoor screen that inflates quickly and can withstand some stronger winds. The screen is 12 feet, and the entire structure is 16 feet diagonally. The materials are durable ripstop fabric.

It’s compatible with a range of projectors and projection methods. It includes stakes and the blower, plus a carrying bag. One downside is that the screen doesn’t detach. While that makes it easy to assemble and disassemble, it can make cleaning more difficult.

Assembly is easy, and it comes with ten plastic popcorn cups to take your movie night to a new level. An excellent benefit of this particular screen is that it is rear projection compatible.

-rear projection compatible
-includes popcorn bowls

-the screen doesn’t detach for cleaning

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Gemmy 39117-32 Airblown Mickey Movie Screen the Original Inflatable

Gemmy’s Disney inspired inflatable screen is a fun one if you plan to show movies to children. It’s a little bit smaller, only about ten and a half feet diagonally. It comes with two built-in fans and stakes for stability.

It inflates in about 5 minutes, and the screen can detach with the clips. You can clean it easily, or detach it for more accessible storage. It holds up pretty well in the wind, and dual fans are strong enough to keep everything in place.

It’s smaller, sure, and the Mickey Mouse ears are a little babyish for adult viewers. However, if your primary audience is children, this is a fun outdoor screen that can handle a small bit of wind and is big enough for little viewers.

-Disney theme is excellent for kids
-smaller for kids

-too babyish for adults

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Holiday Styling Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

Holiday Styling’s Inflatable screen is a larger inflatable made of 60 denier nylon. It’s durable, and it can withstand a bit of wind despite its large size. The screen measures a full 16 feet in diameter from end to end with a 12-foot screen.

It’s portable despite its size, weighing only about 18 pounds. The Holiday Styling Inflatable Screen has a quiet electric blower that inflates the entire screen in just about two minutes. It has reinforced loops for better stability, and the package comes with tethers and a storage bag.

The screen detaches so you can clean it, but it’s easy to put back up with the attached clips. Disconnecting the screen also makes it easier to store. It’s rear projector compatible, but it does have a large logo on the front, which may be a turn off for some users.

-rear projection compatible
-made of 60 denier fabric, so it’s very durable

-has a large logo on the front

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Gemmy 44416 Airblown Movie Screen Deluxe Inflatable

Gemmy is on our list once again with their deluxe movie screen. It has a whopping 14 feet of diagonal screen space. This screen has all of Gemmy’s features including a blower, stakes, and ropes. It inflates in about two minutes with two self-propelled fans.

The blower isn’t very loud, and you can barely hear it once the movie has started. It doesn’t hold up as well in the wind, so you have to secure it tightly. It’s also going to be tough to use inside. Also, the spikes are a cheaper plastic that may snap if you don’t handle them carefully.

It’s large enough to fit a huge number of people, but if you plan to use it inside ever, be mindful of how big it is.

-fits a large number of people
-easy to set up

-included stakes are flimsy

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TCS Inflatable Widescreen Movie Screen – 7.6′ Indoor Outdoor Backyard Camping Inflatable Movie Screen

TCS’s ten-foot screen is a manageable outdoor screen suitable for smaller spaces. The screen includes the blower and the ropes for stability.

It self-inflates in only a couple of minutes, and the blower is pretty quiet. It weighs only about 19 pounds, so it’s easy to transport and easy to store.

The top beam tends to sag just a bit, but as long as the screen is tightly attached, it shouldn’t affect viewing too much. As long as you have the screen set up and drawn tightly, it should be ok.

Buckling screens might also be an issue for this inflatable under high winds. The stakes aren’t the most sturdy, but if you need more, tent stakes will work in a pinch. It isn’t rear projection compatible, another downside. However, it is sturdy and will work reliably.

-manageable size
-quiet blower

-the top beam can sag sometimes

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Holiday Styling Inflatable Mini Movie Screen – Portable Indoor Outdoor Projector Screen

If you need a miniature version for a small garden or to use indoors, the mini Holiday Styling inflatable mattress might be your choice. It’s a tiny version of the outdoor inflatables that’s easy to set up and works well indoors.

Even though its small, it’s made of 60 DD fabric that’s ultra durable. This inflatable movie screen weighs just 13 pounds. It doesn’t come with a storage bag, but you can purchase one separately. It does include ropes and tethers. The white screen fully detaches for easy cleaning and storage.

It has a logo splashed across the front, which may bother you if you are logo conscious but it doesn’t interfere with the picture. This is an excellent choice if you need a smaller space, but you still plan to show movies to adults and want something more streamlined.

-small size is suitable for limited space
-ultra durable fabric

-large logo (doesn’t interfere with the picture, just annoying)

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SUPREME LOCH IWS200. Inflatable Projection Screen

This is our biggest screen on the list. It’s 20 feet diagonally. It comes with the blower, fasteners, and rope. It only takes less than a minute to inflate, so you should be ready to go pretty much instantly.

It’s large enough for big crowds to see a movie, so you’ll need a good bit of space to get things together. The Supreme Loch IWS200 is compatible with both front and rear projection. It’s pretty lightweight despite the size and is easy to fold up and store.

It isn’t going to stand up well to any wind, and the stakes aren’t very sturdy. If you can replace the stakes, that would help the screen’s stability. It also takes a long time to deflate because there’s only one vent.

However, if you want something with a lot of drama and to take up a lot of space for a large audience.

-large audience capacity
-quick set up despite the size

-it takes a longer time to deflate than to inflate

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Best Inflatable Movie Screen Buyer’s Guide

There are a few things you should consider if you want to get the best inflatable movie screen for you. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

What kind of screen do I need?

If you already have a projector, you’ll need to match the type of screen to your projector. Make sure that your projector can fill the screen without being blurry. Not all displays are compatible with both front and rear projection, so you’ll also need to match the screen to what you have there.

If you don’t have a projector yet, a good option is a screen that’s compatible with a wide range of projection methods. That way, you don’t have to worry about your projector not matching your screen.

How do they inflate?

Some tiny screens have static inflation, meaning you fill them up and close the opening. These are great for indoors, but if you don’t have a pump, they can be a pain to fill up.

Larger screens use blowers to provide a continual supply of air to inflate the screen. It sets up in minutes, sometimes seconds, but the blower is going to make a little bit of noise during the movie. Make sure your audio system is loud enough.

What size should I get?

That question depends a lot on what kind of space you’re going to have for your screen and if you plan to use it indoors too. Most screens have a recommended audience size, but the best thing is to get out and measure your space.

One thing to be careful about: sometimes the measurement is the entire inflatable, not just the screen. When you’re reading the measurements, make sure you know what you’re measuring, so you don’t get a disappointment.

What about other features?

Some inflatables have removable screens so you can clean them more easily. It also makes storage easier because you can fold the components separately.

Others come with accessories such as movie template tickets, or movie-themed accessories. If you’re planning to have a party right away, it might be nice to have those extras.

If you don’t have anything at all, some of the screens come bundled with a projector as well. When you’re completely getting started, sometimes it’s nice to have everything come in one convenient box.


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