Top 10 Best Adult Games In 2023

No party can be great without some fun and games. While drunk shenanigans with your friends may have replaced the sober-minded fun of your childhood days, our list of the best adult games will give you and your friends something edgy and hilarious to do while you chug away!

If it’s the best adult games of a more ‘intimate’ nature you are looking for, you can check these out further down the page.

Check out the best ‘intimate’ adult games selection!


How to Select the Best Adult Games

When choosing an adult game for your gathering, there are a few things to consider.


Are you looking for a game to play with your colleagues at a get-together after work or a game for you and your drinking buddies? Some games are made for acquaintances and some games require the participants to share personal details. Keep this in mind when choosing your adult game.


Knowing who your audience is will determine what kind of game you will pick for your gathering. Adults include millennials, baby boomers, Generation X, and college students. You also should consider whether your audience is a large group or a handful of friends. Picking the right game ensures that no one is going to get bored at your party. The great thing about adult games, is that most of them are card based, meaning that decks can be edited to accompany specific audiences by turning the inappropriateness level up or down.


Why Adult Games Are Necessary

Adult games are the saviors of introverts and staples for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Adult games can keep a party from being awkward, help groups socialize that wouldn’t normally talk to each other, and serve as a great planned activity. If you can’t decide what to do while you are drinking, adult games can be a great way to pass the time. Many adult games also allow stories and memories to be shared among friends, so they can be a great way to look back on good times, or to learn more about new friends.


What to Expect

By no means are any of the games named below suitable for family game night, your church life group game night, or any event taking place near children or prudish people. Keep this in mind and use your best judgement when deciding where to play these games and who with.


Best Adult Games For Parties & Occasions – Reviewed

1. Cards Against Humanity

This love it or hate it game is not only hilarious, but it is also easy to play and explain to any party guests who aren’t familiar with it. Questions are written on the black card, and players answer the black card question with their white cards. With 500 hilarious answers to 100 perfectly inappropriate questions, you can keep guests entertained and laughing. Cards against humanity has often been called “the adult version of Apples to Apples.”

This has become a popular party and drinking game based on American culture, and has become a staple game among college kids. Cards Against Humanity requires a bit of a twisted sense of humor, but the game does a great job of pulling even the shyest of party-goers out of their shell. This is not a good game for those who are easily offended.



2. What Do You Meme?

If you and your friends don’t know what a meme is, this probably isn’t the game for you. What Do You Meme is a card game containing 435 cards, 360 caption cards and 75 picture cards, that allows players to lay down what they believe the best caption for the current photo. The idea behind this social media based game is to create the funniest or most clever meme. This game brings your favorite internet memes to life in a simple way that is still playable after everyone has had a few drinks. This game does contain some sensitive content, so it may not be suitable for some people. That being said, many people have pulled out certain cards they are uncomfortable with and played and enjoyed the game. This game also makes a great gift for anyone who “admins a meme account” or just enjoys memes on the internet.



3. Five Second Rule Uncensored

This riot of a game gives the player in the hot seat only five seconds to come up with three answers to crude and explicit questions. The game includes 150 two-sided cards and a spiral timer to accurately time players’ responses. The answers the player gives determines how far the player’s pawn moves along the board. The first player to make it to the end of the board or end up with the most cards, wins. This game is great if you enjoy uninhibited, quick-thinking fun. Five Second Rule is best-suited to small groups of no more than six people, and encourages interaction among players by requiring them to spit out the first thing that comes to mind. This is a great choice for those who seem to have no filter!



4. Hot Seat

This game is a true ice-breaker. The player in the “hot seat” picks three cards. After choosing one card to read aloud, the other players do their best to write a correct response to the question. The person with the most correct guesses, wins. This is a game that can reveal a lot of personal information about players in a brief period of time, so it may not be suitable in certain situations. This is a great drinking game because it requires a certain level of fearlessness to reveal such intimate information.

This game is definitely NSFW (not safe for work), church, or anyone who has anything to hide! With 200 questions and available expansion packs, each game always turns out a little different, depending on who gets which card. A great feature about Hot Seat is that the game will be drastically different when playing with different groups of friends.



5. WTF Did You Say?!?

If you and your party guests need a break from political correctness, be prepared to throw it out the window if you choose to play this game. WTF Did You Say is similar to Cards Against Humanity, but is targeted towards a millennial audience. The basic set includes 594 raunchy cards, divided into 108 red cards and 486 white cards. This game works exceptionally well for very large groups, because each person only gets 10 white cards. If you are expecting a lot of guests who don’t mind leaving P.C. language at the door, this game will make your party “interesting”. Be warned, however, you will probably feel terrible after playing this game! The winner is the player who gains the most red cards by making the best matches. The large selection of cards ensures that no two games will be the same.



6. Bad People (With NSFW Expansion Pack)

This has been called “the game you probably shouldn’t play.” This game is the perfect opportunity to find out what your friends truly think of you, which may or may not be a good idea. Each round, one player reads a question, and the others write down who they think the reader would pick. The first player to reach seven points is the winner. This game requires a certain level of established acquaintance among the players in order for them to make educated guesses. The expanded version of this version makes the game even more ridiculous and raunchy.

If you aren’t afraid to make judgments about your friends and receive them, this can be a great drinking game. Be sure to read and understand the rules before you are too far gone, since it can be a little complicated for first time players to get the hang of. Up to 10 people can play at one time, as long as they aren’t easily offended!



7. Scrawl

If you liked Pictionary as a kid but have grown into a creative adult with a twisted sense of humor, Scrawl is the game for you. This game is the visual version of “telephone.” One player makes a doodle based on the description card they pull. As the drawing gets passed along to each player, the drawing becomes more and more twisted from the original image. The player with the most hilarious doodles is the winner. 240 cards allow this game to be taken in so many different directions. Drawing ability isn’t important for this game, but this game does require a considerable amount of time to play.




8. The Voting Game

This is a great game for bachelor and bachelorette parties because it gives players a chance to reminisce and share funny stories. One player selects a card, and the others guess who best fits the description on the card. The reader counts the votes per person, and each person with votes has to guess who voted for them and prove that it is true. The person with the most correct votes at this end wins the game. 10 friends can play at a time, and there are several expansion packs available including NSFW, write your own, and fill-in-the-blank. The Voting Game offers five different game play variations, so it will be a different game depending on who you play with and how you play it.




9. CoolCats & AssHats

The “master” draws subject cards for the other players to look at. The other players have to decide whether or not the main player would like the subject listed on the card. After everyone has voted, they reveal their votes to the main player. The person with the most correct votes does a “CoolCat” task and the person with the least correct votes has to do an “AssHat” task. Some cards may not be suitable among certain groups such as co-workers and married couples, so be sure to edit the deck based on what is appropriate for your party guests. While the deck can be edited, this game is not for those who are easily offended. CoolCats and AssHats let’s you have fun at your friends expense, just make sure the tables don’t get turned on you, or you could end up having to do some very embarrassing things!



10. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

This may just be the ultimate action-based drinking game. Whether its loosing a staring contest or messing up what Simon Says, you will be drinking. Some cards require each player to take a drink. No matter which card get drawn, it is a surefire way to get intoxicated in a quick and hilarious way. The best part is that the drunker you get, the more you will mess up. Meaning you will have to drink more. The name of the game is true to the nature, no one is going home sober. If you couldn’t think of a reason to have a drink before, these cards will give you a million new reasons to take a shot, including being single, wearing buttoned shirts, and being the last person to use the bathroom.



The Best Intimate Adult Games For Couples, Groups Or Whatever

Ok so if you’re not really looking for drunken, offensive party games, here we take a look at the best adult games for getting a  little more intimate and adventurous with your significant other.

Strip or Tease Adult Couples Game

If your idea of fun for you and your partner, is the art of seductive teasing, stripping and antici……..pation, then this may be the game for you. The Strip Or Tease Adult Couples Game is simply put together to help remove inhibitions, shyness and not just break the ice, but smash it to pieces.

The game comes with two sets of cards, one called strip and one called tease. There is a set of dice that you roll to determine which action you have to take. To help get things started there is a guide booklet to show you how to strip seductively, along with some tips and rules.

Simple as it sounds, the formula with this game is very effective. It’s not too dirty to make new or shy couples clam up. It is gently seductive enough to draw people out of their shells and share a journey of intimate exploration.



The Discovery Game: for a married couple

The discovery game is designed around couples to help build intimacy or reconnect. It’s great for relationships that have turned a little stale, where communication has taken a back seat. It can also be fun for any relationships though, be they strained or perfectly healthy. This game is based around a board with counters, a timer and cards to get the discussion going. There are tools within this game to help you remember and discuss great memories, to open up and honestly let your other half in.

The discovery game is not quick to play, and you need to invest both time and attention to get the most out of it. However, those that do are rarely disappointed. This is evident with the abundant positive reviews the game has received.


Date Night Box Set with Conversation Starters, Sex Games and Naughty Dares

The Date Night Box Set is really three games in one. There are 3 decks of 50 cards. The first is the talk deck and this can be played as a couple or as a group. It’s stacked with questions to help become a little more informed about the personality behind the person. It works well in groups or between partners.

The second deck is the flirt deck. Again, this can be played with groups over drinks or can be a real tool to bring atmosphere and spice to a date night.

The third and final deck is the dare deck and this is best suited toward couples that want one hell of an evening. The dares are quite open to you to control how innocent or wild you want them to be. For example, becoming your partners servant and doing whatever they want for ten minutes. The control over how exploitative or innocent that task is, is really down to the person to control and that can make date night really whatever you want it to be.