Top 10 Best Arthritis Gloves 2021 Edition + Mini Buyers Guide

Arthritis that affects your hands, wrists, and fingers is perhaps one of the most common and frustrating types. We use our hands daily for work, sports, and hobbies, and being limited by pain and swelling can leave you feeling helpless. Fortunately, innovative medical companies, doctors, and therapists have designed a large variety of compression gloves that can ease arthritic symptoms. From names you know and trust to new and exciting companies, we are certain there is an ideal pair of arthritis gloves that will fit your needs.

We have created this buying guide along with reviews of our top ten favorite arthritis gloves. We hope to give you a simple yet thorough idea of features you need to know that are available, helpful tips to consider before buying, and detailed reviews. The arthritis gloves we reviewed can also be used for ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and injuries.



While arthritis gloves are not a cure or treatment, it is a non-invasive alternative. By focusing on pressure points, you are able to relieve pain, cold, swelling, and stiffness.

We hope you find this guide invaluable in your research for the perfect pair of arthritis gloves.


Benefits In Using Arthritis Gloves

Arthritis gloves are compression fitting which can increase circulation throughout your hands allowing better blood flow. This provides warmth and helps decrease swelling. The firmness of the gloves listed below varies slightly from light compression to a more fitted compression. The gloves vary in length from stopping at the beginning of your fingers to covering the hands and fingers completely. We have found that many users prefer fingerless gloves which can either leave the fingertips open or stop right below the second bend.

Every pair of arthritis gloves we reviewed includes directions for determining the size you need to order. A few of our reviewed gloves offer a wide range of sizes while a few only offer the standard – small/medium/large.

Arthritis affecting the hands, wrists, or fingers can be at times debilitating, but we believe you shouldn’t have to give up activities you love or be limited in what you can do.


Features To Consider Before Choosing Arthritis Gloves



While arthritis gloves do not come in a large variety of colors, you should still be able to choose a pair that is attractive to you. The colors include black, grey, and tan. Some of the gloves have a cotton appearance while others have a ‘biking glove’ or smooth appearance.


Latex Free

Be certain to check the gloves you purchase do not include latex if you feel you may have any type of reaction or allergy.



Many of the companies we reviewed offer money back guarantees if you are unsatisfied. This can be a very helpful feature when you’re not completely certain of the gloves you are purchasing.



Some arthritis gloves infuse anti-itch material. Be sure to look for this in the description if you are concerned with the gloves feeling scratchy.



Many of the reviewed gloves ensure materials and a design that allows air flow to keep your hands dry.


Copper Infused

Some gloves are infused with copper which some specialists believe will offer higher benefits to relieving pain and swelling.


Length of Gloves

As discussed above, the gloves offered today vary from open fingertips to completely covered hands and fingers.



Many types of material are used in arthritis gloves including cotton, spandex, nylon, and more.



Since the gloves are compression fitted, the stitching seams can be uncomfortable if not correctly placed. Several of our reviews include gloves with minimal stitching.



Being able to carry on with your normal activities may include being able to grab certain items without the worry of them slipping through your fingers. The anti-slip feature is directly related to the type of material the gloves are made of.



Reviews Of Our Top Ten Arthritis Gloves


Dr. Frederick’s Original Arthritis Gloves

Dr. Frederick’s mild compression arthritis gloves are ideal for every day use. With a soft feel, they are made of 88% cotton and 12% spandex. They have open fingertips allowing users to still operate computers and phones and still go about daily life. Sizes available are small, medium, and large.




CopperJoint Arthritis Gloves #1 Copper Infused Compression

CopperJoint arthritis gloves incorporate copper infused compression to help relieve symptoms. These gloves are fingerless allowing a wider range of motion for daily activities. The fabric is 88% quality copper infused nylon and is designed to allow airflow and decrease moisture. Completely latex-free, CopperJoint arthritis gloves include anti-itch UPF soft material. They are very stylish and can be worn under thicker gloves in cold weather. CopperJoint offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and offers sizes small, medium, large, and x-large.




IMAK Compression Arthritis Gloves

IMAK offers mild compression arthritis gloves that provide warmth and help alleviate swelling and painful joints. Made of 88% cotton and 12% spandex, these gloves come with the Ease of Use Commendation Seal for its design. These gloves come with open fingertips and are available in sizes x-small, small, medium, and large.




Arthritis Gloves by Vive

Vive offers mild compression gloves that help increase circulation but are comfortable enough to wear all day. They come with open fingertips and include the Smart Seam design meaning minimal stitching. Light and breathable, Vive offers these arthritis gloves with a 60-day warranty. Available sizes are medium and large.




IMAK Compression Active Arthritis Gloves

IMAK also offers an active version of their compression gloves with the same features as the above IMAK gloves, but they are made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. The compression is mild allowing all day wear, and it incorporates an anti-slip design. Open fingertips and breathable material allow users to continue their active lifestyle. Also awarded the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Seal, these gloves come in sizes small, medium, and large.




Dr. Arthritis Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

Dr. Arthritis offers copper compression gloves that are focused on arthritis symptom relief. These stylish closed-finger gloves are 88% copper nylon and 12% spandex. They are comfortable enough to wear all day and are available in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large. Dr. Arthritis offers a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. It also comes with a bonus handbook offering arthritis symptom-relieving tips.




Totes Isotoner Therapeutic Open-Finger Gloves

These Isotoner arthritis gloves are 80% nylon and 20% spandex. The gloves leave your fingertips open for easy use of normal activities. These gloves were designed by a certified hand therapist and offer a moderate compression feel. 100% latex-free and machine washable, Isotoner gloves include a seamless design to increase comfort. Sizes available include x-small, small, medium, and large.




Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves

Copper Compression offers these stylish black gloves with copper infused compression. They cover just to the bottom of your fingers allowing complete free motion for your work, hobbies, and other activities. Copper Compression offers a 100% money back guarantee and offers sizes small, medium, large, and x-large.




Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves

Thermoskin has designed and clinically tested arthritis gloves that include innovative features that provide comfort and relief. With firm compression, your skin and muscle temperature will rise and help reduce swelling. Their exclusive Trioxon advantage includes a 3-dimensional lining. This allows air to circulate throughout the gloves preventing moisture from accumulating. The black-colored outer layer is textured with Griptex ensuring a firm grip. These Thermoskin gloves have open fingertips allowing users to go about their daily routines. A velcro wrist closure allows an adjustable and more comfortable fit. Thermoskin offers a larger variety of sizes than all of the other gloves we reviewed. Sizes include x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.




Incrediwear Fingerless Circulation Gloves By Incredigloves

Incredigloves Incrediwear gloves contain an active fabric that is designed to enhance circulation for relief of arthritis, joint pain, and cold hands. Designed by medical professionals, Incrediwear gloves help increase blood flow which can provide warmth and ease pain. The gloves are available in grey with open fingertips allowing you to carry out your daily activities such as computer, house, and yard work. They are available in sizes of combined small/medium and large.




Arthritis gloves are currently offering symptomatic relief to many people. We hope you found our guide and reviews helpful in your search. We recommend deciding on the features most important to you and then reading reviews of others before purchasing. We wish you the very best of luck in finding the perfect pair of arthritis gloves to suit your needs.