Best Basin Wrench Reviews In 2021

When it comes to doing any type of plumbing work, having the right tools is extremely important for not only performing a speedy job but an easier one at that. One tool that will almost always be required in plumbing work, is a wrench. A wrench is needed in order to remove, tighten, and install many different elements from nuts and cups to pipes and lines. Unfortunately, they are often located in the most difficult to reach places, and so investing in the best basin wrench is definitely a necessity.

There are many wrenches on the market, many of which are job specific. However, in many cases, even a simple plumbing job can require working with more than one aspect. This is when a really good wrench comes in handy as it will allow you to work on many different objects without having to keep switching tools.

So, other than multi-functional, what else do you look for in a good basin wrench? Below, I have put together a short list of qualities that a good basin wrench should have in order to make your plumbing jobs easier. Here are the top features to look for when shopping for a basin wrench:


Having versatility is very important in a basin wrench. When working on sinks, toilets, et cetera, there will be many different parts involved. You want a wrench that can fit pipes as well as nuts and lines, and more, so that you may work more efficiently.


Being lightweight comes in handy since many times you will need to use only one hand in order to access certain pipes and lines. That can be extremely taxing after a while so the lighter the weight of the tool, the better.


An adjustable head will have a spring mechanism to it that will automatically adjust to the size of the nut for a tighter and more engaged grip. This spring allows the nut to remain engaged with every turn so that you do not have to constantly re-fit the wrench throughout the job.


Length is also a very important factor in that many times the pipes, nuts or lines you will need to access are usually way in the back of the basin and often in a tight space. You will need a tool that can not only fit through tight spaces but also be able to reach certain areas as well.

Those were just some features to help you when shopping for a basin wrench. For your convenience, we have compiled a more detailed list of the best basin wrenches on the market. We have also listed their features, as well as any pros and cons.


Best Basin Wrench Reviews

TEKTON WRN92001 Basin Wrench

This wrench is great for getting into those super tight spaces that may not otherwise be accessible with a traditional wrench. The head is able to turn up to 180-degrees and can maintain this position in order to remove nuts in hard-to-reach spots.

Because this wrench has a spring mechanism on the jaw, it can easily adjust to fit nuts in various diameters and maintain a hold while the nut is being turned. This feature is great as it keeps you from having to re-fit the wrench each time you complete a turn which saves so much time.

This is a great tool for working on sinks as the long and slim steel shaft allows it to slide in the smallest spaces, especially behind the sink.

Not only does the shaft allow for much flexibility when working, but the handle with its T shape also helps you to achieve many different positions in order to get as much leverage as possible while providing a comfortable grip as well.

The design of this wrench is perfect and actually made, for work in very small spaces that may require the use of one hand.


  • Slender enough to get in tight spaces.
  • Adjustable jaw remains engaged.
  • Head can turn up to 180 degrees.

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Superior Tool 03825 Basin Buddy Faucet Nut Wrench

Unlike many other wrenches, the slots on this Superior Tool wrench are able to grip nuts without stripping or snapping them off. This universal tool is designed to maneuver between and around pipelines to remove nuts. The Superior Tool can engage most nuts whether they are metal, PVC, coupling or plastic. This wrench is very easy to use and extremely versatile for a reasonable price.


  • Provides a secure grip without breaking or snapping nuts.
  • Slots are universal so the tool can be used on many size nuts.
  • Awesome little tool and very affordable.

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RIDGID 46753 Telescoping Basin Wrench with LED Light

With its spring jaw feature and T-handle, this wrench by Rigid allows for the most adjustable and secure grip possible. While the head is able to turn up to 180-degrees, it also has a built-in water resistant LED light feature to help you reach and see in those tight spots as well.

The grip on the handle is contoured for ultimate comfort and leverage, while the handle itself provides ease of positioning when maneuvering in those hard-to-reach areas. And for areas that are very hard to reach, such as behind sinks or toilets, with its telescoping feature, the Ridgid wrench can extend from 10 to 17 inches with the touch of a button.

The standard drive connection of 3/8 inch enables you to use either a breaker or a ratchet bar if you need extra leverage. Not only is the Ridgid wrench versatile, but it is also extremely durable, and even comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Contoured handle with grip for maximum control and comfort.
  • Led light built-in with a timer.
  • Head that turns up to 180 degrees.

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IRmm Multi-purpose wrench

Firstly, let me just say that I absolutely love the design of this IRmm wrench. The contour in the handle along with all of the grips makes this tool extremely easy to work with. And with the length of this tool, reaching those far off spots behind sinks or toilets is much easier.

In fact, the wrench is especially perfect for such plumbing jobs when nuts are in the most difficult to reach areas.

And when it comes to loosening and tightening nuts, the IRmm wrench can fit most size nuts and is very easy to use. This is not only a great tool for plumbers but also just to have around the house for quick household situations where a wrench may be needed.


  • High quality yet super lightweight.
  • Extra long for reaching difficult nuts.
  • Very easy to use and affordable.

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VEVOR 18-Inch Pipe Wrench

When it comes to dealing with hard-to-reach or difficult pipes, the Vevor is perfect for these heavy-duty type of jobs. However, though made for heavy-duty operations, this wrench is approximately half the weight of other wrenches of its caliber.

There aren’t many wrenches of this strength that are also so easy to use. The jaw has a spring mechanism for various adjustments while the adjusting nut itself is non-sticking to make transitions from sizing as smooth as possible.

Even cleaning or replacing parts is super easy as the threads are self-cleaning and the parts may be replaced individually for maximum longevity.

Because of the durability, versatility, and functionality, this wrench by Vevor is awesome for working on many different pipes.


  • The jaw has a spring mechanism for adjusting to various nut sizes.
  • Very durable and great for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Lighter weight than most wrenches of this type and size.


  • This wrench does have some weight to it and can be a problem for one-handed jobs.
  • Because of its size, it may be difficult to get in smaller areas.

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General Tools Telescoping Basin Wrench

This wrench is excellent for getting into those hard to reach areas as it is very slender, has a head that can angle 90 degrees, and best of all, it has an extending handle that can reach from 11 to 16 inches long. And with the T shape of the handle and the spring mechanism in the jaw, this tool provides great ease of access, comfortability as well as one-handed maneuvering.


  • The slim size of this wrench allows it to be able to work in very tight spaces.
  • The head angles 90 degrees which grant access to hard to reach nuts.
  • The spring mechanism on the jaw allows you to turn nuts continuously without re-fitting.

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Superior Tool 03845 Sink Drain Wrench

This wrench by Superior Tool is great for many different types of plumbing jobs and fits numerous nuts such as basket strainer, wing, and even P-Traps.

The design of this wrench allows it to be able to work underneath sinks, on lock nuts, and various sided nuts such as twelve, eight and six. This is a very multi purposeful tool and can really come in handy when doing a number of different plumbing work.


  • Multi-purposeful and can fit nuts of varying sizes.
  • Lightweight and affordable.

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TEKTON WRN92004 Telescoping Wrench, With Extra Large Jaw

Another awesome wrench by Tekton, on top of the other great features, the WRN92004 Telescoping Wrench now has a jaw that is extra large. With this size jaw, the Tekton is now able to fit nuts up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter as well as supply lines, drain cups, pipes, retaining collars, and much more.

Not only can this amazing wrench fit various nuts, pips, and lines, with the telescoping shaft, it can reach anywhere from 10 all the way up to 17 inches. This is great for when you are working on lines or pipes that are a bit out of reach. This wrench by Tekton helps you not only reach areas that other wrenches can’t, but it also allows you to get in positions that other wrenches don’t allow either.

The Tekton has a head that can turn up to 180 degrees and maintain whatever position it is placed in, while the spring mechanism in the jaw lets it adjust size. This means no more having to re-fit the wrench after every turn because it will remain engages during each turn or the nut.

The handle is adjustable as well, as it can be removed depending on what your particular job needs require. With all of its features from the extendable shaft to the large jaw, the Tekton is definitely one of the best tools for doing a myriad of plumbing work.


  • Adjustable handle can be removed when needed.
  • The shaft can extend as much as 17 inches.
  • Head can turn up to 180 degrees and maintain its position.
  • Spring mechanism in jaw allows it to adjust to nut size.

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Aothpher Multifunctional Wrench

This wrench is another awesome one for doing a number of plumbing jobs and is especially great for DIY home improvement jobs. Because of its design, it can fit various nuts, connectors, faucets, and more.

It is also made of carbon steel with makes this wrench super high quality, durable, yet it is very compact which makes carrying and storing it a breeze. The Aothpher is a great addition to any toolbox, professional or otherwise.


  • It comes with a built-in leveler.
  • Because of the design, you can hang this up.
  • High quality, compact, and very affordable.

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General Tools 190 Adjustable Sink Wrench

The General Tools wrench may be simple in design but definitely not in functionality. This adjustable wrench is so versatile that it can be used for various types of plumbing work. With this wrench being only a little more than 10 inches, its compact size allows for greater leverage when tightening or removing many different types of nuts.

When removing or tightening nuts, the jaws on this wrench automatically adjust so that the tool remains engaged with the nut during each turn. Not having to re-fit the tool after every rotation will save you so much time when working. This is a great tool to have in your arsenal as it can work in many different jobs, making the work easier and more efficient.


  • Jaws are smooth and adjustable from one to three inches.
  • Can be used on brass, plastic, and soft metals.

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Final Thought

Whether you are a professional plumber or just a self-proclaimed Bob The Builder, having the right tools for the job is important. However, finding the right ones, especially if you are a novice, can be quite difficult at times. The best thing to do when deciding on a basin wrench is to contemplate what all you will need to use it for.

For instance, if you are going to be doing simple home repairs such as tightening nuts, then a simpler tool may work fine for you. However, if you are a professional, there are many things to consider. You must take into account the complexity of your jobs, as well as the length of time they will take. These factors will help you determine the best basin wrench for you and your needs.