Top 10 Best Beard Brushes in 2021

Beard Brush Reviews – Choosing The Best Brush For You

If you have a beard, chances are good that you take time to keep it clean and groomed. Most bearded men use a beard brush to maintain and groom their beards. If you have one and it isn’t quite doing the trick, you may find yourself looking online for new options in beard brushes. There are many types of beard brushes to choose from and figuring out which to purchase can seem like a daunting task. While there are many good choices to make, below are going to be some of our top picks to help you narrow your choices and find the perfect beard brush for your daily grooming.

Before we get into some of the top best beard brushes available to purchase, let’s discuss a few of the top benefits of taking time each day to brush your beard with a beard brush.


•Prevents Ingrown Hairs- No one likes the look or feel of ingrown hairs. They are caused when hair is not growing out of its follicles in the correct direction. Brushing your facial hair each day will ensure that all of your beard hairs will continue to grown in the right direction and avoid becoming ingrown.

•Keeps Mouth Clear- Brushing your facial hair every day helps to train your hair growth around your mouth. This can also help to reduce the amount of food particles you get trapped in your beard as well.

•Lines Up Hairs- If you are trying to achieve a full look to your beard, it is essential to brush it daily to perfectly align every strand. Like stated earlier, brushing each day will train your hair growth and give you the look you desire.


Reviews Of Our Top Beard Brush Choices

1. Smooth Viking Beard Brush

This high-quality brush is made from 100% real black wild boar hair. The bristles work well to shape, style and groom your facial hair. If you have sensitive skin, then this product is a given because it doesn’t contain any synthetic fillers which are known for detaching from beard brushes and irritating skin. The boar bristles are also great for untangling and smoothing out the toughest of hairs while also clearing away any dandruff or residue that may be present.




2. Repsol Care Beard Brush

The Repsol Care brand beard brush is made with a natural wooden comb and boar bristles. It is great to use on all beard hair types including coarse, thick, short and tangled. The natural boar bristles are great for distributing balms, waxes, oils and conditioners throughout your beard and will give your beard a groomed and soft look. This great product is handmade, so you know you are getting a quality product.




3. Magic Brand Soft Palm Brush

If you are a little tight on funds and still want to find a great beard brush, then the Magic brand soft palm brush with reinforced boar bristles will make the perfect fit for you. It is compact at only five inches in length which makes it perfect for both home use and travel use.




4. Huntsman Beard Boar Bristle Beard Brush

If you are looking for a brush that will make styling easy, then this is the brush for you. Its design was created to be an easy and effective way to shape your beard and put those rouge hairs to bed. It is also perfect for the gentleman who loves to apply oils or beard balms with their brush. This product is also great for itchy beards that need help with conditioning and softening. Huntsman also offers a money back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied.




5. Zeus Brand Boar Bristle Beard And Mustache Brush With Handle

This product is perfect for giving your beard and mustache a thorough and vigorous brushing. This warp-resistant brush with a handle is perfect for precision brushing and styling. The handle also extends away from the rows of bristles which gives the user ultimate control of the areas they are brushing. The bristles are made of first-cut one hundred percent boar hair. These are perfect for exfoliating your skin and distributing oils from your hair follicles to the tips of every hair strand.




6. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Boar Hair Beard Brush

This product contains no plastic, nylon or synthetic bristles. When they say the bristles are all-natural boar bristle, they mean it. The bristles are soothing and can gently and easily brush your beard to give you a more full and healthier look. The solid wood handle is made in a sleek, classic design that truly stands out among the competition. This brush is perfect for using each day for grooming or for spreading beard wax or beard oil.




7. Mane Brand Bamboo Beard Brush

This great brush is handmade and crafted using bamboo and natural boar’s bristles to give your beard the grooming it needs. This is a military style brush which promotes healthy skin and hair by stimulating oils and removing dead skin for a more clean, healthy skin and look. It is perfect for all facial hair textures and works well even on bearded men with gentle skin. It is also antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and safe to use on oily, dry or combination skin types to promote hair growth and strength.




8. The Rugged Bros Beard Brush

You will fall in love with this brush’s sleek, black design. It sets itself apart from the competition in the looks department. It also has a lot of features to make it even more of an irresistible choice. The curved design of the brush is perfect to work in harmony with the curves on your face. It is ergonomically designed to be able to hug your face, fit easily in your hand and make styling your facial hair easy. Each Rugged Bros brush is carved by hand and is created using 100% pure wild boar hair. It is made durable enough for years of use both at home and on the go.




9. Mr Rugged Massage Beard Brush

This brush is perfect for the bearded guys that are always dealing with tangled hairs. This natural wood brush helps to detangle, exfoliate and increase blood circulation in your face to help promote stronger and healthier beard growth. The bristles also work well at removing dandruff and other debris from your beard to help reduce the amount of hair loss to keep your beard looking full. The wooden pin bristles are unique in the world of beard brushes. They work well at massaging your hair and face to keep your facial hair smooth and silky. The bristles also help to distribute the natural oil in your skin and can be used in combination with balms and beard oils to help moisturize hair growth.




10. CanYouHandleBar Beard Brush

This is an affordable beard brush that is soft enough for sensitive faces yet firm enough to help exfoliate your skin during brushing to stimulate hair follicles without excessive tugging or pulling. This brush is perfect for applying balm, wax, beard oil or the CanYouHandleBar brand Dry Oil to your beard without having to get your hands dirty. This brush is made of a wood base and the bristles are all-natural, soft horse hair. The bristles are gentle enough to quickly spread the conditioning product of your choice and can be used easily on both dry and wet beards.