Ten Best Car Vacuum Reviews For 2021

A car vacuum is a very welcome item when it comes to keeping your vehicle looking its best. Car vacuums are generally lightweight and easy to maneuver around the inside of a car, truck, or SUV, but there are many things you need to take into consideration before purchasing the best car vacuum for yourself.

Cord or Cordless?

The best corded car vacuum will have a cable attached, and it will require some type of power outlet. They tend to have better-suctioning power, but they are usually larger than the cordless versions which make them harder to take along in the car. Cordless car vacuums run off of a rechargeable battery. Their mobility is improved due to the fact that they are not plugged into an outlet. The trade-off is less function and a shorter run time.


If you are looking for a car vacuum you can take on the road with you, a cordless model will best suit your needs. They easily fit in the trunk and are lightweight. Commercial vehicles benefit from cordless vacuums because it is so easy to use them frequently. If you won’t be using your vacuum frequently, a corded one with more power is best.

Suction Power

The suction is determined by the overall design, the power source, and the motor’s strength. In general, battery-powered vacuums have less suction. If you intend to use the vacuum on multiple surfaces, a stronger suction will be needed. Those that simply want something to use daily to pick up the most recent mess won’t find the amount of suction as important as the size and weight of the design. Depending on your preference, each type could be the best car vacuum for you.

Your Car’s Interior

The interior of your car has a lot to do with which car vacuum will work best for you. For example, leather seats would require a good leather conditioner as well as a vacuum that comes with a soft brush attachment, but you won’t need as much suction for leather or vinyl as you would for cloth seats.


Ten Best Car Vacuum Reviews

Black and Decker Cordless Hand Vacuum BDH2000L with 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Battery

The Black and Decker Cordless Hand Vacuum includes a Lithium Integral battery and uses a VF110 washable filter to provide you with a constant voltage in an ultra-compact portable design. It comes with the battery and filter as well as a charging base and onboard tools that include a crevice tool and brush. Cyclonic action provides plenty of power, and the ready indicator light lets you know when your hand vacuum is fully charged and ready to go. A translucent dirt bowl makes it easy to see when it is time to empty it. In addition to being easy to handle, on-board extensions eliminate the bending and straining normally associated with cleaning the car.


  • Cordless design is easy to use
  • Onboard tools allow you to get into hard to reach areas
  • Rechargeable battery and charging base are included
  • Dirt bowl is removable for cleaning


  • The charging base is unstable and needs to be set on a solid surface

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Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255

The Armor All 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum, AA255 picks up both wet and dry dirt and debris. The 60Hz frequency provides enough power to pick up both solids and liquids. The polypropylene tank can hold up to 2.5 gallons, and the six Amp HP motor offers enough suctioning power for even the toughest jobs. An easy conversion blower function allows you to tackle much more than just vacuuming.

When the fill limit is reached, the auto shut off takes over in order to prevent the tank from overflowing and creating a big mess. A ten-foot cord and six-foot hose make it possible to reach every part of your car’s interior, and when not in use, the hose is stored within the canister.


  • Picks up wet and dry debris
  • Large 2.5-gallon tank includes an auto shut off to prevent overflow
  • Ten-foot card and six-foot hose allows this vacuum to reach further
  • The hose is stored inside of the canister when not in use


  • Weak suction for a plug-in model

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ThisWorx TWC-01 Car Vacuum

The ThisWorx TWC-01 Car Vacuum allows you to clean your vehicle like a professional. It will save you time and money by giving you a way to clean your car at home while achieving the same results as the local professionals give. A powerful 106w motor along with a metal turbine provides a strong suction that doesn’t leave any debris behind. You can reach all areas of your vehicle’s interior with a 16-foot power cord and an elastic hose and nozzle set.

The ergonomic design includes a trash container with a lid that can shut off once full o avoid having trash fall out. The trash container is transparent so that you know immediately when it needs emptying. It works for both wet and dry debris, and it comes with everything you need. Three different nozzles and a HEPA filter allow you to thoroughly clean every inch of your car. This model deserves its spot in the best car vacuum list without question.


  • Strong suction provided by a 106w motor
  • Extended reach available from the 16-foot long power cord
  • Ergonomic design
  • Transparent trash container with auto shut-off


  • Must clean the filter frequently to maintain suction

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HOTOR Car Vacuum

The HOTOR Car Vacuum provides you with quick and easy cleaning in a small size car vacuum. It is lightweight with long lasting power and suction that can tackle tough tasks. The upgraded stainless steel HEPA filter uses HOTOR’s latest technology to provide you with a washable and durable filter that ensures clean results. A detachable head makes it easy to dump out the debris, and a LED lamp makes it simple to see what you are doing in all of your car’s areas. A crevice nozzle, extended tube, and a brush are included in your purchase that makes cleaning even the most remote spaces much easier.


  • Lightweight design
  • LED light
  • Includes a crevice tool and brush
  • A stainless steel HEPA filter is washable


  • Lightweight design can feel cheaply constructed

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Bissell AutoMate Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum

The Bissell AutoMate Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum comes in a vibrant shade of red, and it is designed to fully clean the interior of your vehicle with a long-lasting 14V lithium-ion battery and specialized detailing tools. It even has a motorized brush tool that works hard at capturing embedded dirt like pet hair.

The LED crevice tool lights up even the most remote crevices in your car to help you thoroughly clean every inch of space. You can now reach those hard to get areas under the seats and back in tight corners with the flexible attachment. A large dump bin is easy to dump debris out of, and the triple level filtration improves your cleaning results.


  • Triple level filtration
  • Large dirt bin is easy to empty
  • Includes a 14V lithium-ion battery
  • Has a motorized brush tool to remove embedded dirt


  • The large unit can be hard to maneuver

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LOZAYI High Power DC 12V 5000PA Car Vacuum

The LOZAYI car vacuum is a portable wet/dry handheld auto vacuum with a 5000PA strong suction that can tackle tough debris. Even with all this power, the noise is minimal. It can quickly and easily pick up pet hair, crumbs, dust, and other unwanted items from your car’s floors and seats. The upgraded stainless steel HEPA filter and the 360° cyclone technology allows this handheld, corded vacuum to provide the power you need for great suction.

A 16.4-foot power cord makes it simple to reach every corner of the car’s interior, and because it is lightweight and portable, it eliminates the typical stretching and contortions needed to clean a vehicle. It includes three nozzles, a carrying bag, and a one year warranty.


  • Includes three nozzle attachments
  • Includes the 360° cyclone technology
  • Has a stainless steel HEPA filter
  • A 16.4-foot power cord makes it easy to reach all areas of the car


  • Is not available in a cordless version

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Rytek 120W Corded Portable Handheld Car Vacuum

This Rytek car vacuum has superior suction for a handheld device. A 120W motor provides this power in a lightweight design that is small enough to easily handle as well as store anywhere. It comes with three cleaning attachments, including a long soft tube, brush, and long mouth, and a 16.4-foot long cord that allows you to reach the entire car’s interior for a thorough cleaning. The cord plugs into the car’s power outlet so that you can take it with you. It comes with a one-year full warranty.


  • The lightweight and small design makes it easy to use or store
  • Powerful suction provided by a 120W motor
  • Includes three cleaning attachments
  • Comes with a one-year full warranty


  • The awkward shape makes it difficult to reach some areas

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HoLife Cordless, Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The HoLife Cordless, Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for cars as well as small household jobs. A multi-layer filter and the 6KPA cyclonic suction are combined with a 90 to 100W motor for the ultimate in power and cleaning capabilities. Even with this kind of power, the vacuum remains relatively quiet. It comes with three attachments that offer versatility. The crevice tool can reach in tight spaces while the dusting brush can pick up dirt from the more delicate surfaces.

A liquid nozzle allows the device to be converted into a wet vac easily. The cord-free design is lightweight and portable. The lithium battery provides the necessary energy and charges quickly, and you can expect 30 minutes of run time after a three to four-hour charge.


  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • Includes three attachments which make it quite versatile
  • It has an easy to empty bag-less dirt bin
  • Cordless construction provides added freedom


  • Does not work well on pet hair

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Banaton Car Vacuum Cleaner

The Banaton Car Vacuum has a high-powered 106W motor that provides you with strong suction. It can be used as both a wet and dry vacuum which makes it a versatile piece to own. It easily picks up pet hair, dust, gravel, sand, food debris, water, and other dirt that is hiding in your car. Among the attachments you get with this device are a brush, a long mouth, and a long soft tube. The 16.4-foot cord makes it easy to reach every corner, even in larger vehicles.

The LED lamp is an added benefit when it comes to cleaning shadowed areas. The transparent dirt tank lets you know immediately when it is time to dump it. Light and easy to use, this car vacuum is small enough to store anywhere in the car, and since it is powered by the car itself, it is ideal for traveling. Your purchase is backed by a one year warranty.


  • It includes an LED lamp
  • This vacuum can be used as a wet or dry vac
  • The powerful 106W motor provides plenty of suction
  • Includes a one year warranty


  • Works best when the vehicle is running

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Reserwa [5th Gen] Car Vacuum

The new fifth generation Reserwa Car Vacuum has an upgraded suction that is more powerful than in previous versions. The suction level is now a 4500PA that can pick up items weighing 16 ounces. It will easily handle pet hair, dust, and crumbs that leave your car looking bad. You can use this one device as a wet or dry vacuum, and it comes with three attachments.

The brush works well on hair, the soft long tube cleans leather without damaging its surface, and the long mouth is perfect for the trunk and under seats. The 16.4-foot cord lets you reach the entire interior of the vehicle, and it can be kept in the storage bag when not in use. The filter can be removed for easy cleaning which will keep your suction working at its best.


  • This new model is more powerful than previous versions
  • Includes a long 16.4-foot cord
  • It comes with three attachments that enhance the cleaning abilities of this vacuum
  • Comes with a storage bag for when it isn’t being used


  • Won’t pick up heavier items like gravel and stones

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