10 Best Cool Camping Gear Reviews In 2021

With the world full of technological breakthroughs that make life easy, ever wonder why some people choose to stay outdoors and rough it out in the wilderness? No running water, no electricity, no toilet, no comfortable bed, and no climate controlled environment are just some aspects of camping that make it sound so daunting for others who do not enjoy the craft. What are you going to do when you need the bathroom for number 2?

On top of that, the possibility of insects, snakes, bears, and other wild animals pouncing on you as you sleep through the night also up the fear factor. But no matter what other naysayers might say, camping enthusiasts see all of these inconveniences as part of the appeal and of the fun.

Why Camping?

Campers purposely go to the wilderness to disconnect from technology. They want to take the time to slow down and temporarily leave their fast paced lives. Going back to the basics allow them to reconnect with nature and their inner selves. The best cool camping gear takes these things into account, but that doesn’t mean they are all power free.

Some families like to go camping together because it revitalizes their bonds. Without all the distractions present in the home, from gadgets, bills, chores, and other stuff, families are able to work on their relationships by doing things together and talking to each other. Heading out of the comfort zone helps find footing and gives new perspective on how to deal with things.

On top of that, camping teaches a lot of life skills from reading a compass, building fire, cooking simple food with little fanfare, and pitching a tent. So whatever is your reason for heading towards the great outdoors, know that surviving the elements of nature is not done on a whim but instead it needs careful planning and organization. Deciding on the gear you need, of course, depends on the destination and the travel mode—are you getting there by hiking with your feet, riding your bike, taking your car, or going all out in an RV. These basic details will help you decide what corresponding items must be brought.

Whether you’re a newbie who prefers glamping (glamorous plus camping combined), a weekend maven who is in it just for Saturday and/ or Sunday, or a seasoned camper who can be away for months on end, the bottom line is, you will still need to take gear with you to help with the set-up and maintenance of the entire camping experience. With these 10 cool best camping gear products, you can set off to your destination in style. Actually, these innovative gadget ideas are great to include in every person’s arsenal of cool stuff.

10 Best Cool Camping Gear Reviews

4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

These super bright and long lasting portable lights come equipped with 30 super bright LEDs. These compact and handy lanterns have the ability to cut through even the darkest of nights. Battery life lasts for over 30 hours, with the brightness or dimness of the unit dependent on the position of the handle. You have the control of how bright you want your tent or room to be. The cool thing about these unique lanterns is that they are completely collapsible.

At its folded state, it is only as small as your phone, making it easily fit in your backpack or emergency kit. These lanterns are clearly not just for camping but they are perfect for your home survival kit. This is a great tool to have for any emergency power outage situation. May it be a thunderstorm, a hurricane, or a snowstorm that knocks out your lamp post or busts your transformer, having these LED lanterns will come in handy to rescue you from complete and total darkness. They are waterproof and virtually indestructible made of aircraft grade materials.

As proof, these lanterns can survive a 10-foot drop or it can even be temporarily submerged in water and still come out as bright as before. Each lantern is hand-crafted and based on the original design of the patent holders. This is the guarantee that what you’ll get is the original. The company has so much faith on their product integrity, so they offer a lifetime warranty and technical support. They guarantee that the quality, longevity, brightness, performance, and durability will exceed your expectations.

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Camport Folding Camping Chair

This unique product is a jack of all trades. It looks like a mini lightweight folding backpack which can actually morph into a stool or chair. It also acts as an insulated cooler picnic bag, which has the capacity to keep your food and drinks cold. Weighing only 3.3lbs, it is very light weight and easy to carry. Amazingly, for such a small size, it is strong enough to hold the weight of up to 331 pounds. Whether you go camping, fishing, hiking, or swimming in the beach, you’ll always have a comfortable chair within reach. This backpack is designed with multiple pockets, which also help you organize your things.

It can hold an umbrella, water bottle, wallet, powerbank, keys, books, and other small bric-a-brac that you want to take with you for the day. The super advanced ergonomic design ensures stability and comfort. The shoulder straps are ultra comfortable when you carry it, and these very same straps provide the support to hold the chair’s frame together when the unit is collapsed. Extremely durable and high quality, this portable chair is fashioned with Oxford fabric, which doesn’t easily stain nor rip due to its thickness. Add to that, the material has been treated to be waterproof, making it a truly stable and reliable product for outdoor use.

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Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa

This comfortable lounge chair can double up as your hammock or couch. The Wekapo easy inflation mechanism ensures that you can inflate it with no pump required. Just literally whisk it repetitively into the air to inflate the entire thing. This movement traps air into the cavity, making for easy installation. This product has a patented headrest design in the shape of a pillow. This provides your neck and upper back ultimate support and comfort to address your relaxation needs. Guaranteed to stay inflated for 5-6 hours, this gadget relies on their patented anti-deflation technology that keeps it in shape.

This inflatable lounger comes with a carrier bag for easy storage, transport, and organization. It also comes with a stake that can be utilized to keep the couch rooted to the spot, making windy days not a problem at all. Wekapo stands by their quality products and offers a one hundred percent risk free guarantee. They are confident of your satisfaction; thus letting you buy with this money back guarantee should the unit fail to satisfy you.

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Solo Stove Lite Stove

This has been awarded as the gear of the year, and rightfully so because it does the most important job of helping us cook our food outdoors. No food means disastrous consequences. This patented design surprisingly enables fuel to burn completely, while at the same time, ensuring there is less smoke. Its unique double wall is responsible for this clean gasification process and safe combustion. There is no longer a need to waste money on super expensive canister fuel or white gas.

Do not underestimate this extremely light weight contraption because it can easily boil 34 ounces of water in just 8 minutes. This solo stove is easily portable through its included nylon stuff sack. It is also not super bulky and weighs only 9 ounces, making it a breeze to lift and carry. This compact solo stove’s space saving design ensures that you will have more room in your backpack for other essential items. This solo stove is a great companion to its matching Solo Stove Pot to make your camping life easier.

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Suaoki Multiple Use Tent Light

This multi-purpose gadget has many functions. First, its solar charging capability enables you to turbo charge any gadget vie its micro USB port. When the battery is full, it can give up to 3.5 hours. If it runs out, then it is not an issue because the three individual solar panels support charging. This is perfect for outdoor conditions when there are no power sources or outlets available. This unique quality also makes this gadget perfect for emergency situations. On top of that, this is a versatile light source that comes with three light power modes: low, high, or SOS blinking.

This feature makes it a perfect accompaniment for any outdoor activity like, fishing, camping, or hiking. Even late night porch readings will be breeze if you have this on standby. Convenience is one of the factors the manufacturers have considered with the production of this unit. It is durable, foldable, and portable. This lantern is adjustable to that it can accommodate what you need. This product is even slightly smaller than an iphone 6 plus, but it still packs a mean punch when in use.

It can be completely folded down so you can place it in your backpack easily. The manufacturers paid close attention to detail upon this product’s inception. It is outfitted with a hidden hanging hook so that you can easily hang the light outdoors or place it on top of your tent without any glitches. Built in with a Smart Protection Chip, this keeps your lantern from overcharging. It is also smart enough to say when there is over-discharging and over-circuit usage, which guarantees safety in utilization.

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Dometic Electric Powered Cooler Freezer

No ice, no problem. This electric powered freezer has the ability to refrigerate or freeze up to negative 7 degree Fahrenheit. It doesn’t ice inside, but it can make ice for your cold drink. The product dimensions are as follow, the height is 16.1 inches, the depth is 27.2 inches, and the width is 15.6 inches making it a truly portable product. It only needs a very low power consumption, which can be done using AC or DC mode. It is great for off the grid usage and solar setups. Its heavy duty design and reinforced corners guarantees that this product is built to last. Its mechanism for opening and closing is easy to use.

Noteworthy, this particular gear is only two-thirds the size of a traditional cooler. It’s so much smaller in size, yet it has the ability to pack in more items because you don’t need to load it up with ice. The control of the cooling compartment temperature can be easily monitored and changed via a wifi application. It employs an energy efficient LED light for its interiors, so you won’t have to struggle in the dark, grasping for unseen items. There is even a USB port for charging small electronic devices, showing that the manufacturers have really paid close attention to details. This comes with a 3-stage battery protection and a 2 year warranty.

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Grand Canyon Northwest Territory

This super fantastic ten is user-friendly and idiot proof when it comes to set-up and installation. It guarantees a much faster set-up by at least fifty percent when compared with other tents that have the conventional or traditional stakes. This unique ten comes with pre-attached and color coded poles for ease of use. It is also snag free, ensuring that the material doesn’t easily get ripped or destroyed while in transit, in set-up, or while in actual use.

The tent material guarantees that there is great visibility at night even if you’re inside the tent looking out. It provides ultimate comfort, with its huge size. On top of that, that material ensures that water and wind stay out of the tent, keeping the occupants safe and sound.

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Ultimate Ears Boom2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Speakers

This Ultimate Ears BOOM speakers provides amazingly good and loud sound that covers 360 degrees, while providing deep bass notes. It is highly portable, ensuring that you can bring your music anywhere you go. This is waterproof up to half an hour with the depth of one meter. It is also shockproof, so if you feel like taking it with you on an adventure, all that jostling will not affect sound quality nor impact the life of the speakers. This speaker provides wireless connection.

Its fifteen hour battery life and 100 feet blue tooth wireless range means you can go far, but music will still be blasting through the speakers. The charging time of this unit is only 2.5 hours, which is very short compared to other industry standards.

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Kingsolar Charger 40Watss Solar Panel

This is a highly efficient charger with 40 watts of sunpower panel, with enough capacity to charge two devices at the same time. It is compatible with most electronic devices from tablets, phones, laptop, and the like. The charger can automatically identify the current needs of what you’re charging and it is smart enough to speed up the charging process. This is a highly portable and ultra light weight device that can easily fit into your bag. It comes with a PET polymer fabric case to help withstand outdoor use. On top of that, exposure to damp conditions has no significant impact on this product.

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Delicacy 10 Pieces Camping Kitchen Kit

A cute organizer that houses all your utensils in one convenient place, this compact cutie is just what you need for your next outdoor adventure. The ten piece set includes the following items: scissors, chef knife, cutting board, tongs, rice paddles, ladle, spatula and the highlight—a five in one stainless steel spoon, fork, knife, wine bottle opener, and corkscrew. All the items come in a woven cotton bag to keep them protected and in place during transit. All the utensils are dishwasher safe, made with premium stainless steel to make sure they do not easily tarnish nor corrode. This camp cookware set is the perfect gift for friends or family like and enjoy the great outdoors.

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