Best Coronavirus (N95) Mask – January 2020 Edition

Whether you get your news from the web, television or an old-fashioned newspaper, you probably heard about the Coronavirus popping up recently. This is a serious virus that can cause cold and flu symptoms and lead to death. It first appeared in China before the outbreak spread to other countries. One way you can keep yourself and your family safe is with Coronavirus masks. These masks stop the spread of the disease and can prevent outbreaks too. Once you read through some of the facts we found, you can check out our guide to the best Coronavirus masks and find out how to pick one.


Facts About the Coronavirus

  • Experts now believe that the Coronavirus spread from snakes to humans. They can trace the original outbreak back to a seafood market in Wuhan.


  • The outbreak is so potentially dangerous that the US and other countries banned travelers from visiting China. Some doctors and hospitals are quarantined too.


  • More than 100,000 are now infected with the Coronavirus. Fewer than 100 people died from the virus, but a large number suffered some extreme symptoms.


  • Thailand and France are two countries where people began exhibiting symptoms after visiting China.


  • The Coronavirus is one of the most contagious viruses in the world. It can spread through almost any contact with an infected person.


  • This was such an unexpected outbreak that many regions cannot keep up with the infected. Hospitals and medical facilities are running low on masks and other necessary supplies.


Though several experts came forward to claim that the Coronavirus outbreak is not a pandemic, the reports coming from China and other regions paint a different story. Near the end of January 2020, a video that showed a doctor talking about the virus went viral. It showed a man stuck in the hospital as he struggled to keep up with the demands of infected patients. You should learn more about the Coronavirus and how to stay safe, even if you have no contact with visibly infected people.


What to Look for in Coronavirus Masks – How to Buy a Coronavirus Mask

The Coronavirus is one that can spread through the air as infected people breathe and talk. Wearing a mask is a good way to protect yourself because it will keep those germs from reaching your mouth and nose. With the cost of antibacterial masks rising, you might feel tempted to save money with a cheap pack. Before you buy any mask, you want to look for a few key things.

N Rating

One of the more important things to consider is the N rating of the mask. This tells you how well the mask will filter that particles that you would otherwise inhale. Experts recommend picking one with a minimum rating of N95. This type of mask works on particles that measure only 0.3 micros and will keep those particles away from your mouth and out of your lungs. The rating means that the mask works on 95% of particles.


A good mask will not only fit comfortably but will cover your entire face. You want to make sure that there aren’t any gaps between the mask and the edges of your face or between the mask and your nose or mouth. Coronavirus masks come in different sizes and include those that will fit children.

Disposable vs. Replaceable

Most of the masks that you see on the market are either replaceable or disposable. With a disposable mask, you can throw it away when you notice any tears around the filter. Replaceable masks have a filter that you can take out and replace if you see any signs of damage. The best type for you will depend on what you want to spend, as replaceable masks are more expensive than disposable models.


The Best Coronavirus Masks

1. 3M Particulate Respirator 8233

If you want a Coronavirus mask that works on everything you encounter outside of your home, these masks might be your best bet. With an N100 rating, they work on 100% of the particles floating through the air and offer quite a bit of protection against the virus. The masks come with a filter that is larger than those found on other masks. You may find that this adds weight to the mask and makes it fit a little uncomfortably. Designed to protect against more than 97% of liquid particles, the mask comes with a nose clip and an exhale valve that help it fit better on your face and let you breathe without any discomfort.



2. 3M Full Face Piece Reusable Respirator 6900

A problem that you might have with other masks is that they don’t cover your eyes. This 3M mask is the best option if you want to make sure that you can see clearly while also keeping particles and germs away from your eyes. It consists of a large plastic mask with firm edges that sit tightly on your face without causing discomfort. As an N95 mask, it offers the protection that you need from most elements and germs. The unique design of the mask pushes the air that you breathe down and away from the face shield to stop the inside from fogging up. You can also quickly put this mask on and adjust it as well as take it off in an emergency.



3. 3M Particulate Respirator 8210

These disposable masks are a good choice for many because they have a universal design that will fit most users. With 20 masks included in the box, you can protect all your loved ones. Each mask has an N95 rating and features an easy to use design. You simply place the mask on your face, wrap the straps around your head and adjust it to fit. The included nose clips have an adjustable design that makes sure you get the fit that you need. With two straps, the mask will fit comfortably and form a tight seal to block out particles. These masks are suitable for painting and other home improvement projects too, which let you use any excess after the outbreak passes.



4. Quick Latch Half Face Piece

One look at this face mask and you might feel like you’re in space. It has a more complicated design than other masks do and may not fit as comfortably as you would like. As an N100 mask, this model protects you against more of the particles and virus germs that you come across. If a pandemic strikes that requires you to leave the safety of your home, you’ll like that you can wear this mask and get protection from the elements. The latch design also makes this a mask that you can easily put on in a hurry without fumbling around. It also gets some added comfort from the addition of a silicone seal that won’t rub against or stick to your skin.



5. 3M 8511 Respirator Cool Flow Valve

Though this set only comes with 10 masks, you still get all the protection that you need. The N95 masks work on most particles and will keep the germs relating to this virus and others away from you. As the masks are disposable, you can throw them away after noticing any damage or after wearing one outside. Designed to work on aerosols, the masks do a good job of keeping moving particles away. They have a cool valve that you can adjust to reduce the temperature inside the mask and to stay cool. You’ll also like the nose clip that forms a tight seal against your face and the durable and adjustable bands.



6. GVS SPR457 Elipse N100

Another good option for those who want protection from the Coronavirus is the Elipse N100, which also filters up to 100% of the particles related to this virus and others. Designed to completely cover the lower half of your face, this mask uses a flexible synthetic material that molds to your head shape. This keeps cracks from forming and creates a tight seal. It comes with filters that you can replace as necessary, though some shoppers may have a hard time finding replacements because the brand isn’t as popular as others. This is one of the only hypoallergenic face masks around, which makes it a good option for shoppers with sensitive skin.



7. 3M Paint Spray Respirator

Some of the same masks that you wear when painting your home can protect you from the Coronavirus. 3M makes these spray respirator masks that require little maintenance and use vapor cartridges that you can easily find online. As you get two masks in the set, you’ll get one for you and another for a spouse or loved one. Each mask has a flexible band that wraps around your head to form the tight seal that you want and to keep the mask from sliding down. You’ll also find a filter pod inside the mask that prevents most particles from reaching your nose and mouth. Those pods easily come out when you want to replace them.



What Else Can You Do to Protect Against the Coronavirus?

End of the world films often tell stories from characters who survived an apocalypse that started with a simple virus. You should watch those films in the hopes of picking up some tips because they are fictional and often do not follow the recommendations of pros and experts.

The best way to protect yourself is to simply stay home. Those currently infected with the virus either traveled to regions where other infected people were or spent time with them in other ways. If you limit your contact with outsiders and stay at home, you can reduce your risks of contracting the virus. We also found some other tips that you can use in case of an outbreak.


Wear Gloves

Whenever you need to go outside, wear a pair of disposable gloves. The gloves will limit the contact that you have with germs and other people. Before you head back inside, you can toss them away.

Disposable gloveslike these can go a long way to help prevent the spread of viruses.


Use Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is great for more than just eliminating germs at home. You can keep a small bottle in your bag or car and apply it when you have contact with other people. The Coronavirus and others can spread from animals to humans, which is why you’ll want to use hand sanitizer after petting or touching an unknown animal too.


Create a Bugout Bag

Doomsday preppers keep bugout bags at home that contain everything they might need during an emergency. This bag should be lightweight enough that you can carry it on your body if you need to leave your home. You want to make sure that each member of your family has a similar bag too. Those bags should have the essentials that you would need for at least 48 hours.

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Stock Your Home

If the virus made its away across the country tomorrow and left you stuck at home, how long could you survive based on the food and supplies that you currently have? You might be surprised at how little food you have on hand. Nonperishable food is best because it can last a long time. This includes canned meats and other foods. Sauces stored in glass jars and canned fruits and vegetables might come in handy too. You’ll want to store those foods in a cool and dry place to extend their lives.




MREs are the meals that the military uses in the field. You can purchase similar meal kits online with a shelf life of up to 25 to 30 years or more. They come with the tools needed to heat the meals too, which are helpful if the power is shut off to your home.


What Else Do You Need?

Food is not the only thing that you need to survive a virus that leaves you trapped at home. You will also need plenty of fresh drinking water. When choosing water bottles, make sure that you pay attention to the expiration dates. While the water won’t expire, the plastic in the bottles can break down and release chemicals into the water that make it unfit for human consumption. Some of the other supplies that you should keep on hand include batteries for your radios and flashlights, antibacterial cleaners, hand sanitizer and some household cleaners. If anyone in your family takes medicine, you should keep a supply of that medicine on hand too.


Do You Need Power?

A global pandemic could wipe out the power grid and leave your home without electricity. Having a generator and a backup generatoris the best way to make sure that you have power. You’ll also want to keep extra fuel around to power each one. If you limit your power to a few hours or less every day, you can use them for months or longer. It’s also helpful to have extra batteries around. Adding solar power to your home can help too because it gives you power as long as the sun remains in the sky.

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Hazmat Suits

You cannot control all factors in an emergency, but having hazmat suits for everyone in your family gives you more control than you would otherwise have. These suits cover your entire body and prevent germs from getting inside. You can wear a suit when outside and take it off before heading inside to prevent bacteria from spreading to your loved ones. Disposable suits are generally the best because they do not require the decontamination that other suits do.

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What is the 2019 Coronavirus?

The 2019 Coronavirus is a version of the virus of the same name that first started in 2019. Residents in the Hebei Provence of China were the first diagnosed. It later spread to other regions and countries due to people traveling who didn’t know they were infected.

Can Masks Keep You Safe?

Some of the cheap masks that you see for sale won’t protect against this virus. They are too lightweight and have a flimsy design that allows the mask to slide off your face and bacteria to enter. To stay safe, you want masks that form a tight seal all around your face.

Does the Virus Spread Through Cooked Meat?

You shouldn’t worry about contracting the virus if you ate contaminated meat. As long as the meat reaches an internal temperature of 150 degrees or Fahrenheit, you cannot catch it. Any type of cooking that helps the meat reach this temperature will kill the virus.

Should You Worry if You Don’t Have Contact with China?

As of January 2020, experts believe that the Coronavirus will not spread as rapidly as other virus strains can. If you do not travel to China and don’t have contact with infected people, you’re should be safe.

No matter where you live or how many people are in your family, there is never a bad time to prepare for a pandemic. With any of the best Coronavirus masks and the tips that we provided, you can stay safe from this virus now and others that break out in the future.