Ten Best Crossbow Pistol Reviews & Mini Guide For 2022

Crossbows have been around for over hundreds of years. They are usually used for hunting, but are also used just for casual target practice, sport and even for competitions. In this day and age, there are several different types of crossbows, including recurve, compound, hunting and pistol. Crossbow pistols are probably the most popular type of crossbow since they are so easy to use and easy to purchase. For more information, here are a few facts about crossbow pistols  and what you can do in order to purchase the best crossbow pistol.


The Best Crossbow Pistol Mini Guide

What is a Crossbow Pistol?

Crossbow pistols are mini-crossbows that can be shot one-handed and are a smaller, less expensive version of a regular crossbow. Crossbow pistols have a short draw and are less powerful than regular crossbows. They tend to be easy to maintain over the years, too. The ammunition that is used with pistol crossbows is a lot less expensive than the ammunition that is required with regular full-sized crossbows. Pistol Crossbows are ideal for hunting small game, rodents, and vermin on your property, if your state regulations allow that sort of thing. Target practice is also a really great use for pistol crossbows.

Why Should You Buy a Crossbow Pistol?

Crossbow Pistols are extremely inexpensive compared to the counterparts. You can get a crossbow pistol for around the same price as you can get a nice meal at a restaurant. The simple designs and the ammunition that is required is inexpensive as well. A pack of 50 plastic or aluminum bolts cost much less than a pack of 12 full-size arrows. Crossbow Pistols are also great for those who have never used a crossbow before. Beginners will learn easily with crossbow pistols due to their smaller, lightweight frame versus using a full-sized crossbow. Crossbow pistols are also more portable than their full-sized counterparts, meaning target practice can happen just about anywhere outside with room to allow it!

Are Crossbow Pistols Legal?

Crossbow pistols are legal in most of the United States, but some states have certain guidelines to adhere to, such as draw weight and stock length. The only State in the US where all types of crossbows are illegal is Oregon. Alaska’s laws say that crossbows are illegal in bow-only areas, but they are legal where both guns and bows are legal. It is always important to check with your state’s laws on hunting and guidelines before purchasing a crossbow.

Which Crossbow Pistol is Right for Me?

To purchase the right crossbow pistol for you, it’s important that you figure out what exactly you want to use it for. There are different ones that are better for hunting and some that are better for just causal use. Here are 10 of the best Crossbow Pistol reviews for everyday use.


Best Crossbow Pistol Reviews

Cobra System K-8025

This pistol style crossbow is a self-cocking crossbow with a strong plastic body. The bow is made of compressed, molded fiberglass. The crossbow pistol has an 80 pound draw and fires aluminum arrows at 165 feet per second (FPS). This crossbow pistol is ideal for hunting small game and target practice. It is also equipped with a self-cocking mechanism that speeds up the reload time, meaning that you get to fire more shots faster. By simply pulling on the pivoting arm, the cable is safely cocked and ready to fire. This mechanism is less stressful for a beginner to learn to use and it is much safer, too.


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Rogue 80lb Aluminum Crossbow Pistol

The Rogue 80 Aluminum Crossbow Pistol is a great starter crossbow pistol. It’s great for shooting small game and varmint hunting. The Rogue has an 80 pound draw weight and a built-in arrow holder. The arrows can travel at a speed of 160 feet per second. This crossbow pistol comes with a target for practicing on the back of the packaging box.

This is one of the cheapest crossbows on the market. It packs a big punch for such a small price tag. The Rogue has a built-in bolt carrier that allows you to carry five bolts at a time. The auto-safety is engaged every time this bow is cocked, which is done by the inbuilt foot pedal and rear handle. A strong man could cock this bow one handed, but women and children may find it necessary to use two hands.


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iGlow 80lb Black/Camouflage Aluminum Hunting Pistol Crossbow

The iGlow 80lb Aluminum Hunting Pistol Crossbow is perfect for a beginning shooter. This crossbow comes with 15 arrows and two extra strings. It has an 80lb draw and can fire arrows at 160 feet per second. The bow itself has a black aluminum stock and a fiberglass limb that has a polished finish. The crossbow pistol is also constructed with an aluminum barrel, which offers excellent performance.

There is an auto safety feature that is engaged every time the bow is cocked. The iGlow 80lb crossbow pistol is perfect for hunting, as it says in the description of the bow. Small game and rodents do not stand a chance against this bow.


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SAS 80lb Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow

The SAS Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow is a great crossbow for hunting purposes. The bow comes with an adjustable rear sight and a bead foresight, for easily adjusting to make sure to adapt to the moving target. The aluminum construction and strong spring steel give this bow high performance for plenty of shooting time. This crossbow has a draw weight of 80 pounds and can fire arrows at 160 feet per second.

Stringing this bow is a little complicated for one person, so make sure you have a second hand available to help. This crossbow package comes with 27 bolts and an extra string in case anything gets broken. This crossbow is very elevation sensitive, and your sights may need to be adjusted with the higher the elevation you plan to hunt or do target practice at.


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Prophecy 80 Pound Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow

The Prophecy Self Cocking Pistol Crossbow is another really great small game hunting pistol crossbow. It has a draw weight of 80 pounds and shoots arrows at 165 feet per second. The Prophecy comes with a Cobra Limb system. This bow has a high quality wood-feel aluminum stock with an adjustable rear sight and bead foresight. This bow is a break action, semi-automatic loading pistol crossbow. It is difficult to string this bow alone, so make sure if you purchase this crossbow that you have someone readily available to help you. The Prophecy has a break action cocking mechanism that is activated by simply pulling down on the front and the rear lever and break the rear level down away from the body to cock the bow. This is a high powered piece of machinery, with enough power and strength to kill if you’re shooting it at a live target.


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Wizard Archery 150lbs Short Stock Hunting Crossbow

This Wizard Archery Short Stock Hunting Crossbow comes with a 4×20 scope and 8 extra arrows for extra hunting ammunition. The Crossbow also comes with the rope cocking device included, saving you about $25, since you’re getting it for free by buying this package. The rope cocking device is needed in case the customer has trouble cocking the device by themselves. The crossbow has a draw weight of 150 pounds.

The ammunition can be fired off at 210 feet per second. The bow is constructed with a beautiful fiberglass limb and an aluminum barrel. Even though this bow is a short stock, do not underestimate this little powerful piece of machinery.

This bow gives off enough power to kill a medium sized deer. This crossbow is easy to use and equipped with the auto safety mechanism, which enhances the safety of the bow.


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Last Punch 80lbs Self Cocking Cobra Crossbow with 15 Arrows

This self-cocking crossbow by Last Punch is a fun little crossbow great for beginners and great for hunting small game. The crossbow has a draw weight of 80 pounds and it can fire off arrows at about 160 feet per second. This bow comes with 15 free metal arrows, perfect for continuous hunting and target practice. The bow itself is made with the self-cocking mechanism for faster reload times for better accuracy and efficiency. It is constructed from aluminum alloy and high-tech fiberglass.

The bow has a 6.8 inch power stroke and an auto safety mechanism that is triggered every time the bow is cocked. This bow can be customized with a scope for better accuracy when shooting. This bow is very powerful for a small profile!


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XtremepowerUS Hand Held Crossbow Gun Pistol Heavy Duty27Lbs 120fps w/ Arrows

The XtremepowerUS handheld crossbow is a really great crossbow for hunting small game and just messing around in the backyard doing target practice. This crossbow has a draw weight of 27 pounds and can fire arrows or steel balls at 120 feet per second. This is actually a slower fire speed then some other crossbows on the market. When you load the steel balls into the chamber you can only load one bottle at a time which is a bit of a setback. The aluminum barrel is high quality and administers extra durability, making sure that this crossbow will last you for a few years.


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Ace Martial Arts Supply Self Cocking Draw Crossbow Pistol, 80-Pound

The Supply self-cocking crossbow is another great bow for a small price tag. This crossbow is an awesome choice for small game hunting or just for more target practice for a beginner. The bow has a draw weight of 80 pounds and can fire arrows at about 165 feet per second, which is super-fast and really powerful.

The bow has a strong plastic body with a fiberglass bow. This set comes with 3 aluminum arrows with metal tips. There is also an included adjustable sight, which helps get the target set up perfectly for hunting or targeting practice.

There is an auto safety lock feature that engages every time the gun is cocked. This bow may need a second pair of hands to assist you when stringing the cable.


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PSE Viper SS Crossbow Viper SS Handheld Crossbow

The Viper SS crossbow truly is one crossbow that lives up to its name. With a draw weight of about 50 pounds, the Viper SS can shoot arrows at a speed of about 215 feet per second. This is almost unheard of in the pistol crossbow market. The Viper’s compact and sleek design help increase its speed and firing capabilities. This Crossbow has a finger guard for safety purposes and an auto lock safety that is triggered every time the crossbow is cocked. This set includes 3 frenzy arrows with the Viper SS.

The frenzy arrows are the only arrows that work in the Viper SS since they are specifically designed for this crossbow. The Viper SS can even be customized with the addition of an adjustable sight being placed on the front of the bow. The Viper SS has a textured foregrip, which improves your leverage of holding the bow when you are getting ready to fire.

The bow also includes string protectors on the tips of the bow arms, since the strings on the bow arms usually do not last very long, this is an awesome way to extend a little bit of life out of the string itself. This bow is one of the most popular pistol crossbows on the market, and with all the features, it’s easy to see why!


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Final Thought

These are just 10 of the best pistol crossbow options that are available on the market. While there are other choices, these 10 have the best features and will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Anyone can use these 10 pistol crossbows. But they are especially great for beginners to use and become familiar with. Particularly so their love of archery and bow hunting will continue to grow. So go out and have some fun getting to test out these 10 crossbows and see which one is the right one for you!