Ten Of The Best Electric Guitar Strings In 2021

In the world of music, perhaps one of the most popular instruments is the electric guitar. Rock history has been defined by some of the most legendary guitar players who ever walked the earth. People like Jimmy Page, Slash, Eric Clapton, and the unrivaled Jimi Hendrix have made several guitar strings famous around the world and spawned a whole generation of guitar players who will forever try to emulate their idols and in some cases hopefully surpass them.

We will give you some of the best choices available in the market, but in reality, the choice is all yours. All we can tell you is that music is one of the most interesting ways of connecting to people, musicians throughout history have managed to get inside our very hearts. But when you are talking about rock n’ roll, there is very little doubt that the most influential musicians in the genre are the guitarists. They are the ones who imprint in our very soul with their unmatched ability to bring us joy with every riff or note we hear coming out of their hands and imagination. Guitar strings are a lot more important than we think, they are the canvas in which the artist paints the pictures that have inspired generations for decades. At the very top, people like Hendrix, Page, Slash, Clapton, and much more, chose their strings carefully because they knew those fingers would make history with movement.

We all know the guitar is vital for the musician who is trying to conquer the rock world, but no guitar player is complete without the perfect set of strings to play along with it and innovate in many cases. In this list, we talk to you about the best electric guitar strings on the market you can buy online.


The Best Electric Guitar Strings Reviews

Pyramid Nickel Vintage Flatwounds.

Even if legendary Jimi Hendrix used Fender and Gibson strings, the set the most resembles the gauge and sound of Jimi from back in the day are this set of strings. This set of Pyramid strings has a round core that fills them with a more involving and complete sound. The fact that the round core was just fresh off the market when Jimi was going through those glorious four years didn’t give him the chance to enjoy this specific brand. The Pyramid strings of that era had a much greater nickel content, which gives out that very specific sound of hearing the guitar ‘speak’ during a Jimi solo session. Back then they were named different, but after the legend had passed away, they were named in his honor. The feel of this set is very different from any other set you’ll ever try, give it a go when you get a chance.




Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky.

Top Notch guitarists such as Eric Clapton or John Mayer have purchased this set of strings for a long time now. The Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky string set have a steel-based core which is also wrapped in nickel-plated steel. These strings are smooth and can even bend organically on your fingers as you get to play your tune. This turns them into the ideal option for those long ass riffs you love so much.




Fender Original Bullets.

Although the Fender Super Bullets have been around for literally decades, people who have had a chance to get the Original Bullets from Fender have realized the biggest difference between the two is the fact that the Originals are made of pure nickel whereas the Super Bullets are a combination between steel and nickel. The sound between both is different, but they both are amazing choices for professional purposes in the Rock and Roll world.




D’Addario XL Pure Nickel Round Wound.

Just listing the names of guitar players who still use this brand of strings would be considered a name-dropping abuse. Just so you get an idea: Lenny Kravitz, Dave Matthews, Joe Satriani, John Scofield, Adrian Belew, Jim James, Keith Urban, and Ruben Ford are some of the people who love the D’Addario brand. This specific set is a remembrance of the 1950s, times when guitar tones used to be much more filled with tone, sound, and gravitas.




Fender Super Bullets.

These are the ones that King Jimi Hendrix used for a very long time; he usually tried to over grind them to get that human voice-like sound from them. If you want your guitar to ‘cut’ Fender has stated many times that these types of strings are the ideal ones for you. The classic rock, Jazz, and Blues sounds are more characteristic in this set of strings. There is no doubt that the sound of old comes back to life when you are playing with these strings, it doesn’t matter what kind of guitar you are holding.




GHS Boomers.

These strings are used in modern rock by far too many rock star to say, more suitable for the heavy metal stuff and hard distorted sounds that usually get inside your brain. GHS usually concentrates in strings alone; they don’t worry about building guitars because their niche is more on the string side. These puppies are highly affordable and very reliable for all intents and purposes when you are talking about rocking hard, a set amongst the highest rates guitar strings in the market.




D’Addario EXL 110.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a fan of D’Addario or not if you like guitars you need to chek out their product. One of the two brands that got to repeat on this list, this is without question a top choice for any pro lead guitarist and luthier. These strings are not only accessible to your wallet, but they are also amazing for intonation that has a tremolo system. With a nickel-plated manufacture, these strings possess a high-carbon steel core and always do their best to give you the best durability. This is also one of the best-suited strings sets to play heavy metal.




Elixir Nanoweb.

These are amongst the top guitar strings used in live shows such as the Unplugged series due to their sharp sound that penetrates the core of your brain. Listening to the always grungy Alice in Chains or Nirvana rocking out in a more restrained environment was possible thanks to this sets of strings, Elixir strings last for up to two or three weeks without sounding rusty or bleak despite being overused. They have the right amount of body and twang which is vital for the most penetrable sound; they can go through roughness like no other and still sound amazing. If this brand had existed back in the 1920s, many world class guitar players are convinced these would’ve been the choice of legendary Blues Master Robert Johnson. But we’ll never know for certain because he sold his soul to the devil.




Dr. Veritas.

Very much in the vein of the Elixir and GHS brands, Dr. Veritas manufactures strings almost exclusively. They don’t only focus on creating electric guitar strings, they also do their best finding the most professional type of strings for any kind of guitar player there is. Their reliable manufacturing puts them on the list because of quality control and durability, this is always a safe bet when you are looking to get a high-end type of string set.




Gibson Brite Wires.

Another one of those legendary brands used by the greatest guitarists of all time, this set of strings offers the most intense and vibrant tone with a more crunchy approach when played. Being hand-made American strings, these puppies help guitarists display their best in pretty much every single style of music that exists today. These strings also help the guitarist display steady chords and up the speed whenever necessary during a session, there is no denying that the Gibson brand is one of the most memorable in music history. None other than BB King played this set of strings for a very long time, he even got his custom made set which still sells today.



Now go on and pick your best string set, but one thing you might want to consider before you, go is looking at investing in a quality guitar tuner. After all, there is no point having great strings if you sound like a cat being strangled. New strings take time to bed in and stretch, requiring tuning quite often at first. You and your guitar deserve more than that. Now go ahead and try to make history like these giants did back in the days of the greatest time to be a Rock N’ Roll fan.