The Best Electric Shavers For Black Men in 2023

Your Guide To The Top Rated Electric Shavers For Afro-Caribbean and Afro-American Male Skin

Black guys have a rough time when it comes to shaving. Their facial skin is very sensitive and are prone to issues like ingrown hairs, razor burn and the dreaded razor bumps. Because most black men tend to have curly hair and these hairs, after shaving, curls back into the skin. This can cause inflammation and makes the skin look like it’s covered in pimples. Sometimes the hair follicles can become infected, which in some cases can result in white-heads appearing on the skin.

For these reasons, it is essential for black men to really consider what electric razor they purchase. Buying the wrong shaver for your skin type can seriously damage your face & skin, leading to your face bleeding and razor bumps & rashes getting infected.

Black men should consider the functions of a shaver and how it deals with issues that you may have with regards to your shaving experience. Technologies within the electric shaver should enable you to have a gentle yet effective shave, every time. It’s so important to buy a shaver that is going to do just this, as you don’t want to buy an electric razor that will trigger shaving problems like ingrown hairs, razor burn or razor bumps.


Why Shaving Can Be A Problem For Black Men

Shaving is one of those everyday things that most of us don’t give a second thought. But if you’ve been through the plague of sensitive skin, razor bumps and irritation, you don’t take a good shave for granted. Those with dark skin and curly hair are at a greater risk of annoying side effects associated with shaving. It’s important to find the the right electric shaver in addition to adopting a few skincare practices to ensure a clean shave and healthy skin.

Black skin is often more sensitive than other skin types. When shaving sensitive areas, you can experience irritation like itching, redness, cuts, scarring and hyperpigmentation as the skin is trying to heal.

Many men with dark skin also have curly hair, which makes them prone to ingrown hairs. This happens when a not so close shave makes it easier for curly hairs to turn inward. A razor bump is what it looks like to have those hairs that grow inward stuck underneath a thin layer of skin. Razor bumps are not only unsightly; They make the trapped hairs more difficult to trim, and they become irritated.


What to Look for When Buying A Shaver For Black Skin

Some men, including some Black men, can just have a shave with a disposable Bic razor and never think twice. However, a large percentage of men, especially men with black skin, must really focus on care and quality.

When buying a razor for black skin, it’s imperative to not just look for a quick shave to go. The blade should be sharp and provide a very close cut so that hairs that lie flat and curl aren’t being missed.

In addition, black men should seek a razor that can lift hairs before cutting them. This also prevents missing flat hairs, leading to a better looking shave. The lift can also prevent hairs from becoming ingrown.

The razor should also be able to adjust to various levels of coarseness, as men of African descent tend to have combination hair. This fosters an even shave and less irritation.

Lastly, the razor should be easy to clean. Some razors are even self-cleaning. This can really help minimize irritation, since an unclean blade can cause infections and more irritation.


Tips on Shaving Black Skin

While the choice of razor makes a huge difference, there are some tips to create a better shaving experience.

#1 Use alcohol or peroxide after your shave to kill bacteria that will lead to infection and those horrendous razor bumps.


#2 Make sure your face is clean before shaving. One of the worst things to do is shave unclean skin. Unclean skin makes it easy for pores to become clogged and bumps to form.


#3 Use aftershave to prevent burns and to close pores. However, not all aftershaves are created the same. Many of them include fragrances that can cause problems. Try instead an aftershave balm made with mostly safe and natural ingredients.


#4 Don’t fear women’s products. There are by far more high quality skin products that are marketed to women, but these shouldn’t be ignored. For example, brands that make skin softer, like exfoliants, are excellent for a black man’s shaving routine. Exfoliants help slough off the top layer of skin, which is an additional help in getting a close shave.


#5 Avoid using dull, old blades. Replacing blades prevents bacteria, dirt and oil that can collect. Dull blades are also a cause of irritation, ingrown hairs and cuts.


#6 When it comes to ingrown hairs, use preventative measures instead of trying to fix the problem. Some men are guilty of a few unsafe practices to free these hairs, such as tweezing them out and apply more pressure to these areas to get beneath the surface. Aside from the pain, this makes skin more vulnerable to bacteria, abrasions and scarring.

Instead of “fixing” ingrown hairs, avoid them by using exfoliants regularly, a sharp blade, a razor that contours for the closest cut, and by caring for the skin right after shaving.


Here’s what we think are the best electric shavers for black men


The following razors provide multiple features, some of which are the most advantageous for men of African descent. As with any razor, consider the descriptions, pros and cons to get a general idea of what they can add to your shave routine.



Braun Series 7 799

Irritation from razor burn or just general shaving, is non existent. You will completely forget that you ever had shaving problems from razor bumps, ingrown hairs or rashes. It’s the best razor out their for black guys, simple!

In other top of the range razors on the market, you will experience skin irritation, even though they can give an extremely close shave.

This is simply down to the technology they use. With the Braun Series 7 790, it uses what they call “Active Lift Technology, that lifts up the flat and curly hairs, and cuts them in one swipe! The ActiveLift technology drastically reduces then number of razor passes on the skin. This in turn reduces then need to go over and over the same parts of the face, causing less irritation.

The other great thing about this razor is the “3 Personalization Modes” which can be switched to cater to how sensitive your skin is or your hair type. The three modes are,

1. Intensive Mode
2. Extra Sensitive Mode
3. Normal Mode

By having these different modes, it enables the black man to adjust the shaver to different parts of the face. Some areas you might have to deal with razor bumps, so you switch it to “extra sensitive mode” to lift the hair more than in other places.




Braun Series 7 790 Cordless Electric Foil Shaver

This waterproof razor has innovation that give you a hassle free shave. The first is the impressive ActiveLift technology, which actually lifts hairs before cutting them. This added benefit is especially advantageous for black men. It also comes with OptiFoil technology for a close shave.

One of this razor’s specialties is the ability to adjust power in areas that may be coarser through keen Sonic technology and AutoSensing. So the razor can detect those difficult areas and provide the necessary force. These features prevents a lot of unnecessary work on your part.


ActiveLift Technology
OptiFoil Technology
Easy to Clean
Great for dark skin and curly hair


May not suit all skin types




Philips SensoTouch GyroFlex – Ideal Electric Shaver For Black Males

The Philips SensoTouch GyroFlex is one that not only stands out but one that is impossible to ignore. Not only does it look great, it also is a perfect fit for black men who have issues with shaving irritations.

The shaver has 3 rotary cutting heads housed in a 360° pivoting head. Each of these moves independently which is what makes up the GyroFlex 3D element of the shaver. It also has an UltraTrack system which basically involves 3 tracks on the shaving heads that together afford the ability to cut hair of any length. This all makes for an incredibly close shave without having to apply much pressure thus eliminating razor burn.



Panasonic ESLA93-K

This shaver is really powerful and fast, yet gentle to the skin. The device is so fast that it completely reduces the need for multiple pass overs of the same spots. It uses outer foil vibration technology which basically is another way to lift up tough hair and cuts it quickly and easily. This is ideal for black male skin, as those tough curly hairs are just dealt with like no other razor can.

Shaving the same area continuously is the main cause for skin irritations and razor burns, hence why this razor is great for black men.

There are four cutting blades on the trimming head, which have a hypoallergenic coating. It is able to move forward and backward and sideways, which allows for a better movement along the neck lines and chin areas preventing any nicks or cuts.

You can get up to 45 minutes of usage from one charge, which is great if you’re going away for the weekend. Use it on both wet and dry shaving, and its really easy to keep clean.

The price is that of a top end electric razor, but don’t let this put you off. The features it has will enable the black man to have a hassle free shave. Now that’s worth the money in itself!



Philips Norelco 8900 Electric Shaver

This shaver is a multifunctioning light weight. One of the most unique features is it provides a close wet or dry shave. The wet and dry system also allows for a closer and more comfortable wet and dry shave.

In addition, the shaving head can rotate in 8 directions, resulting in more hairs being cut.
This shaver is also equipped with a beard styler function that allows you to cater your shave to your chosen beard length.

Wet and Dry Shave
Aquatic Technology for a Comfortable Shave
Close Shave
Light Weight

Not Great for Sensitive Skin
Lacks Power
Blades May Dull Faster Than Previous Models



Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Razor

This razor comes with multiple functions and innovative technology. First off, it’s equipped with Arc 4 MultiFlex and Multifit Arc foil technologies that allow easy contouring along the face, jaw and neck.

The Pop-Up trimmer is a special feature than can be used for mustaches and sideburns.
This razor is also suitable for both wet and dry shaves.
The 10-stage LCD shows when to replace blades, the razor status, when to clean and charge.
It has a dual-motor razor, one linear motor for cross-cutting and a vibrating motor that lifts and holds hair, providing a clean cut.
Lastly, the Nanotech blades are long-lasting and effective even with wear and tear.

Wet and Dry Shave
Pop-Up Trimmer for Mustaches and Sideburns
LCD Display with Reminders
Durable Nanotech Blades

May Irritate Sensitive Skn
Not for All Hair Types



Braun Series 9290CC Electric Foil Razor

The Braun 9290CC may be one of the best picks for black men in that its AutoSensing technology guarantees a productive shave on dense beards. Additionally, the Titanium coating and trimmers can tackle difficult hair. It also comes with SyncroSonicTM technology and that grasps more hairs in a single stroke.
To top it off, this razor works with sensitive skin.

Good for Sensitive Skin
Good for Coarse and Problematic Hair
SyncroSonic TM Technology Grasps More Hairs

Doesn’t Work As Well on Multitexture Hair
Not As Durable As Some Others



Panasonic ES-LA93-K

The ES-LA93-K is a wet and dry shaver with a dual-motor, one linear motor that tackles more hair, and another motor that has hair lift and hold technology, which helps avoid a few problems, ingrown hairs being the most common.

It also has the Arc 4 MultiFlex pivoting head and Arc foils that contour along the face, jaw and neck. The Pop-Up trimmer is great for mustaches and sideburns.
The sharp, durable Nanotech blades are long-lasting and withstand wear and tear.

Final perks include charging and auto-clean stations. The cleaning station vibrates as you rinse the razor with water to provide a thorough cleanse. The 10-stage LCD displays the replacement time for blades, power status and cleaning reminders.

Wet and Dry Shave
LCD Reminders
Muti-Flex Technology
Pop-Up Trimmer
Charging Station
Cleaning Station
Nanotech Blades

LCD Issues After Time
Not As Close A Shave As Expected
Can Be a Slow Process




Not every face is the same, so some will prefer different shavers to others. But one thing is for certain, these electric shavers will solve your shaving problems or go a long way to easing the irritation.

Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you real quick!


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