The Best Gifts And Toys For 10 Year Old Boys In 2021

As a parent, family member or friend, it can be very difficult to know what make the best gifts and toys for 10 year old boys. Especially for his birthday or a holiday gift. Some are active and love sports. Others are all about tech and science. Then there are creative types who love to draw and work with their hands. Boys may have different interests, but they all want to have fun. Avoid buying boring gifts for the youngster in your life with these best suggestions.


Gift Buying Tips for a 10-Year-Old Boy

The last thing you want to do is buy a gift for a 10-year-old that is too young for his interests and abilities. This is the age when they start eyeing their pre-teen independence with interest and really begin to have more grown-up interests and hobbies. This is a swing year between childhood and puberty. They want to achieve, conquer problems, and also compete with friends over most goals or high scores.

The following ten product options give a collection of the best ideas of gifts and toys for 10 year old boys. Great gift ideas for all interests and personalities. Read the reviews and choose the ones that will make your young friend or family member say, “Wow!” when he rips off the wrapping paper.


The Ten Best Gifts And Toys For 10 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Battle Set For Four

Laser tag provides the opportunity to get some physical activity with friends, major and minor muscle control through running, jumping, and aiming, and a whole lot of fun that can be shared with others. This Extreme Pack from Dynasty Toys offers everything he needs to get the action started with his friends. It not only fulfills a boy’s interest in superhero style battle but also encourages healthy competition and athletic ability.

Each laser tag set comes with four colorful blasters in a convenient carrying case. Not only do they shoot out perfectly safe laser lights, they also serve as the target for opponents so there is no need to wear any other apparatus to play. Both individual and team settings are available for hours of different play styles.


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Sphero BB-8 STAR WARS App-Controlled Robot

Do you know a 10-year-old boy that loves science fiction, robots, Star Wars, or high-tech gadgets? This Sphero BB-8 App robotic toy fulfills all those interests and more. Being a part of the famous movie franchise is a bonus for kids who love sci-fi movies. Being an awesome robot toy he can play with, program, and record with is the ultimate in fun.

The Sphero robot toy operates using unique smartphone app technology. All sounds from it come from the phone, so you can easily tell the 10-year-old to turn it down. He can control it completely or let it roll about learning about the environment and recording its path through the house. This is one robot toy with personality. Its magnetic-attached head moves and redirects in such a cute and cool way it almost looks alive. These make great gifts for 10 year old  boys, entertaining on many levels.


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BOOMco Halo Covenant Needler Blaster

Does the 10-year-old boy in your life play the HALO video games? Even if he doesn’t, boys frequently love playing pretend battles with their friends. This HALO Covenant Needler blaster brings the action of the science fiction game world into the real world with plenty of fun. It’s a great way to get the gift recipient to be active and engage in some physical activity. It’s much like a Nerf gun, but looks much cooler, especially for fans of the gaming franchise.

The blaster is made from safe plastic material in bright blue and white. It mimics the look of the Needler from the games very closely with all the style but none of the deadly results. It comes complete with 16 bright pink glowing darts made from safe foam. He can load eight in the barrel and store eight in the convenient slots on top of the gun. The barrel has authentic spinning action when you load it up for playtime battles.


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Pro Court Basketball Hoop WIth Adjustable Height

Encourage a love of sports with this 44-inch adjustable basketball system from Lifetime. As long as there is room in the driveway, yard, or nearby, this hoop can fit and bring hours of fun and physical activity. Boys of all abilities and skill levels can enjoy playing basketball with you, the family, or friend, or just shooting hoops alone to practice and exercise.

The height of the hoop and backboard can be changed too. Raise or lower it from 7.5 feet to 10.5 feet high depending on the height and skill level of the 10-year-old boy who gets it as a gift.

The Lifetime 1221 Pro Court model is made of strong materials with an unbreakable backboard. The upright and rim are steel so you never have to worry about breakage or bending over time or if it gets accidentally knocked over. Stability comes from the broad 27-gallon base you fill with sand or water. Easy wheels let you tip the system and roll it wherever you want to play next.


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174-Piece Mont Marte Essential Art Set

For those young boys who prefer more creative hobbies, the Mont Marte mixed media art set just may be the perfect give. Kids love to draw, paint, and experiment with new art styles from classic watercolor painting to sharp anime-style drawing and more. With the 174 different pieces housed inside the cool wooden case, any boy can make whatever type of art he wants.

The box is 20-inches wide, 14-inches long, and 5.5 inches deep. It opens flat and two extra levels of art items pull up for easy access to whatever he wants to use first. Included are 12 each of acrylic, oil, and watercolor paint tubes in a vibrant array of colors, 54 oil pastels, 34 colored pencils, 42 markers, an assortment of 4 paintbrushes, 2 drawing pencils, plus necessary tools like a sharpener and art eraser. All your gift recipient will need is some paper, canvasses, and his imagination.


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Forbidden Island Fantasy Tabletop Game

There is no question that 10-year-old boys love creative games, but you might not want to buy another video game and encourage more screen time. Encourage critical thinking skills and camaraderie with a tabletop game instead.

Gamewright offers this Forbidden Island game that includes cards, characters to play, and unique 3D figures. It even won the 2010 Mensa award for Favorite Brainy Games for its focus on strategy, cooperative planning, and thinking outside the box to win the game. Although people of all ages can enjoy this game immensely, 10-year-olds are the perfect age to start challenging themselves to play. It is great for boys who love fantasy, adventure, and competition.


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LEGO Minecraft Iron Golem Set

Minecraft is one of the biggest games to ever hit computers and millions of players enjoy it every day. Most 10-year-old boys probably play on the computer already. Combine the allure of Alex, creepers, and iron golems with the DIY nature of LEGO, the ultimate in building block toys for decades, and you have a can’t miss gift for birthdays, holidays, or any time.

This DIY LEGO building kit has over 200 small pieces to fit together in multiple ways. It creates unique Minecraft scenes that allow for creativity and imagination to take hold too. Fans of the online game will love the fact that it includes a diamond pickaxe, furnace, baby pig, and jack-o-lantern blocks. It also comes with 3 additional minifigures. After building it, your young friend or family member can display it on a shelf or use it to stage imaginative stories with attacking monsters and protective golems.


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R2D2 STAR WARS Droid Inventor Kit

For many ten year old boys, nothing could be better than combining a favorite movie franchise, STAR WARS, with a high-tech robotic project droid. Does he love adventure movies, science fiction, real science, and inventions? The Droid Inventor Kit is essentially an engineering & science kit and comes with everything necessary to build multiple types of R2D2 projects to fulfill missions or solve problems. It’s a great STEM toy and the perfect gift for fans of the franchise. Good for developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

With the accompanying smartphone, Android or iOS device app, this droid comes alive to solve unique quests or challenges. There are originally 16 missions to try, but more configurations are available if your little one wants to get creative and invent his own. The LittleBits brand droid is 16-inches tall, moves on its own, when programmed, or with “The Force” using sensors, and includes robotic sound effects, lights, and stickers.


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Force 1 Quadcopter Drone for Stunt Flying

Give your favorite 10 year old boy the gift of flight with his very own quadcopter drone from Force1. This Halo model stunt flier gives the full drone experience that adventuresome boys crave. Fly it safely outside using the two-speed controls, watch the blue and green LED lights glow through the night or during the day, and maneuver it easily around obstacles or through a race course of your own design. With Mom and Dad’s permission, he can even fly it safely indoors.

This stunt drone is even more awesome because it has a one-button flip mechanic that lets the boy flying it do the coolest stunts easily. A 360-degree flip will impress his friends and delight him in a fun way every time. It is fast, weighs just over one pound, measures around 8×7 inches, and comes with two batteries for extra fly time.


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Razor RipStik Compact Caster Board

Give the gift of outdoor fun with this RipStick caster board by the popular skateboard and scooter brand Razor. The smaller size RipStick are perfect outdoor toys for boys around 10 years of age but can also suit him for a few years for even more use and extended periods of fun. At 17 inches long, it is slightly shorter than the original adult or teen-sized board.

Everything about the board is high-tech, super sturdy, and incredibly cool. The deck plates are a polymer for good grip and come in a bright blue color. Replaceable urethane wheels will not wear out anytime soon. A steel frame keeps it all together in such a sturdy way no one has to worry about it falling apart and causing injury. Your 10 year old family member or friend will shout when he opens the gift. Make the parents happy too by adding a helmet and knee pads to the box just in case. It’s a fun way for them to get about and to learn motor skills and balance while they are at it.


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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War The Hulkbuster Smash-Up

There are two brands that are red hot with LEGO at the moment. That is LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Marvel. Happry Potter is hot too, but the scope and range of the Marvel and Star Wars LEGO toys is huge. Great for building a collection. This Infinity War Hulkbuster Smash-Up is one of the hottest of them all. This LEGO kit includes every component you need to recreate an exciting scene from Avengers: Infinity War. You can DIY build the Hulkbuster brick by brick. It’s quite detailed. Not only does it have stickers to make the finished build look as realistic as possible, but there’s even a cockpit that you can open and a fun bashing arm function.

The toy set also includes separate instructions to create a gun turret. The turret is capable of firing small balls, allowing you to take the Hulkbuster down. There’s even a hidden compartment on the back to keep the coveted Infinity Stone safe. Four miniature Lego figures are included as well. This high quality gift is one of the best toys you can buy for 10 year old boys today, for Christmas or as a birthday gift.


  • 375 pieces
  • Includes 4 mini-figures
  • Includes buildable turret with ball shooter
  • Hidden Infinity Stone
  • Hulkbuster measures 5 inches high
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • Comes with several stickers


  • May be too complicated for younger kids


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Final Thought

There are many types of 10 year old boys in the world and deciding what to buy the one in your life can be a challenge if you do not know what they are into. According to normal behavioral abilities and interests, the start of the double digit years is all about exploring more grown-up things, working together and competing with their peers, a good balance of active outdoor exercise and high-tech indoor fun, and learning about their creative side and what they truly love to do.

These ten best gifts and toys for 10 year old boys will help you choose the perfect present that will light up his eyes and make him say, “Wow!” the moment the wrapping pare comes off. Choose from art sets and LEGO for the creative types to programmable robots and tabletop strategy games for the intellectual ones to traditional basketball hoops and laser tag for active boys. No matter what their preferences, you can find the right fun game or gift more easily than ever before.



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