The Best Gifts And Toys For 10 Year Old Girls In 2019

There are many kid’s toys in the market that make great gifts for children. Most of the gifts and toys are designed to appeal to children according to their gender, age, personality, and learning abilities. Girls are particularly intrigued by gifts and toys that complement their interests, passion, and hobbies. When a child attains 8 years of age, he or she tends to develop adult-related abilities that affect the type of toys and gifts he or she wants. As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to find out the most suitable gifts and toys for kids when they are of a certain age.

A good toy or gift is one that encourages the growth of a child socially, intellectually, and physically. For girls at the age of 10 years, writing in their diaries is a common interest. They may be quite sporty or creative. That is why acquiring a bicycle for outdoor sports or a craft kit is irresistible to them. This article summarizes some of the common, ideal gifts and toys for 10 year old girls.


Tips For Choosing Gifts And Toys For 10 Year Old Girls

• Personality

Different kids have varying personalities that help define their interests and abilities. While some girls are introverts, others may be extroverts who are outgoing in nature. It is your responsibility, as a parent or guardian, to identify the traits that make your children special. This gives you the opportunity to identify the gifts for girls that influence them positively.


• Developmental stages

As a child grows, she passes through various stages that influence the way she behaves. Understanding your daughter’s growth process will give you a clue on what to get for her.


• Learning style

Different children portray different learning styles that include touch, taste, visual, and sound. Exploring, problem solving, and discovering are some of the learning styles used by children during their playtime.


10 Best Gifts And Toys For 10 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

Sphero R001ROW Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

With the era of innovation upon us, this Droid is one of the best toys or gifts you can get for your girl child. Its personality is highly advanced to meet the interests of your child. The outer shell is made of polycarbonate, which makes it waterproof, tough, and enhances its durability. The toy’s battery life is a reliable and effective 60 minute that gives your child ample playtime.

It also has an in-built app that accommodates messaging and Bluetooth connectivity. This Droid has a BB-8 enabled app, a preferred feature among most users. The Bluetooth allows the child to play with the toy within a 30m range. The movement of this toy is easy and your child can operate it from another room or at a distance.

The gift is ideal for kids who find Star Wars a fascinating movie. Your daughter is also going to appreciate this toy if she loves tech-related things. It is a perfect gift for 10 year olds since they have the knowledge and ability to understand the control aspects of the toy.


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Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard

Is your child a basketball or handball enthusiast? The 1221 Pro Court is the best basketball system available in the market and you can get it as a gift for her! It comes with a strong backboard that is unbreakable and is fitted with a telescoping mechanism that allows your child to fit in while playing. Additionally, the base has a volume of 26 gallons that your child can fill with water, sand, or material of her desire. Playtime has never been this fun!

This basketball system is light and easily portable. This makes it easy for your child to move it around for setup. Setting up the basketball structure is easy since its sturdiness gives it the firmness the player needs. As your kid grows, she can still use this system since it can be adjusted to her height. When she is not playing with the court, you can store it in the garage although it is going to take up a lot of space. If you like this basketball system, you are in luck because it is now available to you at a great price!


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LEGO Ideas Women of Nasa 21312 Building Kit (231 Piece)

Is your 10-year-old girl a scientist? Is she curious about science, technology, engineering, or mathematics? Then this LEGO Ideas Women of Nasa 21312 DIY Building Kit (231 Piece) is the best a gift or toy you can get her. It features the ideas of four of the greatest women of NASA alongside their minifigures: Nancy Grace Roman, Mae Jemison, Margret Hamilton, and Sally Ride. The kit’s features give your girl the opportunity to play through the planning stages that preceded the moon landing.

It has a Hubble Space Telescope and three removable rockets that make the toy interesting. The structures of this DIY building kit are made from a durable material thus giving your girl a chance to play with it through various developmental stages. This is an excellent toy for your kid if you want them to develop an interest in science. While she gets to play with the idea of some cool and amazing astronauts, your girl will have role models as she grows.


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Ravensburger Horse Selfie Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Piece)

This is a puzzle brand that will keep your girl busy as she tries to put it together. The quality of a puzzle determines its standard and Ravensburger Horse Selfie Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Piece) is made from a thick cardboard that is finely crafted. This gives it a smooth body that is appealing to see and touch. The tools are handcrafted to give you a guarantee of unique pieces that fit properly on the board when interlocked.

Since they are hand crafted, you are sure that each piece is unique and no piece resembles another one. The material and theme of this puzzle is family-friendly thus highly recommended for your kid. The girl can have her friends over and make playtime interesting by getting out her Ravensburger Horse Selfie Jigsaw Puzzle. It is also age appropriate as it is specifically designed for children that have attained 10 years of age. The price is also customer friendly considering the high quality of the puzzle. Don’t let your girl miss out on this fun game!


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Mont Marte Studio Essentials Mixed Media Art Set 174pce

Does you girl find art fascinating and would like to explore here creativity in the various available option? Well, the Mont Marte Studio Essentials Mixed Media Art Set 174pce is a great way for you to help you kid do what she loves most. This art set is made of a high quality material to meet the standards of your kid’s passion.

This is an amazing toy for your child whether she is a beginning art practitioner or an expert. The diversity of this art set accommodates the skills of a wide range of users. It can be used from anywhere and at any place since it is highly portable.

What better ways to improve family time than providing for your child and her best friends to have a good time creating some inspiring pieces of art? The design of this art kit is perfectly styled with its trays made adjustable to allow ease of storage. This makes a great gift for your girl child since it will help her capture her interests in an extraordinary manner. It’s great for facilitating creativity for kids. Art toys are on a part with STEM toys for inspiring kids into greatness. So much so that there are arguments to change the STEM abbreviation to include art (STEAM).


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LittleBits Base Kit – Rule Your Room

LittleBits Base Kit is one of the best gifts you should consider getting for your kid. Particularly if they like gadgets and STEM toys. With it, she will be able to transform her room and life creatively. This kit allows her to create some awesome inventions using just about anything around her. Girls want to be able to control the look of their items and this kit gives your child that control. While they have fun exploring their creativity, this toy will improve the kid’s scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical skills.

This kit is designed to give your kid a great opportunity to innovate and invent. This is bound to give her confidence when it comes to the representation of her creativity. What’s more, the kit is easy to use and is a great way for the child to portray her artistic ideas. It is particularly suited for girls who would like to be designers later in life as it helps them think creatively. It will also give the kid problem-solving skills.


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ALEX Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens

Made for a 10-year-old girl, this toy helps meet most girls’ desire of being able to polish their nails. For a girl who wants to be a nail artist, this toy is a perfect way to express her creativity. It comes with five sketch it nail pens and two tip nail polish pen. These two pens come with brushes on the other tips to help paint the nails as well as fill shapes as desired. The other ends are made into fine tips that give your kid a chance to sketch designs on the nails with a specific polish.

The toy also comes with high quality nail polishes that are long lasting after they are applied on the nails. Each of the items in the kit meets professional standards that make nail polishing fascinating. They are also designed with beautiful, hot colors that a nail polish enthusiast will find thrilling to use. Your kid will find the gift handy, as she will be able to draw and polish her nails whenever and however she wants.


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RipStik Ripster Caster Board – Blue

Is your kid always trying to make memorable riding experiences be they made of indoor or outdoor activities? RipStik Ripster Caster Board is a light structure that fits your little girl and allows her to have as much fun as she desires. The deck plate and the steel torsion bar are removable with high performing bearings. This makes it possible for the caster trucks and the pivoting deck to incline perfectly at a 360° angle.

If you are worried about the safety of your kid, the toy’s manufacturer has her covered by fitting deck platforms with concave shapes that are slip resistant. The torsion bar is made of steel and rubber padded to give your child an easy playtime. The wheels of this board are made of a 66mm high-grade urethane. Considering its lightweight, your child is going to have an easy time carrying it out to go riding. It is an awesome gift for your kid and you should consider buying it.


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Doodle World Map Pillowcase

Do you want to make your kid’s life fun and interesting? Well, this doodle world map is one amazing gift you should consider buying her. It illustrates various fun facts alongside multiple exotic wild animals and sea creatures. It comes with washout fabric pens that your kid can use to color this beautiful pillowcase. The good thing about the gift is that the colors come out after washing the pillowcase with warm water in the washing machine.

While painting, your kid gets an opportunity to be imaginative while playing with the colors to express her creativity. The painting also gives your children a unique learning experience as they explore the various creatures, animals, and states across the world. The pillowcase is made of Turkish cotton and the pens are 10 in number. The colors do not come out easily and your kid can sleep comfortably having used it for her artistic skills. Since it does not stain even if it comes out, she will absolutely love this gift!


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Sleepover Party – The Party You Play – Activity Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up

We all know that girls love it when their friends visit and sleep over. To make such sleepovers interesting, it is imperative to have many games that will make the party amazing. Buy this sleepover party game for your kid and help her have a great time with her friends! It’s a great alternative to a board game or a video game. This game set gives your kids over 200 stunts that they can perform including a human mirror and making funny voices. For each activity, your kids and their friends will be able to explore and portray various skills.

This Sleepover Party Game will keep your child and her friends entertained all night long. It is perfect for a 10-year-old girl and would make a great gift for her birthday, Christmas, or when you simply want to buy her a toy. The numerous number of activities available for your kid and friends will keep them occupied for hours. The price of this toy and its quality are also irresistible.


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JR.WHITE Mermaid Tail Blanket for Kids

Every young girl dreams of having a mermaid tail at one stage or another. Either a mermaid tail or a unicorn horn. Or both. The mermaid is the one mesmerising sea creature that all young girls (and some adults too) want to be, and all boys want to meet. So investing in a mermaid tail blanket for 10 year old girls is not only a practical choice, but it’s one of those gift ideas that encourages the dreamer in your child too.

This mermaid tail blanket from JR.White is available in 4 different colors: blue, pink, green and purple. There are several different shades available for each of these base colors. The blankets are a hand crochet blend of 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. What ten year old girl wouldn’t like to snuggle up in one of these, while kicking back and watching her favorite movie in style. In this range, there are blankets that will fit girls of any age from 6 up to adult. A worthy addition to the gift guide, and great as both Christmas or birthday gifts.

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Toys or gifts help kids in their learning process as they develop. The gender of the kid, however, influences the type of toy you get for him or her. The developmental stage of the kid also affects the toys you get him or her alongside factors like their personality and learning style. The above ten toys are some of the best gifts you can get a girl at the age of 10 years. What are your thoughts about our article and what do you think about the toys we just shared? Feel free to add your comment or share any experiences you have with us.



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