The Best Gifts And Toys For 11 Year Old Boys In 2021

Choosing the right gifts and toys for 11 year old boys can seem like a bit of a challenge. At this age, a boy is in what is commonly referred to as the “tween” years: He is no longer a little kid but is not yet a teenager. Providing stimulating experiences through the safe environment of play can help him grow in confidence and discover new interests and abilities as he navigates this exciting time of his life.


Shopping For Gifts And Toys For 11 Year Old Boys

While shopping for a great gift item, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the wide variety of options available. Toys that provide appropriate stimulation for an 11-year-old and that have been chosen with the child’s developmental level in mind are usually the most appreciated.

A boy at this stage in his life will typically enjoy playing with more complex toys and using his imagination and creativity. However, he is also starting to gain the maturity to enjoy activities designed for older kids. Toys and activities that allow a child to create something, be physically active or accomplish a task are a good choice for boys at this age level.


Types of Toys Appropriate for an 11-Year-Old Boy

Building sets can encourage a child to develop his concentration and attention by following the project instructions or can also let him use his still-vivid childhood imagination to build his own structures.

Science kits and projects can help satisfy some of the curiosity children have about nature and can help him develop his critical thinking skills.

Music is often a growing part of a child’s life as they reach the pre-teen years. Discovering his musical preferences or learning to play an instrument can help build his personal identity and confidence as well as foster a life-long love of music.

Sports can provide a way for a child to be social while honing his coordination and motor skills at the same time. At this age you might find that they start to gain aptitude on a scooter or a skateboard, but there are lots of alternatives to these more traditional choices out there.

Technical devices and video games are extremely popular with children at this age. These types of toys and activities allow a child to learn simple programming skills, develop good hand-eye coordination and achieve goals.

Collectible pieces or sets can help a child develop his interests in things like movies, antique/retro items, popular culture, video game and TV characters or iconic brands.


Developmental Stage of an 11-Year-Old

Though every child is an individual that will develop at their own pace, an 11-year-old is typically beginning to think about themselves and their environment in less childish ways. They are becoming more interested in the world around them. They are also becoming aware of the importance of having friends and social experiences are increasing.

Children at this age often enjoy being presented with a reasonable challenge to overcome or a skill to learn. Their growing sense of independence encourages them to find the answers on their own. They will invest time and effort to reach their goals.

While at 11 years old, they are beginning to think and act in a more mature way, they are still children that need guidance, support and a safe place to be themselves.

The following are some options for the best toys and gift ideas that are appropriate for an 11-year-old boy’s developmental stage. They also come highly-rated by parents.


The 10 Best Gifts And Toys For 11 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

Orbotix S003RW1 Sphero 2.0

The Sphero 2.0 combines learning and fun by giving the classic toy ball a high-tech makeover with multiple play options. The ball contains an internal robot and is controlled wirelessly through several free apps that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. When connected to a device via Bluetooth technology, Sphero can be controlled remotely at distances up to 100 feet and reach speeds up to 7 mph.

A strong, waterproof outer layer of polycarbonate allow these gadgets the ability to stand up to a little boy’s energetic play. More than 30 separate apps are available for download, including traditional tabletop games and a freehand course designer called Draw N’ Drive. The Sphero 2.0 also includes a charging base and two ramps for constructing custom obstacle courses.

Besides being simply fun, Sphero 2.0 gadgets also let children learn some of the fundamentals of computer programming. Two apps, the Macrolab and the OrbBasic, contain lessons for programming Sphero’s internal robot. The Schools, Parents, Robots, Kids (SPRK) program is a multinational group that uses these lessons to teach programming to kids around the globe. That puts Sphero 2.0 in the category of STEM toys, and the perfect gift to stimulate and encourage those eleven year old brains.


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LEGO Star Wars Poe’s X-Wing Fighter

LEGO comes together with the ever-popular Star Wars franchise to create this set of an X-wing Fighter plane as seen in the movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. At 717 pieces, completing this building kit is an accomplishment any child can be proud of. The DIY nature of Lego building kits add an extra level of achievement and appreciation to these great toys. Poe Dameron and two other character mini figures with several accessories are all included, as well as a BB-8 Droid.

The X-wing features working blasters, collapsible landing gear, and folding wings. The cockpit hinges open to seat one mini figure and the droid. The completed X-wing stands four inches high, 14 inches long and 12 inches wide when the wings are fully opened. This set is also a great addition to any Lego Star Wars collection. Lego building kits are some of the coolest birthday gifts and Christmas gifts you can buy. With a fan base that spans generations well into adulthood.


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Funko Advent Calendar: Marvel 80th Anniversary

To celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary in 2020, Funko is releasing this cool advent calendar. It has 24 different figures to count down to the Christmas. Each miniature figurine is designed to look like one of the many Marvel characters that people love. Whether you’re a fan of the comic or the modern cinematic universe, these figures are nice trinkets that your young boy can proudly show off.

The box that the figures come in is completely sealed. Your recipients won’t know what they’re getting until they break the seal and see what’s inside.


  • Includes 24 mini Funko figurines
  • Modeled after Marvel character
  • Comes in a comic book-style box
  • Marvel 80th anniversary edition


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Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery Kit

This STEM toy is a great option to help an 11-year-old hone his interest in technology. It also encourages critical thinking while having fun at the same time. It makes a really nice alternative to a board game, while providing many of the same advangates. The Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Discovery kit is composed of 30 units. The parts can snap together in multiple ways using color-coded components. Instructions for 200 STEM/STEAM compliant projects are included to encourage a child’s creativity as well as build logic and problem-solving skills.

Follow the directions for constructing arcade games with functional circuit boards that teach the basic concepts of electricity and engineering. Programmable features such as a Word Fan also build simple programming skills. The Arcade Electronics Discovery kit provides many fun learning and play options. It can be used on its own and is also compatible with the other sets from Snap Circuits. This logic game kit is powered by three AA batteries.


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UBTECH Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mk50 Robot

The Endgame Iron Man Mk50 robot from UBTECH is a remarkable toy. To call it a toy is maybe a bit of an understatement. It is a fun and engaging robot that your kids can code and interact with in a number of ways. There is an app that works on most Android and Apple iOS tablet and smartphone devices. With the app you can customize the robot with your own face and voice recordings. You can also use the drag and drop coding element of the app to programme in actions and movements with no prior coding experience. The app is easy to use, intuitive and really brings the Iron Man superhero robot to life.

There are also preprogrammed settings if you just want to play with it out of the box. It exposes your kids to basic coding gently and in a fun way, and there are also some different game modes included as well as an augmented-reality program. That lets you use your robot in conjunction with your tablet screen, it will fight, point and fire at enemies on the screen. The palms will light up with LED lights, as does the chest and eyes. This really is a multi- functional, educational and entertaining gift for any 11 year old boy.



  • Widely cusomizable movements, sounds, and lights. Can even add your own image and voice.
  • Works with most Apple and Android Tablets and Smartphones
  • Very intuitive app, including built in AR games and programs
  • Easy drag and drop coding that requires no prior experience or coding knowledge


  • Programing is limited to the drag and drop commands


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Jaxx Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Fortunately, this cozy gaming chair can be used for more than just gaming. Filled with environmentally-friendly polyurethane shreds, the Jaxx bean bag chair conforms to the body and can provide a child with a comfortable place to simply relax. At 36 inches high, 46 inches wide and 46 inches long, this chair is generously sized. A removable outer cover zips off for easy washing, and the foam shreds are contained in a separate sack with a childproof zip closure. Neutral color choices in black, navy, charcoal, cinnabar, camel and black denim coordinate easily with existing room décor.


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Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera

With the advent of high-quality cameras in smartphones, the popularity of point and shoot cameras has fallen dramatically. The exception to this trend is the perennially cool Polaroid camera. Kids will love taking photos of their everyday life or special events and experiencing the anticipation of seeing that image appear like magic. The Polaroid PIC-300 produces pictures that are 1.8 inches by 2.4 inches.

The film is easy to load, and either Polaroid 300 or PIC-300 instant film can be used. The camera contains a count-down window to display the number of remaining pictures on the film roll. The PIC-300 features an automatic flash and four light settings. Available colors are black, blue, purple and red. Four AA batteries power the camera and are included.


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Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

This Glen Burton acoustic electric set gives your budding musician all the basic pieces for learning to play. The set includes the guitar, a 10-watt amp, picks, strings, travel bag, shoulder strap and a tuner with clip attachment. The guitar can be played as a traditional acoustic or can be plugged into the amplifier for expanded sound. The amp is battery powered and the required 9-volt battery is included.

The guitar’s top is made of flamed maple and features a cutaway design. Three additional types of wood make up the rest of the guitar: the base and sides are basswood, the neck and bridge are catalpa and the fingerboard is composed of rosewood. Color options are natural maple and black finishes. This is a great starter kit for kids with a keen ear to learn the guitar. Though you may wish to also invest in a set of good headphones for them to plug into the amp at first!


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National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector

A search for hidden treasure is sure to spark a child’s imagination and love of adventure while letting them have fun outside. This metal detector from National Geographic Pro Series can recognize metal objects like coins and pieces of jewelry in up to 10 inches of dirt, snow or sand. The adjustable handle can be set anywhere from 22 inches to 45 inches long to create a customized fit. The detector folds down to 22 inches and weighs in at just 2.3 pounds, making it easy to transport from one search location to another.

The waterproof coil is generously sized to allow accurate scanning over a larger surface area. The Pro Series metal detector can be set at four different grades of sensitivity and offers a choice of three detections modes. Requires four AA batteries. This is a great gift for encouraging hobbies outdoors, away from the screen. It is fun, engaging and also educational with real world applications. Something that the whole family can get involved with, or even just some father and son time.


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Quarterback Touchdown Indoor/Outdoor Football Toss

Sports are a great way for kids to be active while having fun and learning about teamwork and sportsmanship. This Football Toss game can be a great way to encourage a child’s interest in sports. It can also help them develop an accurate aim. This game is built with sturdy materials and construction and can stand up to vigorous throwing. Tic tac toe, 21 and Around the World are three games that can be played on this set. There is also a Live Football option.  This allows players to simulate features of a real football game like touchdowns and interceptions.

The Football Toss game comes with four miniature footballs, the target board, frame and carrying case. The set is primarily pre-assembled, and the few remaining separate parts easily snap together. This makes transport and set-up quick and hassle-free. Designed for use either indoors or outdoors, the Football Toss game can make rainy or snowy days inside more fun. It also makes a great game to use at a family get-together or day at the park. It is a nice, sporting alternative to your more traditional tabletop games like table tennis or pool.


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GoolRC T100 Mini Drone RC Quadcopter

This RC Quadcopter brings a fresh take on steering to the growing world of personal drones. Your little boy will enjoy perfecting his hand-eye coordination when using the Gesture Remote Control. The control is shaped similarly to a computer mouse and allows for easy one-handed steering with simple turns of the wrist. Command buttons on the control cause the drone to perform 360-degree rolls or return to you.

A six-axis gyroscope allows for up, down, forward, backward, left and right flight, as well as left/right turns, hovering and 360 degree flips. This square-shaped drone measures 6.10 inches on all sides and weighs just under 11.5 ounces. The Quadcopter has roughly five to eight minutes of flight time for every 30-minute charge and has a flight range of about 65 feet. A USB charger for the drone is included, and the Gesture Remote Control requires three additional AAA batteries.


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