The Best Gifts And Toys For 12 Year Old Boys In 2021

The age of 12 can be a frustrating age for boys. They are no longer little kids, but they are not quite teenagers. By the end of the year, many have started seeing their voice change along with experiencing other signs that puberty is about to set in. Parents often experience more trips to the emergency room with their pre-teen son because the once graceful child often becomes uncoordinated again. When choosing the best gifts and toys for 12 year old boys, this ‘awkward’ period can present quite a few challenges.

Sure, you could go for the safe bets. That being anything to do with Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Playstation – whatever their platform. But to do so robs them of an opportunity to explore the things they like beyond screen time. The perfect gift should be either awesome fun, STEM toys, or an opportunity to explore their developing tastes and skills.


Early Adolescence

Early adolescence, however, has its benefits because it often makes the 12-year-old the leader of his pack of friends. Your 12-year-old is not disrespecting you when he starts to question your beliefs. His ability in problem solving and to think logically and abstractly has created new thoughts in his mind that he has not contemplated up to this point in time.

Boys who are 12 can usually understand consequences of their actions and are able to care deeply about those around them. Make sure to surround the young man with positive adult male role models, although friends will start becoming much more important at this point in time. It’s becoming natural for video games and screen time to start to dominate your kids attention, especially at this age. True, a video game will always be an appreciated gift, but the more you can encourage to spend time away from the screen the better for so many areas of development. Especially social skills and public confidence.

Boys of this age group are often able to take on larger community service projects with a group, and they love helping others. If you want to buy the best toys for boys of 12 years old then consider these selections.


The Best Gifts And Toys For 12 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

UBTECH Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mk50 Robot

The UBTECH Iron Man robot is more than just a toy. It’s one of the best gifts for 12 year old boys and girls. It’s one of those great gift ideas that has the magic to turn you from a being, in the eyes of your tween, a boring old parent to a glittering superhero. At the same time, It’s a way for kids to learn about technology and coding.

The robot can connect with Android and Apple iOS smartphone and tablet devices for ultimate control. Within the downloadable app, you can take control of the robotic Iron Man. With its preprogrammed audio, lights, and hidden digital screen, this best toy is great for any diehard Marvel fan.

You can take this robot’s abilities even further with some custom coding. Everything can be done in the app through a simple interface. Intense programming knowledge isn’t needed. In just a few minutes, you can create custom scripts, upload your own voice, and even put your face underneath the iconic Iron Man Mask.

The app includes a couple of different game modes as well. There’s an augmented-reality program, which lets you bring your robot to life through your screen. The immerse AR game lets you fight some of Iron Man’s biggest foes in a series of difficult missions.

These are the type of gadgets that will appeal to those with an acumen for science, but also for gamers, while at the same time, in a fun way, providing more positive screen time than vegetating in an anxious battle royale.


  • Controllable movements, sounds, and lights
  • Compatible with many Android and iOS devices
  • Can upload your own picture and voice
  • Simple drag-and-drop coding
  • Augmented reality games
  • Much cooler than a remote control drone
  • Easy set up


  • Limited programing options


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Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

If your 12-year-old wants to join other neighborhood children in playing with Nerf guns, then consider the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K. This blaster gun is capable of shooting its balls about 102 feet. It takes 100 foam-rubber balls at a time, and it can unload them in about 45 seconds. Boys will, however, have to shake the gun occasionally to keep the balls in the right position. This Nemesis is fully automatic as it uses gravity to deliver the balls to the flywheel.

The Nemesis MXVII-10K requires six D batteries to operate. The batteries are inserted into the gun’s stock. It will, however, work smoother and faster if you trade the batteries for Nerf battery pack which has the added advantage of being rechargeable. Boys should also not try to load more than 100 rounds into the gun at one time because it will jam. Nerf make cool toys, and the Nemesis MXVII-10K is up there with the best.

While this option is red, there is also a blue option allowing teams to be formed in the neighborhood.


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LEGO Ideas Nasa Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit

The Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V kit is designed to allow builders to use 1969 pieces to construct a model of the iconic space rocket used by NASA between 1969 and 1974. While the box is more generic looking than many Lego kit boxes, the instruction manual is very creative containing a wealth of information on how the original rocket was designed and offering insights into how the current Lego kit was designed.

Even if the 12-year-old is an experienced hands-on Lego kit builder, expect it to take at least five hours to completely build this rocket. Luckily, the 1969 pieces are divided into 12 bags with only one bag being used at a time making it easier to build. Be careful of the parts that have stars stamped on them because they are used in special places. The interior and exterior parts of this build are wonderfully designed although inexperienced builders may require some help.

This kit contains three different parts to the Saturn V rocket. When completed, it measures over 39 inches tall making it one of the tallest kits ever produced by Lego. This rocket is extremely sturdy especially given its curved design. The parts also make it easy to divide this building project over the course of several days. Each part comes with its own stand, so the finished product can be displayed separately or as one unit. This Apollo building kit is one of those Christmas or birthday gifts not to overlook.


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VEEKO Hoverboard UL2272

If the 12-year-old boy has been bugging you to consider getting him a hoverboard, then consider the Veeko Hoverboard UL2272. Two 6.5-inch aluminum rubber wheels make it easy to ride this hoverboard over most surfaces. This high quality board which is designed to hold boys weighing between 44 and 225 pounds can achieve a top speed of approximately nine miles an hour, and it will go about eight miles before it needs recharging.

It is powered by 250-watt dual motors. Boys will enjoy listening to their favorite tunes through the hoverboard Bluetooth system. Unlike many other systems available, this board will last about two hours before it needs recharging.

It is easy to look sharp when riding on this board because of the bright LED lights that also ensure that 12-year-olds can see where they are going. Most boys will love this board’s bright blue color, and they will also love the non- slip finish on top of the board. It’s a good gift for those that want an alternative to a skateboard, that like to listen to their tunes while they glide.


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R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

If your 12-year-old is a Star Wars fan, then consider getting them the R2-D2 Droid that works either an Android or iOS system. This droid that stands about seven inches tall rolls around on tread making it suitable for playing with on hardwood and most carpeted surfaces. It easily moves from a two-legged to a three-legged position depending on the commands that it is given.

Script cues built into the app allows this droid to move to the sound of the movie making it a fun toy to play with while watching Star Wars. The boy moves the droid by pushing a virtual joystick on the app. This droid also interacts with Sphero’s other Star Wars-inspired droids, and if the boy has more than one droid they are all operated within this one app. While currently just a promise from the company, Sphero plans to introduce other characters that the droid can also interact with. This droid, however, does very little unless hooked to the app, so the 12-year-old boy will need access to a cell phone to enjoy playing with this toy.

The boy can play with this toy for about 60 minutes before it needs to be recharged via a micro-USB port located on its back.


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Capture the Flag REDUX

If you loved playing Capture the Flag as a kid, then introduce the 12-year-old boy to this updated version. This version is designed to be played in the dark. People playing this game simply split into two teams to try to capture the other team’s brightly-colored orb. Each player wears a glow-in-the-dark bracelet showing their team affiliation. Be aware that these bracelets are fragile, so be careful with them. If there are girls playing alongside boys, then they can put the broken bracelets in their hair to show their team.

Capture the Flag is a great game to build teamwork and cooperation. This kit also includes cards with 12 different game variations. All variations of the game are designed to be played in groups. The game is easy enough that young players can enjoy it while even adults will want to get into the action. This is one of the best gifts and toys for 12 year old boys, in terms of encouraging fun team play inclusive of all genders, strategic thinking and bonding.

This game kit offers all the needed pieces to play in the dark. It also offers a great way to keep the pieces together whether you are taking it. It’s a great idea for taking to summer camp, a birthday party or a youth group outing.


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Extreme X Rocker

If you have a smaller 12-year-old boy, then they may fit perfectly in the Extreme X Rocker. This chair has two speakers built into it, and it comes with optional RCA cords. It can be hooked up to a stereo system, gaming system, TV and many other things. Separate buttons for the volume and the bass makes it easy for the boy to control the sound coming from this chair. Some users find that the sound quality is better with some units than with others. Other boys find the rocking action of this chair very comforting when they are upset.

Some 12-year-old boys will find that this chair tilts backwards too easily. Therefore, they find it challenging to look straight ahead, and they spend most of their time looking at the ceiling. Others find that sitting in this chair is perfect for them because it offers great back support when playing their games for many hours. The mesh covering helps to keep whoever is sitting in the chair comfortable.

This chair weighs just under 19 pounds making it a great choice for a boy who likes to move his furniture around often. It also folds for easy storage.


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Slammo Game Set

This Slammo Game Set is great for getting a 12-year-old boy active. Boys choose teams of two people who then stand on either side of the round circular net. Each team then can touch the ball up to three times. After that it must bounce off the net onto the opponent’s side. This game that is also called spikeball has a cult following with over 1,000 internationally-ranked players.

The net stands on three plastic legs. The legs can become warped over time if the game is used in extreme heat. Other users find that the clip holding the legs can bend. On the plus side, the net fits very tightly on its rim eliminating holes where the ball could get caught stopping the action.

Besides the net, this kit comes with three balls. Two of the balls are the regulation size while the third ball is a tad smaller. The smaller ball is designed to be used for training. This kit also includes a carrying bag and a complete set of rules.


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Aerobie Pro Ring and Aerobie Sprint Ring Set

The Aerobie Pro is in the Guinness World Book of Records for an object being thrown the furthest. It has been thrown more than 1,333 feet. This may be a record that the 12-year-old boy wants to try to beat. This age group is often interested in trying to beat records. Discovering and adapting to adult strength for the first time. They are designed to be thrown like a frisbee. However, the soft plastic does not hurt your hands if you are playing against a more powerful player. These throw extremely accurately, so even inexperienced boys can usually hit their intended target.

The Aerobie Pro measures 13 inches in diameter while the Sprint measures 10 inches in diameter. Both are extremely well made and stand up to being used in a variety of conditions including on concrete roads. While they will not float, many boys also enjoy playing with them in the pool. As long as someone can dive after them if they are not caught. Other boys enjoy using them to play catch with their dogs.


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The Secret Box – Amazing Magic Trick

Boys will love fooling their friends and family with The Secret Box. Put an object inside the metal canister. Let a spectator shake the can to hear the object in there. Then, when the spectator opens the can, there is nothing inside.

This classic magic trick is a great way to encourage a shy 12-year-old boy to stand up in front of others and show them what he can accomplish. When he realizes that his skill in doing the trick is unique, then he may be willing to stand up in front of others and show them what he can do in much more important matters.

While this trick is an old-fashion one, many adults and children still will not be able to figure out how it works. The illustrated instruction book makes it easy for boys to understand how the trick works.

This kit includes the canister and a very well designed instruction book. Boys will also get access to Magic Makers online website.


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Hearing Things

This fun game for 12-year-olds will have them laughing at the hilarious things that they think their friends are saying. This kit contains 600 phrase cards and a set of noise-canceling headphones. Players divide into two teams. One person puts on the noise-canceling headphones and tries to guess what a member of the other team is saying by reading their lips. If they guess correctly before the timer in the headphones goes off, then they get the card. Otherwise, the team reading the card gets to keep it. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Note that many players find the headphones to be too loud and there is no adjustment on them. Boys who are 12, however, may love the loud sound. But even if they do, it may be safe to have a pair of earplugs on hand to wear under the earphones to protect those delicate eardrums.  Also, note that many people find that the headphones do not fit them correctly. So the other team has to lip the phrase instead of saying it out loud.

While this game could be better, the phrases alone are worth the price that you are paying for it. Make sure to get a plastic bag to keep the cards in as there is no container within the box for them. At the price, it is a great alternative to a table top board game, that is portable enough for your kid to take to a friends house for game night.


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