Ten Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Boys In 2021

From birth to adolescence, a child goes through many stages of development. Each stage is filled with different milestones and learning experiences that become the foundation for the next stage of development. It is important for parents to foster these stages and provide the tools they need to grow during these stages. Buying the best gifts and toys for 4 year old boys, requires a knowledge of where the child is in both physical and mental development.


4 Years Of Growing And Learning

At 4 years old, children reach a stage of development where they need specific toys and tools to help develop their newly learned skills. At this stage, they begin to enjoy new things in their lives. They develop and enjoy make-believe play and are more creative during this stage of life. Children at this age also prefer to play with other children rather than by themselves. This is the time in their life when playing with other children is important to develop socialization skills that they can build on as they grow.

During this stage of life, children can talk about the things they like and what they are interested in. They know basic rules of grammar, can count, and understand colors and time. At this age, they can also remember basic instructions, sing songs, and tell stories. They are also beginning to develop many of their fine motor skills that allow them to do things like draw and use scissors.

Children at 4 years of age can also find enjoyment in simple board games. Finding the best toys to foster this stage of development is important for their learning process. This list of the best gifts and best toys for four year old boys can provide the ideal play and learning for your little boy.


The Best Gifts And Toys For 4 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch

In today’s technological world, it is a good idea to expose children to this technology early to prevent them from falling behind others in their age group. This smartwatch is the perfect option to give children a beginning taste of the digital world. It provides many features kids enjoy with smartphones without the internet access. This can allow parents to feel confident in letting their kids explore technology safely.

This watch allows a parent to switch between a digital or face clock to help a child learn to tell time. At 4-years-old, they can begin to understand time and learn how to read a clock. The watch also allows a child to take photos and videos like a smartphone. This can provide an opportunity for children to create funny pictures or small videos of their imaginative play to share with their parents. The watch also has a pedometer to allow children to keep track of their steps throughout the day, similar to a parent’s Fitbit. This can create an environment of fun exercise while pretending to be like their parents.

Although the watch does not have internet ability, it does provide the option to connect to a computer or laptop to download games for the child. Parents can choose a variety of games to help a child learn and build skills through play. This watch can provide hours of enjoyment and means for pretend and creative play.

The downside of this watch is that it may not be as durable as a 4-year-old boy may need. Some parents have complained that the screen can come out during rough play. There is also some concern with the charging time. As with any piece of technology, keeping the battery charged often depends on the type of use. All in all, this watch is a great gift, it can provide a lot of imaginative play for children and is far cheaper than a smartphone.


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Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele

As the 4-year-old boy becomes more interested in music and singing his favorite songs, it may be a good idea to introduce, in a fun way, some instruments in his toy collection. This little ukulele can provide the perfect option for a little one to discover and create music. This great toy is designed to work well with little hands. This allows a child to learn the basics of rhythm and how notes are created. Musical instruments are also good learning toys, and a Ukelele is particularly good for developing hand-eye coordination. This ukulele can provide hours of imaginative play. It is durable enough to handle the excitement and enthusiasm of a 4-year-old.

The mini-ukulele can provide the inspirational spark for creating music and fun in a child. It is easily tuned to let a child really learn the basics of music creation. The only downside of this instrument is that many parents feel disappointed in its sound quality. However, for a child’s first instrument, it is difficult to expect concert grade instruments at such an affordable price. As far as original gift ideas go, this is a great one to consider for a Christmas gift or birthday gift, for boys and girls.


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Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit for Kids

At 4-years-old, children want to create and build. The Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit for Kids can provide the perfect gift option for little hands. This kit comes with everything a child needs to build a race car. The easy to use parts and tools can be put together and taken apart over and over again to provide hours of playtime. This toy helps to develop a child’s imagination and creativity. It also allows a child to develop fine motor skills and following instructions. It steps up the challenge in problem-solving

To parent’s delight, these toy car gadgets come with the batteries and tool needed for a child to play right out of the box. Once the car is built, the child can enjoy the sounds and lights of a real race car. They can then take apart the car and start over again. The only real downside to this is that many parents find the drill to be not as sturdy as expected.


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Hasbro Disney The Lion King Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Plush Toy, 100+ Sound &-Motion Combinations

Disney’s The Lion King is big news this year, with the latest film re-imagining the animated classic. It won’t be long until there is a Lego version of the characters released, which is kinda what Disney does. That’s no bad thing. The screen to room item that we got excited about here though, is the Mighty Roar Simba Interactive Plush Toy. This is, in our opinion, one of the best toys for 4 year old boys this year.

This is far more than your standard plush toy. There are over 100 combinations  of sound and motion. Lots of realistic sound and lines from the movie, along with movable head, mouth, ears, eyes, limbs and tail. The toy will respond to touch and if you feed him the grub on a stick which also comes in the box, he will respond to that with favorite phrases too. Patting his head will lead to some interesting responses too. This is a highly interactive toy of a character that is a sure fan favorite.


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Power Wheels Jurassic World

Modeled after the iconic Jeep Wrangler from the Jurrasic Park movies, this rideable outdoor toy car from Power Wheels is great for any young fan. It’s made out of durable plastic and utilizes a strong frame for safety. The plastic parts are molded to take on the Wrangler’s many unique features.

In total, this car can hold 150 pounds. There are two seats up front, so your child can take a friend along for the ride. The car is controlled with a foot pedal, much like a normal car. There’s also a gear selector, allowing your kid to go in two different speeds and drive in reverse. If you’re worried about safety, Power Wheels has you covered. With a simple screw, you can lock the gear shifter. This prevents it from moving into the “High” gear, which has a maximum speed of 5 MPH.


  • 150-pound weight capacity
  • Maximum speed of 5 MPH
  • Can fit 2 riders
  • Includes 12-volt battery and charger
  • Fun sound effects
  • Multiple gears


  • Smooth plastic wheels may struggle to grip on sloping terrain


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Crayola Inspirational Art Case

This high-quality art kit includes 64 crayons, 20 colored pencils, 40 washable markers, and 15 large sheets of paper, all in a convenient carrying case. Crayola has been the center of children’s creativity for generations. This case can provide all the tools needed for a 4-year-old child to let their imagination design beautiful works of refrigerator art. A child can explore and learn various colors while developing fine motor skills through the use of the various types of coloring tools in this kit.

The only downside of this 140 piece set is that many parents find that the case does not hold up well for enthusiastic children. Although it provides an easy method for bringing a child’s art supplies on the go, parents may find it easier to carry it for the child to the destination.


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Exploration Kit for Kids

Learning and exploring new things is a vital part of development for a 4-year-old boy. This kit provides a plethora of tools for a child to explore their backyard or local park. It can even provide a great accessory for family camping trips. This kit includes toy binoculars, flashlight, compass, magnifying glass, butterfly net, and backpack. These tools can provide an educational experience for any child. The binoculars can allow the child to get a closer look at the various aspects of nature, while the magnifying glass can let them focus more closely on the smaller objects around them.

A flashlight and compass can allow for easy exploration. The butterfly net can allow fun capture and release of various insects for a child to examine. All these items fit easily in a convenient backpack for travel.

This kit can help a child develop their love of nature. It also allows them to explore new things that a 4-year-old craves. They can also utilize this kit to create imaginative play in their own backyard. The items in this kit are a great value for the price. The only downside seen in reviews is that some parents think the items should be more sturdy.


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Kidkraft Fire Station Set

Pretending to be a grown-up is a key part of this development level. A 4-year-old begins to picture themselves in various roles to discover who they area. This Kidkraft Fire Station Set allows a boy to pretend to be a fireman and explore a fire station. This vividly colored fire station provides two vehicles, furniture, and bendable characters to allow a child’s imagination to create fun situations.

This kit provides detailed instructions for parents to build the fire station for their child. Parents find the instructions easy to follow and enjoy the turntable feature to allow the little one easy access to all angles of the fire station. Some parents were disappointed with the time that was needed to build the fire station. However, most were very pleased with the finished product.


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Grow’n Up Heracles Seesaw

This Seesaw is a perfect addition to any backyard. It can provide a perfect option to get little ones to play together and develop friendships. It also helps little ones get active and outside to help maintain their health and happiness. This little seesaw provides the perfect shared playtime. It has little handles to make it easy for small children to grip. It allows up and down play, as well as a rotation for a more enjoyable experience.

Parents find the seesaw easy to put together and quite sturdy. Most parents are pleased with the product compared to its relatively low costs. Although sturdy enough to allow enthusiastic children to play safely, it is easy to move around the yard. The only major downside of this toy is that children grow out of it before they are bored of it.


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The Original Flying Turtle Ride-On Scooter

This item is a no assembly required item. This is often a joy of most parents who have little time to build the child’s toy before they can play with it. It is also beneficial to those parents who are not the most mechanically inclined. This toy comes ready to play out of the box. This scooter allows a child to use their zigzag motion to pull them around. This toy is fun and well-designed to provide hours of safe and exciting play for a little one.

The seat of this scooter is designed to resemble an old tractor seat. This bit of information can help a 4-year-old create a pretend play of driving a tractor on the farm. It also promotes outdoor play and exercise that helps a developing child stay active and healthy. As with any wheeled toy at this age level, a child should be well supervised and kept away from any hills or drops to maintain safety.


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Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, Wayne Manor Batcave

At this age, your little one may start to take a liking to superheroes, furthering their understanding of ethics and morality in a gentle but exciting way. They may already have a favourite superhero but are likely to be attracted to many, from across the different Hero Universes, such as Marvel and DC. The Wayne Manor Batcave is a great toy in the Fischer-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends range. This batman themed, high quality toy set is stacked with fun and features.

The toy set comes with a batman action figure, bat cycle and a throne. There are more action figures that you can add to the collection, in the Fischer-Price DC Super Friends range. In terms of weapons, it also comes with a sword and 4 projectiles that fire from the launcher which is hidden in the tower. There is a glider that Batman can be attached to, to fly round the tower into action, or he can take to the streets of Gotham on the included bike.

There is a secret waterfall entrance and a light up bat signal, that are powered by 2 AA batteries (included). When Batman is done cleaning up the streets, there is a jail cell for locking up the bad guys. Hours of fun to be had with this toy.


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