The Best Gifts And Toys For 5 Year Old Boys In 2021

When a little boy turns 5, he enters into an exciting stage in his life. When kids reach school age, they experience an extreme explosion in their ability to learn. They are learning about numbers, letters, and about adjusting in a school setting. Children at this age are also extremely busy, because they are naturally curious about the world around them. When buying gifts and toys for 5 year old boys, there is actually a wide difference between what one kid might like compared to another.

You can usually expect 5-year-old boys to be interested in activities more so than ever before. They have usually developed great motor skills by this age, so they enjoy making things, drawing, and doing anything involving physical activity. Boys at this age are also becoming independent and enjoy completing tasks on their own. They may ask tons of questions, but only because they are eager to learn.

Choosing gifts for a child is not just about entertaining them. The best gifts and toys for 5-year-old boys will not only keep them busy, but foster the serious growth in development they are experiencing at this time. Children at this age love to do things themselves, get involved with projects, learn about a broad range of subjects, and use their brilliant imaginations.

When picking a great gift for the 5-year-old boy in your life, you should try choosing one that peaks his interest. This is the ideal age to begin introducing more advanced, interactive toys, but simple gifts that allow them to use their imaginations are still a hit. Some great gift ideas for 5-year-old boys include the following:

  • Pretend-play toys
  • Craft or art supplies and sets
  • Puzzles
  • Buildable/construction sets
  • Action figures or figurine sets
  • Outdoor activity toys
  • Toys that move (trains, cars, and planes)

Below you’ll find 10 great gifts and toys for 5-year-old boys. These gifts are not only fun and thrilling, but can help develop particular skills and behaviors that are essential to this stage in their lives.


The Ten Best Gifts And Toys For 5 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

Tactical Vest Kit for Nerf Guns by UWantme

Great for children ages 5 and up, this tactical kit is everything an active boy could dream of. It is designed to be used alongside a child’s Nerf gun (or the like) collection. It can enhance the pretend-play experience, allowing kids to use their ever-curious imaginations. This kit also promotes physical activity, considering a young boy cannot be a tactical soldier while he is sitting down.

This tactical kit includes 1 vest, 1 protective set of glasses, 1 wrist band, 1 quick reload clip, and 1 tactical mask. The vest is designed to hold all of the included accessories, with ample storage for darts, clips, a blaster, and more. It is durable, but lightweight and breathable. There are also adjustable Velcro straps to ensure the vest fits correctly.

The quick reload clip can hold up to 6 additional darts, and is designed to work with most N-Strike blaster and all N-Strike Elite blasters. The included safety glasses protect children’s eyes, but also gives them the genuine look of a professional. Young boys feel invincible in the seamless mask that not only looks cool, but also helps protect your child’s face and keep the perspiration at bay.


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Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set by Melissa & Doug

Young boys have always had a fascination with things that move, like cars, trains, or planes. And at school-age, boys enjoy completing projects, putting things together, and staying active. This train set hits all those marks, and then some. Made of durable wood, the brightly-colored set is a great toy, everything a 5-year-old boy needs.

The Railway Train Set is beautifully-designed, with vivid colors and images on each piece. There are 100 track sections and supports, which can be easily put together into endless combinations. There are also 30 additional accessories included, along with instructions for 4 different track configurations. Some of the accessories include a freight train, suspension bridge, passenger train, flatbed truck, train engineers, 2 crane assemblies, trestle bridge, an engine shed, five-way switch, road signs, and trees.

Children can not only put the track together and drive their trains on it, but they can also transfer cargo, raise/lower cargo with cranes, park trains in the engine shed, direct traffic, travel over bridges, and enjoy some old-fashioned, electronic-free fun. This train set fosters their creativity, but also helps develop their growing motor and problem-solving skills.


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3-Pedal 16-Inch Bike by WOOM Bikes

Available in blue, green, purple, and red, each one of these WOOM bikes is quality-checked before it leaves the facility; ensuring safety for each and every child. No matter which color your 5-year-old prefers, the design is modern, sleek, and vibrant. Instructions and tools are included for easy assembly, and it’s extremely lightweight at less than 13 pounds. A good starter bike or scooter for kids makes an excellent gift at this age. If they have been riding for a while, it’s a good age to get a bike that can accommodate training wheels to begin, but works equally as well when the training wheels are removed.

This bike is 16-inches, meaning that the bike tire is measured at 16-inches. This size is ideal for children in the 4-6 age group, or 5-year-olds in the 41-47-inch height range. It features both front and rear hand brakes with a freewheel feature. They are also color-coded, designed specifically to make braking easy for young boys. It is designed to be easy-to-ride, while improving overall handling and riding skills.

Riding bikes not only burns off energy and keeps kids physically fit, but it also supports great motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The 3-pedal bike comes with a kickstand and bell, a handlebar designed for small hands, and child-proportioned cranks. The long wheel-base is specifically designed to optimize an upright riding position and stable riding.


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Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch with Camera by VTech

Star Wars has been an extremely popular franchise amongst adults and children for decades. VTech, a popular toy tech-company combined their innovation with the beloved franchise to hone in on the growing smartwatch trend. This limited-edition watch allows kids to explore time concepts, explore fun activities, and immerse themselves in the Star Wars world.

White in color, the smartwatch is rechargeable and kid-friendly. It can take pictures and videos, with 20 effects available to enhance them. Your 5-year-old boy can use the touch screen to experience 3 different Star Wars mini-games. These games include escaping Stormtroopers, racing with BB-8, and blasting asteroids. Kids can even record their voice in the sound of an alien with the smartwatch’s voice-changing effects.

Of course, the smartwatch is still a watch, so kids can make use of the clock, alarm, stopwatch, calendar, and calculator. The clock face can even be personalized with 30 digital and analog themes. While the watch shouldn’t be submerged in water, it is splash- and sweat. And if that wasn’t enough, 5-year-olds can make use of the Motion SFX app, which uses a motion sensor to activate Droid, Starship, and Lightsaber sounds.


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Genius Kit by Osmo

STEM-related products and gifts are on the rise, and for good reason. These science, technology, engineering, and math-related toys not only teach young children about these topics, but it does so in a fun and engaging way. They open the door to many educational insights. The Osmo Genius Kit uses STEM concepts to turn your iPad into a hands-on learning device, turning math, spelling, and visual thinking into fun games for kids ages 5 and up.

The Genius Kit comes loaded with 5 games that encourage creativity, problem-solving skills, visual thinking, and more. Included in the kit is stackable storage containers, game playing pieces, and the Osmo base (a stand and reflector). This toy has won multiple awards for its use of technology and innovation.

With the Osmo kit, your 5-year-old boy can turn a photo into easy-to-draw lines they can draw themselves. They can also add, count, and multiple to pop various bubbles on the screen. Matching on-screen puzzles with Tangram pieces, guessing and spelling words, and solving physics problems by writing or drawing are all activities a child can enjoy on the Genius Kit. Of course, all of the necessary pieces are included for each activity.


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Riverstones by Gonge

Gifts that key in on both a child’s physical energy and imagination at the same time are essential to 5-year-old boys. These Riverstones do just that, using simplicity to keep kids busy for hours. These sturdy little devices are designed to look like river rocks, and are made to be used like stepping stones. Each Riverstone can be placed anywhere on the floor, any amount of distance apart from each other. This results in endless possible combinations and endless playtime.

The sturdy Riverstones are each made with a graded rubber rim, so children will never slip on the surface. Each side of the triangular-shaped stones vary in steepness and difficulty, so there is always variety and challenges each time they play. Each set is stackable, easily stored, and simple to use. This set of Riverstones is great for children to play with on their own, for hours of fun.

Each set comes with 3 brightly-colored, large stones and 3 brightly-colored, small stones. Children can imagine the floor is lava, pretend they are adventurers, or act like frogs hopping from one stone to another. Not only do these Riverstones promote physical activity and pretend-play, but they can also improve balance and coordination.


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N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster by Nerf

Many young 5-year-old boys enjoy action and pretending be various characters. Nerf guns allow kids to use their imagination, but also burn off their energy by using the guns for fun. Shooting at targets helps improve hand-eye coordination, and playing games with friends can develop team-building skills. Nerf’s Elite line can also be combine with other products in the line to optimize your child’s playtime.

The Strongarm blaster is an impressive size, but also lightweight and easy to carry. It can hold up to 6 large, Elite darts that can reach up to 90-feet when they are fired. It features a rotating barrel that flips open for easy access and loading, and a slam-fire slide that allows kids to fire all 6 darts at rapid-fire. The Elite darts can be used with any Nerf Elite blaster, and most Nerf Strike blasters.

Included with the blaster are 6 Elite darts, plus instructions. Designed for fast firing and even quicker draws, the Elite Strongarm by Nerf gives young kids the illusion of elite battle performance, with the fun and vibrant colors of a child-appropriate toy. The Nerf Strongarm gives kids amped-up velocity, incredible accuracy, and shooting stability.


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Thomas & Friends Super Station by Fisher-Price

As previously stated, it’s quite common for school-age boys to enjoy things that move like cars and trains. Thomas the Train is popular among children because it uses trains to hone in on a child’s interest in trains, characters, and action. This Super Station by Fisher-Price combines the appeal of Thomas with easy-to-build tracks and endless possibilities for fun.

The Super Station set comes with multi-system tracks that can be fitted into multiple configurations. It can hold up to 100 train engines, though it comes with Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Thomas, Thomas & Friends MINIs James and Harold, and Thomas & Friends Adventures Percy. The set can also be combined with most other Thomas track sets.

Children can also remove legs on the set to create a micro layout to fit smaller spaces. They can fly trains in using the helipad, raise and lower the cranes, attach cargo, and take their engines through Knapford Station, Blue Mountain Quarry, Tidmouth Sheds, and Brendam Docks. There is even an included turntable which allows children to choose the direction of their engines.


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LEGO | Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 4 RV Vacation 10769 Building Kit, New 2020 (178 Piece)

If there is one film that came out this year that five-year-old boys are crazy for, it’s Toy Story 4. So the Disney Pixar’s Toy Story RV Vacation Lego building set is one of the best toys you can buy right now. As with all Lego sets, first off they are great for imaginative play, building fine motor skills and inspiring creativity. But this Lego kit is also fresh, recent and based on a well loved movie. This is a 178 piece set and includes some favourite characters from the film, 2 minifigures – Jessie and alien, and two Lego figures – Forky and Rex the ever lovable t-rex dino.

In addition to the character pieces, you get all the building blocks and parts to make the RV, RV park sign and the park building wall. There is a simple set up guide which is easy to follow, helping your little one develop the ability to follow instruction and step by step processes. It’s a great building toy and a perfect gift for any fan of either Lego, Toy Story, or both! This Lego set is age-appropriate, suitable for ages 4 plus.

This Lego set would make a welcome addition to any Lego collection, once they are tired of setting up the original RV Vacation scene, the building blocks can easily be incorporated into larger creations. Compatible with all Lego theme sets such as Lego City or branded sets.


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Kidizoom DUO Camera by VTech

Bright-blue in color, this amazing camera allows 5-year-olds the opportunity to do a mature activity, with a child-appropriate tool. The Kidizoom DUO features a 2.4-inch color screen, and both front and rear cameras. The rear camera features 640 x 480 pixels and the front camera features 1600 x 1200, so quality is never an issue.

This camera comes with 256 MB of built-in memory, but can be expanded with addition SD cards. Special features include photo optimization, multiple-shot (burst) capabilities, 5 voice-changing effects, and a tool to make movies. It easily runs on batteries and has an automatic shut-off feature, which shuts the camera off after 3 minutes of inactivity; saving serious battery-power.

The Kidizoom DUO is designed for little hands, so it is easy to use and navigate. It weighs less than 1 pound, and even has parental controls for limiting the play time of the 5 built-in games. This camera allows 5-year-old boys to express themselves, capture their fun, make memories, and work on visual skills.


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