The Best Gifts And Toys For 5 Year Old Girls In 2021

Five is a special age for children. It’s the point where play starts to go from the simple to the complex, from the purely imaginative to the more structured and purposeful. Finding the right gifts and toys for 5 year old girls becomes difficult not because of a lack of toys, but because of the sheer number of options targeted towards girls. If you’re looking for a way to find the five-year-old girl in your life a gift idea or toy she will cherish, it’s best to start with a few great selections.

What makes the best toy for a young girl? Well, it largely comes down to basic childhood development. By the age of five, a girl should be looking for a great deal of active play and wanting more independence than ever before. She will be learning about everything – not just from school, but from the world around her. This is a stage at which a girl will be in need of constant input and expressing herself through a great deal of active and imaginative play.

The best gifts for 5 year old girls should help to support those needs and direct her energy in ways that will allow her to experience growth. At the same time with a little luck, a great deal of fun.

Below are a handful of the best toys that can help a girl to achieve those goals.


The 10 Best Gifts And Toys For 5 Year Old Girls – Reviewed

Woom Pedal Bike

Every girl needs a bike. It’s one of those basic toys that helps define childhood, giving a little girl her first real taste of mobility and independence. It’s a great gift that helps to work on physical activity, motor skills, balance and coordination while also allowing a little girl to learn more about basic rules and even safety. Good bikes are hard to come by, though, and that’s why it is fantastic that companies like Woom are out there. With solid construction underneath the pleasing frame, it’s a safe bike to put a child on while she learns the ins and outs of riding.

This high quality sixteen inch bike is made with kids in mind. It’s got a very light frame and brakes that are easy to use without much force. This means not just faster stopping, but less jarring stopping for a young rider. It’s definitely a product for those who are ready to leave training wheels behind, though you can use a standard set of training wheels with the bike. It’s a good transition that will help a girl get ready for a larger bike in a few years, with simple maintenance that will allow it to keep functioning until it’s time to go a size up in bikes.


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Minion Turbo Dave

The Minions franchise is beloved among children and either adored or barely tolerated by adults. I would consider this in the same league as Disney Frozen. For kids, it’s loved, for adults its either love or hate. Regardless of how you feel about the franchise, there’s no denying that there are hundreds of Minions-related products out there. If you have a little one in your life who loves these little yellow creatures, it’s best to find her a product that will have a longer shelf-life than the film franchise. One of the better Minions toys is the Turbo Dave robot toy, which is actually a fantastic toy for learning more about robots and coding.

Deep within this yellow balancing toy lies the heart of a real STEM superstar. Girls can tinker around with various aspects of the toy, with more hardcore STEM programming available in the app. This is one of the best toys for 5 year old girls who are really interested in technology. Especially if they are reaching the stage at which they want to know how things work. While there are probably better beginner robots out there, there are definitely few that combine a familiar franchise with the skills that young programmers will love to learn. This is a great entry-level toy for little hands.


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Pop the Pig

Some board games teach children a great deal about math or probability. Some help to hone a child’s strategic thinking or help her understand complex rule systems. Other games, like Pop the Pig, are just silly fun. A very simple game that is more full of laughs than any real substance, this is a great choice for any girl who wants to play something fun with her friends or the whole family. Simple enough that even a five year old can play it on her own, it’s nevertheless a big hit during family game nights or any playtime.

This is not a game with complex rules. You feed the pig, pump its head, and hope that its belly doesn’t pop open. A somewhat more organized game of hot potato, there’s not much rhyme or reason in what happens – and that’s the point. This is a good game for kids who need to learn how to take turns and for those who have a hard time losing. It may not teach them what is fair and what is not, but it will teach these children that sometimes losing is just part of the game.

Luckily, most will get the lesson quickly and will come around for another turn with the pig and achieve the hours of fun intended with the toy.


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Osmo Genius Kit

Osmo is less a toy or craft kit in and of itself than it is a system. It’s precisely the kind of educational system that a child would want to use, combining both easy-to-manipulate physical items with programs run a tablet. At the same time, it’s also the precise kind of training tool that kindergarten teachers the country over would love to see every young girl use. It provides a great way to develop spacial reasoning skills, artistic skills, reading skills and even math skills. It’s probably one of the best educational kits on the market, even if it does require an iPad tablet to work.

This is a toy that’s probably a bit more appreciated by parents and teachers than children, but it does still making learning a great deal of fun. Most of the activities don’t necessarily feel as educational as they truly are, which can be a great thing for children who are more interested in having a good time than in improving their skills. The basic lessons and games included can really change the way that a child interacts with the world, though, so it may be a good fit for any girl who is struggling in kindergarten or pre-K.


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WellieWishers Willa

If you’ve got a five year old girl in your life, it’s hard to imagine that you aren’t already at least vaguely familiar with the American Girls line. The historically-based dolls tend to exist somewhere in the realm between toy and lifestyle accessory, with a wide range of dolls, clothing, and other accessories available. Girls can find dolls that match their interests, personality, and even looks with a little work. From ballerinas to farm girls. The dolls themselves are well constructed and tend to follow the same patterns, but new dolls are released and old dolls are retired on a fairly regular basis.

Willa is primarily targeted towards girls who love animals. Her entire backstory revolves around taking care of animals, as do her clothing and accessories. She’s a good fit for those girls who still love dolls as their primary toys and for those who already have burgeoning American Girls collections. While it’s not necessarily a great choice for those who play hard with their dolls, it can be a great choice for those who are looking for something to treasure.

Be warned, though – buying one American Girls doll opens you up to many years of collecting dolls and accessories. They are still a great way to encourage pretend play and dress up though.


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Hatchimals Glittering Garden Interactive Egg

The Hatchimals phenomenon may have died out a bit this year, but it’s still going fairly strong. While the intitial toys might have seemed like nothing more than a fad, the later entries in the line have slowly started becoming something the average five year old girl will like for more than a few minutes. Nowhere is this better seen than in the Glittering Garden Interactive Egg, a toy that takes the basic Hatchimal and puts a bit more complexity into the toy. By making it more of an experience to hatch the egg and to play with the toy, this is a version of the Hatchimal made to keep a child’s interest.

Most girls will find the early stages of the toy fun, especially if they are still in a stage of growth in which they like to play with babies. They’ll get to listen to the toy’s heartbeat in the egg and even feel it push against the shell. When the egg hatches, the fun continues – the girl must teach the creature how to walk, dance, and play games. It’s a very interactive electronic stuffed animal, but it’s one that’s sure to delight any girl who receives the toy.

You do get small hatchimals too that come in sets of 6 or 12. Those are good for birthday parties or tea parties where your little girl can have some social play with her friends.


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Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe

Most five year old girls are still deep in the doll phase, but they’re starting to move past the stuffed animals and into a range of fun new toys. While smaller toys that can be used for imaginative games are fun, so too are oversized toys that feel more like they are their size. As they develop interests in animals and nature, anything that provides a more ‘real’ representation of what they have seen in zoos or on television can also be a great fit. That’s why this Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe tends to be such a hit in this age group.

This Melissa and Doug four foot tall giraffe is a perfect size for a five year old. It’s big enough to stand up to play and seem special, yet not so large that it will overwhelm the child. It can become a participant in games or a decoration in a room without taking up more of the available space than is really necessary. It is the kind of stuffed toy that will probably survive the transition away from stuffed animals in the next few years, if only because the size of the toy presents a novelty.


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Gonge River Stones

Some toys work best to help a child grow. While these Gonge River Stones might not seem particularly exciting to adults, they provide the kind of physical challenge that is sorely needed by a growing girl. Rather than providign a set of instructions, these rocks provide children with an open play experience that is sure to allow them a chance to grow. A perfect gift for those who need a little bit of extra physical challenge, it’s a good outdoor or indoor toy.

These rocks are great for improving balance and coordination in a way that doesn’t have many physical consequences. They are low enough to the ground that a fall won’t make a difference, yet a child can create an obstacle course with these rocks that will give her a perfect opportunity to test her skills. It’s a good fit for any girl who is particularly active or who is having difficulties with balance. Commonly used in physical and occupational therapy, it’s a great toy for developing the kind of physical skills that will be expected in kindergarten physical education classes.


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6′ Giant Teepee Play House

Sometimes, the best gift you can give a child is her own space. This Teepe isn’t the most complex toy out there and it certainly doesn’t have a lot of technological bells and whistles. It’s a very simple play space that a child can make all her own, though, and that’s what makes it so special. The solid construction and the easy storage solution make it a good pick for parents without a great deal of space, but it’s really the sense of ownership that it gives a cihld that is so amazing.

This is the type of gift that works best for a child who has a good imagination – or for one who enjoys privacy. It’s a great play space for children who want their own play area or a staging area for games, but it’s also a good space in which to practice reading or even take a nap. Consider this place space one that works best for those who children who prefer their gifts to be useful rather than active.


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LEGO Scoobdy Doo Mystery Machine

If you haven’t been paying attention to LEGO building sets over the last few years, you’ve missed out on something special. While the DIY  building toy still features many of the imaginative kits that you were probably familiar with as a child, it now also features a number of licensed kits that are designed to appeal to children.

These building kits combine all the comfort of a familiar property with the sheer joy of building. This allows children a fantastic chance to get a bit more hands-on with some of their favorite cartoons, developing fine motor skills at the same time. One of the best examples of these licensed sets is the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine, a perfect kit for a younger builder who wants to tackle a tough project.

The LEGO Mystery Machine is a 301 piece set and is a great intermediate build for younger builders. While it isn’t a part of LEGO’s Junior line, it is still a fairly straightforward project that doesn’t involve many complex mechanisms. The set includes four mini-figures, including a fantastic Scooby Doo that’s hard to find elsewhere. If your child is a fan of the show or just likes building, this is a great fit. It’s a little outside the building range for those who haven’t played with LEGO before, but it’s a good fit for those who want something with a little more difficulty.


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