The Best Gifts And Toys For 7 Year Old Boys In 2021

Seven-year-olds can be filled with frustration one minute, mad at their best friend the next and extremely happy the very next moment. While most are beginning to take their schoolwork more seriously, they also love to run and play. Sitting at a desk all day can still be challenging for this age group as they seem to have boundless energy to burn. Physical activity is important as it helps to build their muscle coordination along with their fine and large muscle skills. With this in mind, some of the best gifts and toys for 7 year old boys, are toys that encourage outdoor or physical play.

You can expect this age group to often be interested in comparing their school and physical skills with their peers. While boys of this age group will still seem filled with zillions of questions, they are starting to be able to do deductive reasoning to arrive at some answers on their own. While many still prefer to be part of the group, when they get frustrated, you will often see them get off by themselves for a little while. If you are looking to buy the best toys for 7 year old boys, then consider these 10 choices.

The 10 Best Gifts And Toys For 7 Year Old Boys – Reviewed

National Geographic Mega Fossil Mine

Boys who are seven may be delighted with the National Geographic Mega Fossil Mine science kit. It lets them dig up 15 real fossils measuring up to two inches in length. Boys will get to use tools that real paleontologists use including a magnifying glass, paint brush and chisel. Using these tools helps to build fine muscle control along with creating an interest in science in the young mind. It is just one of the great STEM toys from National Geographic with an aim at the physical sciences.

Boys will usually be filled with many questions about the dinosaur fossils that they are unearthing, so a 16-page book is included with this science kit to answer the main ones. The fossils are all hidden inside a large dig brick that is an eight-inch square, so more than one child can dig for fossils at the same time. Inquisitive boys may use this activity as a springboard to learn more about the many unique animal fossils included including stingrays, coral, clam, sharks and more. As an added benefit, the money from the sale of this kit aids National Geographic explorers around the world. It’s the perfect gift for your little one to spark interest in the earthy sciences.


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RC Robot for Kids, Remote Control Robot Toys with LED Lights

Seven-year-old boys will love playing with their blue and white Remote Control Robot. The boy can choose to control the robot with the remote controller allowing him to make the robot talk to him in a variety of different voices or have him sing one of five songs the robot knows. The volume level is adjustable. As the boy plays with the remote control his reading comprehension may improve because each button is clearly labelled. The boy may even learn to form grammatically-correct sentences as he hears the robot repeat them back to him. Alternatively, the robot can be controlled with hand gestures.

Boys can make the robot walk or glide across a hardwood or low-pile carpeted floor. The robot will move right, left or turn around in a circle. They can also make the arms pose in a variety of positions. This self-balancing robot even remembers what actions it has performed in the past few minutes and will repeat them on command allowing the seven-year-old to set up his own robot performance. It is a great thing that this robot is rechargeable because the seven-year-old may never tire of playing with it. It’s not as complex as a coding robot, its a perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift for 7 year old boys.


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Force1 X5UW Drone

The seven-year-old boy will be thrilled when you give him a Force1 X5UW Drone. This headless-drone is extremely stable making it easy for even the beginner to fly. The boy can use the included remote to control the drone including making it do 360-degree flips in the air. The drone can also hold an altitude and fly along pre-planned routes. These are great toys for use between both parent and child. You can gradually introduce more control and responsibility as they grow in confidence and ability with the drone. These are great for bonding and promoting teamwork too. The boy will thrill when he sees the high-definition photos that the drone is capturing on its included 720-pixel camera.

This drone is a great introduction to the world of aviation and photography for the inquisitive seven-year-old. The child will also be practicing his deductive reasoning skills as he plans the routes and the movements that he wants the drone to make. The one-key lifting and landing mechanism helps ensure that the boy can easily control this drone on take-off and on landing. This drone with its brushless motor and prop guards can easily be controlled over a football field away.


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LEGO CITY Fire Station 60110

The LEGO City Fire Station building set is a great way to encourage imaginative play in the seven-year-old boy. This 919-piece set features a 12-inch tall fire station, a fire truck with a cherry picker and a fire chief’s car. There is lots of choices for creative play. It even comes with its own hot dog stand where the four male firemen and one female firefighter can eat when they get hungry.

The hot dog stand comes with its own worker and a dog. This LEGO model building set even comes with its own firehose. So your child can pretend to douse the hot dog stand when it catches on fire in their imagination. The fire station includes two garages and a space for the helicopter to land. It also stands three-stories tall. It is almost guaranteed that you will want to join in the creative play when you see how much fun the seven-year-old is having with this toy. In fact, all family members may get involved at one stage or another.


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12 Glow in the Dark LED Light Sabers

A group of boys will love putting on their own performances with these LED light sabers. While you will want to let the seven-year-old use his own imagination, do not overlook the possibility of using them to dance to music. Each extra-bright lightsaber is capable of showing rotating between red, blue, green, purple, pink quickly or very slowly. These sabers will also blink solid pink, blue or green. They are the perfect toy for a Star Wars-themed party and their bright lights make them super fun in the dark.

These lightweight sabers are about 32 inches long making them the perfect length for the seven-year-olds to handle easily. An easy-to-push button makes it easy to operate button makes these easy to turn on and off. They could even be used to decorate a young boy’s bedroom who is still a little nervous about the dark. Just think of the fun games and epic battles that your seven year old can have with their friends, or with the whole family. It’s a great gift set for encouraging social play.


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Nerf Sports Bash Ball

Nerf might be mostly known for making blaster guns, but they do far more than that. The navy Nerf Sports Bash Ball is the perfect way to encourage outdoor play. The boy can easily grab the three handholds during a game of volleyball or volleyball. This soft ball will not hurt other children or break most items if played with indoors. It is about the size of a Size 4 soccer ball, and many boys find it easier to kick it than the standard soccer ball during a fast-paced soccer game. This soft ball covered in a thin leather-like coating is perfect for taking on family days at the park because everyone will enjoy playing with it.

This ball is also perfect for water activities because water can escape through the three holes, so it will not get heavy. This ball that weighs only about eight ounces is the perfect introduction to smaller balls for children who are used to playing with larger toddler-type balls. It would also be a great ball for Hot Potato or other indoor family games requiring a ball.


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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War The Hulkbuster Smash-Up

This awesome LEGO Marvel Super Heroes building kit is based on an Avengers Infinity Wars scene. While previous Hulkbuster Smash LEGO models are from older films, where Iron Man is at the helm, this one is built around Bruce Banner as the driver of the superhero Hulkbuster suit. It’s a great LEGO Set DIY kit for fans of the series, the toys or the movies. It’s quite detailed and comes with 4 LEGO minifigures:

  • Bruce Banner
  • Proxima Midnight
  • An Outrider
  • Falcon

This is a mix of good and bad guy minifigures, great for inspiring imaginative play and pretend play. On the Hulkbuster Smash model, there is a cockpit that you can open up to put Bruce inside and also a ‘bashing’ action that you can have fun with. As well as the Hulkbuster, this kit also comes with the pieces and instructions to build the DIY gun turret too. Once built, the turret can fire small balls which also come included.

This is a great mid-sized LEGO model building set, that your little boy will love. It will be the heart and soul of many play times and hours of fun. LEGO make some of the best toys for kids, including Lego Technic. Not only are they fun, but they are some of the best gift ideas for developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving in a very engaging way.


  • 375 pieces included in this LEGO set
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Bruce, Falcon, Proxima and An Outrider.
  • Wheel operated smash arm function
  • All the pieces to build the Hulkbuster and turret launcher
  • Step-by-step DIY instructions
  • Great for all ages from 7 up.


  • May be too complicated for younger kids


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Diamondback Cobra 20 Bike

At the age of seven, you may find that your little boy starts to display an interest in bikes more than scooters. At least when playing with friends. Scooters become more of an ‘individual’ thing, and bikes, more of a ‘getting around’ thing. Introduce the seven-year-old boy to the joys of cycling with the Diamondback Cobra 20 bike. This yellow boy’s six-speed mountain bike offers a suspension system making it easier on their bodies as they hit the mountain trail or take a ride down the sidewalk in front of the house. Linear-pull brakes make it easy to stop forward momentum if the boy feels like he is going too fast.

Assembling this bike is incredibly easy as you just install the front wheel along with adjusting the pedals and the brakes, so most parents can easily assemble this bike at home in just a few minutes.

This steel-frame bike easily adjusts to fit riders between 44 and 54 inches tall allowing it to easily adjust as the child grows. Like all products from Diamondback, it is built to withstand the punishment that most seven-year-olds are capable of putting their bikes through. It comes with a rear derailleur guard to help it stand up even better.


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Exploration Kit for Kids

The seven-year-old boy can go on a grand adventure when they have the Exploration Kit for Kits. You are likely to see them carrying their yellow bag filled with five exploration tools on many adventures. This kit comes with a pair of 5 X 30 binoculars allowing them to see birds and other wildlife at a distance. This kit also comes with an accurate compass with a hanging loop allowing them to find their direction even when they are lost. Many seven-year-old boys can even be taught to read a map using their compass with a little adult help.

A magnifying glass with 5X and 10X magnification make seeing insects and other small objects easier while a butterfly net makes it easy to capture butterflies and moths for further study. Finally, this kit comes with a rechargeable LED flashlight meaning the fun does not have to end when it gets dark. This exploration kit is a great way to start boys asking many questions about the world around them while they are having fun. It’s a great addition to the gift guide and another STEM toy that encourages learning in the natural sciences.


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Scalextric American Racers 1:32 Slot Car Race Track C1364T

Race the Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro around the Scalextric American Racers Car Race Track. At the age of seven, there are two ways you can go with racing cars. You can go down the Hotwheels route, or the Scalextric route. Both are great, Hotwheels has some advantages but then for electric car fun, Scalextric sets are outstanding.

Seven-year-old boys will love being introduced to the Corvette and the Camaro that are two American classics in this fun way. The power controller features two-speed adjustments. This makes it easy for new drivers to stay on the track while more experienced drivers can experience their need for speed. This electric car track is over 15.75 feet long. Giving boys whose car gets behind plenty of time to catch up during exciting races. Just try not to catapult yourself off the track, it is easy done!

As children take on each other, they will learn to win and lose in a good way. They will also learn to communicate better with each other. Adding to the fun, any 1/32 scale analog car can be raced on this track. The piece of the track easily snap together while helping to develop eye-hand coordination. This track has many twists and turns encouraging boys to plot their winning strategy very carefully or their car will end up flipping off the track.


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