The Best Gifts And Toys For 7 Year Old Girls In 2021

By seven years old, children truly come into their own as far as developing their own personal tastes and interests when it comes to toys. This can make gift-giving a real headache when you’re trying to buy them the perfect gift. When it comes to buying the best gifts and toys for 7 year old girls, it’s time to think outside of the box and get creative.

Smart Choices For Growing Minds

The impulses and influences for children when it comes to toys are shaped by their developmental stages, so knowing what to expect from any given age range helps target the most appropriate skill and comfort level. At this age, their growing awareness of the world around them and what their peers are doing starts to shape the personalities they’ll develop as they mature. This makes it a crucial time for finding opportunities that challenge their critical thinking skills or encourage their problem-solving abilities, especially in group play. Interactive and building toys top the list for anyone interested in a great gift that targets these areas of development.

Easy Gifts Just For Fun

A pocket-sized gift can be just as welcome as more complex project kits or big and expensive toys. If you know the child has asked for something simple, trust their interest. Even if it seems like an underwhelming gift, it could make a girl’s day to get just what they’ve asked for. Though children at this age can start to define their preferences in toys, they have a limited understanding of the scope or scale of value or costs associated with the items they request. Helping them understand that the nature of most gift-giving relies on what a loved one prefers with the help of the young child’s interests can help them focus first on the surprise element of receiving any present.

How To Use This Buying Guide

While assembling this buying guide and review, a full range of popular best toys for young girls this age was considered according to several factors. This includes the kind of usability and durability parents are looking for in a gift for their daughter, but also the way any child might enjoy and learn from the toy they’ve been given. When you’re choosing gifts for 7 year old girls, think about your budget and what kind of gift best represents what you appreciate most when giving presents. Do you put the educational value of a toy above any physical play it creates?

Is it more important that the child can use it on their own or should it only be for group play? The reviews below consider many different circumstances where each of these gift ideas might be suitable for little girls of this age. Take a look through each one and let those factors help you determine the best fit.

The 10 Best Gifts And Toys For 7 Year Old Girls – Reviews

National Geographic: Mega Fossil Mine

Girls at 7 years old are already thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, and this gift gives them a chance at trying out their future as a paleontologist. A full kit of scientific discovery includes real fossils like dinosaur bones and teeth. Kid-friendly tools of the archeology trade accompany a fully detailed manual for how to use each one and what to look for in the miniature digging site provided. Helping them be comfortable and have fun experimenting with projects like these prepares them for other earth science lessons as they get older.

Children can use this on their own or with a friend, then keep their ancient fossils as personal collectables or share them out with others. The learning guide doubles as an informative resource for a child’s at-home library, as well. National Geographic make many great science kits and STEM toys for kids and this is one of the best. There are others that explore the world of gemstones and geology, or geodes with crystal formations. But this fossil mine kit is, in my opinion, one of the best.


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L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise

When L.O.L. dolls hit the market, the surprises in each layer of packaging took lessons from other un-boxing trends. They then made it an official and desirable feature of their products. With the Big Surprise kits, kids unclasp, unwrap and submerge different pieces of the toy in order to reveal the full collection of items and their new doll. The giant ball-shaped packaging works as a play area for the doll and her accessories once the unveiling of each piece has been completed. There are hours of fun to be had, not just in the opening of all the parts, but in playing with the complete toy once put together.

You may recognize this as a trending toy from the 2017 holiday season, but the variety of surprises possible means it may remain a perennial favorite for generations. While children can help each other open a Big Surprise kit, the contents contain only one doll and her accessories inside. If sharing might cause an issue, opening the kit may be best when the child isn’t also entertaining company.


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Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies 4Victory Blaster

LIttle girls love water guns just as much as boys, and in a lot of cases that is also true for nerf guns. My girls take no greater pleasure than waking me up from a nap with a dart to the face, then running away laughing in victory. The Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies blaster is the girls weapon of choice. It comes with a holster and fires all 4 darts at the same time. You might want to buy some spares as these things fire up to 75 feet. One of the darts is a ‘message’ dart and there is a decoder for unscrambling your girls coded messages.


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LEGO Friends: Sunshine Catamaran Building Kit (603 Piece)

As a brand known for its wide range of age-appropriate choices, the LEGO Friends line of building sets offers young girls a chance to build a variety of real-world vehicles and accessories for play. In this kit, popular LEGO characters set a scene for marine recreation with several different pieces a child can build. Complete with detailed instructions and compatible with all other LEGO building block sets, girls can choose to make the exact characters and objects or combine the pieces with the rest of their collection for all new ideas.

Sets like these promote character-based narratives and endless creative engineering opportunities that a child can enjoy on their own, but especially with friends. This can also be given as a girl’s first LEGO set or in addition to an enthusiast’s collection.


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Force1 X5UW Drones: Beginner’s Quadcopter

High tech gadgets like drones are an upgraded version of remote-controlled cars for children of this generation. Their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination can be pretty advanced by seven and it shows when they get their hands on a quadcopter like this. The handheld remote comes complete with LED screen to see what the drone’s camera picks up throughout the entire flight, but there’s an app for iPhone and Android devices that offers smart device control of the quadcopter, too.

Younger kids might find this easier to use than the speciality controls out of the box. Automated functions for takeoff and landing increase the ease of use for children interested in flying drones that can work with their ability to control it. This model also has a 1-button flip function and custom route capabilities for added enjoyment. Drones make great toys for you to engage with your children. You can gently introduce them to the controls, with you at the helm to begin, until they gradually develop the confidence and skill to take over.


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Ideal: Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase (100 Tricks)

Every girl can be the magician she is in her dreams with a full kit of tricks like these at her disposal. An instructional DVD walks through each one step-by-step so the child can learn how to perform a magic show with confidence and style. Versions of the world’s most popular magic tricks work on a smaller, more manageable scale in this kit. A special deck of cards and other familiar props like a wand and magic hat are also part of the kit.

The suitcase also works as a staging ground for those props and other tricks while she puts on her show, which is a great way to entertain a group of friends or family on a sleepover night or special occasion. These sets are great for encouraging pretend play, while also teaching new and exciting tricks in a fun way. Your little girl can play dress up and entertain the whole family or friends with her amazing range of tricks. And who knows, maybe she really can pull a rabbit from a hat, or better yet, a Unicorn!


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Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

The Harry Potter coding kit from Kano is a nice, gentle and fun way to introduce your little girl to the ever important skills of coding. The kit is designed to teach young kids through engaging content and tasks, about programming basics and fundamentals. Great attention to detail has been taken when creating this product which is sure to please fans of the Harry Potter franchise. The kit includes a magic wand that your kid can use to interact with the downloadable app that works on most tablet devices. There are a few simple steps to ‘building’ the wand and setting up the programme, and that is where the fun begins.

There is a detailed manual that you can work through with your girl to complete the setup process. After downloading the app to your smart device, your child can start programming different physical wand movements. These movements can be programmed to carry out a number of actions and commands in the app. It’s a highly interactive and fun gift, with lots of real STEAM learning fulfilment.


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Nerf: N-Sports Sonic Howler Flying Disk

The ancient sport of disk-throwing gets a new lease on life when the disk has been made to howl with every throw. Built to last through rough and rugged use, the N-Sports Sonic Howler puts up with a lot of wear and tear given how much fun it offers the harder and further its thrown. There are no batteries or audio connections to worry about since it’s all in the wrist.

The disk’s specialty design and soft, durable material create a sound effect as it winds through the air between throws. With so many gifts exploring the power of technology or more academic experiments, it’s important to find toys that keep kids of any age active and playing outside together when it’s safe and possible. Whether it’s just between two or played as a family game or team sport, using the Sonic Howler offers more fun than the usual flying disk.


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Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad – Pink, Coloring Board for Kids

The Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad is one of the best gift ideas for seven year old girls. Your little one will get so much out of this craft kit. The set comes with 10 blank sheets for drawing, and 10 tracing sheets, which are effectively templates. It also comes with a single graphite pencil and 12 colored pencils. This gives your little one the choice of either drawing freehand, or tracing a template image from one of the sheets, onto a blank sheet. There are templates for all sorts of items, bodies and clothes, scenes, animals and things you can add to each base scene. You can also download tons more templates from online.

The drawing tablet itself is lit up with LED back lighting, and runs off 3 AA batteries. It comes very highly rated across lots of reviews on Amazon. It really does make a great Christmas gift or birthday gifts for kids. It’s great for encouraging creativity for kids, for encouraging them to take the time to learn and draw and to build confidence with it. It is great for developing patience, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


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Helium K: Premium Lighted LED Spinner

The science behind spinning fidget toys may be over the heads of most 7-year-old girls and boys, but the fun of their precision balance and smooth revolutions is easy to grasp. This model uses LED lights and different pattern modes to add even more sensory satisfaction to the spinning fidget phenomenon. Even without the light function in use, this high quality spinner works as usual and is designed to have a firm feel in the hand with a quality build and ceramic bearings that make for a smooth spin.

Popular for diverting energy when you need them to focus on mindful tasks, it’s a great gift when you want to offer something pocket-sized but useful and fun. The therapeutic benefits of fidget spinners can also include reducing levels of stress and anxiety which can make all the difference when children are out and about with their parents or waiting in lines.


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Razor: Tempest Girls Bike (20-Inch)

A strong steel foundation and alloy wheels and brakes make the high quality Razor Tempest a sturdy model for a starter bike. At this age, girls are just beginning to master the kind of hand-eye coordination and strength it takes to ride and pedal a bike built to standard dimensions. The BMX style means the handlebars can spin around to mimic tricks. Much like the ones they see the pros pull off. The bike also includes pegs at the front and rear for more support.

The single-piece crank reduces the chance of separate pieces breaking and needing tedious replacing. Lacking in decorative flourishes, the labeling and design of the bike’s style suits tastes that are due to change as girls mature through this age range. Unlike when they like a show or character one day and hate it the next. A bike with minimal or neutral design won’t be such a challenge to their habit of changing interests.


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Talented Kidz: Authentic Rainbow Mega Refill

A craft kit like this works with a variety of looms from major brands. With thousands of pieces included in its contents, all kinds of DIY craft projects can be completed with these supplies. When looms have been purchased separately, many children use up all the stock supplies through trial-and-error and the first rush of excitement for a new toy. After that, the pieces and parts need new and better craft supplies to work with. This collection includes a huge variety for multiple projects.

Bright and vibrantly multi-colored rubber bands, charms, hooks, stickers, beads and clips. These can all be mixed and matched to create brand new DIY jewelry and accessories with or without a bracelet loom. Trading between friends or making gifts for each other adds to the benefits gained from a toy. It works on many levels, like with skill-sets from fine motor needs to creative expression.


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