The Best Gifts And Toys For 8 Year Old Boys In 2021

Eight-year-old boys are bright, inquisitive and eager to explore. They’re starting to leave behind “little kid” games and toys and gravitate towards adult-like interests and hobbies. As a boy turns eight, he’s also becoming more aware of himself and others. He enjoys engaging in competition with peers both physically and mentally and seeing what skills he has relative to others. If you’re choosing gifts and toys for 8 year old boys, here are a few guidelines to ensure it’s a hit, as well as some reviews of top-rated toys.


Tips On Choosing Gifts And Toys For 8 Year Old Boys

Make sure they can use the toy with minimal adult assistance

Kids this age will flock towards toys that give them a sense of mastery or accomplishment. Look for toys that have enough complexity to challenge his growing attention span, but that also include clear, age-appropriate instructions so that he’ll be able to reach his goals without asking for help.


Look for toys that encourage outdoor play

Screens are omnipresent these days, but eight-year-old boys have boundless energy that is best used running and playing outside. This keeps them healthy and helps them develop gross motor skills. Look for toys that will help him set the screen down for a while and breathe some fresh air instead.


Check that the toy is well built and sturdy

Though eight-year-olds are better able to control their actions than younger children, it’s important to choose deluxe or sturdy toys and activities that are built to keep up with your active kid so as to avoid frustration.


Look for toys that can foster social relationships

Social relationships are becoming more and more important at this age. Boys are interested in running with the pack and figuring out where they stand in relation to others, what their talents are and how to relate to peers. Choose toys that two or more kids could easily play with together to develop teamwork, cooperation and self-control.


Reviews Of Top Rated Gifts And Toys For 8 Year Old Boys

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Klutz is a well-known brand of book-based activity kits that encourage creativity. The Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit is a great toy for kids. Particularly those who are getting bored with LEGO model building kits and are ready for a new challenge. The DIY kit includes instructions and materials to build ten different machines. These include a seesaw and ramp, a pulley and bucket and a funnel ramp. The machines have a nice range in complexity. They can be used on their own or combined to make elaborate chain reactions that accomplish feats like launching a small piece of paper into the trash or ringing a bell.

A lot of careful thought has been put into the book to make sure kids don’t get frustrated if they run into problems. There are troubleshooting notes to consult if you get stuck. There are also suggestions for brick substitutions if you don’t have the exact LEGO bricks listed. It is important to note, however, that this kit is designed for kids who already have a substantial collection of LEGOs.

If your child doesn’t already have a pile of LEGOs at home, you’ll also need to purchase a large set of bricks in order for him to use this kit. The included book also explains the physics behind each of the machines. Kids will get great hands-on experience with engineering concepts like energy, momentum, levers and pulleys.


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National Geographic Break Open 10 Geodes

This exciting earth science kit has everything you need to delight a budding geologist. It includes ten unique, hand-selected, 100% natural geodes, safety goggles, three display stands and a 16 page learning guide in full color. All you need is a hammer and a little patience to crack open the rocks and discover the beautiful crystals inside. Part of the fun is the surprise: each geode is unique, and the crystals inside could be quartz, fluorite, calcite or even amethyst.

Use the learning guide to identify and study your crystals and learn how they form. The display stands are an excellent way to show off these stunning geodes to family and friends.

This kit provides a great experience for kids, but it does lack longevity. Geodes are exciting to open and may inspire a lasting interest in earth science concepts, but this is not the kind of gift that will keep kids occupied over an extended period of time. They do get to keep some rather spectacular crystals though. The experience from the experiment may be short, but the memories will last with the permanency of the crystals, and any budding geologist will get a taste for the hands on element of the science.


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GILI STEM Construction Kit

By the time kids are eight years old they’ve likely worked with a lot of building kits and toys, but this kit will provide a new level of fun and learning with the added feature of moving parts and gears. The kit includes 361 building blocks and gears, an easy-to-follow manual and four tires. The manual provides clear and concise instructions for a model propeller plane and model dump truck, or kids can let their imagination run wild to build countless other creations. There is much fun to be had with this STEM building kit.

Open-ended building toys help kids develop divergent thinking, problem solving skills and spatial awareness. As well as developing physical fine-motor skills. All pieces of these STEM toys are made with non-toxic plastic and made to last.


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LEGO Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter

Star Wars fans will be transported with this high-quality LEGO Star Wars model set. Once completed, your child will be able to explore the galaxy like the Rebel Alliance from Rogue One. In addition to the pieces needed to build the fighter, minifigures of Bistan, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, a U-Wing pilot and a Storm Trooper are all included. The Lego set U-Wing fighter features a cockpit that opens, side doors with pull-out stud shooters, front dual spring-loaded shooters and huge wings that extend. The extending wings enlarge the model and make an impressive display.

As always, this DIY Lego building set is compatible with all LEGO construction sets so kids can make new and creative combinations. With 659 pieces, this set is sure to be an awesome challenge for any eight-year-old LEGO Star Wars aficionado whether they build it alone or with a friend.


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KD Interactive Aura Drone with Glove Controller

This glove-controlled drone from Aura Interactive is a great gift idea and a great way to introduce your kids to the concept of flight. The drone is not controlled with a traditional joystick or a complicated remote control. Instead, you use the included glove. The glove must be calibrated to the drone before your child takes his or her first flight. After that, simple hand motions can be used to fly the drone and perform several fun tricks.

The drone itself is built to be as safe as possible. It has a large plastic cage to prevent accidental injuries or damage. The cage will keep the propellers protected and cause the drone to bounce right off the obstacle. The drone is limited in what it can do. Your kid won’t be able to fly it to great heights or force the device to fly where it isn’t supposed to, which is a bonus really.


  • Built-in height and distance limits
  • Controlled with included gesture glove
  • Fans are caged for safety
  • Automatic takeoff, hovering, and landing features
  • Can perform stunts


  • Can be difficult to learn


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Bit 2.0 Coding Robot Starter Pack

It’s no small wonder that this mini robot, which seamlessly combines learning with fun, is used in STEM curricula in thousands of schools nationwide. The starter pack comes with an OzoCode chart and over 20 games and activities for hours of open ended play. Draw OzoBot color codes on paper or a tablet to make Bit follow your commands. These commands include turning in different directions, spinning, speeding up and more. Once kids master the color coding, they can move onto free OzoBot apps and the OzoBlockly editor, which teaches block based programming. These apps area available on most Android and Apple devices.

When kids learn how to code, they practice higher-order thinking skills. They also gain a skill that may give them greater opportunities in the future. Bit is pocket-sized for portability but loaded with cool features like a polycarbonate shell, USB charging, LED light and optical sensors. With so many options and levels, this robot is sure to provide hours of educational entertainment. It is suitable for a wide variety of ages.


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Criss Angel Ultimate Magic Kit

Kids will amaze their friends and family with tricks and illusions performed with the help of this kit. The props needed to perform over 550 magic tricks are included which makes this a great starter package for kids to explore the world of magic. In the instructional DVD, TV’s talented MINDFREAK magician Criss Angel teaches kids all they need to know to get started. Simple tricks such as the classic game/trick Cups and Balls are covered as well as more complicated illusions such as Christopher’s Nightmare.

Performing magic tricks can boost kids’ confidence and self-esteem, as well as improve their public speaking skills. Learning magic tricks can also develop eight-year-olds’ problem-solving abilities and creativity. Magic is often a great interest for eight-year-olds and this kit is a perfect introduction. Mastering these tricks us much more fun than a standard board game!


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Snap Circuit SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit

A hands-on and fun way to learn about electricity, this kit includes over 60 color-coded, real circuit components. These can be used to make over 300 projects. The instruction manual, which features large color illustrations and simple directions, arranges the projects in order of complexity. Kids can build on previous skills to accomplish more difficult science experiments and projects.

At the beginning, kids learn how a light and switch works, but they soon progress on to more interesting devices. These include items such as a radio, an alarm and a delayed-action fan. The pieces snap together with ease on the kit’s plastic grid and include snap wires. A slide switch, a resistor, a microphone and capacitors are also included.

Although the instructions are very clear and well-written, the book misses the opportunity to explain why and how electricity works. Kids will learn which pieces to place where in order to make the project. However, they won’t learn the scientific principles of electricity that are being used to power their creations. However, it should give them a head start for when they learn this in Science or Physics at school. All this considered, this is still a great toy that has won many awards such as The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.


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Razor E-100 Electric Scooter

It’s common to have to choose between a skateboard and a scooter at this age. In this case, we’ve gone for an awesome scooter. Boys will love the thrill and excitement of this scooter! It boasts a hand operated front brake, twist grip acceleration control, a simple kick start motor and the ability to reach speeds up to ten miles per hour. Kids will gain balance and develop fine and gross motor skills as they maneuver the scooter throughout the neighborhood. The motor is also chain-driven and ultra-quiet so your neighbors won’t complain. In fact, they might ask for a turn to ride it! The battery is rechargeable and takes about 12 hours to fully charge for approximately 40 minutes of continuous ride time.


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Kano Computer Kit

“A computer anyone can build” is Kano Computer Kit’s tagline, and believe it or not, it’s true. Kids follow a simple storybook that takes them step by step to ultimately build their own computer. Along the way, kids learn valuable lessons about sound, power, pixels and processors. As they gain more and more skills, they can go on to learn coding, app development, and website creation. Once built, there is so much for them to do and engage with. They can learn how to create art and music, and even learn how to code in Minecraft!

Besides the huge learning opportunities, Kano’s big appeal is that they have designed this kit so that kids can do it without adult assistance thus giving them the chance to gain confidence and independence. Kano Computer Kit plugs into an HDMI screen and also includes lifetime care and a one year warranty.


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Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

With the Harry Potter coding kit from Kano, your child can learn the basics of coding without even realizing it. The kit is designed to teach youngsters about programming fundamentals in a fun and exciting way. Fans of the Harry Potter universe will appreciate the attention to detail. Instead of spending hours in front of a computer, your kid can use the included plastic wand and a compatible mobile device to have hours of fun. It’s one of the coolest STEM toys out there just now, great for also developing hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.

The kit includes a plastic want and a circuit board that you have to put together. A detailed manual will walk you the setup process step by step. After downloading the application, your child can start programming physical wand movements. These movements will cause changes within the mobile app, creating an immersive play experience.


  • Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices
  • Comes with plastic wand and circuit board
  • Over 70 coding challenges
  • Responds to physical motions – great for developing hand-eye coordination
  • Immersive games
  • Educational
  • Uses Bluetooth


  • App may be unstable on older devices


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NERF Fortnite TS-R Blaster & Llama Targets — Pump Action Blaster, 3 Llama Targets, 8 Official Mega Darts (Amazon Exclusive)

There are two best toys for 8 year old boys, that are commonplace and classic. Those are Nerf blasters and the video game Fortnite. Well the clever people at Nerf have caught on to this and released the outstanding Nerf Fortnite TS-R Blaster with Llama Targets and Mega Darts. The Llama is a classic character from the Fortnite game. This marriage between the brands has resulted in one of the best gifts for 8 year old boys to be released in a long time. Officially this Nerf gun is released in October 2020 as an Amazon exclusive.

The Nerf Fortnite TS-R Blaster comes with 8 Mega Darts, and can be loaded with 4 at a time. The pump action is hand-powered, so no nee for batteries. There is storage for 4 additional darts in the stock of the gun. The Nerf blaster also comes with 3 free standing Llama targets for your young boy to practice his aim. He could even get a little competition going with any siblings or a whole family game! You may wish to invest in some extra Nerf Elite darts though. While the gun does come with 8, that doesn’t leave many spares if any go missing. All in all, this Fortnite Nerf gun makes a great gift for young boys. Easy to use and inspires imaginative play.

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