Top 10 Best Guitar Accessories Every Guitar Case Should Carry – 2021

Guitar accessories not only improve and enhance performance and sound, but they are also essential tools for last minute difficulties or problems that might affect critical gigs, practice sessions, and instruction time with beginners. Most guitar accessories are small and light weight while others are a bit larger but with the right guitar case, there should be room to accommodate any of the following essential ten accessories for every guitar case.


Top 10 Best Guitar Accessories Reviewed

1. Elixir Strings Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB Coating

The most important accessory item that any guitar player should carry is a complete set of guitar strings. Full set Elixir Strings, with their NANOWEB coating, bring distinctive phosphor bronze warmth to the strings, which shield the entire set. The steel strings are rust resistant, which inhibits tone-deadening corrosion and ensures longer life for the strings. With Elixir Strings there will be no breaks in the music with this number one acoustic guitar string set, which maintain their tone longer than any other coated or uncoated string, plus they provide consistent performance, a smooth feel and minimization of noisy finger syndrome. Elixir also provides a wide range of gauges for their guitar strings, so there are many choices available.

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2. Planet Waves Pro Winder String Winder and Cutter

A string winder is a simple tool that belongs in a guitar case. It gives you the capacity to unwind strings quickly, plus it allows for pulling out bridge pins if they get stuck, and the cutter makes it easy to clip strings as it cleanly snips through the strings and gets close to the peg head. The peg remover option allows you to just place the device under the peg and the peg comes out without any effort. The convenient design of the Pro-Winder eases string changes with its built-in clippers, bridge pin puller, and peg winders that are all combined into this all-in-one winning winder. The Pro Winder is well built, comfortable to hold, and is designed to fit on almost all guitars, banjos, and mandolins. It definitely deserves a reserved spot in a guitar case.


3. Snark SN-5 Clip-on Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin

A tuner is a necessity for every guitar case. No “ear” is tuned so finely that it can’t use a little help from a tuner, and the Snark SN-5 Clip-on Tuner is an easy to use clip on device that is perfect for tuning a guitar, bass or violin. The full color display tuner is simply attached either to the front or back of the headstock/ peghead (flat like piece of wood at the head of the guitar), a string is plucked by the player, and the Snark SN-5 tuner screen displays the closest note to what has been played. The tuner determines whether the frequency is a little above or below the proper frequency. It works by vibrations so it’s not affected by noisy areas, people talking or other instruments, and the tuner display itself rotates 360 degrees so it can be easily seen.

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4. Kyser Quick Change Guitar Capo

Here is another top accessory to include in your guitar case that can turn you into a pro in an instant. A capo is designed to be clamped down across the fingerboard of the guitar at a particular fret, which shortens the length of the strings and creates higher pitches, and in effect bring changes to the key of a song or music piece. The popular Kyser Quick Change is constructed of strong, yet light weight aluminum, and it easily pops on and off with its spring-tension design. It clamps firmly to the fret and holds the intonation, but it can be easily and quickly released and positioned elsewhere without interfering with the tuning. The Kyser Quick Change is comfortably used with one hand and it doesn’t interfere with fingering, plus the pads are non abrasive to the guitar or its finish.


5. Dunlop PVP101 Pick Variety Pack, Assorted, Light/Medium, 12/Player’s Pack and Dunlop 5005 Scotty’s Pickholder.

You can never have enough picks, plus you can never have enough different types of picks to add to your guitar case. With various sizes and thicknesses, you can use them in different situations where you might need one that allows you to play more aggressively than normal. The Dunlop PVP101 Pick Variety Pack gives you options to choose from in light to medium assortments. A pick holder is a necessary accessory as well. You don’t want to dig around in a guitar case looking for loose picks. The Dunlop 5005 Scotty’s Pickholder is the perfect receptacle for the Dunlop Variety Pack as the device is made of durable plastic, spring loaded and has an adhesive backing that allows for placing the holder almost anywhere.


6. Taylor Guitars Truss Rod Wrenches

A specific truss rod tool is another necessity for a guitar case, even if it isn’t utilized that often, to adjust the neck of most guitars, which is the adjustable metal rod that goes down the inside of the center of the neck area of the guitar. Adjustment is made through the nut at the headstock or where the neck joins the body. Taylor Guitars Truss Rod Wrenches are the easy answer to adjustments with its ¼ inch nut driver on the one end and a Phillips screwdriver on the other end. This quality all-in-one tool does the job as the handle length provides enough leverage to enable truss rod adjustment, and the right angle of the handle makes accessibility to the nut area cavity a clear shot. The truss rod would be suitable for most guitar brands requiring a ¼ inch socket and a right-angled handle.


7. Oasis Case Humidifier – OH6

It may not seem that important, but a guitar case humidifier may just be one of the more important items to include in a guitar case, as it regulates the humidity of the entire case without having to place something on or in the guitar. You don’t want a damaged guitar because of moisture level variations, and the Oasis Case Humidifier is the right accessory to monitor that aspect. It is simply attached to the inside of the flat guitar case through magnetic technology (neodymium magnets)that includes a stainless steel, belt style clip that fits over the side of the case in either a vertical or horizontal position. It can be easily moved about the case and reattached in other areas as well. Included with the humidifier is a 10cc syringe that helps with filling or refilling the humidifier with distilled water.


8. Planet Waves Microfiber Polish Cloth

A microfiber cleaning cloth frees your guitar finish of smudges and fingerprints, and it gets rid of the oils left on the strings through a player’s fingers. This process increases the life of the strings as well, and the Planet Waves Microfiber Polish Cloth is the perfect polishing cloth accessory for the maintenance of a guitar with or without polishes or other instruments. The cloth is made of long lasting, double napped cotton flannel; attracts and traps dust, dirt and oil with ultra-fine fibers, and acts like a magnet for stains and other debris. There are both regular and pre-treated choices with this polish cloth.


9. CooperStand PRO-G PRO-G Guitar Stand

Every guitar needs a stand to rest on and the CooperStand PRO-G Guitar Stand meets those requirements. It works well with electric and acoustic guitars as well as bass guitars and banjos. This stand is sturdy, plus it easily opens and closes using one hand and fits perfectly in the headstock section of most guitar cases. It folds up for traveling ease yet when unfolded it is strong enough to support a guitar and other instruments. With its transportability and ease of use, the CooperStand is a convenience that excites most guitar players. The stand’s simple, innovative, attractive and functional design has made it easy to display a guitar in full view for all to see and admire.


10. Protec Guitar Strap with Leather Ends and Pick Pocket

Most every guitar player wants a comfortable strap for easy playing, and so does a guitar case for easy storage. Protec‘s unique strap design provides adjustable length, quality leather ends, a pocket for a pick for instant access, and sturdy nylon webbing that is dirt and stain resistant. The strap is 2 inches wide and at its shortest adjustable length measures approximately 32 inches, and at its longest adjustable length measures approximately 54 inches, so with this sizing the strap is suitable for all kinds of players. This affordable Protec strap has the snugness to keep the strap anchored to your guitar and won’t leave you or your guitar hanging by a strap.