Ten Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors In 2021

Makeup mirrors are a critical element of day to day life, and not just to the makeup enthusiast. All over the world on a daily basis, people wake up to bed hair, drool encrusted chins and sleepy eyes, rushing to get themselves and maybe even the kids ready for the day ahead. Whether you’re doing intricate shading on your cheek bones or simply applying eye cream, having the best lighted makeup mirror can make all the difference to how you look and feel when you leave your home. Be it for work or for play.

It is through the makeup mirror that you craft that first impression you want to make, that look of vitality or that spark in your eye that gives you the best look for any moment. Choosing the best lighted makeup mirrors is a process that requires keen attention to detail. Size, shape, illumination power (especially for those shady darker hours), compatibility and functionality are all things that need to be considered in their own right.

It doesn’t have to be a stressful decision though, especially when we’ve taken all the hard work out of searching for that perfect mirror. Our guide here gives you some tips on selecting the right mirror for you, and provides a selection of what we believe are the best lighted makeup mirrors you can buy today. So let’s get started!


Tips for Selecting The Best Lighted Makeup Mirror.

The best-lighted makeup mirror will have the following features:


When it comes to makeup, the best mirror should offer a clear reflection. It is important particularly as it helps eliminate the chances of applying makeup unevenly.


A clear, well-magnified reflection is of great use when applying your makeup. A makeup mirror should have a magnified resolution that enhances the finer details of your face for easy application. The standard magnification for makeup mirrors is 5x.


Clear, distortion-free light with flexible features to simulate daylight will come in handy for the makeup lover. One with light settings to simulate office lighting or evening shades is also a good option. It helps you apply the most appropriate hue for the precise moment.


Reviews for the Ten Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors.


1. Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror.

This highly rated product is not only a stylish piece on the vanity table, but it also brings unparalleled efficiency. It is fitted with a Next Generation LED lighting system that will simulate natural light. The lighting system will give you a soft, bright light that will last longer.

The lights are adjusted and controlled by a humanized switch design system. The lights control system is made possible by a touch sensor switch on the mirror. The lighting system has a battery power option and a cable supply option.

Since makeup is all about capturing the subtle details, the soft light is enhanced by the distortion-free 10x magnification spot mirror, which is portable. This brings the finest details up close for the perfect touch.
The Gotofine mirror is designed to last, made from a durable material and resistant to scratch. It also has a rotating stand and can be secured in any position within an 180-degree angle.




2. KEDSUM Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror.

If you are looking for a lighted makeup mirror that doubles up as a bathroom vanity mirror, this item might be worth checking out. Fitted with a 10x magnification and a natural LED lighting system, you will be getting the best visuals for your perfect makeup. The lighting system is made up of fourteen LED lights that are battery powered and will provide a well spread soft light to enable you to focus better on your face.

The Kedsum mirror has a strong suction cup that firmly holds on to any surface, and it can rotate a full 360 degrees. One of the features of this mirror is the size. It is five inches in diameter and eight inches tall. This means that you do not have to strain or bend to see your reflection.

The Kedsum mirror is fully portable and is powered by three AAA size batteries. It folds up to take less than a half square foot of space.It is also lightweight, and will not be a burden when you are traveling.




3. Fancii Lighted Makeup Mirror.

If you want a compact, stylish and efficient lighted mirror, this one might catch your eye. It is a 10x magnification power piece, with natural daylight LED lighting system and fitted with a locking suction cup for secure attachment.
The mirror has been designed for optimal performance, with a 360-degree rotation and a clear magnification that will allow you unrivaled precision as you apply your makeup.

The Fancii mirror is fully portable and comes with a carry pouch. Its square design mirror allows for easy stowing away in your handbag, and when folded fits in perfectly. And it has a full guarantee from the manufacturer.




4. Miusco Lighted Makeup Mirror.

This mirror is a seamless fusion of exemplary precision and stylish design. It comes fitted with a LED lighting system that simulates natural white daylight. The large size optical mirror coupled with the 15x magnification pocket mirror will provide you with fine closeup reflections of your face for the best makeup experience. It has a 360-degree viewing angle and is activated with a single touch.

The mirror is primarily powered by four AA-size batteries, and can also be powered up using a computer USB cable.A great feature of this mirror is the automatic switch off function, where the lighting automatically turns off after fifteen minutes. That is a great energy saving concept for this mirror, and the brightness control feature where you can dim the light using the activation button is also a great feature.




5. Krasr Touch Screen Lighted Makeup Mirror.

The Krasr Lighted makeup mirror is a highly rated item that stays true to its fame. The mirror is fitted with twenty LED lights that are adjustable. The adjustable lights feature allows you to touch up your makeup even in poorly lit areas comfortably. The lighting system is battery powered, and the mirror comes with four long service life AAA batteries. There is a spot mirror with 10x magnification that enables you to see the fine features of your face for the perfect touch.

The mirror can be rotated 180 degrees and has a large screen for full face views at various angles.The lights are operated using a touch sensor ON/OFF switch. The same button is also used to adjust the lighting by long pressing for a few seconds. It is a function that will give you the control over the lighting so that you can get the best out of the mirror.

The mirror is designed to last, with a scratch resistant, extra thick ABS plastic cover. It is also heat and fingerprint resistant.




6. KEDSUM Rechargeable Lighted Makeup Mirror.

A combination of style and quality, this highly rated product is worth your attention. It sports unique features that are designed to improve your comfort. Fitted with twenty-four vanity ring LED lights that are spread around the magnified mirror, it will allow you to touch up or apply your makeup even in dark areas. It is a tall mirror, which means less bending for you. The 5x magnification puts your face in closeup view, enabling you to easily apply makeup with access to the finer details of your face.

For you to get the perfect look without having to move around your makeup stand, this mirror can be rotated 360 degrees. You will not have to keep worrying about batteries because they fitted it with rechargeable ones, charged via micro USB.




7. CLAYDORE’S Wireless Touch Activated LED Lighted Makeup Mirror.

For the makeup enthusiast who wants a unique design that does not compromise the critical features of a lighted makeup mirror, this product from Claydore is certainly worth checking out.

It sports a well-designed magnification of up to 5x that allows a perfect and clear view of the facial features without having to strain. The lighting system is touch activated and is soft and balanced for optimal comfort.The mirror is powered by AAA batteries, and you can forget the hassle of cords and outlets. The mirror is fitted with strong suction that firmly attaches to almost every surface. This feature allows you to touch up your makeup anywhere. The swivel and tilt features enable you to adjust your view with ease.It is fully portable and even comes with a stylish padded bag that is zippered to keep it safe when traveling.




8.Charmax Lighted Makeup Mirror.

If you are looking for a lighted makeup mirror that will easily attach to any surface for a fast touch up, this would be a worthy consideration. It is a stylish mirror that provides natural light through energy efficient LED lighting system.The magnification is also optimized for precision, and it provides up to 10x magnification for clarity and fine view.

It is cordless, battery powered and has a 360-degree swivel feature for flexibility. The strong suction ensures a firm grip on almost any surface, and you will not have to worry about where to fix it. It even comes with a velvet carrying bag, and a full money back guarantee just in case you need it.




9. Sanheshun Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror.

It is designed for the traveling makeup enthusiast; this lighted mirror offers some of the best features in a compact package. It is illuminated by 16 LED lights that provide a soft, natural and bright light for precision. It has a powerful suction mount, and this mirror can be attached anywhere for use.The large 6-inch mirror offers up to 10x magnification for a clear and fine view. You can quickly change the view angle with the 360-degree swivel feature, and the lights can be switched on and off, and brightness adjusted by tapping or holding the switch.




10. Beautural Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror.

The combination of essential features and affordable price make this product one of the bestsellers in its category. It has a circular LED lighting system that provides soft, natural white light and 10x magnification.These two features combined will give you the finest view of your face for precision in applying makeup.It has a swivel function that allows 360 degrees rotation, and a strong suction to securely mount it for use, which adds to the ease of use and your comfort. It is powered by three AAA size batteries and is sufficiently compact for portability.