Best Longbow For Sale – Guide & Reviews – 2021

Longbows play a very important role in the history of man. They were one of the earliest hunting tools created, which ultimately helped pave the way to civilization and industry. While most hunters nowadays use rifles and ammunition to take down their prey, there’s something magical about using the same technology that our early ancestors did.

The art of using a longbow has not been lost. Archery enthusiasts and primitive hunters still take advantage of the versatility and fun these weapons offer. The skill is still performed on the professional level too. Let’s face it, if the power all went off tomorrow, it’s a pretty great survival skill to have under your belt. If you’re in the market for a new longbow, you’re in luck. We have collected some of the best longbow for sale options on the market today.


Best Longbow For Sale – Reviews

Southland Archery Supply SAS Pioneer Traditional Wood Long Bow

At the top of our list is this longbow from Southland Archery Supply. The SAS longbow is a versatile model that can be used by adults or youth archery enthusiasts. That’s because it comes in draw weights as low as 35 pounds. The limbs of the bow are made out of maple. Fiberglass is used on both sides for structural integrity. In the middle, the riser is made out of solid wood that has been combined to create an attractive pattern.


  • Limbs made out of maple lamination and fiberglass
  • 68 inches long
  • Sculpted riser made out of exotic wood species
  • Draw weight options between 35 and 60 pounds


  • No left hand option
  • No arrow rest


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Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Hunting Long Bow

This longbow has a very traditional look. It takes on a flatbow design and incorporates a sculpted riser to provide a better grip. The thing that sets this bow apart is that the tips are reinforced. This allows you to use Fast Flight string for taking down game from great distances. The bow comes with a shelf pad already installed. It’s available in left or righthand builts and various draw weights as well.


  • Available as left hand and right hand bow
  • Draw weight between 25 and 60 pounds
  • Measures 68 inches in length
  • Shelf pad preinstalled
  • Compatible with Flemish string and Fast Flight string
  • Reinforced tips


  • Might be too powerful for beginners


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Bear Archery Montana Longbow

Bear Archery’s Montana longbow has been a beloved favorite among hunters for over 20 years. It’s not constructed out of pure wood like some traditional models. Instead, the limbs are manufactured with a unique lamination process that combines the strength of maple with the flexibility of fiberglass. The same maple is used on the riser. Though, it’s covered in leather for comfort and grip.


  • Measures 64 inches long
  • Backed with fiberglass
  • Riser made out of maple
  • Genuine leather grip
  • Comes with Dynaflight Flemish string


  • Prone to cracking around grip


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AF Archery Handmade Laminated Traditional American Longbow

Whether you decide to display this option or use it out on the field, it’s a worthy investment. The bow is beautifully designed and effortlessly combined bamboo with flexible fiberglass. The riser is sculpted to fit in your hand comfortably. It takes on a black walnut stain that brings out the natural grain patters of the bamboo.


  • Approximately 60 inches long
  • 32-inch draw length
  • 30 to 55 pound draw length
  • Made out of fiberglass and bamboo
  • Sculpted riser


  • Not suitable for takedown
  • Not available for alternate hand


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October Mountain Products Sierra Longbow

With its reinforced tip and draw weight up to 60 pounds, this bow can be used for hunting game big and small. The bow can also be used with Faster Flight string for more precision and power. The bulk of the bow is made out of hard maple and walnut. However, clear fiberglass is used to reinforce the limbs. The transparency of the fiberglass helps to disguise it and bring out the wood’s natural finish.


  • Measures 68 inches long
  • Made of hard maple and walnut
  • Clear fiberglass
  • Reinforced tip
  • Draw weight between 40 and 60 pounds
  • Available as Left Hand Longbow or Right Hand Longbow


  • Not available for alternate hand


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Damon Howatt Savannah Stealth Archery Bow

If you’re looking for a traditional bow, this option from Damon Howatt may be for you. Unlike some other modern bows, this model does not incorporate fiberglass in it at all. It’s made entirely out of hemlock and zebrawood. The unique materials add durability without sacrificing performance. The bow features slight deflex on the tips, providing more power and accuracy for hunting.


  • Slight deflex shape
  • Made of hemlock and zebrawood
  • Measures 62 inches long
  • Reinforced tip
  • Draw weight between 40 and 60 pounds


  • Limited draw weight options
  • Riser may not be comfortable to use


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ArcheryMax Handmade Mongolian Style Longbow

The ArcheryMax longbow has a traditional Mongolian design. It offers the same quiet performance as an English longbow. However, the unique shape provides power and accuracy that’s similar to that of a horsebow. The bow is made out of beechwood and features a fiberglass belly for more flexibility.


  • Up to 80-pound draw weight
  • Can be used right or left handed
  • Measures 56 inches long
  • Made out of beechwood, fiberglass, and leather
  • Draw weight between 40 and 60 pounds


  • No arrow rest


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Mandarin Duck Black Hunter Take Down Long Bow

This traditional American longbow is ideal for hunting. Despite being a longbow, it offers enough power and accuracy to hunt prey with ease. The core of the bow is made out of bamboo. However, sandwiching the wood is a fiberglass laminate. The bow comes with string, a spanner, and an arrow rest.


  • Bamboo core
  • Fiberglass laminate
  • Measures 60 inches
  • Draw weight between 30 and 60 pounds
  • Includes arrow rest


  • Requires assembly


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I-Sport Handmade Traditional Wood Longbow

Next up is the longbow from iSport. It’s a great option for beginners. The bow is available with a draw weight as low as 20 pounds and as high as 35 pounds. To help with your training, the bow comes with a standard bow silencer. It helps to minimize the string’s vibrations, eliminating as much unnecessary noise as possible.


  • Made out of beech, black walnut, ashtree, and sandalwood
  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with silencer
  • 52 inches long


  • Only goes up to 35 pounds for draw weight
  • No alternate hand version


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AF 20-55LBS Handmade Traditional Crimea Tartar Bow

This bow is another great option from AF. It’s a relatively simple bow that offers great performance. The limbs are made out of bamboo and ashwood that has been laminated together. Surrounding the wood core is two layers of fiberglass. This construction process produces a solid bow that provides enough flexibility to shoot at fast speeds.


  • Approximately 50 inches long
  • Made of fiberglass, bamboo, and ashwood
  • Leather-wrapped riser
  • Draw weight up to 55 pounds


  • Louder than traditional longbow
  • Simple riser grip design


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How to Identify a Longbow

If you’re not familiar with traditional archery, it’s easy to mistake longbows for other tools. Most bows work on the same basic principles. At face value, longbows might look like the simplest. However, they’re actually one of the most distinct. Ultimately, it all comes down to size.

When most people picture a bow, they image a moderately sized weapon that they can easily handle. While this is true with traditional archery bows, longbows are considerably larger. In fact, most bows have the same height as the person using it. As the name would suggest, they have one of the longest bow lengths out of all archery weapons.

Another identifying trait of a longbow is its shape. When pulled to its full draw length, the shape of the tool is like a “D.” This is in stark contrast to a recurve bow. A recurve has a slight bend, making the tips point towards the archery target. When a recurve is pulled, those bends point straight up and down.

A longbow does not have this curve. The bowstrings aren’t directly attached to the ends of limb, resulting in a unique draw shape.

How Longbows Compare

These tools are considered to be traditional weaponry that dates back even before medieval times. While there are modern versions currently available, a lot of the performance features remain relatively unchanged. When compared to crossbows, recurve bows, and compound bows, they offer a much different shooting experience.

The primary difference is distance. When compared to a recurve, longbows can be used to shoot at much farther. This is because they have a higher draw weight. Recurves are focused on power and accuracy. Longbows are all about stealth and skill.

Another reason why you might want to consider using a longbow for stealth hunts is that they’re considerably quieter than other options. If you have ever used a recurve, you’re probably familiar with that signature “snap” sound. This comes from the vibration of the string against the ends of the bow. With a longbow, that contact doesn’t exist. So, they are virtually silent in the field.

What To Consider When Buying A Longbow

Whether you have years of experience with an archery longbow or you’re just starting to learn the ropes, it’s important to take time and consideration when you’re choosing your bow. These tools are simple in terms of design. However, they take a lot of skill to master. Even one small issue can affect your performance and safety. The goal is to choose a bow that serves your archery style and needs well. To find it, consider the following.


Traditional longbows are made out of solid woods. You’ll come across options made out hickory, cedar, red oak, and more. The quality of the wood can affect the bows performance and accuracy. You need a solid material that’s tough enough to withstand the constant buildup of pressure and release. However, the wood should be flexible enough to rebound and retain its shape.

If you’re looking for a modern alternative to wood, you will likely encounter options that incorporate fiberglass. Fiberglass bows offer a nice balance between flexibility and rigidity. To seasoned archers, fiberglass does not provide the same levels reliability as solid oak. However, the material is commonly used for casual equipment and youth bows.

In addition to paying attention to the material of the bow itself, examine the riser. Risers can also be made of wood or fiberglass. Some feature a rubberized coating or leather for better grip as well.

Draw Length

The draw length refers to the distance between the riser and the nock point, which is where you will be holding the bowstring. To get the most power and distance possible, you need to ensure that the draw length matches your capabilities. A more flexible bow may result in a bigger draw than one that’s more difficult to pull.

If you’re already an archer, measure your draw distance prior to shopping for a longbow to guide you in the right direction. If you’re unsure about what your draw length is, you can grab a friend and take a few measurements. Just stretch out your arms to each side and make a “T” pose. Then, have someone measure the distance between the tips of your middle fingers. Take that figure and divide it by 2.5 to get your draw length.

Draw Weight

Next up, you should consider the draw weight. This is a measurement that reflects how difficult the bowstring is to pull back. Many factors go into this measurement. However, the biggest is the quality of the wood and how the bow is made.

Draw weight is just a matter of personal preference. Typically, longbows have a higher draw weight than a deflex bow or flatbow. They can start at 15 pounds and go all the way up to 80 pounds or more. If you’re looking to a takedown longbow, you may want to stick to the higher end of the spectrum to achieve greater power.

Brace Height

The height of the brace is directly related to the speed that you can achieve when taking a shot. This is the distance from the deepest part of the bow’s curve to the taught string when it’s not being pulled. In most cases, this measurement will be approximately a twelfth of the overall length of your bow.

String Type

Next up, it’s important to think about the type of string the bow uses. There are a few different types of strings available for longbows. The first is a flemish string. It can be characterized by its braided loops. Using a stringer, you can simply slide the loop through the ends of the bow. Your other option is an endless loop. To attach this kind of string, you must wrap another material around the bow.

Finally, there’s a Fast Flight string, which is predominantly used for hunting. Not all longbows can accommodate this string, so examine your options carefully if you’re planning to go hunting. For most applications, the Flemish loop is suitable.

Archery or Hunting?

There are several different types of longbows for sale available. The way you plan on using the tool can help you determine which one is right for you. A weapon that will be used for bowfishing or bow hunting is going to have a higher draw weight and more power than one that’s to be used on the archery field.

Extra Accessories

Finally, think about whether or not you want to buy a bow with additional accessories or now. Many bow packages are already strung and ready to go once you get them. They may come with bow cases, stabilizers, armguards, and more. While these are great for beginners, they don’t offer a lot in terms of customization. If you’re already experienced, you may want to go with the “less is more” approach when purchasing your new bow.


While they were once used for hunting and war, most of the best longbows for sale today are tools for sports and games. They’re not as easy to use as they appear. For many people, truly mastering the art of using a longbow takes several years. However, once you get there, it’s a skill that you can enjoy for years to come. The first step is to buy yourself a high-quality longbow that offers impeccable performance and lasting durability.