Top Ten Best Meal Subscription Boxes – 2021 Guide With Reviews

Meal subscription boxes have become so popular nowadays, for their easy recipes, pre-portioned ingredients, and door-step delivery. A meal subscription box will offer you a ready to prepare kits, which comprise of spices, recipes, and fresh ingredients to prepare a meal at home. Are you looking forward to cooking your own meal, but you are short on time, a meal subscription box will save you the trouble of meal planning or even grocery store trips.

Perhaps, you are an amateur and eager to cook your own meals, the meal subscription boxes will keep you eating well throughout the week. Nevertheless, the problem comes in making the decision on which meal subscription box is ideal for you. Choosing the best meal subscription box can be a daunting task, considering the many subscription options that are available nowadays.


Reliable Tips for Choosing a Meal Subscription Box

Affordability ought to be the number one factor of consideration; you do not want to subscribe to a meal box that you cannot sustain.

Schedule; some meal subscriptions are shipped daily, while others are shipped weekly and yet there are options for monthly delivery. Choose the one that aligns with your schedule.

Packages; it is important to have a clear information on what to expect from any meal subscription box. Does it include chopped or non-chopped ingredients? How about the nature of the ingredients – are they natural and fresh? Examine all the available options to settle for one that matches your needs.

Tastes and preferences; consider how the given subscription box meets your tastes and preferences. Why would you go for a box that specializes in Indian cuisine and flavors while you love Chinese flavors?


Top 10 Best Meal Subscription Box Reviews

Here are reviews of some of the most popular meal subscription boxes to guide you in choosing the best subscription box that will keep you engaged in the kitchen all week long.


1. Hello Fresh

The Hello Fresh recipes are some of the best recipes that are simple and approachable to make. This box comes with a special ingredient and in some cases, two, that add uniqueness and fun in comparison to other meal subscription boxes. The Hello Fresh allows you to freely download a number of their recipes in the form of PDFs.

They emphasize on the delivery of farm-fresh ingredients and tasty recipes. The recipes from Hello Fresh are often customized based on the preferences that you choose, which makes it convenient to offer you new meals every time. Additionally, they treat you to your convenience in that they allow the swapping of meals for other items listed on the menu, depending on your tastes and preferences. Above all, Hello Fresh has a “Difficulty Level” in which they ensure that the meals they offer to you align with your taste, as well as the comfort of your kitchen.

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2. Exotic Noods

The Exotic Noods is another meal subscription box that is designed to offer delicious specialty noodles from different parts of the world. The delivery for every month comprises a pack of delicious noodle treats that include four different styles, or flavors that have been taste tested by the company’s Ramen King. The Exotic Noods ensure that they give a special option of treats each month.

Some of the special treats that you are likely to get include a combination of broths such as Shoyu, Miso, Shio, Spicy Seafood, and Tonkotsu, among other exotic varieties. Additionally, you can get premium noodles that feature extremely traditional flavors such as chicken and beef.

Convenience is an important aspect of the Exotic Noods as they pack their products in quantities of either 4 or 8 and you can choose whether to have the Exotic Noodles Green, Black of Red packages. The Exotic Noodles Green is considered to be a combination of the best value of the Black and Red packages.

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3. Takeout Kit

In the event that you want to experience a global cooking adventure, the Takeout Kit will give you just that. This meal subscription box gives you the option of exploring the world through food. It combines some of the hard-to-find ingredients, creating flavorful meal recipes that stand out for their long shelf life of up to 2 months.

Do you often have unpredictable schedules? Or are you a graduate or college student? Or do you love date nights and expeditions? Then the Takeout Kit is ideal for you. With this kit, you can make a full meal for about 4 individuals. It includes a list of the important kitchen supplies, global ingredients of high quality, and a simple recipe card.

The Takeout Kit offers you a variety of suggestions in terms of drink pairings and optional add-ins to the provided packages. With this kit, you are assured of experiencing a fun-filled international cooking adventure.

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4. Freshly

Nutrient-rich, and all-natural meals describe the Freshly meal subscription box. They source ingredients of the highest quality and deliver them ready to eat at your door steps. Their idea is to ensure that they create food that is great in taste, healthy, and satisfying.

Meals from Freshly stand out due to the fact that that the food is prepared from natural ingredients, with no added preservatives, refined sugars, and do not use hydrogenated oils. Additionally, they deliver non-frozen and fresh foods at your doorsteps. This absolves you from the trouble of having to prepare the food yourself, hence, ideal if you are short on time.

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The BurgaBox delivers all the necessary ingredients, for making fries, mac & cheese, and burgers, to your kitchen. With this service, you have nothing to worry as far as cooking any of the listed delicacies is concerned since the ingredients come with easy-to-follow instructions.

Fresh ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions, Angus Beef certification, and freshness guarantee, are some of the factors that make the BurgaBox your ideal subscription meal box.

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6. Dinnerly

Dinnerly is ideal for individuals who have passion for homemade cooking and are not funs of overpriced products. Dinnerly offers its subscribers easy recipes alongside fresh ingredients. The plan is free style such that the subscribers can choose the delivery schedule.

What distinguishes Dinnerly from other meal kits is its use of a digital recipe. Additionally, Dinnerly dishes consist of few ingredients and this saves you the cleaning and chopping time, while at the same time, allowing you to enjoy a simple packaging.

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7. Saffron Fix

The Saffron Fix specializes in Indian flavors and cuisine. Subscribers of this meal box receive a package of chopped and fresh ingredients alongside a collection of spices that are not easy to find. Each month, Saffron Fix adds 6 new authentic recipes, bread and species of high quality. With the availability of pre-chopped ingredients, cooking is easy and fast.

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8. Homemade Meals

The Homemade subscription meal box is designed to offer subscribers family inspired recipes every week. The recipes are designed in such a way that they are ready to cook and come with detailed but simple instructions as well as tips. Ayesha Curry is the figure behind the inspiration of the Homemade Meals.

The Homemade package includes fresh ingredients, Ayesha Curry-created recipes, and family inspired meals that are ready to cook. Additionally, the meals are kid-friendly and feature the Supper Sisters. Unlike many other food kits, which are either shipped on daily basis or monthly, the Homemade meals are shipped once a week.

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9. Plated

Quality, flexibility and the ability to deliver food that subscribers will love are some of the outstanding features of Plated subscription meal box. Each week, Plated offers its subscribers a chance to choose their preferred recipes from a collection of 17 exciting recipes.

Plated gives a high priority to the subscribers’ tastes and preferences. As such, you only need to highlight your preferred food and your frequency of cooking and the rest is sorted out. They pack everything in an insulated box and delivers it on a weekly basis. Their recipes are easy to follow, making it convenient for any amateur as well as an experienced cook to prepare impressive dinners.

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10. Gobble

Most cooks hate the process of planning and preparing meals, as well as shopping for grocery. If you are in this category of these people, getting the Gobble meal box subscription will save you all the troubles associated with planning and preparing meals, or even shopping for grocery.

Gobble shops, chops, and delivers everything that you need for your meal at your doorsteps. The recipes are really simple to follow since they only involve 3 steps, and are meant for 1 pan cooking. With its flexibility, once you subscribe to Gobble, you have the option of changing selections, as well as rescheduling delivery based on your needs.

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