Best Nursing Pillow Buyers Guide And Reviews For 2021

Using a nursing pillow while you are breastfeeding can make the whole process a lot easier and more comfortable. Many nursing pillows not only can provide support and comfort while breastfeeding, they can also be used for tummy time and while your little one is learning to sit up. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best nursing pillow for you and a few reviews to help you start your search.


How Do You Use a Nursing Pillow?

How you position yourself while you breastfeed will determine the way you use a nursing pillow.

• If you sit in a comfortable chair while you nurse your little one and have your baby lying across your lap, you can provide neck and head support for your little one with a nursing pillow. This is especially important when your little one still doesn’t have a lot of neck strength.

• If you feed your baby using a football hold while you are laying on your side, a nursing pillow will help position your baby comfortably and correctly while she nurses.

• If you feed your baby while you are on your back, you can use your body as your baby’s pillow so you won’t need a nursing pillow unless you want one for comfort.

• Nursing pillows can also be used for bottle feeding to help support your baby so you won’t’ have to strain your muscles holding her during the feeding. This can be very helpful if you have had a C-section delivery.


What Should I Look For in a Nursing Pillow?


It is important that your nursing pillow fits you comfortable, especially if you have one of those pillows that wrap around you. And also make sure it doesn’t press up against your back uncomfortably.

To effectively breastfeed, your little one should be closely snuggled up to you, especially if you have a newborn. If your baby is basically plastered up against you, you can help her by applying pressure along points in her abdomen that help a tiny baby control her movements better and trigger the reflexes she needs to breastfeed. If you nursing pillow has a bad fit or design, then your baby can roll away from you or the pillow can create a barrier or gap between the two of you which can hinder the baby’s feeding.


The proper nursing pillow needs to be the right height for your baby to latch on if you plan to use it for breastfeeding. If your pillow goes too low or sits too high on your midsection, it is not going to work as a nursing pillow.


At some point, you know your pillow is going to get spit up on. It is important that your nursing pillow is easy to clean and is machine washable. Having a slipcover that you can remove and throw in the washer is the easiest way to go, otherwise, you will have to throw the whole pillow into the washer running the risk that it will come out of the washer misshapen.


Other Things To Look For In The Best Nursing Pillow


You should be able to sit comfortably with your nursing pillow, and it should raise your little one to where your breasts are. How the pillow fits your body will be the determining factor on how well the pillow will end up working for you. You will also have to consider how big your baby is and what the distance is between your lap and your breasts.

If you end up having to hunch over, the pillow is sitting too low. If you have to lift your breast, then it is too high. When you are positioned correctly with your nursing pillow, then there won’t be any strain on your arms, abdomen, shoulders, and upper back.


Your nursing pillow should give you a pretty stable and flat surface that you can lay your baby or rest your arms on. It should not be so soft that your little one slips or droops.

Versatility and Ease of Use

A key feature of any nursing pillow. It should be multi-positional, and it should be pretty easy to use. You will find a lot of nursing pillows can be used for tummy time or to help your little one learn to sit up.


Your pillow should also be soft against your little one’s skin. There should be no part of a pillow that is rough, hot or scratchy.

Durability and Cleaning

Nursing pillows get a fair share of stains and spit up during use, and it needs to be easy to clean. The best nursing pillows should have a removable, machine washable cover.


Nursing pillows can become a fixture in your nursery and your home. Nursing pillows often come with a variety of slipcovers patterns and colors to choose from that can please a wide range of tastes.

Ten Best Nursing Pillow Reviews

Boppy Nursing Pillow

With over twenty years supporting nursing moms and their babies, the Boppy Nursing Pillow is the original nursing pillow that provides comfortable breastfeeding and bottle feeding. This is a versatile pillow that allows you to use a position that is more ergonomic giving your back and arms relief. It also gives you bonding time with your little one while providing the perfect support for all the stages of development that your baby will go through.
The Boppy Pillow is great for tummy time, sitting up, and even propping babies up as they grow and develop. This is a versatile pillow that can be used for babies that are up to a year old. The Boppy Nursing Pillow also has a removable slipcover that is easy to wash or change out depending on your design preferences.





My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

One of the favored nursing pillows by Lactation Consultants, My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow is the only product that will stay firmly against you and not slide or shift like other nursing pillows will. Featuring a design that wraps around you, it keeps the pillow securely to your body giving baby and mom the perfect position to latch-on while also stopping neck and back pain. Shoulder stress is eliminated by the elbow and armrests while the convenient pocket lets you store nursing supplies and other accessories.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow has a flat and firm front with a silent-release strap that is adjustable so you can get rid of any gaps between you and baby. This helps to prevent your little one from rolling away or in while breastfeeding. This nursing pillow also comes with a slipcover and pillow insert but you can purchase extra slipcovers in several designs and colors.





Nursing Pattern Breastfeeding Pillows

Fashion meets function with the Nursing Pattern Breastfeeding Pillows. Unlike other nursing pillows that feature slipcovers, this pillow ensures that the zipper is tucked away so it will never make contact with your baby and is located on the outside of the pillow with a piece of fabric that covers it at all times. This is a breathable and soft pillow made with 100% plush minky fabric that won’t irritate your little one’s skin.

This is an easy to maintain Nursing Pillow that has a slipcover that is easy to take on and off and is machine washable. It comes in several .fashionable patterns that will be a fun additional to your nursery.





NurSit Nursing Pillow

Made of 100% Polyester, the Nursit Nursing Pillow is an inexpensive infant and nursing support pillow. This is a great pillow for using at home and also convenient to take along on trips that can be used as a versatile support pillow for both baby and mom. It can be used around your waist while nursing or on the floor as support for little one as she learns to sit upright.

The Nursit is also easy to clean as you can throw the entire pillow into the washer without worrying about losing its firmness or shape during the wash cycle. It is made with a 100% polyester cover and is filled with hypoallergenic and feather-soft microfibers. This is a versatile support pillow that comes in a fun Dots Print that will work with any nursery décor.





American Collection Bamboo Nursing Pillow

Providing comfort and multipurpose use, the American Collection Bamboo Nursing Pillow is soft, portable, and lightweight that can be used to support your little one as she nurses or providing floor support as she learns to sit up. This is also a comfortable pillow for first time moms who need the right support and comfort as nursing becomes easier allowing you to set your baby at the right height while she eats. This pillow will also help you relax as it removes the strain from your back when you wear it around your waist.

Made of 100% polyester, the American Collection Bamboo Pillow is a durable and long lasting pillow that is filled with feather-soft microfibers that are safe and hypoallergenic with a pillow case that is smooth and keeps your little one’s skin from getting irritated. This is a machine washable pillow that remains soft after washing with an easy to clean polyester and bamboo cover. This is a great pillow for at home or on the road that features a color and pattern that produces calm feelings.





Warm Willows Nursing Pillow

Stop struggling with blankets at feeding time and use the Warm Willows Nursing Pillow that gently supports your little one while you are nursing allowing your hands to be free to interact with her. You can use this product with confidence knowing that the inner down alternative stuffing gives you hypoallergenic support and the microfiber cover is machine washable. The outer cover is made of soft jacquard and can be removed if needed.

You and your baby will both love the Warm Willows Nursing Pillow that can be used for tummy time and helping your little one to sit up as well as feedings. It is also perfect to travel with on road trips or a quick trip to Grandma’s house. And, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.




My Brest Friend Deluxe

Preferred by Lactation Consultants, the My Brest Fiend Deluxe Pillow will stay securely in place while your little one is feeding thanks to its design that securely wraps around you. This nursing pillow helps you and your little one to stay in the best position for latching while stopping any neck and back pain. It also features elbow and arms rests that get rid of shoulder stress.

My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow features a firm and flat front to the cushion plus silent release straps that are adjustable that gets rid of gaps between you and your little one. Including all the great features of the original pillow, the deluxe pillow also includes a Velcro strap that makes it easier to adjust or attach the pillow with only one hand. Plus, the deluxe model comes with a plush, baby soft fabric.





My Blankee Nursing Pillow

Completely hypoallergenic, the My Blankee’s Nursing Pillow is made of a very soft micro sued that is machine washable. There are a variety of slipcovers in both satin and minky fabrics in several fun print and color options to choose from.

The My Blankee Nursing Pillow snuggly wraps around your waist to support your little one as she nurses and has an adjustable fit with a tie feature in the back. It comes in two sizes including small-medium that fits waists up to 30 inches and large-XL for waists above that.




One Z Pillow

With integrated back support, the One Z Pillow is perfect for support, play time, or tummy time. Made from a waterproof material, the One Z does not have a slipcover, but one can be added if you prefer.

The One Z Pillow is a great pillow if you are looking for complete comfort that gives moms total back support. This product was created by the team of inventors seen on Shark Tank with The Twin Z Pillow and is a great multifunctional feeding pillow for you and your little one.




My Brest Friend Twins Plus

Designed to give new mothers the support they need when feeding multiples, the My Brest Friend Twins Plus allows you to feed babies individually or simultaneously in several different holds. With the My Brest Friend Twins Plus wrapped around you securely, your little one will be able to get the right latch while allowing you to position and adjust as you need. With its wrap around design, this pillow helps you keep the best position while stopping your little one from rolling into the gaps that are created by other nursing pillows.

My Brest Friend Twins Plus also features a convenient pocket so you can keep your accessories within an easy reach. It also lessens shoulder, wrist, neck, and lower back pain by helping you maintain a comfortable and support position while nursing. This is an easy to wash product that features a plush, baby soft cover that has a zip off cover.