10 Best Original Grain Watches to Spruce up your Style in 2021

“Time is a thief that waits for no one!” This old adage is one that speaks volumes and carries with it a whole lot of truth. Before we get down to the best original grain watches, lets delve a little into why respect for time matters.

No one can afford to be complacent with time because once it is gone it can never, ever be taken back again. A healthy respect for the 24 hours in the day is a vital quality in living a full life because it demonstrates a person’s desire to maximize the finite number of minutes he or she has on the planet. As such, it is essential to be always mindful of the time by respecting how much power it holds.

The best way to do so would be through a timepiece or a watch worn on the wrist. A nice timepiece is an essential accessory every human being should own. These days, the market is inundated with many brands and designs. With hundreds of styles anyone can choose from, it feels you’d be hard-pressed to find that one watch to suit your personality. But a diverse collection of styles to keep your interest piqued turns out not to really be so varied, after all, when you take a deeper and closer look at what’s available in the market. Many brands employ the same design technique.

Inspired by this lack of originality and poor diversity in the watch market, the brothers, Ryan and Andrew Beltran, made it their mission to create a unique watch that has never existed before with their brand, Original Grain. Their brand has uniquely combined natural hardwood and stainless steel, coming up with beautiful, ingenious timepieces that seamlessly integrate the polar materials into one stunning piece that can last for all of eternity. The best Original Grain watches are both eye capturing and elegant, whilst keeping true to nature at the same time.

Common to All Original Grain Timepieces

There are not many Original Grain watches reviews out there, so this piece aims to help a clueless shopper. Keep in mind that a watch is not just a piece of technology or jewelry; your choice speaks volume about your style and character. Know that each Original Grain design is handcrafted using premium woods like Maplewood, Oak, Mahogany, Ebony Wood, and Rosewood. On top of that, the team behind Original Grain has developed methods to preserve the unique patterns ingrained in every piece of wood that they use, preserving the rich history that each material has gone through; thus, making each timepiece a truly unique masterpiece.

All Original Grain products are crafted with 100% all natural wood that can withstand the test of time. The wood has been treated with gentle, safe-for-human products to keep them protected from the harsh elements of the environment. The company confidently stands behind each piece, providing them with a minimum one year warranty. The glass is made from high quality sapphire mineral crystal to ensure that it doesn’t scratch nor readily break. Similarly, the stainless steel utilized is of high quality ensuring that they don’t tarnish with time.

Environmentally Friendly

What’s lofty about this brand is that they are environmentally conscious. They have partnered with Trees for the Future, wherein each timepiece sold means they will plant 10 trees as a replacement. Reforesting is an important mission for them because it not only promotes a healthy environment, but it ensures that humans and animals would have a sustainable habitat lasting through the years and decades. On top of that, this initiative ensures that they are able to provide jobs, not just in their watch factories, but where the reforestation happens; and this in turn, helps alleviate hunger and poverty. To date, they have replanted at least half a million trees.

Buying the best Original Grain watches is not just good for you but for the world. This compilation of the top 10 best Original Grain watches is here to help you in selecting the Original Grain watch that you might take a fancy to so that i can find a place in your collection.


10 Best Original Grain Watches Reviewed

Koa Stonewashed 42mm Barrel Collection

This rustic looking watch combining the beauty of all-natural Hawaiian Koa Wood and stonewashed silver stainless steel comes in a 42mm size. The Barrel Collection’s Koa men’s watch face and inlaid case possess the bold qualities of the wood that inspired the collection. The stonewash feature ensures the fingerprints and scratches are camouflaged, making it a timepiece that can withstand heavy use. This blending of both wood and metal give it a manly yet classy feel that evokes the good old days of yore.

It’s double looking fold-over clasp ensure the watch stays securely on the wrist. Craftsmanship is unparalleled, as is de rigueur in all Original Grain timepieces. This particular design is ensconced in water resistant casing that allows you to take it to a depth of 5meters. This analog display is elegant, using digital numbers for 3, 6, 9, and 12, and the piece itself features Japanese Miyota Citizen Quarts which brings precision and quality.

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Classic Collection Koa Stonewashed

This traditional Original Grain watch is part of the Class Collection. This particular piece employs the same Koa wood and stonewashed stainless steel previously mentioned. It comes in a slightly smaller face, perfect for smaller wrists. The stonewashed stainless steel band can be easily resized to fit whatever wrist size. In the language of Hawaii, Koa means fearless. Definitely, this Koa collection encapsulates this spirit of courage and bravery. As it is more traditional in design, it utilizes Roman numerals for the numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12.

This combination of Koa, with its rich finish, coupled with the stonewash steel, makes for a statement piece that will complete your collection.

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Brewmaster 44mm Collection

The Brewmaster Collection takes its name from the brew that has made wood’s hue. Reclaimed oak wooden barrels of beer are utilized and tempered with a carbonization process which brings out the individual beauty of each ale-soaked piece. This takes prominence in the 2.55mm wood bezel that perfectly matches the two-tone face of black and oak, making the piece look even more eye-catching.

The extra-large 44mm Brewamaster has a dual function chronograph. It features a stopwatch system that has a 60 second lifespan, an hour timer, and three day date display function. The amalgamation of all these features ensures that this piece screams not just durability, but sophistication.

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Zebrawood 40mm Minimalist Collection

This sleek watch from the Minimalist Collection is exactly as the name says—minimal, simple, understated, but timelessly elegant fit for the modern lifestyle. This watch showcases a sleek 40mm case. This is a classic size whose silhouette is perfect for any occasion. This is touted as having the world’s thinnest wooden bezel at 1.7mm and its case height is only 6mm. Made from sustainably sourced Zebrawood from Central Africa, this classic piece gets its name from the unique pattern of stripes intrinsic in the wood. Of course, it is reminiscent of the zebra stripe.

The rose gold casing adds to its premium factor, which goes extremely well with the brown quality leather band that’s finely stitched to perfection. The most noticeable feature of this watch is the eggshell white dial that’s clean and crisp looking, which perfectly complements the linear markers that adorn the diameter of the watch. Simple but versatile, this Minimalist Zebrawood has the capacity to take you from day to night.

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Koa Stonewashed 44mm Alterra Collection Chronograph

This product is Original Grain’s most pricey watch in the regular collection. The two-tone Koa Stonewashed Alterra once again features the Hawaiian Koa wood and the stonewashed stainless steel. Shortened from the word all terrain, this watch is built for all kinds of lifestyle, marrying sophistication with functionality. Built to last, that’s why it’s utilized in many designs, this combination results into a stunning piece that’s unique, eye-catching, and durable. Noteworthy, the bracelet that comes with this timepiece is slightly narrower than the average bracelet and the triple crown feature is just as impressive.

The stonewash metal gets its rugged looks from being submerged in acid, after which, they are rubbed against ceramic stones. An abrasive process such as this results in a unique, rustic pattern on every piece, which guarantees that no two watches would be alike.

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Whiskey Barrel 47mm Monochrome Classic

The Whiskey Barrel gets its special name from the reclaimed American Oak Barrels that were once used for whiskey. This storage barrels housed aged whiskey for at least four years, getting its rustic and distinct color in part due to the fermentation process. This 47mm is a really popular design because the almost monochromatic design gives it a simple but very elegant appeal. The inlaid case features the same shade of its strap making it a true statement piece that’s great for everyday use may it be for a casual or professional setting. This wearable piece marries practicality with timeless elegance.

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Rosewood 43mm Classic Collection

This watch gets its name from the Pura Rosa, a Portuguese word for rosewood. This hardwood is sourced from Eastern and Central Africa. The stunning reddish shade is highlighted even more because it is set against the backdrop of matte black stainless steel. This 43mm watch features a 3.5mm rosewood bezel that surrounds the dial. The naturally glossy material of the wood gives this Rosewood Watch a distinct highlight that easily captivates the eyes.

The dial also uses the same rosewood finish giving it a classy appeal. The silver-tone markers somehow meld beautifully with the rest of its features. The numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12 are written in Roman numerals adding a nice touch. This particular model proves that sustainability doesn’t have to forgo luxury. The two can be blended beautifully to fit any lifestyle.

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Alterra Collection Chronograph 44mm Whiskey Barrel

This particular model of the Alterra Chronograph, which is short for all terrain, offers a refined steel case measuring 44mm. The case height is 11mm, which is designed to withstand thrill seeking activities and any form of adventure. This chronograph model uses American Oakwood Barrels which are complemented well by the touches of white on the face as well as the brown stainless steel accents. The bezel is 2.55 mm, which serves as a highlight to the already eye-catching face.

The 23mmm band is easily adjustable to fit any wrist size. This chronograph features a 60 second stopwatch function, a one hour timer, and a three day display on its face. It is water resistant to 10 ATM as opposed to the standard models that only go up to 5ATM.

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Koa Stonewashed Minimalist Collection

This particular watch design belongs to the Minimalist Collection, utilizing the Koa wood, sourced from Hawaii. The golden hue is reminiscent of the stunning, golden sunsets in this island paradise. This 43mm watch features a 1.77 wood bezel inlay made from this stunning wood. The natural material captivates the eyes and the linear markers surrounding the dial helps to draw them even more. This comes in a grayish hued leather strap that’s easily adjustable to fit any wrist size. Whether in a professional or casual setting, this watch will surely blend beautifully.

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Black Mahogany and Gold Tone Classic Collection

This golden watch that mixes the hues of ebony, mahogany, and gold somehow exudes a rich feel to it. The vibe this watch exudes is a reminder of the watch our dad owned when we were young that we’re not allowed to touch. This nostalgic feel hails from the classic design and timeless color pattern. This watch is made from the rich mahogany tree, sourced from Central Africa. One interesting feature of this watch is it possesses a redesigned crown, providing a lower profile casing. On top of that, the black dial comes with custom wood engraving, with the company logo written in old school script.

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Final Thought

With all these choices, it is seemingly impossible to choose just one Original Grain masterpiece. Adding the collection listed herewith adds to the Original Grain watches reviews reading materials in cyberspace. Knowing that the company abides by ethical practices, promotes sustainability, and cares for the environment makes the decision extra tough. Why settle for one, when there can be more, right? After all, watches aren’t just a piece of technology or just plain jewelry. People choose the ones that match their character and their lifestyle. Watches worn on the wrist are akin to a personal statement.

This form of wearable technology offers a glimpse to a person’s character and personality. Upon purchasing a timepiece, owners don’t just wear them for a season. These pieces are expected to last years and decades; and can in fact become personal heirlooms that can be handed down from generation to generation. Whether you’re looking for a stylish watch for yourself or you’re shopping for a friend or family member, an Original Grain wood accented watch will always stand out from the rest.



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