Top 10 Best Paraffin Wax Bath Reviews of 2020

Paraffin wax his touted as a cure-all for dry hands and clogged pores for good reason. It’s used both cosmetically and therapeutically with great results, for hands, elbows, feet, and even – if you’re very careful – your face. There are other reasons to go shopping for the best paraffin wax bath, however.

This wax treatment is used therapeutically to relieve pain in hands and feet, from conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. The prolonged heat therapy helps relax muscles and decreases joint stiffness while increasing blood flow to the area immersed.

With such benefits, it’s no surprise there are a lot of different paraffin wax baths available. That’s why we’ve pulled together this top 10 best paraffin wax bath guide – and a few beginner’s shopping tips, too. Before we get started with telling you our top picks, remember that your needs may be different from ours. Here’s how to figure out the best bath for you.


Best Paraffin Wax Bath Buyers Tips

Treat your hands, treat your feet

It’s important to go into your purchase knowing what, exactly, you want to use your bath for. If you’re looking for something that will fit your hands, your options are wide open; however, if you’re wanting to take care of your feet, too, you’ll have to be a much more choosy buyer.

Unfortunately, some units advertised as working for both hands and feet only fit someone whose feet are very, very small. A good rule of thumb: a 10” long bath will fit a women’s US 9.5 shoe (men’s US 8), while a 12” will fit any foot smaller than a size men’s US 15. We’ve made sure to include internal measurements on every bath we reviewed that’s targeted at feet, and mention when they’re hand only, so rest easy!

Check the temperature

Paraffin wax is so special because it’s got such a low melting point. As such, it never needs to get too hot. Professionals recommend never dipping your hands when the wax is over 125°F, since hotter temperatures put you at risk for burns. It’s best to let the wax melt, and then turn off the heat to it cool back down to the proper temperature – and yes, it’s fine if it develops a “skin”.

If your skin is sensitive, be sure to look for machines that heat wax to lower temperatures, or let your wax cool longer. Not all machines have temperature gauges, so make sure you bring a thermometer when you use your new purchase for the first time, if you choose to get one without.

Check the time

How frequently are you looking to use your bath? If you’re looking for something to use every day (or multiple times a day), your best bet is to look for a therapy- or professional-grade machine. While many don’t have a temperature control, they’re made to have a low power draw, meaning it’s okay to keep them on all day. Just don’t leave them unsupervised while they’re plugged in.

If you’re wanting to use your bath for special occasions, however, try to find something with an adjustable temperature and a smaller capacity. A deep, consistently-heated bath can take up to 8 hours to heat. The smaller it is and the hotter it gets, the less time you’ll have to wait for your dip! We were surprised, though, with some of these baths’ heating times, so we’ve made sure to list manufacturer or consumer-based times for each bath.


Ten Best Paraffin Wax Bath Reviews

Conair True Glow Thermal Paraffin Bath

A small paraffin bath made for hands and heels, this Conair model weighs just 3 pounds, making it easy to store and take out whenever you want a spa day. Holding just 1 pound of wax, its single gentle temperature takes about 2 hours to melt and keeps the wax at a perfect temperature for dipping.

While very small indeed, the simple on-off switch and lack of temperature control means this bath is great as a gift to a paraffin novice. It includes 1 pound of unscented paraffin wax to get you started.






Homedics PAR70 ParaSpa Plus

This paraffin bath is made for those who want a day in to treat their hands. At 4 pounds, it’s lightweight and portable, and with a 2 pound maximum fill, it takes just over an hour to heat up. While the non-adjustable temperature is a bit warm for sensitive hands, the quick warming time and shallow basin mean it’s easy to let cool and warm again for a more fine-tuned dip.

Included with this spa is 2 pounds of wax and 20 hand liners, so you’re ready to get started as soon as it arrives.






HoMedics Thera-P Paraspa Plus Paraffin Bath

The Paraspa plus, while a hand-only bath, is an upper-end hand bath. At 6 pounds, it’s sturdy, and with a 3 pound minimum, 4 pound maximum fill, it’s deeper than other models, meaning you can get your hand and wrist into the wax for greater therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

The included 3 pounds of unscented paraffin wax melt in about 2 hours, and while there is no heat control, the unit is designed to be left on all day if desired. It includes 20 hand liners, as well as a locking lid, for quick start-up and easy transport and storage once it’s full.





Revlon Moisturizing Paraffin Bath

As a hand-and-heel bath (not enough room for full feet, sorry!), the Revlon paraffin bath is a sturdy 7 pounds. It holds 3 pounds of wax, and melts in just 1 to 2 hours for quick and easy use. Unlike other hand-only paraffin baths, the Revlon bath has a dial to adjust temperature settings, allowing for flexibility between higher melting temperatures and lower “keep warm” settings.

The bath comes with everything you need to get started, including 3 pounds of scented wax, 30 hand liners, and 2 mitts to keep the heat in while you’re treating your hands. As far as hand-only baths go, this one is our top pick for its adjustable temperature, solid design, quick heating, and all of the included goodies.





Lavany Paraffin Wax Warmer

With a minimum fill of 2 pounds and a maximum fill of 3.5, this hand and foot bath makes up for its smaller size with its quick heating option: 2 pounds of wax melt in only 20 minutes. With a 10”x7” internal basin, it fits up to a women’s size 9.5 foot. And it’s lightweight enough to be able to move anywhere around your home, at a convenient 5 pounds.

The Lavanay wax warmer has a temperature control knob with a temperature range from 131-158°F, as well as a “heat preservation” function to sustain it at a lower temperature. It includes a minimum fill, or 2 pounds, of rose-scented wax, a bottom grill, mitts, glove liners, and a brush – everything you need to get started for a relaxing evening in.





Parabath Paraffin Wax Bath

The Parabath wax bath is a hand- and foot-bath designed to be sturdy and lightweight. With a minimum fill of 6 pounds and an internal basin of 11.5”x6”, it’s large enough to accommodate almost any foot. The Parabath has a steel tank and non-metal lining. It’s solid enough to take a bit of a beating, and at 9 pounds, it’s still light enough to move around easily, even when full.

With no temperature control, it maintains a steady temperature of 126-134°F, and melts 6 pounds of wax in 6 hours. This slow and steady melt time is offset by the bath’s design – it’s made for being plugged in all day, perfect for repeated treatments. The included 6 pounds of unscented paraffin are more than enough to get you started, and the gentle heating means no bottom grill is needed to protect your feet.





Waxwel Paraffin Wax Bath Unit Kit

This professional quality paraffin wax bath is great for both hands and feet. Its internal basin is a spacious 12.5”x6.5”, large enough for almost any foot, and it has a 4 pound minimum fill, 6 pound maximum fill. While it doesn’t have a temperature control, it keeps the wax at a gentle 125-134°F. Despite the low temperature, it can melt the full 6 pounds of wax in just 3-4 hours.

The Waxwel paraffin bath is a good option for those who need to use it throughout the day, as it’s able to be left plugged in all day with little issue. Along with the included 6 pounds of wax, it also has 100 hand and foot liners, a mitt, and a bootie, for optimum treatment. It’s lightweight for its size, as well, sitting at a comfortable 9 pounds that make it easy to pick up and move around, even when it’s full of wax.





GiGi Digital Paraffin Bath

This hand-and-foot paraffin bath has a number of features to be excited about, including its digital, adjustable temperature interface and its quick melt feature. While it doesn’t display the exact temperature, it’s capable of melting the included 6 pounds of wax in 2 hours, and it has a standby setting for keeping the wax warm once it’s at temperature. Need to move it with wax inside? The Gigi digital paraffin bath includes a sealing, locking lid to make transportation safe and secure.

Its steel tank and 16 pound weight means it won’t be going anywhere when it’s used for foot dips, and the included, slanted foot grate makes for a comfortable experience. No need to worry about size, either: at 12”x6”, this bath is sure to fit all feet. Plus, with a minimum fill of 6 pounds and maximum fill of 8, you can be sure you’re getting plenty of coverage.





Salon Sundry Portable Paraffin Wax Warmer

Our runner-up for top paraffin bath is the Salon Sundry portable wax warmer. This machine is a professional-grade bath that’s able to hold up to 6 pounds of wax. While it’s on the heavier side at 15 pounds, it has more than enough room for both hands and feet – its inner basin measures 12”x7”. Its sleek design means easy cleaning, and with a minimum 4 pounds of wax, it still manages to heat up in only a bit over an hour.

The Salon Sundry paraffin wax warmer also has an uncommon feature – an adjustable temperature control with a digital display. Its temperature range goes from a “keep warm” setting at 95°F to a “quick melt” setting at 150°F. It also comes with a composite protective grill to keep your hands and feet away from the heating element.

The only downside to this machine is that wax isn’t included. However, it will work with all types of salon paraffin wax, so treat it as an opportunity to get the exact kind of wax you want. Its temperature control range was the largest range we saw from the manufacturer, and its accommodating length (and quick melting time!) were huge bonuses. If you’re looking for something with a controllable temperature, this bath is your best pick.





Therabath Professional Thermotherapy Paraffin Bath

Our top pick for a quality paraffin bath, the Therabath, is a professional-grade, hand-tested and quality-controlled bath. Made to run all day with energy efficiency in mind, it boasts both size and depth: its minimum fill is 6 pounds and its maximum is 9, with an 11.4”x6.75” internal basin, good for any foot up to a men’s size 12.

For those who want a bath they can plug in and forget about, this is the ideal solution. With no temperature control knob, it keeps wax at a steady 126-130°F. This means the included unscented wax, made with food-grade ingredients, is heated slowly and gently for 6-8 hours before its first use.

It manages to hit a middle ground between sturdiness and portability with its aluminum tank, which keeps it at 12.4 pounds. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can be comfortable with the investment you make.

We chose this bath for a number of reasons. As far as foot baths go, the Therabath isn’t the longest, but it’s still long enough to accommodate most feet, and has a tank larger and deeper than any other bath we’ve seen. It has a well-controlled temperature range and very gentle heat, meaning your feet and hands aren’t at any risk of burning when you put them in. It’s the kind of unit you can use and keep around for years to come.