10 Best Quiet Hand Dryers For 2022

In an age when all scientific experts agree that maintaining personal hygiene, especially in the bathroom, is one of the most important steps a person can take to preserve their health, it is no mystery why hand dryers are popular appliances. Designed to eliminate the environmental waste of logging, transporting, milling, bleaching, and converting trees into paper towels, a quality hand dryer also has the added benefit of requiring very little maintenance. Hand dryers also eliminate the possibility of transferring bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms to non-paper towels.

Probably the biggest drawback to conventional hand dryers are the noise that they produce. In 2005, an academic study documented that the average standard hand dryer creates an astonishing 80 decibels of noise, equivalent to that of a food blender or garbage disposal. Hand dryers first became popular in 1948, but it is only now that breakthroughs in fan and heating element technologies have made it is possible to buy and use hand dryers that operate much more quietly.

A Mini Buyers Guide for Choosing the Right Quiet Hand Dryer in 2021

Depending on whether you plan on installing your new hand dryer in your home or a commercial environment, there are a number of factors and features to consider in order to find the right hand dryer for your needs.

These include:



A whisper-quiet hand dryer has not yet been invented, so it is important to keep that in mind when purchasing a hand dryer. Innovations in insulation and fan technology mean that some hand dryers are much quieter than standard models, relatively speaking. Even a small drop of a few decibels in noise output can have a dramatic effect on reducing the amount of aural disruption produced by the hand dryer.



Hand dryers work much like standard hair dryers, using powerful heating elements and fans to instantly convert room temperature air into a blast of high-speed hot air to conveniently and hygienically clean hands. Depending on the frequency of use that you plan for your hand dryer, lower-power or more power-efficient models can result in substantial long-time savings on your utility bills.


Drying Time

A combination of airflow speed and the temperature of the directed air help determine exactly how fast hands can be dried with any given model. Depending on how wet your hands are after washing, it may be worth investing in a more powerful model to dry your hands a few seconds’ more quickly.


Activation Method

Some hand dryers require the press of a button before they are activated while other hand dryers come with sensors that use infrared light and other methods to automatically turn on when hands are placed near the device. While hand dryers with sensors that automatically turn on the device may considered to be more sanitary, some people prefer the reliability of push button operation.



10 Best Quiet Hand Dryers

Alpine Hazel 110/120v Ultra Quiet Surface Mount Automatic Hand Dryer

With an elegant white design, the Alpine Hazel comes with an infrared sensor for no-touch operation. The Alpine Hazel is designed to be wall mounted and comes with both a hardwired or plug-in (to a standard wall socket) option for maximum versatility. The Alpine Hazel weighs just five pounds and has a very rugged ABS polycarbonate exterior that is easy to clean. The Alpine Hazel takes about 15 seconds to dry a thoroughly wet pair of hands.



0830 Nova 1 Automatic Hand Dryer

Sold under the World Dryer brand, the 0830 Nova 1 is an infrared-sensor automatically activated hand dryer featuring a classic white design. The 0830 Nova 1 uses up to 1,110 Watts to quickly dry hands and is designed to be wall-mounted for convenient hands-free operation.



Happybuy Hand Dryer Heavy Duty Commercial 1800W Hand Dryers

With a lovely and sleek stainless steel design, the Happybuy is designed to produce a stream of air at 45-60 degrees Celsius (113-140 degrees Fahrenheit) at 90 meters a second (200 miles an hour) to thoroughly dry wet hands in as little as 10 seconds. The Happybuy is CE certified and draws up to 1,800 watts when in use. The Happybuy features automatic hands-free operation and can be either hardwired into your existing circuitry or plugged into a standard outlet. The Happybuy has a built-in safety feature to automatically shut off after 63 seconds to prevent overheating.



Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M 1 Quiet Hand Dryer – 120V

Featuring an elegant brushed aluminum exterior, the Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M 1 produces just 53 decibels of sound when operational thanks to a brushless motor and innovative insulation design. The Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M 1 features no-touch operation and can be mounted on any wall or flat vertical surface. The Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M 1 weighs 10 pounds and measures 11 by 8 by 12 inches in size.



Palmer Fixture HD0901-11 Hand Dryer in Brushed Chrome Finish

With a classic brushed chrome exterior and swiveling jet design, the Palmer Fixture HD0901-11 draws up to 2,400 Watts to quickly and quietly dry hands in as little as 20 seconds. The Palmer Fixture HD0901-11 can be operated up to 30 seconds continuously and is designed to be wall mounted. The Palmer Fixture HD0901-11 has no-touch automatic start sensors for enhanced hygiene and can produce up to 5,514 linear feat of heated air per minute.



Stiebel Eltron Galaxy 2 Quiet Hand Dryer – 208-240V

With a clean white design and rugged ABS polycarbonate exterior, the Stiebel Eltron Galaxy 2 produces just 53 decibels of noise during operation. The Stiebel Eltron Galaxy 2 has a brushless motor and is designed to be wall mounted. The Stiebel Eltron Galaxy 2 uses a sensor for hands-free operation and requires a 208-240 volt connection.



Dxa5-974 Automatic Hand Dryer – Ideal  for Commercial Restrooms

Sold by the A-Series corporation, the Dxa5-974 has a classic white exterior and stainless steel swiveling nozzle design. The Dxa5-974 produces just 73 decibels of noise when operational and comes with a built-in sensor for hands-free use. The Dxa5-974 delivers up to 200 cubic feet per minute of air volume or 7,300 linear feat of heated air per minute and comes with a 16-gauge steel mounting box.



Fast Dry HK-1800PA Hand Dryer

With a compact white design, the Fast Dry HK-1800PA produces just 65 decibels of sound during operation. The Fast Dry HK-1800PA has a rugged ABS plastic exterior and uses a brushless motor for long-lasting efficiency. The Fast Dry HK-1800PA weighs just 8.4 pounds and is designed to be wall-mounted.



World Dryer DA5-973

Perfect for individuals who want the reliability of push button operation, the World Dryer DA5-973 produces just 73 decibels of noise when running. The World Dryer DA5-973 has a classic brushed porcelain enamel exterior with a convenient nozzle that can be set to swivel or locked in place. The World Dryer DA5-973 can dry hands continuously for up to 30 seconds and comes with a 16-gauge steel mounting box.



A5-974 Push Button Hand Dryer By World Dryer

Sold under the World Dryer label, the A5-974 is made from cast iron for long-lasting durability. With a classic white exterior and brushed stainless steel nozzle, the A5-974 uses a handy push button for reliable operation. The A5-974 produces just 73 decibels of noise when running and weighs 29 pounds.