10 Best Road Bikes For 2021

If you’re ready to hit the road and see what the world has to offer, consider getting a road bike. As you might’ve guessed, road bikes are designed for the open roads. When used on flat pavement, they offer a level of performance that trumps almost every other type of bike.

If you want to travel long distances and conserve energy while doing it, road bikes are excellent forms of transportation. They make great commuter bikes since they’re made with lightweight components, and they require less energy expenditure to stay in motion.

With less overall mass, road bikes require less energy to get going, and once they’re moving, less energy is required to keep them moving. They also tend to be much more rigid than regular mountain bikes, which results in less flexibility.

A rigid design makes it possible for the bike to convert more of your energy into usable power, and with a minimal suspension, some of the energy is needed to warm the system up.

Road bikes are also known to have higher gears, so each revolution of the pedals results in the bike moving further than a standard bike. When tires make contact with the ground, it will cause a bike to slow down.

Many of the best road bikes are made with slimmer tires, and with less tire material making contact with the ground, the total amount of friction is reduced, and the bicycle moves faster and requires less energy to sustain. If you’ve ever used a bike with a flat tire, you know that squishy tires sap energy and make it much harder to get the bike moving.

Road bikes tend to have high-pressure tires, which further reduce the amount of energy needed to propel the bike forward. If you’re shopping for the best road bike, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of products to choose from.

Below, you’ll find reviews for 10 of the best road bikes on the market, which saves your precious time and energy.

GMC Denali Road Bike

The GMC Denali is a 21-speed road bike, and it’s made with a lightweight aluminum frame. For reliable stopping power, it has alloy brake levers and calipers. It features high-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims, which are the opposites of what you’d get from a regular mountain bike.

The GMC Denali has a Shimano derailleur and Revo shift that allow you to quickly tear through the gears. It has high-performance 700c tires, which are designed to meet the needs of street racing. If you’re looking for an entry-level road bike, this product is worth considering.

The bike feels surprisingly light, and since it doesn’t come assembled, you’ll need to put the parts together. The GMC Denali road bike is designed for people who want to start cycling, and it doesn’t cost as much money as a professional alternative.

This bike isn’t very good at absorbing shock, but it’s not meant to be. All of the components are designed for riding on smooth pavement. Whether you’re new or experienced, the GMC Denali might be a worthy choice.


Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1400 700C Drop Bar Road Bicycle

The Schwinn Phocus 1400 features an aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork. It’s built with a Shimano 14-speed derailleur and looks great. Since the fork is made of carbon fiber, it reduces the overall weight of the bike but doesn’t compromise the structural integrity.

It offers performance that is comparable to products that cost significantly more money. If you’re looking to purchase your first real road bike, then the Phocus 1400 might be a great choice. Although it’s made with many advanced components, it is perfect the beginner.

You can use it on bike paths or enjoy its performance on other types of terrain. It features a lightweight, responsive design that is ideal for the open roads. It has an aluminum Schwinn frame and rigid fork, and the fork is built to deliver quick, agile handling.

This bike has a Shimano 14-speed derailleur and A050 shifters. A set of high-profile alloy rims have paired spokes and help to propel the bike forward.

A quick-release front wheel adds to the responsive design and makes height adjustments quick and easy. For maximum stopping power, the Schwinn Phocus is equipped with alloy caliper road brakes.


Vilano Performance 700C-21 Speed Commuter Road Bike

This is a bike that is designed for leisure riding and commuting. It’s available in three different sizes and offers several high-performance Shimano parts. It has 700c wheels and features a 6061 aluminum Aero performance frame. For maximum performance, the frame is made with an integrated headset.

The Vilano performance road bike has alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakes, and when combined with the double wall alloy rims, these components provide exceptional stopping power.

The frame has a compact design and delivers a comfortable fit. Your purchase of this bike comes with free pedals. The Vilano performance hybrid uses a combination of Shimano parts to make your commute fast and exciting.

If you’re looking for a way to travel quickly between locations, this could be a great bike for you. It has all of the components that you’d want from a fast road bike.



Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

Another top product is the Vilano aluminum road bike. To deliver fast, reliable performance, it has a 6061 double butted aluminum frame. A 700c fork complements the frame and increases the overall performance.

This bike is also made with Shimano A050 SIS handlebar mounted shifters, which make shifting quick and easy. The 700c wheels have double walled CNC machined sides, and they’re built for optimal performance on flat pavement.

Urban handlebars have been added for comfort, and they can make long rides much more enjoyable. If you’re looking for an affordable entry-level road bike, this product is worth considering. In fact, it’s one of Vilano’s best sellers.

This bike has a KMC chain, and the allow caliper brakes provide great stopping power. The Urban comfort saddle is designed for comfort and performance. Both the front and rear Derailleur are made by Shimano, and the Shimano A050 shifters make it easy to tear through the gears.



Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike-700c

The Giordano Libero is a very attractive bike, and it features sleek red and white coloring. A quick look at this bike reveals the fact that it’s not a budget-friendly option. It sports a hand-crafted 6061 aluminum frame, which is lightweight and durable, and it has high-profile, quick-release alloy rims.

It also has a thread-less stem and dual water bottle mounts. The Giordano Libero comes with a 16-speed Shimano STI drivetrain, so it offers a great combination of speed and reliability.

You can purchase this bike in three different sizes and customize it to your preferences. Giordano bicycles are created with inspiration from Italy, and the Giordano Libero is no exception.

The hand-crafted aluminum frame serves as the foundation for all of the other components, but the inspiration comes for Italy. The low weight and high performance make this bike ideal for enthusiasts and weekend road warriors. However, it’s also a great choice for men who’re into fitness.



Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike

Here is a popular racing bike. It features a sturdy, lightweight frame, which is made from 6061 aluminum. The lightweight frame provides easy transporting and smooth riding.

This bike is available in three different colors, and since it’s equipped with a Shimano shifter derailleur, it offers fast, reliable shifting. The front wheel uses a quick-release design and doesn’t require any tools to install. The aluminum kickstand is lightweight and reduces the total weight of the bike.

The Merax Finiss road bike is fun on the track, and it’s just as enjoyable on the open roads. With durable, lightweight components, it’s designed for speed and reliability. Many road bikes are very expensive, and some models can cost several thousand dollars.

The Merax Finiss has the feel of a super high-end road bike, but it doesn’t come with the same price tag. If you’re looking for performance, reliability and affordability, then this is one of the best road bikes on the market.



Kent GZR700 Road Bike 700c

The Kent GZR700 is another top pick, and it’s made with a durable steel frame. With 21-speed shifters, this bike can go very fast, and it makes the shifting very easy to handle. It has alloy caliper brakes and doesn’t require much effort to stop.

All of this bike’s components are built around a tig welded steel frame and fork. Some of the best features that the Kent GZR700 has to offer are Shimano stem shifters. This bike has a rear derailleur and provides some of the smoothest shifting available for bikes in this price range.

The 21-speed system lets you completely customize your riding experience, and it makes it possible to conquer almost any obstacle that the road can throw your way.

The alloy brake levers and calipers let you stop on a dime, and the high-profile alloy Vitesse rims look good and perform even better. For long rides, the GZR700 is equipped with a very comfortable seat, and it has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.



Vilano FORZA 4.0 Aluminum Integrated Shifters Road Bike

If you’re not tied down by a serious budget, consider the Vilano FORZA 4.0. It can be purchased in several different sizes and has Shimano STI integrated brake lever shifters.

This road bike has a strong 6061 aluminum frame, which is ideal for rough roads. With 24 different speeds, it lets you handle any terrain obstacle. The wheels have double walled CNC machined sides, and they’ll allow you to ride in a quick, controlled manner.

You even get free pedals with your purchase. The Vilano FORZA 4.0 is one of the cheapest road bikes equipped with integrated brake lever shifters. If you want to get into cycling, this could be a great bike to do it with.



Kestrel Talon Road Shimano 105 Bicycle

The Kestrel Talon road bike is very expensive, but it offers many features that you won’t get from most entry-level alternatives. The high-performance frame is made of EMH carbon, which consists of 700K and 800K fibers.

The frame is stiff, lightweight and strong, so it’s perfect for racing applications. Since this bike was designed in the A2 wind tunnel, you can trust that it’s optimized for performance.

The seat tube, post and stays are contoured for optimal aerodynamics, and special cable routing delivers clean airflow across the whole bike. The Kestrel Talon road bike is made with proprietary Kestrel H-Stays, which are asymmetrically shaped.

Since these components are designed to increase lateral stiffness, they’re effective at increasing power transfer. This bike has a Kestrel EMS Pro seat post, and it allows you to mount the saddle in a variety of different positions. Although it’s expensive, this is one of the best road bikes on the market.



Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Century Sport Complete Road Bike

The Diamondback Century Sport road bike is designed for performance and has a 7005 aluminum alloy frame. With enhanced performance geometry, the frame can reduce your fatigue for long rides. The Century Sport has a DBR Podium performance alloy fork, and it’s complete with a Cro-Mo steering component.

It has Shimano Claris dual control integrated shifters and brakes, and an FSA Tempo compact crankset adds an additional boost to overall performance. With a Diamondback Equation SE wheel set, this bike is equipped to handle most roads.



If you don’t try, there is no way to know if cycling will become the love of your life. For millions of people, road biking is an enjoyable hobby, and it can be a fun activity for everyone. However, if you want to get the most out of the activity, you should be using the best road bike.

Once you have the equipment, you can start riding for fitness or adventure, and a high-quality road bike will make each and every ride much more enjoyable and memorable.


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