Best Safety Razors 2023 – The Best Closest Shaves You Can Get

It may sound ludicrous talking about the best safety razors because several variables are considered before getting a close, smooth shave using different safety razors. Getting a good shave depends on your experience and the type of blade that you choose. The following are some of the factors that you should consider when selecting a razor.


Handle length

It is worth noting that the handle length makes the difference between a great and a good safety razor for many men. Some men with large hands feel uncomfortable using a razor with a short handle. Other men prefer short handles because that is how they get total control of the shave. It is important to choose the handle length that will work best for you.


Adjustable head

To succeed in shaving, holding a blade at the appropriate angle so that it can glide smoothly across your skin as it cuts the whiskers down the skin is crucial. Some men prefer using a safety razor that has an adjustable head that helps them angle the safety razor in a perfect manner to give a smooth shave without irritation. Other people are comfortable using a safety razor with a fixed handle. It is important to understand what best works for you.


Weight of the razor

Some men are comfortable using feather light safety razors because they are used to shaving using disposable razors for a long time. Some men prefer using blades that are somehow heavy due to the belief that weightier safety razors will enable them to have better control. Safety razors that are a bit heavy help us get a close shave without applying a lot of pressure when cutting. Applying a lot of pressure leads to the occurrence of cuts and nicks on your skin.



Apart from considering how much a razor weighs, it is important to look closely at a razor to ensure that it is balanced. A razor that is well balanced should have a slightly heavy head that increases the efficiency of the blade to glide over your skin.


Construction materials

It is always advisable to use quality products because cheap ones end up costing us a lot in the long run. Quality materials not only make your razor more durable, but also make it resistant to rust. Using a rusty razor may bring infection to your skin. Durable safety razors can be used for a long time thus saving us on the same expense.



The finish of a razor is one of the most important factors that should be considered. A good finish makes the razor look attractive and enhances wet shaving. The good finish also increases the durability of your razor.


Now that you understand how to determine the most suitable razor for you let’s have a close look at some of the best safety razors.

Edwin Jagger DE89

The DE89 is a razor meant for a beginner who has little experience with the safety razors. It is also suitable for people with shaky hands. The balance of this blade is superb and works well even when bad strokes are done. This safety razor has weights on both ends to put enough pressure on your skin during shaving. The weight also helps prevent leakage of blood in case an accident occurs. The ends of this razor can fit any standard razor blade enabling you to use other blades.

You can also choose to home with any other aftermarket shaver that suits your needs and style. The short handle of this razor makes range and reach limited. The blade gives you a smooth shave and keeps your hand dry when you are using it. The other important thing is that cleaning it is easy because it comes apart. Cleaning lets you remove dirt and prevent rust thus increasing its durability. Diseases and germs are eliminated by cleaning this blade. The advantage of this double-edged blade is that it is easy to use.





Merkur 180 long-handled

Merkur is an efficient blade that is trusted by most users. They work tirelessly to come up with miraculous modern models that work perfectly. The long handle of this razor stands out from the rest making it unique and desirable. This model is one of the cheapest yet effective razor blades. If you are used to disposable cartridge razors and razors, you will find it extremely light to your hand. If you are used to heavy blades, you have to acclimate to this model. If you want a clean and smooth shave to be done at a faster rate, this safety blade will help in that it is light and convenient to carry around.

It is advisable to load it with feather blades to make a sharp cutting edge. For those people that are new to shaving, consider getting a pack so that you may choose the product that has enhanced efficiency. If you have large hands, it is likely that you will enjoy the 180 because you will be able to grip it easily so as to prevent it from coming out of your hand and accidentally slitting your throat. Its chrome finish allows you to use it in the shower. The negative thing about this safety blade is that the inner parts may rust when put in a wet environment for a long period. Its long handle enables you to reach most parts of your body and works well for swimmers or ladies who want a smooth skin. If you want to use something that is a bit short, consider Merkur 34C. If you want to use a blade that is weightier, 38C Barber Pole is more suitable.





2. Paker 99R

Any lady will tell you that the girth is as important as the length. Parker 99R has 3.4 ounces making it suitable for most women. For this safety razor, an open butterfly style is used to access the blade. This process is simple because a single hand is enough to get everything done. It is body heavy-duty grade brass that is covered in chrome and feels a bit heavy in your hand. The heavy feeling gives you good control of shaving, but can make you feel awkward until you add more weight to it. Its long handle is 4 inches long and fully textured to allow you get a clean shave in the shower. It does not go slip-sliding with every stroke. It is durable, but requires a lot of maintenance. The gap of the blade is tight. The tight grip makes it possible to get a close and comfortable shave. Newbies and tremblers may encounter challenges when using it for the first time. If you want to use a longer handle, consider buying 96R OR 22R.






3. Merkur Futur

Futur is an adjustable gorgeous safety razor. This razor has a satin matte finish that makes it look beautiful and improve the grip. Its head is shiny and functions when you add a flourish with a single stroke. This is a razor that anyone can feel comfortable using. Its adjustable head lets you change it to suit you. The angle of the blade that is inside the head can be adjusted in such a way that it can suit lefties or righties in addition to those men who prefer shaving from the top to bottom.

The amazing thing is that it can work at a weird angle or use variable heights. It is more than four inches long to give you a strong grip. The fact that it is made in Germany shows that it is made to shave the longest beards in the world. Women can also use it. It is a very effective double edged razor and a showpiece. The sad thing is that you can only get a clean shave with setting the blade each time you want to use it. This razor is most suitable for people with long beards and hairy bodies.





Bluebeards Revenge Scimitar

For people who are not experienced in using this type of blade, differentiating the expensive and cheap models may be a significant challenge. They might assume that all blades are the same since they use the same blade or because they share the same name. The durability of these safety razors depends on how they hold the blade and prevent it from slashing and slipping on your face. The most outstanding feature of the scimitar is that it is among the steadiest blades. Its specifications are similar to that of lauded Muhle R89. The different thing is that it adds a unique brand of flare. It has smooth lines, and a laser etched top for and sleeker and casual look.

It does not let the blade worsen or carve you up. Little effort has been put into its weight and the length of the handle. All these make it suitable for users that have some experience. After mastering the use of a double edged razor, you can use the Scimitar more efficiently. Also, after using other essential razors, you can confidently appreciate the closeness of this safety razor. The Scimitar is also known as the Dreadnought. It is worth to note that the price increases as the name change.





Seki Edge feather

When choosing a razor, you must take a look at the prices. Picking Seki is doing a great favor to your face. It is recommended that you try out cheaper Seki razors with cheap plastic handles that can go for about twenty dollars. This experience is exquisite. You will get a clean shave. There are minimal chances of getting cuts and nicks on you face unless you were careless or inexperienced. It takes a short time to get a clean shave. When this razor is equipped with a feather blade, it becomes more efficient. The best thing is that it can be used on your legs, neck, head or your neck. It is a razor that can be used on a daily basis.





Other types of safety razors might be suitable for you. The fact that people have different kinds of hair and skin, it’s hard to recommend a certain blade for them. A particular blade may provide a comfortable and smooth shave for you, but may be uncomfortable for another person. Most people think that sharpest blades are the best, which is not true. An extremely sharp blade may cause scratching or burning due to friction between the skin and the blade. Blunt blades may be too dull to produce an excellent cut causing irritation. It is, therefore, important to consider all those factors and understand the type of your skin.