Ten Of The Best Sleep Trackers for 2021

Sleep Trackers Reviews + Buyers Guide -Helping you buy smart the first time round and of course, getting a good night’s sleep!

If you’ve ever wondered about your own personal sleep quality, you’re not alone. You might not be getting enough sleep at night, and without a sleep tracker, you’d never know. Personal sleep tracking has become quite popular, and although the technology is still new, it’s constantly improving.

Over the last couple of years, the industry for sleep tracking has exploded, and you can find several different software applications and gadgets to choose from. Sleep trackers are designed to track and evaluate your personal sleeping habits.

Consumers have become aware of the health concerns surrounding sleep, and they want to track their own sleeping habits. Sleep trackers are commonly used by individuals who’re into self-development, but they’re just as useful for the average person.

In the past, the only technology that could be used to evaluate sleep habits was very bulky and expensive. The rise of the smartphone has given birth to a variety of new gadgets, and several new devices are used for sleep tracking.

It has become much more affordable for the average person to track their own sleep patterns and make noticeable improvements to sleep quality. Today, consumers have access to a variety of gadgets, which can be used to track productivity, mood, alertness, location, diet and sleep.


If you’re not getting enough high-quality sleep, then you need to do something about it because it’s bad for your health. Below, you’ll find reviews for 10 of the best sleep trackers on the market.

1 – Beddit 2.0 Smart Sleep Tracker

The first product on the list is the Beddit 2.0. This product is designed to monitor your sleep, and it doesn’t require you to wear sensors. The Beddit 2.0 uses iOS device to automatically measure your sleep, and you don’t need to do anything to get it started.

This product will track your breathing, snoring, heart rate and sleep time. It’s also capable of tracking nighttime events, so it knows when you exit your bed in the middle of the night. The Beddit 2.0 smart sleep tracker uses a silent alarm to wake you up at the most optimal time during your sleep cycle.

Many consumers will love this device because it offers coaching tips and gives you suggestions on ways to improve your sleep. To start using the Beddit 2.0, you must place the sensor strip under your bed sheet and plug it into the main device.

An adhesive layer is built into the strip, which prevents it from moving around. The Beddit 2.0 monitors you while you sleep, and you can set it for manual or automatic mode.

You’ll get better results from the manual mode. When you wake up in the morning, the Beddit app will give you a convenient sleep score. Beddit also provides detailed information about your sleep, which you can use to improve.

UP2 by Jawbone Activity Sleep Tracker

Here we have an activity tracker, and it gives you the option to monitor your sleep. Unlike some other products, it’s not specifically designed to monitor your sleep, but it can give you accurate results. It’s available in four different colors, and it will track a variety of activities.

With the Smart Coach feature, the UP2 can give you personalized guidance and help you improve your health. To wake you up at an optimal time, the UP2 uses a smart silent alarm. With built-in technology, this device determines the best time in your sleep cycle to wake you up.

It can be used to log your meals and help you to make sure that you’re eating right. It can be wirelessly synced with your devices and has a battery life of 10 days. It’s compatible with Android smartphones and iOS. However, you’ll need to have an iPhone 4 or newer.

Although the UP2 is a fitness tracker, it can work well as a sleep tracker. It features a sleek, thin design and can be purchased in several different colors. It comes with one of the best fitness apps for the Android and iPhone.

The UP2 is an integrated system, and it incorporates sophisticated algorithms and advanced hardware. By gathering your personal data, the UP2 can help you gain a better understanding of your habits and behaviors. It can analyze your sleep, activity and eating patterns and help you make better choices.


UP MOVE by Jawbone Activity Sleep Tracker

The UP MOVE is like the UP2, but it’s the first version of the product. It’s very affordable and can help you track your sleeping habits. It’s designed to monitor your activity and help you get fit. If you want to lose weight, track your sleep and get healthier, this product is worth considering.

There are four different colors to choose from, and with a clip-on design, the UP MOVE can be clipped onto your shirt or pants. This device can track hours slept, quality of sleep, calories burned, exercise and steps. To track your sleep patterns, you need to wear the device while you sleep.

The manufacturer recommends wearing it on your wrist. With the UP app, you gain access to a variety of metrics. It will allow you to track nutrients, calories, drinks and food.

When trying to lose weight and sleep better, it’s important to eat right, and the UP MOVE can help you accomplish these goals. The device is compatible with Android and iOS. To access all of the useful features, you’ll need to install the free Jawbone UP app, which is designed for smartphones.


Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

The Fitbit One is another popular fitness tracker, and it’s capable of recording your sleep patterns. When worn, this device will collect information for stairs climbed, distance, steps and stairs. It can monitor how long you sleep at night and tell you the quality level of the sleep.

Since it has a silent alarm, it can gently wake you up in the morning, and it won’t disturb your partner. The device can be automatically synced to your smartphone, which displays the collected data. You can also sync the Fitbit One with your computer, and it uses Bluetooth 4.0 for the connection.

The Fitbit one is great for people who want to set personal goals, view motivating progress and earn badges. It can automatically upload your fitness data to your smartphone and keep you on the cutting edge of personal fitness.

A major part of fitness is getting good sleep. The Fitbit One is smart enough to track your sleep patterns and can help you make lifestyle changes that will improve your quality of sleep.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery and will constantly monitor your fitness activity. It’s not the most accurate sleep tracker, but it can give you enough data to make some solid progress towards better sleep.


Sevenhugs HugOne Sleep Tracking System

Here we have a product that is specifically designed to track sleep habits, and it has the potential to improve sleep for an entire family. The Sevenhugs hugOne uses several tiny sensors to collect data about your sleep patterns.

You can view the data using the hugOne app and get daily advice that is customized for you. This device works with the Amazon Echo and Alexa, and it monitors important metrics while you sleep. Once activated, the hugOne will collect information about indoor air quality, humidity and temperature.

It has a smart alarm click, which actually learns your unique sleep cycles. After collecting enough data about you, the alarm chooses the best time to wake you up. You can connect the hugOne to a smart bulb, and it will help you fall asleep naturally.

The hugOne can also use the smart bulb to wake you up naturally. When it’s time for bed, the hugOne will flow, and electronics transmissions will be deactivated, which gives you a healthier night of sleep. This device can help you to wake up feeling refreshed, and as a result of getting better sleep, it can improve your mood and health.

The hugOne uses an algorithm to track light and deep sleep. It’s compatible with the Nest, and you can connect a total of eight miniHugs to the central base station.


Sense with Sleep Pill Sound Machine Sleep Monitor

The Sense is another sleep tracker and has the ability to play several ambient sounds. Once activated, it can help you to drift off into a restful sleep phase. The Sense is also capable of masking disruptive noises, so it’s designed to help you stay asleep.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your sleep, the Sense is able to monitor your sleep. It will help you learn how different environmental factors affect your sleep. Since it has a smart alarm, it can cause you to wake up feeling refreshed. Older alarm clocks can make you feel groggy when you rise.

The smart alarm that is built into the Sense will gently wake you up during the lightest portion of your sleep cycle, and you have the option of setting a general timeframe for the alarm. The Sense is different because it doesn’t force you to wear monitoring equipment.

It comes with an automated monitoring device, which is called Sleep Pill. Since this component invisibly tracks your sleep patterns, you don’t have to wear irritating equipment or wristbands.

Sense comes with advanced sensors and lets you know how air quality, humidity, temperature sound and light affect your sleep habits. To review your personal sleep data, you’ll need to use the associated Android and iOS app.

S+ by ResMed Personal Sleep Solution

Here is another sleep tracker that doesn’t double as a fitness tracker. This product is specifically made to track your sleep patterns and give you vital feedback. You can sync the S+ with your tablet or smartphone, and it uses cutting-edge programs to improve the quality of your sleep.

Since this is a personal sleep solution, it will tell you what factors are affecting your sleep quality, and it will also tell you what you can do to improve. The S+ delivers personalized feedback for your lifestyle, bedroom environment and sleep habits.

Once you fall asleep, a number of different factors can affect the quality of your sleep. The S+ is designed to detect these factors and give you important information about them. It can collect data about temperature, light levels and sounds.

According to the data, most S+ users are able to improve the quality of their sleep within a week after purchasing the product. The S+ uses a bio-motion sensor, which doesn’t make physical contact with your body. The sensor monitors your body movements, breathing and several environmental factors. Since it’s a standalone device,


UP3 by Jawbone Heart Rate Activity Sleep Tracker

The UP3 is a fitness tracker, and it’s capable of monitoring your sleep. When worn throughout the day, the UP3 will evaluate your heart health and deliver personalized advice with the Smart Coach. With an advanced sleep monitoring system, the UP3 automatically collects data about your sleep patterns.

It can detect when you’ve entered light, deep and REM sleep. The UP3 has a smart alarm and can wake you up during the best point of your sleep cycle.

The device can be synced wirelessly and offers seven full days of battery life. It’s compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, and it can be used with several other devices that run these operating systems.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might feel like to have your own personal trainer, then the UP3 might be worth purchasing. Although it’s designed to help you with fitness, it has the ability to monitor and help you improve your sleep.


Zeo Personal Sleep Manager

If you’d like to improve the quality of your sleep, then the Zeo is a product that is worth considering. It can help you learn about the true quality of your sleep and offers ways to improve it.

The Zeo personal sleep manager will accurately measure the quality of your sleep and tell you how long you sleep during the night. It can be used to discover factors that could be robbing you of vital REM sleep, and it can help you discover ways to get more total sleep.

The quality level of your sleep affects your entire life. Every day, you should strive to be at your best, and the Zeo can help you accomplish this goal.

The system consists of a lightweight band and bedside display. After data has been collected, you can get online and access the data with analytical tools.


Mio FUSE Heart Rate Sleep Activity Tracker

The Mio FUSE is designed as a fitness tracker, but it can help you track your sleep. When exercising, you can use this device to get accurate heart rate data, and the Mio FUSE will track distance, pace, calories, steps and sleep.

If you want to use this device to track your sleep, you’ll need to download a simple software update. The Mio FUSE can be wirelessly synced with top fitness apps, and it will upload vital data to the apps. For many of the features, the Mio FUSE must be used exclusively with the Mio PAI app.

This could be a great device for swimmers because it’s water resistant up to 100 feet. Once you update the product’s firmware, you can begin tracking your sleep habits.

Since it’s not exclusively designed to track sleep, the Mio FUSE doesn’t deliver the most accurate sleep data, but if you want to monitor your daily activity, it might be a decent product for you.


Why You Should Track Your Sleep

Before you choose to purchase a sleep tracker, you should understand why it’s a good choice. By collecting and analyzing data about your sleep, you can gain insight into your own sleep patterns and look for ways to improve. According to the CDC, Americans have major sleep issues.

When you consider the fact that sleep deprivation is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, it should make you want to do something about it. A lack of sleep is also causing billions of dollars in lost economic growth, and you don’t want to contribute to this number.

A sleep tracker can yield a lot of information about your personal habits, and the information can be used to improve your quality of sleep. Maybe you can use the information to make important lifestyle changes. Sleep trackers are useful because they let you record your sleep patterns and find out how specific changes affect the quality of sleep you’re getting.

Maybe you want to know if you’re a restless sleep. These products can tell you if you’re getting enough sleep, and they can tell you what types of sleep you’re getting. For example, you can find out if you’re getting enough REM sleep, which is the most restorative cycle.

Are Personal Sleep Trackers Accurate?

It’s unlikely that an inexpensive sleep tracker is capable of giving you the same data that you’d get from a machine that costs several thousand dollars, but you might be surprised to learn just how accurate some of the latest gadgets really are.

The PSG in a sleep lab will always deliver better data, but many personal sleep trackers are accurate enough to be useful. According to some of the latest peer reviews, it’s not uncommon for personal sleep trackers to misinterpret cycles, so they might overestimate sleep quality and time.

However, many modern trackers are accurate enough to provide useful insights, which you can use to improve your personal quality of sleep.

How to Choose a Sleep Tracker

When shopping for these products, you need to know what to look for. One of the first considerations to make concerns the platform, and there are two major platforms to choose from. All sleep trackers are software or physical.

In other words, you can get a sleep tracker that is nothing more than an app on your smartphone, or you can get a physical, standalone product. Since your smartphone isn’t designed for the specific purpose of tracking sleep patterns, you’ll find that most apps for sleep tracking aren’t terribly accurate.

In fact, according to certain studies, standalone apps are known to provide inaccurate data. You’ll get the best results from a combination of software and hardware, but the device should be partially designed for the purpose of tracking sleep habits.

Wearable and Non-wearable Technology

When shopping for a sleep tracker, you need to decide if you want wearable or non-wearable technology. Some devices are designed to track your sleep patterns and don’t require you to wear any monitoring equipment.

For many consumers, this might be the preferred option because monitoring equipment can get in the way. The UP2 is a great example of a wearable product. It will track your sleep patterns and spit out plenty of useful data. However, it must be worn on your wrist.

Fortunately, most wearable sleep trackers aren’t intrusive enough to affect your natural sleep patterns, but for some people, they can be bothersome. You need to decide what type of product is best for your personal preferences.


Do You Need Personal Guidance?

Many consumers purchase a product and start tracking their sleep, but once they acquire the data, they don’t know what to do with it.

The best solution for this problem is to purchase a product that delivers personal guidance. The Sevenhugs HugOne sleep tracking system is a great example.

It will track your sleep habits and give you useful advice for improving your sleep. It works with Amazon Echo and Alexa, and it can help you to improve the quality of sleep that you enjoy.


Benefits of Getting a Sleep Tracker

If you haven’t decided to get a sleep tracker, you’re missing out on the benefits. According to some of the latest studies, most people don’t get enough sleep, and the small amount of sleep that they get is low quality.

Restful sleep is crucial for a healthy life, and when you don’t get enough sleep, every area of your life will decline. High-quality sleep is important for well-being, academic success and overall health. Sleep can help kids get better grades in school, and it can help adults excel in all areas of life.