Ten Best Slime Kits For Kids – 2021 Reviews

There are few things in this world that are true constants. One of them: Kids love slime! I know when I was a child I absolutely loved it. I loved it so much that I learned how to make it myself. Now, making it myself from ingredients bought at the grocery store was great, however, I always wanted the kits that you could buy to make unique and colorful slimes. Simply adding food coloring wasn’t the same. That is why I took it upon myself to write this article on the top ten best slime kits for kids.


Ten Best Slime Kits For Kids Reviewed

Kids love the stretchy slime texture that you get with these slime kits. If properly maintained, these slime sets can provide your child with hours and hours of entertainment. Many of these kits come with multiple colors, allowing your little ones to mix and match to learn how new colors are made. On top of that, it’s not just for kids. Slime can often be used in the same manner as a fidget spinner or other fidget toys, helping both children and adults to relieve stress and anxiety.

The following list is in no particular order. It is a list for what I believe to be the best slime kits for kids available to buy today.


Learn and Climb Chemistry Set for Kids 5-10. 5+ Amazing Science Experiments. Make Your own Slime lab Kit.

First up on our list, just in time for holiday shopping is the Learn & Clime Slime Making Chemistry Set for kids. This set comes with 5 different slime making experiments. There are red and blue coloring agents, from which you can also make shades of purple. There is even a glow in the dark agent for creating luminous slime. Your kids can learn about purifying, thickening, congealing whilst creating their own slime. So this kit is both fun and educational, aimed at kids between 5 and 10 years of age.

This is a complete slime science kit, with everything your kid needs to create slime, from test tubes to measuring gear, liquid pva glue and an instruction manual to guide them through all of the experiments. Everything in the kid is ASTM approved and non toxic.

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Nickelodeon Super Slimy set

As far as I am concerned, this is the grandfather of all slime. My first experience seeing slime was when I was watching television as a child. It wasn’t long afterward that I got some of my own. This slime, however, holds up much better then it did when I was a child. What’s great about this kit is its customization options. It comes in a kit that allows you to add neon colors, scents and smells, foam beads, and even glow in the dark chemicals.

With this kit, your kids can mix the slime up themselves and make it be exactly what they want, whether it is glow-in-the-dark and glittery or sweet smelling foamy slime. This is one of the best slime kits for kids that incorporates a variety of different materials and textures.

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National Geographic Mega Slime and Putty Lab

What if your child likes putty just as much as they like slime? That is how I was. Silly putty was one of my favorite toys as a kid, right along with slime. That is what is great about this National Geographic Mega Slime and Putty lab. This comes with four different styles of slime as well as four different kinds of putty. The slime includes liquid slime, fluffy slime, snotty slime, and the original basic slime.

As far as putty is concerned, it includes glow-in-the-dark putty, bouncing putty, color changing putty, as well as my favorite, magnetic putty. This is one of the best slime kits for kids that want to learn a little while they play.

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Katzco Glow in the Dark Slime

Kids, especially mine, absolutely love the glow in the dark products. Everything from the stars you can put on the ceiling to glow in the dark crystals on the shelf. They lost it when I got them the Katzco Glow in the Dark Slime set. This set contains twelve different containers of glow-in-the-dark slime in four different colors. These colors include green, yellow, orange, and blue. Each one makes for an excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas this year. My kids are big fans of the Ghostbusters movies. Because of this, their favorite slime is the glow in the dark green slime.

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Meland Fluffy Slime

The fluffy style slime that you get in the Meland Fluffy Slime kit is another one of my children’s favorites. It is actually the first kind of slime that I bought for my children. I personally like this for smaller kids, as it isn’t nearly as messy as traditional slime. It’s fluffy and stretchy and my kids love it. I am also quite a big fan. I like how you can fold it over on itself and make a bubble to pop with your fingers. It’s almost like unlimited bubble wrap, which is admittedly a bit of an addiction of mine. This set comes with four different colors, including blue, purple, green, and pink.

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Original Stationary Ultimate Slime Kit

The Ultimate Slime Kit is true to its name, it is the ultimate kit for providing hours of fun and entertainment. It is packed to the brim with everything you could need to make the slime of your children’s dreams. There are several different kinds of slime powder that your kids can use to make their own slime. That’s not all.

It also contains six different kinds of glitter, foam for making fluffy slime, five different color additives, four different scents for smell good slime, some water beads, as well as all of the tools and storage containers that you can need. This is the one that I am getting for my children for Christmas.

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Essenson DIY Unicorn Slime Kit

This is another one of the ultimate slime kits. The Essenson DIY Unicorn Slime kit is overflowing with all of the arts and crafts your child might need for creating his or her very own slime. This kit has the more slime containers than most of the other kits on this list at twelve different containers in twelve different colors. In order to liven those up more, there are many different types of glitter to choose from, as well as different sized, colored, and shaped beads. The conveniently packaged box has a handle on it, allowing for the materials to be packed up and taken on play dates.

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Playz Glow In The Dark Slime Lab Science Kit

This glow in the dark slime kit for kids doubles up as a crazy science lab, with 19 different slime related experiments. There are experiments to make glowing slime dough, shampoo slime, slime worms and many more. This is a one of the best slime kits for kids that want to learn a little while they play. It can help to develop an understanding in polyments, matter transfer and the atomic and molecular properties of materials. This slime kit combines one of the most fun toys for kids with STEM educational resources combined.

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Dilabee DIY Slime Kit

For your budding little scientist, this is the kit for you. The Dilabee DIY Slime kit helps your child to understand the creative process of the slime. It has everything that is needed for making your basic slime, including Elmer’s glue, saline activator, detergent activator, glow in the dark powder, the instruction book, and all of the containers and tools that you could need to make and mix up your slime. It’s not only about the function of creating the slime. This kit also includes six different glitters and four different coloring additives to make your slime even more colorful, which means even more fun!

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Unicorn Slime Kit

This Unicorn Slime Kit is marketed more to girls than boys, but I have daughters, so I may have to get this one for them for Christmas as well. This is also the most expensive kit on the list, but for good reason. This kit comes with the powders needed to make fish bowl slime, foam slime, cloud slime, and jelly cube slime. This is the only kit that I have found with the jelly cube slime. This kit likely has the most additional items as well.

The extras in the Unicorn Slime Kit include the kid-friendly instruction manual, four different ink colors including white, blue, pink, and purple, four different scents, measuring cups and storage containers, foam beads, white beads, colorful beads, stirring sticks, and the tool knife set.

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Best Slime Kits For Kids Buyers Guide

Slime Saftey

It may be a bit difficult, but try not to think of slime as a toy, but rather you should think of it as a science experiment. Most slimes are made with non-toxic materials, however, it is better to be safe than sorry. For that reason, I have gathered a few safety tips for you to consider.


Adult Supervision:

It is best for you to take part in helping your child when making the slime. It is also best to supervise younger children when they are playing with their slime. So the biggest concern, at least for me, is a choking hazard. It may not seem like it is that much of a threat, but the nature of the slime wants it to stick together. This is especially important for children playing with scented slimes. A curious child may decide that they want to sample the tasty-smelling slimes. This can cause the slime to get stuck in the child’s throat, causing them to choke.


Follow Instructions:

I understand how many people think that this is such an easy project that the instructions aren’t really necessary, however, that is not the case. In order to ensure that you get the correct consistency, it is important to follow the provided instructions. You also need to ensure that you do the steps in the appropriate order. Not following the instructions properly can cause it to be too thin, which when played with can leave residue where it was played with, possible causing a slip hazard. Or it may cause it to be too thick, which makes it more of a putty than a slime.

No Substitutions:

Now, this goes along with following the instructions, but it is important to understand that you should not swap out ingredients when making slime. Most slime kits come with non-toxic ingredients. By using alternate ingredients, it is possible to accidentally introduce a chemical that is not safe for young children. Like I said previously, better safe than sorry. Only use what comes included with the kit that you choose.


Be Clean:

Now, this is both for safety and for how the final product work. Make sure that you mix the ingredients in a clean area and use clean tools. Once something gets added to the slime, it can be nearly impossible to remove it, especially if it’s dirt or other small objects. You don’t want the slime to be dirty. Slime is great, but dirty slime, not so much. No, the safety concern comes from unintentionally having dangerous or harmful objects added. Harmful chemicals can be just as dangerous as sharp objects being picked up by the slime.


Wash Up:

Even though the slime is non-toxic, you and your children should wash your hands once you are done playing with the slime. Even though most slimes are made with non-toxic materials, that doesn’t mean that you can skip this safety step. The fact is that even non-toxic materials can cause irritation on sensitive skin. One of my daughters is like that, and she has to wash her hands after playing with any kind of slime.



It’s liquid, so you can put it down the sink, right? Wrong, way wrong. Putting slime down the sink is likely to cause a clog. It would be terrible to put it down the sink and then realize that it is clogged. I’m no plumber, so that means a cheap handful of slime could end up costing me more than a slightly leaky trash bag. In order to properly dispose of the slime, just put it in the trash.


Why Slime?

Kids just love slime, plain and simple. From the tactile feel to its stretchiness, kids love everything about it. This is an excellent way to get your child interested in the sciences and is a greater starter for understanding chemistry and the mixing of different chemicals to create something unlike any of the original ingredients. So for Christmas this year, pick up one of these top slime kits for your child.


Things To Be Aware Of

We have talked quite a bit about what is so great about slime, but what are the negative aspects of kids playing with slime. Well, for one thing, it can get pretty messy. I highly recommend supervising your children while playing with the slime, and ensure that they keep away from your carpet. Once you get the slime into your carpet it will be nearly impossible to get it out. So take care to ensure that you and your children play with it in a clean place, so that you keep the slime and your house clean.



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