Ten Best Slippers for Women in 2021

Early mornings with cold floors do not mix well with cold feet. Socks just don’t seem to cut it when it’s cold outside, and you probably wish you had something on your feet that you could even wear outside on the porch. Luckily, there are several types of slippers that are made to keep your feet warm and toasty with hard soles so you can walk outside without damaging your favorite pair of slippers. However, finding the best pair for you can be quite the daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Below are few pairs of slippers that are sure to capture your attention.

Each item has a description to keep you informed of the brand, style, and features of each pair of slippers. If you are worried about making the right decision, this mini guide can help you decide on the best pair of slippers for your feet, your lifestyle, and your climate.


Best Slippers for Women Reviewed

Dearfoams Women’s Memory Foam Sweater Knit Indoor/Outdoor Bootie Slippers

Made from fabric and faux fur lining, these slippers are made to keep both your feet and ankles warm in the colder months. These boot style slippers are made from a sweater knit synthetic material that is soft and comfy for long wear, and the memory foam insoles are created to keep your feet warm and cozy as well. Another interesting feature of these slippers is the hard soles so you can wear them either indoors or outdoors, making them versatile as well.

Don’t worry if you get these amazing bootie slippers dirty because they are machine washable for easy cleaning. It is recommended to order up a size in these slippers because they are created to be snug. Reviewers of all sorts have talked about how comfortable and warm these slippers are on your feet, making them a great option for someone who constantly has cold feet. These booties are also budget friendly for most everyone.




Isotoner Women’s Terry Ballerina Slipper

If you are looking for a soft slipper that is made from breathable fabric, then this pair of slippers is the best choice for you. These slippers are made with a ballerina silhouette for a feminine style that is both comfy and cute. Made from cotton-blend terry cloth, these slippers are perfect for keeping your feet warm and protected as well. Another great thing about these slippers is the rubber sole for added support and slipping protection.

These slippers are made to fit securely on your feet as well, making them great for someone who does a great deal of walking throughout the house. The price is another great feature about these slippers because the low price makes them a great purchase for most any individual. If you are looking for the best way to save money and keep your feet warm, you’ve found the right pair of slippers.




Minnetonka Women’s Cally Faux Fur Slipper

Moccasin type slippers have become increasingly popular over the years, and Minnetonka offers only the best and most comfortable moccasin type slippers. Made from leather and faux fur lining, these slippers are both comfortable and warm. They come with a thin rubber outsole so you can wear them indoors or outdoors, which is great for walking out on the back porch in the mornings.

These slippers are a bit more expensive than other brands, but with the leather and faux fur lining, you won’t regret purchasing this pair. Luckily, they also come in a variety of colors and styles to fit most any lifestyle and taste. Reviewers love the feel of these slippers and the lightweight materials that they are made from. If you are looking for a more stylish and brand name slipper option, these Minnetonka slippers are the choice for you.




Dearfoams Women’s Microfiber Velour Clog Slipper

Dearfoams makes several different pairs of slippers, but this pair is unique in its style. This slipper is a clog form, meaning that you can simply slip your feet in and out of these slippers quickly and easily. Made from plush microfiber velour, these slippers are created to provide a comfortable walking surface while still keeping your feet warm and cozy. Another interesting thing about these slippers is the memory foam insoles that provide extra cushion for those who need it.

These slippers also have an outsole made for both indoor and outdoor usage as well, making them ideal for those who love to take a quick stroll outside without taking off their slippers. The price on these slippers is incredible, and they are priced to fit just about any budget. With comfort and a great price, who wouldn’t want these slippers in their wardrobe for those cold and crisp mornings?




Isotoner Women’s Microterry PillowStep Satin Cuff Clog Slippers

These slippers are another set of clog style slippers made with comfort in mind. Made in different colors, these slippers are great for someone who wants to have a choice to match their style or taste. These clog slippers are made from a plush micro terry cloth that sports a satin cuff around the edge. Breathable and comfortable, these slippers have a cushioned insole and an indoor or outdoor outsole.

Of course, you’re probably wondering about price, and these slippers do not disappoint. Created with a budget in mind, these slippers won’t break the bank to offer you comfort and warmth for your feet. You can ensure that you are getting a great pair of slippers when you purchase this pair.




Crocs Unisex Classic Slipper Mule

You have probably heard of Crocs before, but these slippers are completely unlike the rubber shoes you might be familiar with. These slippers are made with a variety of materials like felt, suede, and fur. Lightweight and comfortable, these slippers can be worn indoors or outdoors depending on your preference.

Before purchasing these slippers, it is recommended that you order a size down because they come in half sizes. The price on these slippers is a little high, much like another pair mentioned above. However, these slippers are well worth the money spent because they offer all the best of the classic Crocs but in a slipper form. These are also unisex so that anyone can enjoy them.




Dearfoams Women’s 745 Slipper

Made much like a ballerina style slipper, these slippers are made for quick putting on and taking off without worrying about them slipping off your feet. They contain a rubber outsole for non-skid walking. You can also wear these outdoors, but they are made specifically for indoor use. Luckily, these slippers are also padded for added comfort, and for those who have foot pain, the extra padding is a great addition.

Price wise, these slippers are pretty average. They aren’t especially cheap, but they aren’t very expensive either, making them ideal for most people who are concerned about price. If you are looking for a great pair of slippers that won’t fall off your feet and aren’t too expensive, then this pair of slippers might be a great choice for you.




ACORN Women’s Moc Slipper

Moccasin slippers are extremely popular nowadays, as mentioned earlier. However, this pair of slippers is unique in many ways. Coming in a wide variety of colors and patterns, these slippers are perfect for those who love making a statement with their style and taste. Made from cozy fleece and faux fur, these slippers are comfortable on the outside. They are also super comfortable on the inside because they are made with an insole of cloud cushion, which works to cushion your feet like a cloud.

They are made for both indoor and outdoor use because they have a rubber outsole that is durable. These slippers are warm and cozy, perfect for those chilly days. When it comes to price, these slippers have quite the range, going from a great price to a steeper number. However, they are definitely worth the cost because of the cozy and comfy feeling they provide during long wear.




ACORN Women’s Spa Thong Slipper

Some people enjoy wearing flip flop slippers during the summer because they are comfy but still breathable for feet that get a little too toasty in the warm weather. ACORN makes a great pair of thong slippers that are perfect for most everyone. Made with breathable terry cloth, these slippers also contain the cloud cushion found in the pair above. These slippers are listed as easy care slippers because you can simply machine wash and dry them as you would your clothing.

The soles are made for indoor and outdoor use as well, and the price of these slippers are ranged much like the pair before. If you are looking for a pair of slippers to keep your feet cool but comfy at the same time, this spa style slipper is a great pair for you.




BOBS from Skechers Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper

Many people have heard of Skechers before, and their slippers are beginning to make headlines because of the comfortable styles. This particular pair is made from a soft knit fabric, giving you a cozy slipper with a slight heel. The slip-on clog design makes it easy for you to slip these on and off quickly.

The rubber sole is great for indoor and outdoor use depending on your preference. When it comes to price, Skechers falls in the mid-range, making them easily available for most budgets. These slippers are a great choice for those wanting something comfortable, warm, and durable for heavy use.