Best Snake Repellent Buyers Guide For 2023

Snakes inhabit almost all of the regions in which humans are present. They often can be found during the night hours yet can be seen during the daytime as well, especially if you reside close to a creek or forested location. However, snakes can also be seen in deserts. Because of the abundance and the health risks they can cause if bitten, it is advised that homeowners use snake repellent as a means of driving snakes away from the home perimeter. Listed below are some of the best snake repellent products that are available for purchase online, along with a detailed guide on things to look for before you buy.


Best Snake Repellent – Comparison Table

Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent
Has proven to work on any snake, regardless of species

Easy to apply (using spray bottle)

Ingredients are completely natural
4.1 out of 5

Havahart Dr. T's 4-Pound Nature Products Snake Repelling Granules
Sulfur and naphthalene as primary ingredients

Can cover up to 0.5 acres

Will last for up to three months under normal conditions
3.6 out of 5

Nature’s MACE SNAKE Repellent 5lb Granular Shaker
Comes in multiple sizes

Smell is not overbearing

Easy to handle
4.2 out of 5

Bonide Snake Stopper 8751 Snake Repellent
Travel and storage friendly container

Non-toxic ingredients; safe to used near pets and children

The Powder clings to the surface well
4.1 out of 5

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granula
All natural ingredients

Safe to use in gardens

Comes with a shaker bottle
3.8 out of 5

Havahart 6400 Snake Shield Snake Repellent
Sold in a large four pound bag

Will not disturb other wildlife; only snakes

Suitable to use for extended periods long after purchase
4.3 out of 5

Sanspest Solar Powered Snake Repellent
Solar powered

Unlike granules and liquids, the pulse is not affected by the rain

Covers about 7000 square foot total
2.3 out of 5

I Must Garden Snake Repellent
Great scent

Has a good blend of oils not commonly found in some snake repellents
4 out of 54 out of 5

Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules
Safe to apply near children, pets, and gardens

The smell is not overbearing

Rain resistant
4.3 out of 5


Ten Best Snake Repellent Reviews


Exterminators Choice Snake Defense Natural Snake Repellent

 When most people look for a snake repellent, they will first consider products that are safe to use around pets. Exterminator’s Choice is made using natural ingredients that can keep the snakes away without turning your yard into a hazardous setting. If you have any dogs or cats that are not sensitive to smell, you should have no issues with them becoming irritated when its time to spray. As for ingredients, each bottle consists of water, clove oil, peppermint oil, and cinnamon oil.

Some sprays are better when used in certain areas around your lawn. With Exterminator’s Choice, you will probably find yourself using it more near doorways and patios since the spray tends to deplete rather quickly when attempting to cover a wide area, such as near fences. Typical bottle sizes include 32 and 128 ounces, so if you do insist on spraying big areas of square footage, consider getting the larger bottle instead.

One of the few drawbacks to this repellent is the liquid itself. While it does a terrific job at keeping snakes away, liquid repellents tend to evaporate faster than granules. If your snake problem is severe, you may need to look for longer lasting alternatives. Regardless, Exterminator’s Choice should be enough for protection if snakes are seldom spotted.

The Good:

  • Has proven to work on any snake, regardless of species
  • Easy to apply (using spray bottle)
  • Ingredients are completely natural
  • The smell is pleasant and not odious

The Bad:

  • Spray bottle does not last long when using in large areas


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Havahart Dr. T’s 4-Pound Nature Products Snake Repelling Granules

There are times when snakes seem to be attracted to home locations more during certain periods of the year. Havahart Dr. T’s Snake Repellent can handle the areas around your house that will leave the most impact.

During initial examination of this repellent, you will first notice the powerful smell that emanates from the granules. This is strong enough to create a barrier around cracks and crevices that may surround your fencing and porch area, so long as it is being used properly. If you are treating a place that has only small snakes, a small band circling the problematic spots should suffice. For larger species such as rattlesnakes and cottonmouths(water moccasins), a wider covering is advised.

The repellent should work for two or three months without the need to keep reapplying, with one caveat. If you stay in regions that receive heavy rainfall, the odor will dissipate at a quicker rate than what would occur in drier weather. This means that customers who live along the Pacific Northwest and southern portions of the United States may end up using the four-pound bags quicker than those in central and western locales. The size is big enough to cover 0.5 acres of land, so be sure to know your size of the area you want to cover as well.

The Good:

  • Sulfur and naphthalene as primary ingredients
  • Can cover up to 0.5 acres
  • Will last for up to three months under normal conditions
  • Can effectively rid areas of poisonous snakes

The Bad:

  • Does not contain natural ingredients
  • Rain and water will deplete the odor faster
  • Due to its powerful ingredients, not safe to use around cats and dogs in large quantities


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Nature’s MACE SNAKE Repellent 5lb Granular Shaker

Another granular, Nature’s Mace Snake Repellent comes in a tub with a carton and shaker, making it easier for you to apply in areas that would be hard to reach. Due to this physical attribute, it is recommended for those who do not want to waste their product too quickly from over applying. Furthermore, you may only need to apply once every quarter. In dry climates, placing on the edges of your lawn and porch every year may be all that is required to see positive results.

When reading the label on the package, you will notice that the product claims to be water resistant. While this is true, do not assume that it will work after a heavy downpour. If it rains not too soon after you have placed the repellent down, simply follow up with a brisk layer on top of the previous areas.

This repellent is great for most harmless snakes but could have mixed results if you reside near a body of water. It does contain sulfur, which is the main chemical in brands of this category. In any case, Nature’s Mace maintains high ratings with most customers and is sold in 2.2, five, and 22-pound containers.

The Good:

  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Smell is not overbearing
  • Easy to handle
  • Will get rid of most snake varieties

The Bad:

  • Water resistance is not strong
  • Longevity is heavily influenced by region of use


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Bonide Snake Stopper 8751 Snake Repellent

Bonide Snake Stopper is sold in a tall, slim container and consists of granules. The contents of the repellent are natural but also contain sulfur. It uses cedar, clove, and cinnamon oils as active ingredients.

Due to the small size and weight (1.5 pounds), Snake Stopper is ideal for not only those needing to control the snake population of businesses or residential areas but for outdoor events as well. It will fit nicely in most travel kits during trips when you must sleep outside in the elements, such as camping. It is also completely safe to use in areas where pets and children are active. As previously stated, it does contain sulfur but the scent is a combination of cinnamon and herbs. The consistency is a fine powder and slightly sticky, giving the impression of the ability to cling to a snake for an added reaction for them to move away from the treated area permanently.

If you like snake repellents with natural ingredients that can double as travel items for outdoor events, you will definitely appreciate Snake Stopper. It isn’t perfect but remains a top shelf item when compared other similar granule-containing repellents.

The Good:

  • Pleasant smell
  • Travel and storage friendly container
  • Non-toxic ingredients; safe to used near pets and children
  • The Powder clings to the surface well
  • Will not wash away after a light rain

The Bad:

  • Not as effective on large snakes


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Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Granula

The cleverly-named Liquid Fence Repellent uses corn mint and cedarwood oil to drive away snakes. The odor is strong but not irritating. During first use, the smell will linger in your outdoor area for a long time. It features a shaker to make the application more uniform and has no toxic ingredients in its formula. The repelling effect will begin to work immediately when poured around problem areas in your yard.

Be aware that this product is designed specifically to drive away snakes that are non-venomous. If you stay in areas where the snakes contain venom, you should probably look elsewhere. For all others, Liquid Fence should do the job. You may even find it unnecessary to form a perimeter around your home. Pour near areas where you know snakes have been present, then follow up with other cracks and corners near the fence and porch to gradually encourage them out of your living space.

If you own a garden, this should also work in getting snakes out. Just remember to do another light pour after heavy rainfall so that the odor will not go away too quickly. Overall, a solid choice for general snake control.

The Good:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Safe to use in gardens
  • Comes with a shaker bottle

The Bad:

  • Does not work on venomous snakes


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Havahart 6400 Snake Shield Snake Repellent

The trend continues with environmentally-friendly snake repellents with Snake Shield. Good snake repellents will cause irritating sensations in the reptile’s nervous system, encouraging them to flee from the immediate area where the product is applied. This formula is no exception. It has a great smelling scent that is pleasing to humans, dogs, and cats. If concerned about other wild animals such as birds and squirrels, it will not cause any adverse reactions to their normal routines around your home.

With Snake Shield, you can use it as a fencing or treat in sporadic areas where snake activity has been noticed most. Depending on the layout of your lawn, you might see better results by doing the former first, then surrounding the house once you are sure that the snakes are no longer present. This way, you will give them time to leave the area, as some snakes will not cross the repellent under any circumstances.

Snake Shield is sold in a resealable bag. The top is strong enough to form an airtight grip at the edges, so you should have no problems with storing the product to use for another season. Weighing four pounds, it is a perfect buy for those who like to keep their snake repellents for long periods of time.

The Good:

  • Sold in a large four pound bag
  • Will not disturb other wildlife; only snakes
  • Suitable to use for extended periods long after purchase

The Bad:

  • Large quantities could be necessary to use for areas with abundant snakes


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Sanspest Solar Powered Snake Repellent

Some snake repellents do not use granules or liquids at all. The alternative is repellents that rely on solar power to fuel their effects instead. Sanspest Solar Powered Repellent is one such device to utilize this feature.

Snakes have an uncanny ability to sense vibrations in the ground around them. They are highly sensitive to any movement or sounds and use this ability to alert them to danger. Sanspest will trick snakes by sending such signals around the area they are activated, thus keeping the reptiles away from your property.

Sanspest is sold in packs of two. It has a range of nearly 7000 square foot, increasing if more pairs are bought. It is perfectly safe to place in an area where there are children or pets. Setup is simple. Just attach two wires together, fasten the mount to the top portion (where the solar panel and pulse is located), then place firmly into the ground in the area you want to be covered. The manufacturer advises placing no farther than 80 feet away from each other, for maximum results.

Each panel is approximately one foot in height and 5.51 inches in width. Being that it is solar powered, no batteries are necessary. For areas with large snake concentrations, a backup liquid or granular repellent might be needed alongside with the panel. However, most users should see their presence gone in about two weeks after they are installed.

The Good:

  • Solar powered
  • Unlike granules and liquids, the pulse is not affected by the rain
  • Covers about 7000 square foot total

The Bad:

  • Panels must be charged before they are used


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Ropel Snake Repellent Granules

Ropel, a granule snake repellent, comes in a four-pound heavy-duty plastic container that has a handle situated at a slight angle to make the contents easier to dispense. When you must store the container for later use, it will hold up and not chip away like repellents with plastic pouches. It works well during times just prior to the snakes becoming active, such as late winter and early spring months. For summer and autumn, simply use regularly or until the snakes stop showing up on your property. It will work with most snakes, including venomous species.

Upon first opening, you will notice the strong odor emanating from the container. No need for concern, however; rest assured that the product contains no harmful chemicals in its ingredients. A mix of cedar, clove, and cinnamon oils are the primary elements listed on the packaging. When you are ready to apply, simply spread the Ropel around fences and patio areas. If you are using in areas where there is mulch, a thin layer underneath the top is also suggested. The quantity is high, so do not be afraid to use more than you think is necessary for keeping your area tidy of snakes.

The Good:

  • Versatile; can be used on lots of outdoor surfaces under numerous weather conditions
  • Relies solely on plant oils for active ingredients

The Bad:

  • Smell is strong
  • Repeat coverings advised for problematic yards


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I Must Garden Snake Repellent

The I Must Garden Snake Repellent comes in a plastic jug, containing four pounds of natural ingredients made up of a granular mix. This size does not contain a handle, so you might need to use a separate container if concerned about dropping the jug during your treatment. The smell is very aromatic and not harsh at all, but will lead to lower numbers of snakes being found around the area you want to be eradicated.

It is able to cover an area of about 400 square feet. For best results, use one-to-two times every month. If you spot snakes during this period, apply more immediately in the area where the snake was last seen. Furthermore, rain will wash away the effects of this repellent, thereby requiring more to be used during wet seasons. If you want to try a repellent that has all the hallmarks of other natural containing snake treatments, yet do not enjoy the smell of them, consider I Must Garden for its delightful scent that is soothing but annoying to snakes around your living quarters.

The Good:

  • Great scent
  • Has a good blend of oils not commonly found in some snake repellents

The Bad:

  • Multiple applications needed for effective treatment


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Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent Granules

One of the best-known pest control brands in the business, Ortho definitely has made a name for itself by selling great products that have long-lasting results. The Snake B Gon repelling includes Cinnamon, Geraniol, and Castor Oil for primary ingredients. As for the bottle, there are two sides at the top for large areas that need to be covered and a shaker when you need to apply in smaller amounts. As per instructions on the label, it should be used every 30 days, more so when water is present around the area in question.

Whether you live in an area with cottonmouths, copperheads, or rattlesnakes, Snake B Gon should clear out these dangerous specimens quickly after it is planted around your location. If you have a large yard, two bottles might work best as the contents carry only two pounds of granular. Apply in gentle amounts near your garden and porch at any time of the year, less during the colder winter months. As it gets warmer, the snakes will notice the scent immediately and clear away from the lawn before they get closer to the immediate area of your doorstep and garage. Recommended for snakes of any variety.

The Good:

  • Safe to apply near children, pets, and gardens
  • The smell is not overbearing
  • Rain resistant

The Bad:

  • Two containers may need to be purchased (this sizes comes in a two pound bag).


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Best Snake Repellent Buyer’s Guide/FAQ

Next up is a brief but detailed guide on some of the things you should know before you buy your next snake repellent. Keep these points in mind so you know what makes such products high or low-quality.

What Are Snake Repellents Made From?

Some snake repellents are made of naphthalene, a chemical that is found on some trees containing nuts and is toxic to most animals, including humans. Cats are especially vulnerable to the chemical. It has been shown to cause irritation to the eyes and nervous system when used carelessly.

Additionally, the smell is repugnant, having a scent that resembles mothballs. Other repellents will contain natural ingredients such as essential oils that are found in plants with strong aromatic properties. These, on the contrary to naphthalene, are safe to use near your pets.

What Qualities Do All Good Repellents Share?

Most snake repellents are judged from their resistance to water and number of applications needed to have a lasting effect against the snakes. Good repellents have the potential to last for months at a time with little need for repeat treatments. While most are recommended to be dispersed at least once every month, this is not always necessary unless the snake population is troublesome.

People who expect such use typically live near areas where venomous snakes are present, or close to bodies of water such as creeks and ponds. During the winter months, you might find little use for repellent if you live in areas where icy conditions occur late in the year.

While there are rain resistant repellents available, the truth is that most will require an additional layer of liquid or granule to be poured over the saturated areas that were previously treated. In other words, places with lots of precipitation will require that you seek the best repellent for rainy conditions, which are most often found in granules.

What About Solar Panel Repellents?

Solar repellents work well not only against snakes but several other pests as well. As previously mentioned, snakes sense motion in the same way that humans detect movement with the eyes. When odd vibrations are felt by snakes, they typically relate this to danger and will quickly leave the area in which the “visual” is coming from. Solar panels achieve this by being set close to the ground.

They contain batteries which are powered by the sun yet must be charged before they are used. Charging times may vary but the average is about 24 to 48 hours before first-time use. Once this is completed, no charging is necessary again for the entire duration that it lies outside.


Choose Your Snake Repellent Wisely

Snakes can pose a huge danger to the people and animals that are nearby. It can sometimes be difficult to know the difference between those that are poisonous and others that are not. That’s why snake repellent is a great investment for safeguarding the common areas around your lawn. Other places for use include parks, schools, and playgrounds. Regardless, no matter what locale you need to protect, snake repellents are a way to maintain preventive maintenance in combating unwanted encounters with the reptiles, until they are gone.