Ten Best Spark Plugs for 2021

Spark plugs are one of the most crucial elements of engine maintenance, yet most drivers are completely unaware of this piece of hardware. Spark plugs facilitate the ignition of the air and fuel mixture as efficiently as possible. Worn, old, and dirty spark plugs will reduce your engine’s capacity to adequately perform. Putting in the best spark plugs will ensure your engine runs cleaner, smoother, and utilizes less fuel.

The spark plug is where combustion in your engine begins. They give the spark that ignites the mix of fuel and air in the combustion chamber. Also, spark plugs effectively give off heat to help the vehicle’s cooling system. It is crucial to keep your spark plugs in good condition since bad spark plugs can result in poor performance, decreased gas mileage, and engine misfiring. Always make sure to replace your spark plugs at the first sign of trouble so you can save yourself money and your car many problems in the long term.

The below spark plugs are some of the best spark plugs on the market and incorporate the latest materials and technology. They can reach a high level of durability and performance with few compromises in quality. Spark plugs ability to increase your engine’s level of performance makes it well worth the extra expense.


Ten Best Spark Plugs Reviews

1. NGK (PFR7S8EG) Spark Plug

With the NGK Spark Plug, you have a laser platinum body that gives it high ignitability and a greater service life. The dual platinum surfacing allows for a slower wear rate of use in order to give your car stable idling, premium anti-fouling, greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Also, the laser welded platinum center electrode tip creates faster starts and quicker acceleration while the platinum disc welded to the back of the ground electrode gives it a longer life. In addition, the trivalent metal plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties. The dual ground electrodes allow for a more consistent spark.




2. Champion RJ17LM (856) Copper Plus Small Engine Spark Plug

This spark plug is known for its dependable performance. This model Champion spark plug has a copper core electrode that gives it increased conductivity and heat control for improved overall wear. With the Champion, you do not have to worry about fouling. It comes with superior corrosion resistance. Thanks to the increased heat control and conductivity, you are guaranteed good overall wear. Champion spark plugs are known for their dependable and tested performance. The competitive warranty and advanced features make this a preferred option.




3. BMW Spark Plugs, High Power Super Plug

BMWs tend to quickly go through spark plugs, especially when the car has not been serviced in a while. Most BMW drivers go through a new set of spark plugs every fifteen to twenty five thousand miles or every six months or so. BMW spark plugs are custom designed to handle the specifications and engine requirements of your BMW. With the BMW spark plugs, you know you are getting century’s worth of knowledge and experience in that one plug.



4. ACDelco 41-105 Professional Iridium Spark Plug

The ACDelco Professional Iridium Spark Plugs are one of the best quality replacements for many common vehicles still on the road. These spark plugs use the latest technology to create an exact replica of your vehicle’s original components. The Iridium composition uses one of the strongest metals and has a very high melting point. These spark plugs provide much more durability and resistance when compared to Platinum and Conventional spark plugs.

These deluxe aftermarket replacement iridium spark plugs are built to meet the demands of function, fit, and form. One of the biggest advantages of the ACDelco Professional Spark Plugs is that they can be used on numerous different vehicles and come with varying price options. You can choose from RAPIDFIRE single platinum, Conventional, Double Platinum, and Outdoor Power Equipment lines. In addition, diesel vehicle owners will be happy that they can get the benefits of using ACDelco by using high-quality Glow Plugs.



5. Denso 3473 Spark Plug

With the Denso 3473 spark plug, you are getting a spark plug made from the most durable and long lasting material: iridium. Iridium is much stronger than platinum and ensures that your plug will have the longest life possible. Thanks to the excellent design and composition, you do not have to worry so much about the electrode wear. It is recommended that you get your Denso spark plug serviced every eighty to one hundred thousand miles. This brand of spark plug includes a competitive warranty and is consistently rated as one of the most durable spark plugs.



6. Bosch (7902) WR8AC

When you use the Bosch WR8AC, you have the peace of mind that comes with superior spark plug composition. Bosch spark plugs are built with a heavy-duty yttrium-enhanced copper electrode core center which gives it increased resistance to spark erosion and a 50% longer performance life, even when compared with other high-end models.

Thanks to the tapered nickel chromium ground electrodes, it features increased fuel ignitability and better cold start performance. In addition, Bosch spark plugs have a five-ribbed, angular insulation design that helps to eliminate misfires as a result of leakage. The nickel-coated rolled threads give an unyielding corrosion and anti-seize protection. Plus, the metal glass infused resistor decreases the amount of interference.



7. Toyota Genuine Parts 90919-01192 Spark Plug

Toyota Genuine Parts Spark Plugs are the exact same original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that your Toyota came with. The advantage of a genuine OEM part is that it is guaranteed to be reliable, more effective, and of higher quality than conventional replacements. You do not have to make a guess which spark plug might fit into your automobile because they are car model specific. It can be frustrating and costly to keep trying different spark plugs that do not work.

These spark plugs feature a U-groove design, which facilitates a higher temperature spark. These platinum-tipped spark plugs are intended to reach up sixty thousand miles before they need to be replaced. To increase the durability and prevent cracking, Toyota adds iridium and nickel to the platinum. They have an undeniably long-life and continually exhibit a high performance.



8. Motorcraft SP-519 Spark Plug

If you need to change your old and worn out spark plugs, seriously think about upgrading to the high-quality Motorcraft family of spark plugs. These spark plugs are built specifically to handle those high melting points. Thus, it maintains superb resistance to erosion while at the same time keeping up peak performance. This form of spark plug is meant for conventional distributor-equipped and coil-on-plug ignition systems. It is recommended that you get periodic service and replacement on the spark plug every sixty thousand to one hundred thousand miles.

The Motorcraft Company has been supplying spark plugs for many years, so they offer a number of replacements for older car models, if necessary. The best part of Motorcraft is that it offers direct replacements for factory spark plugs that you would otherwise have to get from the manufacturer. You can use Motorcraft spark plugs for many applications, from Mercury vehicles to Fords. You should check on your Motorcraft spark plug every sixty to one hundred thousand miles.



9. NGK Iridium IX CR8EHIX-9 Spark Plugs # 3797

The extreme performance of the NGK Iridium spark plug ensures a forty thousand to fifty thousand mile service life. This spark plug was built with a precision laser-welded electrode construction and designed for turbocharged engines. The fine-wire Iridium nickel-alloy ground electrode and center electrode gives it a lot of torque and horsepower. Plus, the trivalent metal plating ensures superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing qualities. Make sure to get your NGK spark plug checked at least every sixty thousand miles.


10. ACCEL 0736-4 Copper Core Spark Plug

ACCEL spark plugs are built to ensure a much hotter spark. This spark causes the flame to build rapidly in the combustion chamber and facilitates a thorough and efficient burn of the air/fuel combination. These spark plugs build a lot more power at greater RPMs, decreasing fouling and misfire, reducing flame dissipation, and providing you with the instant throttle response to significantly improve fuel economy. This model was recently redesigned to keep up with advancements in the cylinder head and fuel efficiency technology. In addition, these copper-core plugs come with conventional ground electrodes that give you increased thermal conductivity.




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