Ten Best Spin Bikes Reviewed For 2021

There are three types of exercise bikes in use today. These are the spinning bikes, recumbent bikes, and upright bicycles. Every home gym needs at least one type of these to really consider itself functional. The main similarity these bikes share is that they were designed to simulate the same stresses your body is put through when riding the real deal.

Beyond being developed through a similar design philosophy, there are several other qualities that each of these exercise machines share.

As they are meant to simulate outdoor bike riding, each of them are seated exercise machines that use pedals for physical training. All three of these types of exercise bikes are targeted towards lower body fitness and cardiovascular exercise. Going further, all three types of exercise machines are able to be tailored to suit your fitness needs.

The differences between the three include the widely varying position in which a rider is seated, the placement of the handlebars, the method in which they operate, and the core muscles groups that are targeted during exercise. Regardless of these differences, each type of machine is great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle without leaving the comfort of an indoor area.

That being said, each of these different workout machines come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Primarily however, we’ll be focusing on the best spin bikes for the purposes of this article.

What is a Spin Bike?

Also known as an indoor cycling bike, this machine is designed to give you a workout similar to what you’d get on an outdoor bicycle. Generally this machine is used by people as a reliable method to build lower body strength and strengthen their cardiovascular system.

What makes it Different From Other Exercise Bikes?

Unlike other exercise bikes, a spin bike is closely modeled after an outdoor bike. Where a recumbent or an upright exercise bike change which muscles are exercised, and how they are stressed, a spin mike is meant to be as close to the real thing as possible.

This makes a spin bike an excellent substitute for athletes who find themselves training indoors.

What are the Advantages of The Best Spin Bikes?

The main advantage provided by the best spin bikes is how accurately it emulates a bicycle. Besides that, you are able to simulate different types of terrain and inclines by increasing or decreasing the strength needed to turn the pedals.

Another upside is that these machines are convenient to use. Whether you want to avoid inclement weather or get a workout in while catching up on Game of Thrones, you don’t even have to leave the house to get your sweat on.


The Top Ten Best Spin Bikes Reviewed

Fortunately for all of us who don’t want to make a trip to the gym, there are a large number of spin bikes that can be purchased for use at home. The following, in no particular order, is my list of spin bikes that will provide the workout you’re looking for.

Spin L7 Indoor Cycling Chain Drive Spin Bike

Coming with a free, one year subscription to SPINtv, this chain driven spin bike is a great addition to any home. The L7 is made of a rust and sweat resistant steel frame that supports up to 250 lbs weight capacity. Additionally the drive chain and flywheel operate so smoothly that you’ll have to remind yourself that you’re not actually cycling down the road.

Other features include a dual sided pedals that work with SPD, dual water bottle holders, an adjustable seat, and four spin dvds to go along with the SPINtv subscription.

I’d highly recommend this product if your primary interest lies in taking spin classes from home. Just grab your cycling shoes, your headphones, a towel, the tv remote, a water bottle, and you’re ready to go.

As a side note, I recommend preemptively opening up a few windows before you get started. You’re going to have enough trouble crawling to the shower as it is post workout.


  • SPINtv has over 250,000 separate spin instructors teaching classes at any time.
  • While you’re not going to be able to draw the sense of comraderie that comes with the mutual suffering of your spin partners, you won’t be lacking motivation with the instructor cheering you on from the tv.
  • Having the option to hold two water bottles on the handlebars is seriously nice for longer sessions.


  • If you’re just starting off with spinning, you might have trouble keeping your balance after a session, especially on this machine.
  • Seriously, there is very little intensity lost when attending virtual spin classes.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

This no nonsense spin bike may not have all the frills of some other machines on this list, but it feels incredibly secure to ride. With a 40 lb flywheel, this product all but ensures you aren’t going to be feeling wobbly when exercising.

It comes with a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, a heavy duty crank system driven by a chain, and is rated for riders who weight up to 275 lbs. This spin bike uses a felt pad resistor that acts smoothly, and quietly, vary the level of tension being put on the solid flywheel.

If you’re looking for the minimal comfort necessary to start spinning, this is a great entry level indoor bike to invest in.


  • If all you want to do is put some music on and exercise, this machine doesn’t come with anything that is going to distract your focus.
  • This spin bike feels incredibly solid to ride, you won’t get that wobbly feeling you get from lighter machines.


  • If you’re feeling thirsty in the middle of a workout, you’re either going to have to wait or keep a small table next to you.
  • In other words, it doesn’t come with a bottle holder.

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ANCHEER-A5001 Stationary Bike

Utilizing a belt drive to simulate cycling, this corrosion resistant frame brings with it an excellent 12 month warranty. Besides the solid feeling 40 lb flywheel, this solid piece of engineering is able to hold up to 330 lbs of weight.

The best part about this spin bike, though? It’s got to be the multi-function display that shows calories burnt, speed, distance, total distance, time, and your pulse rate.

While spinning purists may see it as a distraction, being able to set and train for different goals is a huge upside in my experience.


  • This spin bike feels solid to ride on.
  • The stepless speed changing system makes varying the level of resistance extremely easy.
  • The multi-function display is useful for keeping track of additional data.
  • The 12 month warranty covers replacement parts for the entire bike.


  • You’re going to be tempted to look down at the display every few seconds when the going gets really rough.
  • If you’re the glass half-empty kind of person, the display might prove detrimental.

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PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

This product uses a belt drive system and is weighed down by a 35 lb flywheel. Supporting up to 280 lbs, this model also comes with an LCD display.

The best part about it though?

Is the extra wide, and delightfully cushioned, seat. When the slower portion of your exercise routine starts, you’ll be able to catch your breath in total comfort. You can even afford to be overly dramatic by placing a fan in front of the PYHIGH and pretend that you’re slowly riding along in the breeze.

I mean, it’s your house. Why not?


  • The caged foot pedals make it difficult to lose your grip on the pedals.
  • The horizontal adjustment option for uneven floors comes in handy if you use your machine outdoors.
  • The display is good for keeping track of your progress.
  • I could sit on this cushioned seat and pedal slowly for hours.


  • I’m not a fan of turn knob resistance designs. As unlikely as it is to accidentally put a machine on emergency stop, the chance is always there.
  • Displays are nice, but as referenced earlier, they can be a detriment.

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Sole SB700 Indoor Cycle Bike

The Sole SB700 is a fully adjustable, belt driven spin bike that comes with an integrated set of chest straps meant to capture your heart rate. While the LCD display doesn’t have quite the same range of functions as other products, it does the job well enough. That’s not what I found myself most impressed with though.

What did?

This thing comes with a 48 lb, chrome plated flywheel.

Yeah, this machine isn’t going anywhere.


  • You’re going to have to get a certification in teaching over the top spin classes to make the SB700 even budge.
  • This is probably one of the more quiet spin bikes I’ve tried out.


  • This product is a chore to carry around due to its heavy weight.
  • On the bright side you’ll get a full body workout just moving this thing to another room.

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ANCHEER M6008 Indoor Cycling Bike

Another product from ANCHEER, this belt driven spin bike takes only about 30 minutes to put together. Besides coming with a comprehensive digital display, my favorite part about this bike are the adjustable strap pedals that kept my feet wholly dedicated to completing my workout.

Beyond the usual adjustable handlebars and seat, this product also comes with a 1 year warranty with a 30 day risk free return guarantee.


  • It uses a wider seat than most other spin bikes, something I’m a big fan of.
  • The adjustable pedal straps are great for adding that extra layer of security.
  • The digital monitor provides a good level of information with time, distance, calories, scan, and speed being tracked.
  • It comes with a phone bracket so you can listen to music or watch some shows while working out.


  • It might just be me, riding this bike felt a little wobbly.
  • Keep the pedal straps off if you’re cycling on a tight schedule, you might be in for an embarrassing accident otherwise.

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L NOW Indoor Cycling Bike

Weighing in with a 44 lb heavy flywheel, this stolid bike is going to make sure that you won’t be dragging it off all over the carpet, or worse, scratching your hardwood floor.

This bike is rated not just for home use, but for commercial use. Essentially this means that this bike is meant to be ridden and ridden hard. Beyond being visually robust, riding this spin bike feels like you’ll be able to get into a game of chicken with a car and win.

Being designed for extensive use, this belt driven cycle also comes with a wide seat and an LCD display that is full of useful information.


  • This machine looks, feels, and is solid. Being rated to be ridden by someone weighing up to 350 lbs, this is one beast of a machine.
  • The LCD display is also on the large side, something that is extremely helpful when you’re trying not to die of asphyxiation or dehydration.
  • You’ll be able to stop by the local spin class and raise your nose at the plebeian, piddly little spin bikes they’re trying not to shed eye sweat on.
  • Nice Heavy Flywheel


  • This product isn’t light by any means. The integrated wheels help, but you might as well add bicep curls to your list of finished exercises.
  • Your guests might find it annoying when you inevitably start raving about your amazing new spin bike.

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L NOW C580 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Another belt driven design by L NOW, this is also a design that meets commercial standards. It’s just a lighter version of the previous product at almost 80 lbs less.

That said, this spin bike does all the things the non-pro version of the bike does, but it isn’t going to throw your back out while moving it.


  • Easier to move around than the non-pro version.
  • Has all the bells and whistles of said spin bike.
  • Despite being lighter, the 40 pound flywheel and solid construction makes it feel solid when riding.


  • This version has a maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs. Still good, but less than its big brother.

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Diamondback Fitness 510lc Indoor Cycle

A belt driven spin cycle, the crowning feature of this bike is the integrated training programs that comes bundled with the display. Beyond the 14 different workouts to choose from, this product comes with a full 16 resistance levels  to help you really customize your workout.


  • The LCD screen comes with a bevy of relevant workout data.
  • The magnetic resistance flywheel almost makes it feel like you’re riding a phantom machine.
  • The display is battery free and is powered by pedaling, also humorously known as hamster power.


  • The inbuilt workout routines are nice, but it isn’t the greatest substitute for a human trainer. Even one that’s behind the screen of a tv.

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Bladez Fitness Echelon GS Indoor Cycle

Edgy name aside, this belt driven design rounds up list as the final spin bike being placed on here. One of the quietest machines I’ve tried out, this product uses a 40 lb flywheel to keep you rooted to the ground and comes packaged with an LCD display.


  • A great entry level product with a multi-function LCD screen, you’ll be able to keep track of calories, speed, distance, and time.
  • The company name isn’t just for show, it comes in a total 1990’s paint job of black, white, and a little bit of red on the flywheel.


  • The wire that connects the LCD display to the bike can easily be pulled off during a hard workout.
  • You might feel the need to don a black trench coat, wear sunglasses in the dark, and watch a full showing of the Blade trilogy while working it.
  • You’ve been warned, Day Walker.

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You may be wondering why you don’t see names like Schwinn or Keiser in our list. Well we only had space for the 10 best spin bike reviews. While we agree that Schwinn spin bikes and Keiser (specifically the Keiser M3i indoor cycle) spin bikes are good, the 10 we chose were the top of the bunch. These are two more names to be aware of though if you don’t find what you are looking for in our list.



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