The Ten Best Subscription Boxes For Kids In 2023

Subscription boxes for kids, in simple terms, are themed boxes for kids that are shipped monthly. Different companies focus on a variety of general topics such as reading, preschool preparation, nature, science, engineering, technology, art and design, giving and helping. There are also subscription boxes for children on the autism spectrum and other children who can benefit from sensory skill development toys and toys that develop coping skills and techniques. Each month companies send boxes with varied themes inside their general area of focus that include information related to the theme and materials and instructions for activities related to the theme. The companies provide information on the appropriate ages for their boxes. Depending on the company, customers can select to buy a monthly subscription up to a one year subscription.

To select a box for a child you know, consider the child’s general interests or an area where the child needs a boost in gaining understanding of the topic. These boxes make learning fun. So if your child needs to develop some skills or more interest in an area such as science to do better in school, choose a box that will provide your child with a fun way to achieve success in that area. The boxes listed are among the best available so read our reviews and select the box that is the best fit for your child.


Compass Crate

Compass Crate boxes include nature-themed activities to allow your child to have fun and explore the world around them. Each month the theme changes. The boxes also include a pin that can be pinned to your child’s adventure backpack, which is sold separately. One of the boxes had a bird and migration theme. It included a bird book, a bird feeder craft, a bird call activity, a birdwatching information print, a migration print, and the collectible pin. Another box featured trees and leaves. It included a leaf collecting activity and a leaf rubbing activity with color sticks, solar eclipse, insect, ocean and reefs, autumn, and space activity boxes can be purchased separately.

Activity boxes ship on the 10th and 21st of each month. Shipping is free in the United States. You can buy a month-to-month subscription, a three-month subscription, a six-month subscription, or a full year subscription. Automatic renewals are billed on the 1st of the month and can be canceled any time. If you wish to buy boxes for two children, you can select a mega crate that contains two of each item.

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MyEduCrate provides themed boxes that are both educational and fun for six to 11 year olds. It was an Academics Choice Brain Toy Award Winner. The boxes include hands-on educational materials, learning challenges, non-fiction readers, and resources chosen by certified teachers. Themed boxes have featured a box on rocks, one for Earth Day with seven activities including a terrarium, and one on Thomas Edison and electricity including a battery and wiring to light a bulb.

The boxes are shipped from the United States to anywhere in the world on the 20th of each month. Subscriptions renew automatically but can be cancelled at anytime.

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Little Loving Hands

Little Loving Hands boxes teach children about giving and helping others. Each month, the boxes focus on an issue and provide a craft item that your child can create and donate to a child dealing with that issue. Some recent boxes featured children living in homeless shelters, children in military families, and children who require hospitalization. Besides the craft materials and instructions, there is information on the issue and on how your child is helping another child. The child also receives a certificate of achievement and a collectible thank you button.

These boxes only ship within the United States and come with a pre-paid return envelope. The subscription renews automatically but can be cancelled at any time.

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The Preschool Box

The Preschool Box is intended to help prepare three to six year olds for preschool and kindergarten. The boxes focus on helping your child learn the alphabet, numbers, and colors. The boxes provide a parent guide and a book that shows parents how to present and practice different activities each week, spreading out the activities over the month and allowing for repetition to help your child absorb the material. The materials for the activities are included in the box. Only a few letters and numbers are introduced each month.

The boxes are meant for one child, but boxes can be purchased that have materials for two children at a discounted rate. Boxes are shipped worldwide on the 6th of each month. Subscriptions renew automatically but can be cancelled at any time.

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Sensory TheraPLAY

Sensory TheraPLAY boxes feature sensory toys for children on the autism spectrum and children with sensory processing needs. The items in each box help develop sensory motor skills and are therapeutic and calming. In addition, children with OCD, ADHD, SPD, impulsivity, anxiety, temper tantrums, and difficulty focusing in school will find the sensory toys included in boxes beneficial. These boxes teach positive coping techniques and strategies. Each box will contain five to eight items

Boxes are shipped the first week of each month throughout Canada and the United States. Subscriptions renew automatically and can be cancelled at any time.

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My First Reading Club

The My First Reading Club was created out of a passion for reading and a desire to improve literacy. Reading and reading comprehension are vital skills in life. Reading also inspires ideas and expands the imagination. These boxes provide three age-appropriate books or activity books each month. Their age categories are:

Board books to read to babies
2 to 3 year old pre-readers
4 to 5 year old readers
6 to 8 year old readers
9 to 10 year old readers
11 to 12 year old pre-teen readers

The first box ships within seven days of your order and subsequent boxes ship the last week of each month. My First Reading Club is able to make accommodations for birthdays and special occasions. Boxes can be shipped anywhere in the United States and Canada. Subscriptions renew automatically and can be cancelled at any time.

Checkout The My First Reading Club Boxes Here



Kiwi STEAM Crates

The Kiwi Co Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) boxes were created to encourage a new generation of scientists, artists, and makers to tinker, create, and innovate. The boxes are based on the idea that children are creative, curious, and learn through play with the guidance of the adults in their lives. They provide hands-on educational fun and include projects that build creative confidence by teaching children how to follow directions, manipulate materials, experiment, and create solutions. They are designed for five age-appropriate groups with a sixth category for four month to three year olds coming soon. If you choose the wrong age category, you can switch at any time.

Cricket boxes are for newborns to three year olds. A board book that engages and inspires your child and provides tips on how to promote literacy and language development is included in the box. Also included in the box is the monthly Wonder Magazine with tips on how to use the materials as your child develops, at-home activities, and a link to an online toolkit with information on child development and more ideas, activities, and printables.

Koala boxes for three to four year olds provide materials for two to three creative activities, a parents’ guide, the monthly Imagine Magazine that further extends learning with stories and games, and an online link for more DIY ideas, tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Kiwi Boxes for five to eight year olds include materials for maker projects that explore science, art, and engineering, the monthly Explore Magazine with comics, games, experiments, and a link to online ideas, tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Doodle Boxes are art and design boxes for nine to 16+ year olds and include materials, instructions, design inspiration to create DIY projects, and a link to online tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Tinker Boxes are science and engineering boxes for nine to 16+ year olds and include materials and instructions for STEM projects, the monthly Tinker Zine with more science experiments and activities, and a link to online tutorials, tips, and tricks.

Kiwi Steam Boxes have received numerous awards. The first box is shipped within in two days and subsequent boxes are delivered every month. A portion of all proceeds are donated to child development research.

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Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts boxes focus on themes such as ocean science, space, geography, volcanoes, and safaris for children between three and ten years old. The boxes include eco-friendly materials and step-by-step instructions for five to eight STEAM projects. Their Robot Workshop box included materials and instructions to make Artbot, Magnetbot, Glidebot, and a habitat for a Hexburg Nano Pet. Their Safari Science box included information and activities related to safari animals, animal migration, animal tracking, and quicksand. Green Kid Crafts boxes have received numerous awards.

You can choose a one-, three-, six- or 12-month subscription, and you can cancel at any time. You can add an additional set of materials for a second child or add on an educator-approved book for each themed box.

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Awesome Pack

Awesome Pack provides board games and activities tailored to your family. When you order, you answer questions about what games your family has, which ones your family likes and dislikes, and the ages of family members. Boxes also include loot, contests, birthday cards for family members, and treats for your pet.

Boxes are shipped to the United States and Canada during the last two weeks of the month and packs can be switched, paused, or cancelled at any time. You will be billed the first of each month.

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Game Box Monthly

Game Box Monthly provides a new board or card game each month. When you register, you will be asked what games you have and your preferences so that you receive games from all over the world tailored to you to try on family game night.

Games are shipped the first half of each month worldwide except to Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. New orders are shipped within a week if purchased before the 21st or 22nd of the month. Otherwise, they are shipped the following month. Subscriptions renew automatically and can be cancelled at any time.

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