Ten Best Tea Subscription Box Reviews For 2021

There is a reason why subscription boxes of every variety are becoming increasingly popular. Getting a surprise package in your mailbox every month packed with things you are passionate about is a fun way to bring joy to your day. Whether you are a tea connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of premium teas, a tea subscription box allows you to sample dozens of teas a year without having to make a commitment. When you sign up for a subscription box, you are opening yourself up to new flavor experiences from all over the world. These ten tea subscriptions have something to cater to every taste. Take a look and decide which one is right for you.


Best Tea Subscription Box Reviews


Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Having an amazing cup of tea everyday does not have to be complicated. With this subscription box, you can always have amazing tea on hand. This is an inexpensive way to aquire a variety of simply delicious blends. The first of each month will bring four types of tea to your doorstep along with a special tea related treat. Each type of tea yields around five cups. Your subscription will automatically renew, but there is no commitment. You can cancel any time. If you find a tea you love, subscription members get an exclusive discount on tea from the shop. For less than the price of a movie ticket, a month of Simple Loose Leaf Tea is only a click away.

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Simplicity Teas: Tea With Intentions

Tea has been used for its medicinal properties long before the invention of modern medicine. Many people still embrace the healing power of tea. Simplicity Teas creates blends designed to aid in common health related problems, such as digestion or insomnia. Simplicity Teas offers two subscription box levels. The mini box gives you three or four half ounces of loose leaf tea packaged in cute vials with a cork stopper. This monthly box of organic tea will brew around 20 cups. For just a few additional dollars, the Deluxe gives you full size packages of the same teas, which makes around 40 cups. Each tea is blended with organic herbs to improve your health and wellness. Your first box includes a cute infuser to make your tea brewing experience a little more fun.

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Art of Tea

Art of Tea creates aromatic in house tea blends. They are passionate about cultivating ethical relationships with the growers and offering only organic products. You can sample these artfully blended teas by joining their tea of the month club. Art of Tea offers a three, six and twelve month subscription package. You can choose from one of six categories defining your personal taste in tea. Caffeine Free, Classic, Single Origin, Explore, Wellness, and Pyramid Tea Bags are options specifically designed to appeal to a range of tastes and needs. Along with your expertly blended tea, you will receive a bio on each tea, so you can learn more about the process and growing regions. Art of tea proves that dried leaves are a precise craft.

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Tea Box Express

With Tea Box Express, the middle of the month becomes a time of celebration, because that is when you can expect your charmingly packaged box of goodies to arrive. Tea Box Express thinks tea should be fun. That is why they include a range of food and accessories they know tea lovers will adore. Each box includes samples of loose leaf tea blends, artisan foods and an accessory to help you enjoy your brewed cup of tea. Past offerings have included tea infusers, measuring spoons and a holder for your used tea bags. If you like gourmet treats, trying different brands of tea and fun surprises, Tea Box express is your cup of tea.

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Take a tour of the world without leaving the comfort of your home. With a Teatourist subscription box you can sample the variety of leaves offered from around the globe. Each of the six teas that comes in every box are from a different popular tea company. These are brands that you can’t find in your local supermarket. The range of delicious blends help you unwind. Each of the six teas comes with a full breakdown on how best to prepare the particular tea as well as an ingredient list and a growing location guide. Those who live in the UK do not have to pay shipping. There is no commitment with this subscription, and you can pause it at any time.

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True Serenity Tea

Your tea drinking experience should be a moment to escape the hectic pace of daily life. Enter the calming world of gourmet loose leaf teas by subscribing to receive the True Serenity Tea box each month. At less than ten dollars a month, you get a box filled with four types of aromatic tea, sachets for brewing your tea and a delicious snack that pairs perfectly with your monthly tea selection. Your first box will include a brewing kit to make the perfect cup of tea every time. These premium loose leaf teas come from all over the world, so that you can taste an international tea selection. You can also opt to select your own teas each month. Whether you receive a fragrant Chinese pu’erh tea or a spicy African rooibos blend, you will discover something you love.

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Whistling Kettle Tea

For a tea lover, a whistling kettle sounds sweeter than a siren’s song. Whistling Kettle knows the inner desires of tea enthusiasts and packs each month’s box with one of hundreds of carefully curated teas. Since Whistling Kettle has been offering subscription boxes since 2003, they are familiar with what tea drinkers want. Each tea comes with a story outlining why the tea chosen by experienced professionals is special. Each box includes a coupon for those who fall in love with the tea of the month and find they can’t live without that blend in their tea stash. You can select categories of tea so that you will never get a tea you do not love. This subscription box is priced at an affordable monthly rate, and gift subscriptions are available for purchase.

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Zen Tea Bar’s Tea Box

Zen Tea Bar believes that drinking tea is an experience that engages all your senses. The flavor and texture of the tea melds with the aroma, soothing warmth and rich color of the dried leaves and herbs. They have combed the globe to bring you their favorite varieties. You can try these perfectly blended and single origin teas from all over the world. Each sample you receive is made by a different company, so you can find brands that you love. Every month will bring you three to four new flavors of tea to try. This makes around 12 cups of tea. You will also receive unique extras to help you unwind and be in the moment when having your cup of tea. All this comes at a very attractive price point that won’t break even the smallest of budgets. Gift subscriptions with personalized messages are a great way to surprise the fellow tea lovers in your life. Unfortunately, this subscription box is only available in the Unites States for now.

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Teabox is committed to bringing you the freshest possible cup of Indian and Nepalese blends by cutting out the middle men. The tea goes straight from the fields to your doorstep. When you brew a cup of cardamom chai, the black tea leaves only left the tea garden a few short days ago. You can have Teabox send you a surprise selection each month or you can take a quiz to determine which of their delicious blends will most suit your tastes. If their precise matching system sends you a tea not to your taste, they are happy to replace it with one you will love. There are three different subscription levels for the occasional tea drinker to the tea enthusiast. These beautifully packaged subscription boxes make great gifts. Teabox also sells gorgeous mugs and teapots to make your tea look as good as it tastes.

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Muse Monthly

Nothing goes together like a good book and a steaming hot cup of tea. Muse Monthly gives you a chance to indulge your love of literature and try a new tea. Each month brings a newly published novel to your doorstep along with a tin of tea specially selected by this month’s featured author. The carefully curated authors are chosen not only for literary talent, but also diversity. Get lost in a book penned by LGBTQ writers, female authors and writers of color while you enjoy one of their favorite teas. Each box comes with a surprise bonus product to enhance your experience. Discover the comfort of a new organic tea while delving into the pages of a brand new novel.

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If you love tea and crave a flavor adventure, signing up for a tea subscription box is a no brainer No matter which box you decide is the perfect fit for you, you will be able to sample wonderful new teas and discover great products that you would never find in your local shops.