Ten Best Tire Shine Reviews For 2021

Although tires tend to get overlooked sometimes, it is without a doubt that they are arguably amongst the most important parts of a vehicle. It is so important that having the proper tires will not only improve your fuel economy and handling but also your safety and the overall look of your vehicle. In addition, tires also ensure a strong and proper grip on the road.

It is, however, essential to note that they endure an unforgiving amount of friction. This results in them wearing out over a period of time. If you want to make a vehicle stand out among others, it is highly recommended to assess the charm your tires radiate, and use the best tire shine to boost appearance. Put it this way, if you were meeting your partners parents for the first time and wanted to look your best, you wouldn’t brush your hair but leave your face covered in cake would you? So when you are polishing your car, there is no point on lathering on the wax if you are going to leave your tires caked in mud.

Having the best tire shine adds to that added oomph of an already shiny and waxed ride. In addition, a high-quality tire shine also has the potentiality to help restore dull and bland tires back to their original sparkle and radiance.

Apart from making your car tires look more appealing, the best tire shine also creates a superior barrier of protection from brake dust, stubborn road film and other kinds of build-up on your tires. By the same token, tire shine products also guarantee that every gap of the sidewall of the tire is free from debris and unnecessary materials that weaken the appearance and shine of your vehicle. In a nutshell, the best tire shine assures a glossier and greater shine that makes your vehicle more alluring.

Benefits Of The Best Tire Shine

  • Create a great appearance. Tire shine complements a really good wheel cleaner to have the power to make any wheels look modern and fresh. They are responsible for keeping tires sparkling while you navigate the road. In addition, they are also developed to accentuate the black shine in the surface.
  • Stave off mud and dirt. Tire shines are also at the forefront of keeping your tires away from mud, dirt and other road debris that tend to stick into vehicle’s tires.
  • Protect tires from the sun. The sun has dangerous UV rays that have the ability to fade the color of tires. By using a tire shine, the tires of a vehicle can avoid sun damage and avert cracks from starring in the rubber.


Qualities to Look for in the Best Tire Shine Products

There is a myriad of tire shine products which are being sold in the market today. Choosing the right tire shine is essential to make your tires look fresh and brand new. Here are some qualities to look for in finding the correct tire shine for your vehicle.

1. Easy To Use

Tire shines shouldn’t be tough to apply but rather they should be quick to maneuver so that you can shine your tires regularly. Typically, the best tire shine products exhibit a gel-like or spray-on element. It is best to look for an application method that suits your style preferences and tire shining methods.

2. Formula Should Be Non-Greasy

In buying tire shines, it is most essential to remember that products with greasy chemicals or formula can bring more risk to your vehicle. This is because greasy coats tend to draw road grime, debris and dust than usual. As a matter of fact, it may be tough to eliminate any sort of debris if your tires are not washed on a regular basis. Thus, it is always a must for every vehicle owner to opt for tire shines with non-greasy elements.

3. Durability And Lasting Time

At best, the most excellent tire shines have the capacity to restore the opulent and natural look of the rubber sidewalls. It is suggested to go for tire shines that have to be employed only once in every month to assure the shine’s consistency.

4. Restoration Of Color And Luster

It is without question that the primary goal of using tire shine products is to bolster the overall look of your tire by assuring a sleeker shine. In most cases, the finest products exhibit a plethora of chemicals that are proven effective in removing and wiping dust, brake film and road grime from the tire surface. This yields a shiny and clear finish to tires which makes them look more fetching.

5. Can Adapt To The Weather

Another factor to consider when choosing the right tire shine is the weather. It is recommended to go after tire shine products that can easily adapt to different conditions and has the ability to protect tires from any kinds of grime. Ordinarily, first-rate products must be able to stop tires from turning brown and exhibits water-resistant polymers that block dirt from gluing to your tires.

6. Can Block Powerful UV Rays

The leading tire shines typically boasts UV blocking chemicals and ingredients that help protect your tires from the overpowering rays of the sun. This is also an excellent way of preventing cracking, fading and premature aging on your tires. To put it briefly, UV blocking is a key quality for assuring that your tires look new and remain functional for years to come.


Types of Tire Shine

  • Gel-based Shines

Gel-based tire shines normally come in a bottle and provide you with a complete command over how much product you apply and where exactly it goes. This type of shine is utilized by simply applying the gel onto the tire’s rubber using a micro-fiber cloth. It is, however, essential to remember that you can also choose to do the contrary by initially applying the gel to the cloth. Nonetheless, this particular procedure requires a considerable amount of time and care to see to it that the tire gets an outstanding finish.

  • Spray-on Shines

A significant number of tire shining products are made in a spray bottle for superior application precision. Spray-on shines are easy to use and enable the liquid to penetrate tight areas that include the insides of the tire ridges. Generally, spray-on shines are a mixture of water, polymers and oils. What makes them stand out is its competence to lasts long which means that they can be utilized more often without being anxious about destroying the tires in the long run. They are, however, not as durable as gel-based shines.


10 Best Tire Shine Products Reviewed

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine

Amazon Rating: 4.4

The Extreme Tire Shine developed by Armor All is made up of a formula that has the adeptness to pass through the rubber of your tires for a nice shine that lasts for weeks. It also has chemicals that will protect your tires from harmful elements that could cause cracking and fading.


  • Quick and easy to apply and doesn’t leave a mess
  • Makes the wheels and tires stand out as it does not wash off from the rain


  • Difficult to get an even spread
  • Does not work on tires with chrome wheels
  • Not as shiny as aerosol sprays

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TriNova Tire Shine Spray

Amazon Rating: 4.7

The TriNova Tire Shine Spray gives your tires the dark and shiny look you want as it eliminates dust and dirt that cause faded tires. In addition, it will also protect your tires from the deteriorating signs of aging with just a single coating of this shine. On top of everything else, the TriNova Tire Shine Spray also prevents yellowing and lasts longer compared to other products on the market.


  • Easy to apply and holds up against the rain
  • Smells great and works perfectly on places with hot weather


  • Tends to overspray and takes an extended time to dry
  • Spray bottles spray in an awkward and triangular way
  • Sprayer is cheaply made

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Mothers 06924 Black-to-Black Tire Shine

Amazon Rating: 4.2

The 06924 Black-to-Black Tire Shine by Mothers provides a high-gloss and protective barrier to your vehicle’s tires. In addition to its protective properties, the tire shine also has the competency to keep your tires longer and blacker in a long period of time. Also, it comes with an adjustable nozzle which allows you to minimize the chances of over-spraying.


  • Does not leave any goopy residue all over your tire as opposed to other brands
  • Affordable


  • The spray bottle is made of poor quality
  • Smells like petroleum

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Meguiar’s G12024 Hot Shine Tire Spray

Amazon Rating: 4.2

The G12024 Hot Shine Tire Spray by Meguiar is a 24-ounce tire shine that has the propensity to give your tires a black and wet look. It is long-lasting and does not attract dirt or dust when you are traveling on the road. By the same token, the shine can also last up to weeks or even months depending on the weather and the road that you are driving on.


  • Easy to apply and provides deep high gloss shine
  • Comes with a color change feature


  • Leaves a greasy mess on the tires
  • A bit more expensive compared to other alternatives

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Masterson’s Spray Shine

Amazon Rating: 4.4

Developed by Masterson’s Car Care, the Masterson’s Spray Shine restores a brilliant shine to vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. It is specially designed for exterior and interior trim pieces as well as for all trim surfaces of the vehicle thanks to its safe water-based formula.


  • Comes with UV protection properties which protect cracking and fading
  • Provides a glossy and high-end look to your vehicle


  • Not as durable compared to other products in the market

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Jay Leno’s Garage No-Sling Tire Shine

Amazon Rating: 4.4

The No Sling Tire Shine by Jay Leno Garage is comprised of the finest ingredients which are designed to provide a wet look to your tires and deep shine. As a matter of fact, all of its ingredients are made and bottled in the U.S.A. In addition, it is also brimming with UV protection properties which prevent fading and cracking of the tires.


  • Smells good and the shine can last up to two weeks
  • Easy to apply on tires


  • A little bit pricey. Many cheaper alternatives available

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Greenway’s Car Care Tire Shine Spray

Amazon Rating: 4.6

Greenway’s Car Care prides itself from its versatile tire shine spray which has an all-around talent to work efficiently with vehicles that have heavy-duty tires, truck tires, RV tires and even low-profile tires. Addedly, it is also fortified with a myriad of industry-grade silicones that will provide the ultimate wet look on your tires without the need to add multiple coats.


  • Resistant to snow, rain, sleet and other environmental factors
  • Sling-free formula


  • Color and texture of the liquid change after a couple of weeks

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Black Magic Tire Wet

Amazon Rating: 4.0

Black Magic’s Tire Wet is comprised of a distinctive combination of polymers and high-molecular-weight silicones that has the ability to provide high-gloss and long-lasting shine. In relation, one quick spray can also last up to four weeks. Best of all, it dries quickly which means that there is a less chance for sling on your fenders and wheel wells.


  • Works well for the price
  • Easy to use and can be applied on the entire tire


  • Tends to build on your rims and captures road dirt

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CroftgateUSA Tire Shine Plus

Amazon Rating: 4.1

The CroftgateUSA Tire Shine Plus has the ability to clean the tires and wheels of your car efficiently. What makes it different compared to a regular tire shine product is that CroftgateUSA’s Tire Shine Plus does not have any petroleum solvents. In addition to that, you can also choose to adjust the spray nozzle of the bottle to apply an even coating onto the tire.


  • No petroleum solvents, no VOCs and no listed hazardous materials
  • Not sticky or greasy


  • Shine does not last long compared to other products

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Flash Aqua Gloss Silicone Tire Shine

Amazon Rating: 5.0

This silicone tire shine from Flash Aqua provides a superior gloss shine on your tires that can last for a long time. It is also excellent for UV protection and does not contain any harmful solvents.


  • Can restore plastic, vinyl and rubber trim
  • Works pretty good for large tires


  • Needs to be dried up for as long as 30 minutes

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