10 Best Tires For SUV Buying Guide – 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

Regardless of whether you’re driving an SUV, pickup truck or a large crossover, you’re going to need to find tires that offers a significant amount of durability and suits your driving style, while still being value for money. This doesn’t need to be too daunting, provided you know what to look for when you’re deciding which tires you should buy. While much of this may depend on your specific needs and the vehicle itself, being informed is often the first step toward making a choice. So in the theme of this post we will be looking at a selection of the best tires for SUV on the market today.

Your SUV should be a versatile drive, which means that your tires should be versatile enough to put up with a broad range of driving conditions from offroading to long highway trips, while still performing well under each of these conditions. This typically involves a certain type of construction, as well as a considerable amount of traction. This process has been somewhat easier to do in the past few years, thanks in large part to the technology that has been implemented in the manufacturing process. This means that you should be able to expect a higher-quality when it comes to your SUV tires.

When choosing the best SUV tires, you should look at a few specific things to ensure that the purchase is the right one for you.

What Are SUV Tires?

This may sound like somewhat of an obvious question, although many people may struggle to answer what the core differences between SUV and traditional passenger tires are. Aside from the obvious answer of SUV tires being thicker and taller, there are a few notable differences. Chief among these is the fact that SUV tires have a knobbier tread pattern, which makes them much better suited to off-roading, as well as the wear and tear that you can typically expect when driving.

What Features You Should Expect

Aside from the thread pattern and durability that we mentioned above, there are quite a few different features that you should expect from your SUV tires, which you should look at when you’re considering which ones to buy. One of the most notable of these is the speed rating that’s given to the tires. This is something that’s almost exactly what it sounds like and is tied directly to the thread pattern associated with the tires.

While SUV tires generally have a lower speed rating than traditional passenger cars, there can be quite a difference between each brand or model and is associated with the heat that is typically generated when you’re driving.

You should also expect the tires to be made of a hard rubber, which is something that’s tied directly to the weight of your vehicle. In general, the heavier the vehicle, the harder the rubber compound should be. There is somewhat of a balancing act, however, as the harder the compound is, the less grip that you will have as there will be less elasticity in the tire when driving.

Why Buy The Best Tires For SUV

While buying SUV tires may seem obvious for a light truck and larger vehicles, there is a growing number of people who are using them for somewhat smaller cars, which leads to many of us wondering why they would do so. There are a few different reasons behind this, although the most notable is that they can withstand much more wear and tear, which makes them more of a natural choice for the likes of off-roading. This means that drivers who are more adventurous and put their vehicle through more wear and tear regularly are the ones who can benefit from them.

Benefits Of Good SUV Tires

When it comes to buying SUV tires, many people might assume that there’s very little difference between brands and models. However, there can be quite a difference in terms of the benefits that you can expect from higher-quality models. Chief among these is the durability of them, as better quality tires will be able to withstand much more wear and tear. This is especially true should you purchase tires with a high speed rating, as this will ensure that it’s able to withstand a significant amount of heat when you’re driving. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry too much about your tires bursting when you’re putting your SUV through its paces.


Ten Best Tires For SUV Reviewed

Bridgestone Dueler HL 275/55R20 Tire – Alenza with Outlined White Lettering

For more lightweight SUVs, this can be one of the more obvious choices, thanks in large part to its mid-size carrying weight. Furthermore, the Bridgestone Duelers can be much more fuel efficient than its competitors, giving you more miles to the gallon. While they’re designed to be all-season tires, they’re not as long-lasting as other models, so you may need to replace them much quicker than others. One of the only other drawbacks here is that they can generate a notable amount of noise, which can be offputting to many drivers.


  • Can hold over 2,500lbs of weight.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • All-season tires – work well as winter tires.


  • Generates a significant amount of noise.
  • This set of tires are not long lasting.

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Continental Extremecontact DWS06 235/55ZR17 Tire

These Continental Extremecontact tires have been designed for year-round use, which is highlighted by how well they perform under almost any weather, including snow and sleet. This is further improved by the fact that they have enhanced handling capabilities and wet traction, giving drivers more control on the road. However, there are a few notable drawbacks, with the most significant being the noise level that’s associated with them. Outside of this, drivers can expect less mileage than they would with other brands and models.


  • Enhanced handling & wet traction.
  • QuickView indicators for easy alignment.
  • Designed for year-round weather – good as winter tires.


  • Not very durable/long-lasting – lower tread-life than some others.
  • This set of tires generates a noticeable amount of noise.

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245/65R17 Yokohama Geolandar SUV G055 107H B/4 Ply BSW Tire

Durability is one of the more significant areas where these Yokohama Geolandar’s shine, as they were designed to be long-lasting and put up with a considerable amount of wear and tear. This isn’t the only benefit to the tires, however, as they offer quite a large amount of wet traction. While this gives drivers a notable amount of comfort when driving, taking a corner can be somewhat more difficult. This is especially true when it comes to the Winter months, which is one of the few areas where the tires perform noticeably worse than many of their competitors.


  • Enhanced wet traction capabilities.
  • More comfortable drive.
  • Much more durable than competitors.


  • Poor Winter performance.
  • Harder cornering.

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Goodyear Tires WRANGLER MT/R LT295/70R18 Q Tire

Being made of a harder rubber than many of its competitors, this Goodyear Tires WRANGLER model offers quite a few advantages, the most notable of which is an enhanced puncture resistance. As a result, you shouldn’t have to worry about developing many punctures when you’re off-roading. Furthermore, this offers a significant amount of extra traction, regardless of whether you’re on- or off-road. Despite this puncture protection, the tires can become worn down relatively quickly. When it comes to maintenance, they can be difficult to balance, which can have a noticeable effect on their grip when driving.


  • Made of a harder rubber than competitors.
  • Enhanced puncture resistance.
  • Increased traction off-road.


  • Can be difficult to balance.
  • Not long-lasting.

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Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor P245/75R17 Tire

With an extra Kevlar layer for protection, the Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor tires offer a significant amount of toughness when it comes to both on- and off-roading, meaning you shouldn’t need to worry about running a flat at any point. This doesn’t negatively affect on traction, as many might expect; on the contrast, the tires are known for their large traction capabilities. On top of this, the tires come with extra protection against curb damage, which many of us will be able to benefit from.

However, there is the drawback of the tires having a poor handling ability, so you’ll need to put some more elbow grease into keeping it in check. Despite all the protection that the tires have, the thread doesn’t last as long as many people might expect, meaning you’ll receive much less mileage than you would with competitors.


  • Kevlar layer provides extra toughness.
  • High amount of traction on- and off- road.
  • Rim protection against curb damage.


  • Poor handling.
  • Thread doesn’t last long.

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Bridgestone Dueler AT P255/70R18 Tire

Many of us may want tires that last quite a while under typical driving circumstances, which is where the Bridgestone Dueler AT P255/70R18 shines. Designed to last year-round, the tires perform well in almost any weather, so you shouldn’t need to worry about changing them when the seasons change. An extra benefit is seen in the fact that the tires can offer a much more comfortable drive than many SUV drivers may be used to, so you shouldn’t have to worry about their handling.

However, there is a small disadvantage of the tires not holding up when it comes to off-roading, meaning that you may need to stick to the road when you’re using them. There can also be some drawbacks here, too, as the tires have lower road ratings than its competitors, so you’ll need to keep an eye on speed when you’re driving or risk doing a considerable amount of damage to the thread.


  • All season tires.
  • Long-lasting thread.
  • More comfortable drive.


  • Poor performance under some off-road conditions.
  • Lower road ratings.

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Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 Radial

Steering ability and traction are two areas that many of us will look at when considering SUV tires, and these happen to be areas where the Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 Radials shine. With this, you shouldn’t need to put too much effort into turning or steering, as it can be quite comfortable in the majority of cases. Combined with their low noise level, driving with these tires can be quite a breeze.

However, it should be noted that this is only the case in dry circumstances, as when it comes to rain or other Winter weather, the tires’ performance can quickly begin to suffer, making them better suited to warmer, dryer months. Because of that, you may need to be extra vigilant if you’re driving with them during almost any level of rainfall.


  • Low noise level.
  • Crisp steering response.
  • Great dry traction.


  • Poorer Winter performance.
  • Not the best in wet circumstances.

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Michelin Defender T+H All- Season Radial Tire-235/60R18 103H

Very few of us want a noisy drive while we’re on the road, and even fewer, if any, want it to be uncomfortable. Luckily, this is where the Michelin Defender T+H All-Season Radial Tire-235/60R18 103H deliver the majority of its benefits. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few other notable advantages with the tires, as it also offers improved durability when compared to many of its predecessors. Add in the extra durability and longevity, and an enhanced amount of wet traction and you shouldn’t have many issues with it.

That being said, its handling can be below average, especially under off-roading circumstances, which makes them more of an on-road tire. With its noise level, you may also become slightly distracted, especially when you’ve been driving on them for a while.


  • Improved durability & longevity.
  • Smooth & quiet drive.
  • Enhanced wet traction.


  • Handling can be quite poor.
  • High noise level.

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265/45-21 Nokian WRG3 SUV All Season Tire 540AA 108V 2654521

Nobody wants to change their tires every season, which is why many of us choose to go with all-year tires. However, many may suffer from poor performance issues during certain months. This isn’t the case with the 265/45-21 Nokian WRG3 SUV All Season Tire 540AA 108V 2654521 tires, as they offer an optimal drive regardless of the weather conditions. On top of this, they’re one of the longer lasting models that you can purchase and don’t create much noise while you’re driving.

Two notable issues do present themselves here, however, with the most significant being that they can be difficult to rotate, making maintenance a challenge. On top of this, they also have a lower fuel efficiency than many of their competitors.


  • All season performance.
  • Low noise level.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Lower fuel efficiency.
  • Difficult to rotate.

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MRF Wanderer A/T All-Terrain Radial Tires-265/60R18 110T

Quite a significant number of tires sacrifice longevity for performance in certain weather conditions. This isn’t the case with the MRF Wanderer A/T All-Terrain Radial Tires-265/60R18 110T, as they offer an optimal performance year-round while the tire thread lasts much longer than many competitors. Add in the smooth drive, and you’ll be able to get from A to B in relative comfort.

There are two noticeable drawbacks, though, with the first being that it can be difficult to put on and balance the tires, which makes maintenance quite tricky. They can also be quite noisy when driving, especially over long distances.


  • Long thread life.
  • All terrain/all weather.
  • Smooth drive.


  • Difficult to put on and balance.
  • Noise level isn’t great.

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