Best Zinc Supplements 2021 Guide

Zinc supplements offer tremendous benefits to anyone struggling with skin conditions, reproductive concerns, or simply trying to live as healthier lifestyle. This versatile mineral can reduce the risk of hair loss, help you fight the pain and embarrassment of cystic acne, and support prostate health.

Zinc is also critical in the absorption of the B vitamins; vegans and vegetarians would be well served by taking a zinc supplement as they may well be deficient in B vitamins. This mineral can help you metabolize carbohydrates efficiently and is critical in fetal development.

There are challenges to using a zinc supplement that must be mentioned. For example, excessive intake of zinc can reduce the ability of your body to absorb copper, so if you’re planning a long-term regimen of zinc, be sure to find a copper supplement for occasional use to offset the risk of copper loss.

It’s important to note that many supplements offer a fixed dosage; several of the supplements offered below have a dosage that’s twice the recommended daily allowance. If you struggle to digest supplements, consider starting with products that allow you to be flexible in your dosage and easy on your stomach.


Here’s Our 10 Best Zinc Supplements

Nature’s Bounty Zinc 50 mg Caplets

The Nature’s Bounty Zinc supplement offers 100 capsules of 50 milligrams of chelated zinc per dosage; the suggested dosage is 1 caplet per day. This supplement should be taken with food to protect the stomach lining.

This supplement offers zinc in chelated form for anyone who’s struggled with difficulty in taking supplements. If you don’t care for breakfast or prefer to eat light in the morning, consider taking this supplement later in the day to protect your stomach. While some forms of zinc can irritate the stomach, chelated zinc is less likely to cause nausea or queasiness.

Zinc is a critically important mineral that supports immune function and promotes male reproductive wellness. Women can also benefit from a zinc supplement, but pregnant women and nursing mothers should discuss any supplement or medication change with their doctor before taking. In addition to immune support, many users of this zinc supplement have noticed a reduction in acne symptoms.



Garden of Life Zinc Vitamin – Vitamin Code Raw Zinc Whole Food Supplement with Vitamin C

The Garden of Life Zinc supplement requires the user to take two pills; many users have good luck taking these at different points in the day. Dietary and supplement changes can be hard on the stomach, so the chance to split this dosage is quite useful!

This supplement also includes a Vitamin C boost for plenty of disease-fighting power. When your immune system is under attack, zinc is a helpful supplement to have in your arsenal. If cold and flu season hits your home and workplace hard, boosting your zinc intake may help.

In addition, this supplement has been quite helpful to those who struggle with cystic acne. Other users have found that this supplement prevents hair loss and reduces dry scalp and other itchy skin conditions.



Thorne Research – Zinc Picolinate

Thorne Research offers a lower dosage of zinc than many other manufacturers; this supplement contains only 15 mg of zinc picolinate. It should be noted that if you intend to use this supplement long-term, it would be wise to pair it with a copper supplement. Zinc can reduce the ability of your body to absorb copper if taken long term.

This supplement is vegan and contains no fillers or gluten. While it’s true that these individual capsules provide a lower dosage of zinc than others, it’s probably wise to take this with food. The capsule is quite small. Some users may find that taking this supplement without food can result in a metallic taste. To avoid impacting the taste of your whole meal, consider taking this supplement with a snack and drinking plenty of water afterward to clear it from your tastebuds.



NOW Zinc Picolinate

This zinc capsule is used quite creatively by fans; since the capsule can be opened and the powder removed, users often manually split the dosage for conditions including acne, migraine, immune support and hair loss. Zinc is also considered an important supplement for prostate health and men’s reproductive health in general.

It should be noted that NOW Zinc Picolinate offers a 50 mg dosage, which is above the FDA regulated dosage. Zinc can interfere with copper absorption, so if you plan to use these capsules or the powder for long term health, you’ll want to consider supplementing your copper intake.



Good State Liquid Ionic Zinc Ultra Concentrate

Good State Liquid Zinc is easy to dose and easy to swallow. This pure zinc supplement comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. Ten drops of liquid equals one 15 mg dosage of zinc. You can mix this with juice or water, or apply it sublingually. In addition, if you struggle with nausea from supplements, this dosage can be spread out over the day for easy digestion.

This product is sold in a glass bottle, so no risk of contaminants from plastic exposure. In addition, this small bottle will travel well, so no matter where you travel you’ll have this useful immune support at your fingertips!

Users find that this can sometimes cause a “metallic” taste, while experts suggest that the metallic taste only occurs for those who are zinc deficient. Both agree that, over time, the intensity of the metallic taste will fade.



Nature Made Zinc Tabs

This 30 mg zinc tablet is intended for adults only; the dosage is 200% of the recommended daily allowance of zinc. These tablets are formulated to be gentle on the stomach and the colon; while some large doses of zinc may cause constipation, these pills are formulated with polyethylene glycol, which may ease that symptom.

The tablets of Nature Made Zinc are quite small; if you struggle with taking pills, this supplement should not be a challenge. It is recommended that this product be taken with a meal to reduce the risk of nausea.

These supplements are gluten free but do not claim to be vegetarian or vegan friendly. If your preference is to avoid all animal products, this may not be the best product for your disease fighting arsenal.



Pure Encapsulations Zinc Picolinate Highly Absorbable Hypoallergenic Supplement for Immune Support

This zinc picolinate supplement offers 30 mg of pure zinc per dosage, or 200% of the recommended daily allowance of zinc. This product is formulated for adults. It’s recommended that you take this supplement with a meal to protect your stomach and reduce the risk of nausea with the dosage.

The Pure line of supplements are formulated and produced in the United States. These supplements are vegan friendly and gluten free unless noted. All Pure Encapsulation products are also GMO free, including those containing corn.



Berocca Flavor Effervescent Vitamin Mineral Supplement Tablets

Need a supplement as well as an energy boost? Berocca may well be the product for you. This supplement is very easy to swallow as there are no pills involved! Instead, you simply drop a tablet into a glass of water, let it bubble and drink it down.

It should be noted that this Berocca supplement contains 50.7 mg of caffeine per tablet. Do not take this product with dinner if you need to sleep. However, if you can take caffeine and are looking for a low calorie morning energy boost as well as an easy to swallow supplement, this supplement may be a great option! In fact, some users find it very effective in countering hangovers.

There is no sugar in this product; each dosage is five calories. It is not intended for children.



Natures Way Sambucus Organic Zinc Lozenges with Elderberry and Vitamin C

These throat drops are an ideal delivery system for a partial dosage of zinc. The recommended dosage is 15 mg per day for an average adult. Each of these lozenges contains 5 mg of immune-boosting zinc.

The Sambucus Organic Zinc Lozenges are probably safe for older children but are a choking hazard for toddlers and young children. If you would like a version of this supplement for little ones, there is a syrup available from this manufacturer.

Some users find that these lozenges will result in a strong metallic aftertaste when the supplement is completely dissolved. They should not be taken on an empty stomach; perhaps they’re best suited between a meal and before brushing your teeth.



EZ Melts Zinc Supplement, Natural Blueberry Flavor

This melting supplement removes the need to be able to swallow pills! You can enjoy 30 full milligrams of an adult dosage of zinc without struggling to swallow a capsule or tablet, simply let them melt in your mouth.

EZ Melts are all supplements designed to melt in your mouth, rather than having to be forced down. While it is still recommended that you take this supplement with food, you can enjoy a pleasant blueberry flavor while you wait for this supplement to dissolve in your mouth.

These soft tablets can be split if needed. While they are sweet and pleasant to take, it should be noted that a full dosage of this supplement is intended for adults; these should be kept out of the reach of children.


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