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Do you need some new grooming supplies or want to buy a grooming kit for someone special? At, we offer reviews and buying guides that rank the best 10 products in specific areas. Our male grooming category features articles that help you choose the top grooming products for yourself and the men in your life. If you suffer from telltale nose hairs that stick out from your nostrils, use our article on the best nose trimmers to find a set that is easy to use. We let you know the top 10 nose trimmers and include links on where you can buy them on the web.

Hair pomade is another product that many men use every day. Though similar to hair gel, it isn’t as sticky as gel and doesn’t leave behind as much residue. Take a look at the 10 best pomades for men that we ranked based on factors such as how much hold they provide and the reputation of each manufacturer. One of the pomades on our list as a favorite of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll. Get the lowdown on male grooming products through the articles shown below in this category and let us know your opinion.