How To Make Your Very Own LightSaber

Here’s a step-by-step guide for building an awesome geeks’s wet dream!! A Light Saber. Go get yourself PVC, spray paint, LEDs, and a few other bits of DIY equipment and go and make a bad ass lightsaber!!!

To build this lightsaber there might be one or two tools that’s not in your arsenal like a soldering iron, for example, but if you’ve got them, it’s a really easy 22 stages to create your very own Star Wars sword of the future.

The handle is made out of PVC and with a little love and care, spray paint is added to get that flair! And then you add LEDs for the glow of the lightsaber.

This would’ve been great and cheap toy to make for your kids or even better for fancy dress parties and halloween. But then again, you might just want it all for yourself, swooshing your lightsaber around like an absolute Jedi in the comfort of your own home!



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