The 2022 Men’s Guide To Shaving Below The Belt – Keeping It Tidy Down Below

Manscaping – Men taking pride in their appearance downstairs!

A decade ago if you told your mates that you were trimming your pubic hair, they would have probably thought you were a bit strange and disowned you as a friend. But nowadays with the evolution of the metrosexual man who likes to keep up with fashion and appearances, attention has moved downwards in the quest to have a clean and tidy looking meat and two veg!

In a  recent survey by Gillette, it found that one in five men now have a neat and tidy nether region and make sure they have a close trim.

The survey also showed that  92 per cent of women prefer a man with a well kept downstairs. Pubic topiary is they way to go if you want to impress the ladies!

Grooming below the belt is the norm now. So much so that a whole new consumer industry has developed to help men keep their tackles clean and fresh.

Here in this post, we have everything you need to know about up-keeping your private parts. No need to be embarrassed about asking about “down below grooming”, we have it all here!



Shaving Ryan’s Privates

There’s always a trend when it comes to male grooming and hair. As you may know, beards have been extremely popular in recent times with the likes of David Beckham and Callum Best all growing big beards. But now the term “Manscaping” is becoming the next new thing when it comes to body hair removal trends.

One reason for this upsurge in men wanting to keep it tidy below the belt is the increased popularity and trends within porn. It’s very rare to see male porn stars with pubic hair.  So with young men watching videos on sites like PornHub, there is increased pressure on them to remove the hair around the private parts or at least keep it nice and short in order to attract women. Also there is the famous ‘optical inch’ when you remove pubic hair. But ultimately some men just prefer the way it looks and feels.

Waxing expert Andy Rouillard and owner of Men’s Grooming Salon, Axiom says…

“Hair-free skin can certainly feel cooler and fresher, and also helps to reduce body odour, especially during hot and humid weather.
As for anything below the belt; nobody likes to see sideburns poking out the side of a pair of trunks, do they?”

So true! Now summer is on it’s way, let’s try and avoid having pubes floating around in the pool and check out these trimming, shaving and waxing tips:


1. Make sure you have a trim before going for the close shave.

Sometimes all you will need to make it look neat down there is a light trim.
But if you want the smooth look (no hair at all) then you will need a razor. But to be able to use the razor, you will need to use a specialist clipper to get to that stage.

Hair clippers will do the job better than any sharp scissors, and it’s 100% more safer!
(not a good idea using scissors around your delicate regions)

Check out these shavers : Philips Bodygroom, Braun CruZer6 Body or theWahl Body Groomer.


Any of these will make shaving much easier, not to mention less hazardous.


Philips Series 7000 Body Groomer Pro

The series 7000 body groomer from Phillips is the ideal public hair trimming tool for men. It has plenty of different grades of razors to choose from, which makes it incredibly versatile as an over all body trimmer. What you can do with this model is trim down your public hair to different lengths. If you don’t want to go too short then just use a longer razor attachment. The idea is to trim down the bulk of the public hair, then soap up and use one of our recommended safety razor‘s to get it all nice and smooth.






Braun Body Cruzer

The Braun Body Cruzer is the ultimate in body trimming convenience. It’s a well built and solid product that is designed to help men keep their body hair in good order. It makes body grooming so much more easier, especially when you are trimming around your penis and balls. I like this model as you can use it in the shower which means that the hair is much easier to clean-up after you have shaved down below. A great product for keeping downstairs nice and tidy!






Philips BodyGroom

Another ideal trimmer for keeping your pubic hair nice and short. The Bodygroom from Philips allows you to trim every hair on your body from around your penis to under the arms, chest and back. The blades move quickly and can be quite scary at first when it goes within a whisker of your vital organ, but believe me, its safe as houses to trim there. It does a brilliant job of tidying pubic hair up with no scratches, plucking and nicks. You get three combs with the razor which allows you to cut the hair to your desired length.





Wahl Body Groomer






2. Take a cold shower when shaving your balls!

I know it sounds strange, but hear me out.
What happens when you’re cold? Well for most men our balls retract and the skin is less taut, rather than hanging about like a pair of pendulums. It’s so much easier to shave those little fellas when you’re cold, so either have a cold shower or splash them with some cold water.

Because this is a tricky place to shaver, use a transparent shave gel like Gillette Fusion Clear Shave Gel. This is so you can see what the hell is happening. When you’re all cold down there and covered with shaving gel, use short, gentle strokes. And, for god’s sake, make sure you’re sober. Also, lock the bathroom door. You don’t want to give your family or flat mates a fright!

Once you’re all smooth down there, apply some unscented aftershave balm.

Clinique’s Post Shave Soother is good for that. Treat it like the same way you’d shave your face, but without the slapping of aftershave! OUCH!

Shaving Above The Penis

Shaving above the penis is quite an easy process. Trim it first with one of the electric body groomers that I mentioned above or just use some sharp scissors. Ideally you want to trim to about a quarter of an inch. Then jump into the shower and lather up the area with some shaving foam or gel. With a sharp safety razor ( I’d recommend a good quality one ) make downward shaving strokes to remove the hair, or go against the directions of growth. Once you feel happy with the result, dry up and apply some moisturizing cream to the area.

Smooth Balls?

The way I see it is, if you’ve gone to the trouble of shaving above and around your penis, then you may as well complete the job and shave your balls. Most women love it when men have shaved down below, as it feels good for them as well!

To get to these hard to reach places you need to be able to gain easy access to that area. The best way is to sit yourself on something soft like a towel and open your legs apart like your going to sit crossed legged or like a woman would sit if they are about to give birth. Then take your penis and move it up toward your belly button. This way you can stretch the skin enough to have some sort of surface that a razor can work on. Make gentle strokes with the razor either down or up and take it steady. We don’t want any accidents do we!

This may sound strange, but it’s so much easier to shave your balls when the skin is tighter. You can achieve this by either having a cold shower to make your balls tighten or get aroused so you have an erection. One might be easier than the other, but that depends on the person. Shaving your pubic area can be an arousing sensations, so if you do get an erection while shaving, this can make for a better shaving results, especially  around the base of the penis and the scrotum area.

The Benefits of Shaving Your Pubic Hair and Balls?

For men, there are a number of benefits to shaving your pubic hair region. The majority of these benefits are sexual. In a recent survey, most women prefer a man to be shaven around his penis and balls. They find it sexier that its nice and tidy, than a man who has an wild bush downstairs. Also, because it is all nice and trimmed, oral sex will be a lot better and potentially occur more often!

Other benefits are

Much better personal hygiene:
If its tidy down their you’ll be a whole lot cleaner. It will smell nicer and your girlfriend, partner or wife will be more inclined to spend more time down there 😉

Spice things up:
Removing your pubic hair can add a little spice to your relationship, especially if you’ve never shaven before. The novelty of it could cause quite a stir!

Shave for health reasons:
If you have a shaved shaft and scrotum, you’ll be able to see and feel things that could be missed if covered in hair. Take advantage of your smooth area to examine your testicles regularly.


3. Shave hair on other parts of your body to a similar length

If you’ve shaved your pubic hair right off, then you’ll have to do the same for the hair on your stomach and chest, so that it looks balanced. Try keep your pubic, stomach and chest hair the same length, as it looks much better.

4. Trim / Shave often

This will ultimately reduce the risk of itchy re-growth.
No one wants to see you frantically scratching your balls through your trousers.

To stop spots forming after you shave or wax, use an antiseptic spray like Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S Spray.

5. Avoid “Intimate Chaffing”

If after shaving your private region you suffer from ‘intimate chafing’ you might want to slap on some SudoCrem Antiseptic Healing Cream. This is normally used for nappy rash, but is perfect for soothing irritated areas from shaving.

Intimate chaffing is caused by skin rubbing against itself and the groin is prime area for this, especially after shaving.

To completely prevent this problem from happening, get yourself Below The Belt Sports Lubricant, which allow skin to glide, rather than rub against itself. Add a small amount where you’re likely to rub and you’re good to go!.


6. Keep yourself fresh down there!

When you are hairless down there, you tend to sweat more. Just like under the arms, the male private region has a very unique smell. This musty sent that we give off is caused by the apocrine sweat glands, that are found in the groin and armpit areas. These gland secrete sweat that contains a blend of proteins, fats, steroids and chemicals. This is known as emotional sweat and is triggered when we are sexually aroused.

Because we normally have pubic hair to mop this sweat up, when we don’t have much downstairs, this sweat can then cause a bit of an aroma on your jeans.

So to stay clean and fresh, shower everyday unsurprisingly) and check out a few specialist products aimed at keeping your undercarriage looking and smelling its finest.

I recommend Below The Belt’s Fresh & Dry Balls, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

And that’s it!

So there you have it. You now have the know how to keep it all neat and tidy downstairs.

Please let us know what shaver you have purchased and how it’s working for you.



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